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New Type Of Music.

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  • John Winston
    Subject: New Type Of Music. Nov. 2, 2005. Last night I went over to Oakdale, Calif. to an old- fashioned singing. They had a lot of people
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      Subject: New Type Of Music. Nov. 2, 2005.

      Last night I went over to Oakdale, Calif. to an old-
      fashioned singing. They had a lot of people there who
      loved to sing. I led a couple of songs and we had a
      few special quartets. It was great and was similar to
      what Bill Gather (The Gathers Singing Group) sings on
      Yesterday I was sent the following information about
      a new type of music. Maybe I'll try to send off for
      some of it and see how it sounds.


      From: "Stardoves" <et_on_mt.shasta@...>
      Subject: Hearts of Peace Musical Breakthrough
      Our Indigo, Crystal and New children coming in need
      this music.
      These children come from places where the music is most
      beautiful and have a very difficult time adjusting to
      what we call music on this planet.
      The following are some examples of how they are
      calling for this music:
      Hearts of Peace and Children
      One 3 year old child had heard Hearts of Peace CD
      while driving with her grandmother (who was rather
      ambivalent about the music). The next day the 3 year
      old was crying and crying as they were in the car. The
      grandmother asked her what she wanted. She pointed to
      the Hearts of Peace CD case on the seat and said: "I
      want that." The grandmother was most surprised because
      the child had only heard the music once and asked her
      again: "What do you want?" And again the 3 yr. old said
      "I want that music!" As soon as the music started
      playing, she stopped crying and became very peaceful and
      The above 3 year old was listening to her grandmother
      explain about the learning disabled children she was
      working with.The 3 year old girl put her hands on her
      hips, looked at her grandmother and said: "Did you play
      that music for him." (Referring to her Hearts of Peace
      CD.) "He needs it!"
      Another woman was working with a 7 yrs.old boy who was
      almost autistic and moved very little. The therapist
      brought in Hearts of Peace with her that day and put the
      CD on. As soon as the boy heard the music, he looked up
      at her, smiled and said: "Dance?" And he moved and
      moved. The next time he saw her, he ran up to her and
      said: "Dance!"

      Most of the music today also is not in balance because
      of the heavy metal energy that comes through the music.
      And it is interesting to note that the music itself is
      called "Heavy Metal". We need music that brings in the
      wood tones, the deep natural rhythm of a drum. We are
      just on the tip of finding out the critical importance
      of music for our body system, brain and s-ul, plus the
      planet on which we live!

      Some schools are playing Hearts of Peace music as
      their children come in through the school doors and the
      children quiet down and are ready to learn.

      Some private daycare centers are playing Hearts of
      Peace music while their children are playing and are
      amazed at how calmly the children are playing and how
      well they share. They also observed that when the
      music comes off and they listen to TV, the children
      fight more, cry more and do not share as readily.

      One woman stopped by her Mother's home to visit. She
      has a 40 year old brother who is at the mental age of 8
      and has serious seizures that may last for 2 hours.
      During that 2 hours he screams as loud as he can and
      hits his head against the wall.

      He was beginning one of these seizures just as she
      entered the front door. This woman had just purchased
      Hearts of Peace CD, returned to her car to get it and
      put it on. Within 5 minutes this man was calming down
      and within the next 10 minutes he was back to his normal
      self. They had not found anything else that could
      control him during his seizures until Hearts of Peace.

      Hearts of Peace and Adults

      Workplace - Companies have noticed a higher
      productivity, less mistakes, more peace and calmness
      when they play Hearts of Peace at work. If stress does
      come up it dissipates faster.

      Writer's blocks disappear and creativity flows.
      -Writers have noticed that they can write easier with
      Hearts of Peace music on.

      Sleep - One woman called elated because for the first
      time in years she was able to sleep for more than 2
      hours at night. She put on Hearts of Peace and slept
      for 6 hours, awoke and then slept for another 5 hours.

      Creativity - Hearts of Peace is great for opening up
      more creativity.

      Driving - "I can drive with this music for 10 hours at
      a time and arrive at my destination most refreshed!!!"
      Driving with Hearts of Peace is most, most peaceful and

      Learning - More and more schools and students of all
      ages are using Hearts of Peace for learning and
      reporting a far greater ease in learning and memory.

      Animals - Veterinarians use Heats of Peace during
      their surgeries with tremendous benefits for the animals
      - they wake up easier, happier and with far less
      seizures. Otherwise we are ready to go and this ad does
      feel good.

      Environment - Play the last song on the CD for about
      20-30 minutes and literally feel your environment make a
      huge shift. This music was specifically written for
      Mother Earth. The first song opens with the energies of
      the universe coming down to Earth and then you will hear and
      feel the Heart Beat of Mother Earth. She also needs
      this music!

      Try this amazing music for yourself and see your

      Get your copy of "Hearts of Peace"

      Listen to samples of tracks and buy your copy of
      "Hearts of Peace" by visiting to the Cercone Learning
      web site now!


      John Winston. johfw@...

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    • Ted Loman
      And why are you on this sight, Music? [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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        And why are you on this sight, Music?

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