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Scariest Shadow People Encounters

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    Dear Friends, Click the link if you can t proceed to page 2. http://paranormal.about.com/od/trueghoststories/a/aa103105.htm Love and Light. David Scariest
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      Dear Friends,

      Click the link if you can't proceed to page 2.


      Love and Light.


      Scariest Shadow People Encounters
      From Stephen Wagner,

      Terrifying stories from people who have seen and even touched themSHADOW PEOPLE may be the most commonly seen apparitions. Countless people have reported catching sight of them. Most often they are just detected as fleeting images out of the corner of one’s eye, and perhaps we can dismiss many of those instances as real shadows or optical illusions of one kind or another.

      There are many other plausible cases, however, in which these shadow entities are seen straight-on for several seconds or even minutes. What are they? Dark ghosts? Beings from some other time or dimension? Whatever they are, they can be terrifying to those who see them, as you’ll read in the frightening cases told here. In all of these encounters – including some in which these shadows have actually been felt – they seem to have intelligence and may even be following some mysterious purpose. What are they… and what do they want?

      It wanted the papers
      In 1983, the wife of Doyle, a geologist, encountered one of these shadow people in their home near Olathe, Kansas. Its appearance followed that of another spirit – a vaporous white form. Doyle says his wife was home alone in the house one September evening. “She was headed down the hallway when she stopped, feeling a slight chill in the air,” he tells us. “Almost immediately she observed a wispy white shape, that of a woman in flowing white apparel, drift from my office into the master bedroom. This apparition seemed to look briefly at her as it passed by.

      “But then ‘something’ else made its appearance. From the master bedroom into which the wispy woman in white had disappeared emerged a very solid and very ghastly apparition. This thing was a slow-moving, black, skeletal form, like some hideously animated charred corpse. It did not drift, but walked slowly into my office, not seeming to be aware of my wife. You would think this ‘thing’ would have terrified her, but she said she felt no unease whatsoever, despite its frightening appearance. In fact, she advanced to the office door and looked in. The light was on, and this thing was standing at my desk with its back to her, looking down. She said it was reaching out with a boney blackened hand at the papers on my desk, as if it were profoundly interested in those papers.

      “She stood transfixed as it then slowly turned, as if aware of her presence, to face her. She said it seemed to have remnants of charred clothing clinging to its body. It then looked back at her, its faceless skull devoid of any emotion, malevolent or otherwise. Its eye sockets were black and empty. She had no thought that it meant her harm or was evil. Then it simply vanished, like a TV screen being snapped off.”

      What was this dark entity looking for on Doyle’s desk? Was it a spirit merely repeating an action it took in life? Or was it some extradimensional being with a real interest in those papers?

      The digging shadow man
      There are other stories in which these shadow people seem to appear with a purpose. Sometimes they seem curious about the people they are visiting. Reiner recounts what happened to his brother when he was 12 years old. “One night, while everyone was fast asleep, [my brother] heard the shutter of the window open,” Reiner says. “He peeked from under his covers and saw a hand coming through the shutter. He closed his eyes thinking that it was a dream, but when he looked again, there was now a figure of a man inside the room. This figure was so dark that even in our pitch-black room his outline was clear. Terrified, he screamed and switched on the night light beside his bed. The dark figure seemed startled and leapt out the small window.”

      This reaction by the figure indicates that is well aware of its surroundings. But what did it want? A year later, it returned, and behaved very mysteriously indeed. “This time the figure was already in our room,” Reiner says his brother told him. “The thing walked across our room and studied my sleeping self and our youngest brother. He then went in-between our beds and started digging with what my brother explained as a pick-like tool. The sight frightened him and he again switched on the lights and shouted for me to wake up. But this time, the figure didn't leave. It stopped its ‘digging’ and just stared at him, seeming to walk toward his bed. I woke up from his screaming, and just as I looked toward him, I saw the dark figure. It looked back at me, then back to my brother. It jumped out of the shutter just as my brother said it did before.”

      This case is significant in that the being was seen by more than one person performing the same action. But digging? At what? For what possible reason? If these are beings from some other time or dimension, we can only guess at their puzzling intentions. In another case, one of these beings was seen trying to pull up a floorboard.

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