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More Mosquito Fish.

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  • John Winston
    Subject: More Mosquito Fish. Oct. 3, 2005. In the past I ve stated that I had found a place where there are about 400,000 mosquito
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      Subject: More Mosquito Fish. Oct. 3, 2005.

      In the past I've stated that I had found a place where there are
      about 400,000 mosquito larvi. Last Saturday I made a trip over to
      a lake on a small ranch to obtain some more m. fish to control the
      mosquitoes. A nice elderly lady let me into her field where the
      lake was and I noticed some large goats with long horns in the area.
      She assured me that they were friendly.

      I made it into the pasture and noticed one of the goats was coming
      over to me making the noise that goats make which is baaaaa baaaaa.
      After the goat stopped flowing me and I made it down to the lake which
      was nearly covered with a layer of moss I saw a few beutiful Mallad
      type ducks on the other end of the pond. The bottom was covered with
      water weeds. I was unable to get the fish to swarm in and eat the
      white bread and dog food I had brought with me.

      About that time something suck it head under my arm. I turned out
      to be the large Labador Retriever dog that was in charge of guarding
      the goats against all wild animals and everthing else. I had met him
      before and the turned out to be friendly. He seemed to want some the
      dog food I had. I hadn't brought enough for the fish and him too so I
      encourged him to leave. He did so, sat down at a distance and watched
      me, which was his job.

      I then proceeded to pass my small fish net, on the end of a short
      cane pole through the water and water weeds. On each pass I would get
      from 0 to 6 fish. I obtained about 60 of them and put them in 3
      containers. At that time the lady came out in the pasture using her
      cane to help her walk and informed me that my Gellopi had a flat on it.
      I then exclaimed, " Oh you mean my Suburban." She then informed me
      that was correct. She wanted to let me know the bad news. I thanked
      her proceeded with my fishing. She said she had an air compressor that
      I could use but I told her I probably wouldn't be needing it. I then
      had all the fish I wanted and got to thinking that if I would bring
      out some of the large sunflower seed that I had been collecting, some
      as large as a dinner plate, then I could feed them to the ducks and
      wild geese, some of the seed would come through them still alive and
      cause large sunflowers to grow throughout the world.
      My next distination was back at my Suburban which a flat on it. I
      then, by using 2 jacks got it up to where I could get the tire off.
      I put the spare tire on but it was fairly flat also. I borrowed
      the lady's fancy compressor but could only get 16 lbs. of pressure in
      the tire. I then proceed to a gas station and got it up to the
      prescribe pressure which is 32 lbs. The tire then started to make
      a noise like the lug nuts were not tight enough. I thightened them
      again and then again. It still sounded like the wheel was going to
      come off.
      I made it to the area that contained the mosquito lava, deposited
      about 40 of them in the area that contained about 400,000 larvi. That
      wasn't enough to control the situation at the time but in about 6
      months or a years there would be enough M. fish to take care of the
      m larvi.

      After that I decided to check another little pond near there that
      had only about 200 gallons of water left in it. It turned out to
      have just as many mosquito larvi as the other pond but they were
      thick and were swarming around in clouds by the thousands. Then I
      noticed a phenomena that I had only seen in a few other cases before.
      These clouds on larvi were being directed by an over intelligence.
      They were directed in what they were doing by a master intelligence.
      When you would make the slightest move with your body they would
      react to it and move instantly. I had only seen this before in
      watching the ryebirds and blackbirds in Texas when there would be
      hundreds of birds in flight. It also happens in baby catfish called

      Next I took off for my house and by this time the front left wheel
      of the car was really making a clunking noise. I finally made it home
      and later my son asked me to look at something that I would not
      All of my lug nuts had car wheel had come off. I couldn't believe it
      and I saw it myself.

      I guess it might truely be said, "I'm missing 5 lug nuts."

      John Winston. johnfw@...

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