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Powwow With God

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    Dear Friends, http://malakandsky.blogspot.com/2005/09/powwow-with-god.html Love and Light. David Powwow With God By Anwaar Hussain The current President of
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Powwow With God

      By Anwaar Hussain

      The current President of United States finds himself in God’s company more often than any other modern American President.

      One has been hearing about George Bush's close encounters with God for years now. We have all heard about how God talks to the President, giving him instructions on how to conduct foreign policy (particularly: which countries to invade). Quite evidently, President George W. Bush did a good job at following orders because he got reelected to a second term.

      President Bush has never disputed the story, recounted in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that he himself told the Palestinian leadership, "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam". Then we have a similar account, courtesy of The Globe and Mail, of the President telling the Canadian Prime Minister he was carrying out divine commands.

      As recently as Wednesday 21st September 2005, while speaking at a luncheon for the Republican Jewish Coalition 20th Anniversary, Mr. Bush said he had been "thinking a lot" and came to the conclusion that, "they [the terrorists] are the kind of people who look at Katrina and wish they had caused it." As there is no way of knowing what other people have in their minds, it can be safely assumed that it is once again God talking to President Bush.

      There are a few objections the scribe has to these God-Bush Summit meetings.

      Firstly, God does not tell him the whole thing, only part thereof.

      In this latest case, for example, God did not tell him that countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, Yemen etc., ‘terrorist’ breeding grounds otherwise, have offered hundreds of millions of dollars in aid besides a whole range of other humanitarian assistance with the full blessings of their peoples. God also did not tell him that Iran, his next axis-of-evil target, has offered to send in 20 million barrels of oil on the side. To the US State Department, that relies more on diplomatic correspondence, these facts were however known in great details.

      God also did not inform the President that when he would be bogged down in Iraq, God is going to be hitting America with terrible hurricanes one after another and the resultant damage will make impossible demands on the non-existent dinero in his treasury for rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Further, when God sent Hurricane Katrina, he did not tell the President that it was not okay to play guitar and eat cake while people were drowning. He also did not tell him not to hire heck-of-a-job-Brownie two years earlier.

      Secondly, and this is more ironic, the President claims that all peoples worship the same God. He told the visiting leader of Turkey that they both believe in "the Almighty." Answering a British reporter’s question about the God of Islam being the same as the God of Christianity, President Bush replied: "I believe we worship the same God." Then, in an October 26, 2004, Good Morning American interview with Charles Gibson, he was asked: "Do we all worship the same God, Christian and Muslim?" His reply: "I think we do."

      If true, this means two things. One, President Bush, the Taliban and Bin Laden & Co. all pray to the same God. Two, all the killing and dying is done in His name. The only difference is that George Bush strikes them in God's name and they retaliate in God's name. He invades their countries in God’s name, they resist in God’s name. He kills in God’s name, they die in God’s name. George Bush eliminates a few ‘terrorists’ in God’s name, countless more come forward to take their place in God’s name. There are more ‘terrorists’ now fighting America in God’s name than ever were at any point in time before.

      If his God is different, then his God is unique. His God orders him to kill other Gods' children. Especially, if those children are of a different hue and color and are found in the near vicinity of a liquid called oil. That, to say the least, is being very vengeful.

      Next, President Bush’s God does not forbid him from lying. That is very disturbing because one hears Gods do not take kindly to liars. Take, for example, the case of Iraq war. God told him to make war on Iraq but forgot to tell him not to tell humongous lies in the process. Had He informed the President that lies don’t travel far for the simple fact that they don't have legs, or had He shown the full future to the US President, George Bush would have been saved the equally huge embarrassments of his own September 11 Commission officially acknowledging that Iraq was not involved in the terrorist attacks on America, the US Military giving up the search for the non-existent WMDs and him having to shamefully shift to ‘freedom’ as the current war cry.

      He also did not tell him that the President's Iraq war is going to kill hundreds of thousands of God's other children, including thousands of newborns. God also did not tell the President that his use of depleted Uranium in Iraq will cause the birth of hideously deformed babies—babies that were otherwise supposed to be the same God's most beautiful creations.

      God did no tell him that Iraq war will become unwinnable not only because the sandal footed Iraqis will give his troops a sound beating but also because there will be no more moolah in the state exchequer to sustain the billion dollar a week war.

      The strangest aspect of George’s communion with God remains the fact that he is always told to bring ‘freedom’ to those of God’s people who are in close vicinity of oil. He does not tell him to strike the North Koreans, for example, whose rulers are not only Godless, but have repeatedly declared their WMD-building intentions and whose malnourished people are in most urgent need of freedom.

      No oil-President Bush’s God not interested. Very ungodly, one must say. Unless in the Presidential lexicon God really is a code name for Halliburton, Carlyle group, Enron, Betchel and Co. Then all these omissions and commissions of such Presidential powwows with God become instantly clear.

      But seriously, this President does say he talks to God on a regular basis, prays frequently and trusts the guidance that God gives him. This, apparently, would make him God's choice. So if President George Bush does really talk with God, and he really believes that he is on God's mission, then we are witnessing history being unfolded by the almighty interpreter of Almighty God.

      All this killing, all this bloodshed, all this rape, loot, plunder must be what God wants. God also, it appears, does not like the Iraqi people. First He sent Saddam upon them to kill them in thousands. Not satisfied, He next sent in George Bush to kill them in hundreds of thousands. Is this why they say, “Strange are God’s ways”?

      By all accounts, a huge 40 % of Americans still believe this cock and bull story of President George Bush’s godly powwows. Are those Americans really so gullible? Do they not know that human history is replete with unhinged dictators with a God-complex, conceited leaders with a talent in exploitation, self-righteous and egotistical political elites and bigoted religious leaders who would go to any length to perpetuate their rule?

      Do they need to be informed of the supporting cast of bloodsuckers, money grabbers and human lowlifes, who can really put on a gaudy show full of sadism, trickery and revolting absurdity? Given a few moments at the center stage of the world, these charlatans are capable of destroying the lives of millions of individuals. Do they need reminders that when the curtain does finally come down on these hideous acts, the stage is invariably full of blood and gore and that the dead of this one show never ever rise again? Do they want to give these creatures more time?

      Manuel Noriega, the Panama dictator and a former American stooge, declined an interview meeting on the ground, as he put it in a letter to the interview seeker, that he was by no means yet in the category of forgotten dictators. “God,” he explained, “has not yet written the last word on Manuel A. Noriega!”

      Even the devil, it seems, can quote scriptures.

      By Anwaar Hussain

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