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Tau Ceti Connection

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  • Dexxxaa
    Cross posting: Aloha, here s a reprint of a fascinating article on the Tau Ceti connection and reports of mistreatment of a captured Tau Cetian. Pleae compare
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      Cross posting:

      Aloha, here's a reprint of a fascinating article on the Tau Ceti
      connection and reports of mistreatment of a captured Tau Cetian. Pleae
      compare the security procedures for military personnel described in
      this case, with what Clifford Stone has related in his recent
      interview in the Exopolitics Journal: www.exopoliticsjournal.com .

      Like Oscar, the alleged crash retrieval specialist, Clifford's role was to be the first to enter downed UFO's and to act as a telepathic interface with ETs. All this was done off the record and the specialized training of the military personnel was not part of their regular Military Occupation Speciality.

      Thanks to Leneesa who reprinted this on her blog site:

      Michael E. Salla, PhD


      By Forest Crawford
      Reprinted from UFO Journal of Facts
      UFO Archives, Tucson, AZ

      The eggs had their typical lack of firmness and the sausage tasted
      more like greasy rope than pork links. The orders to mobilize saved me
      from this breakfast experiment. We proceeded down six flights of
      stairs below the COMPTRAPAC submarine base in San Diego to
      "shoot-the-tubes." After placing my few pieces of jewelry in a
      container I climbed into the cylinder to travel the tunnels to an
      unknown assignment. I wondered what was so important to upgrade our
      pay from E-3 to E-6 before we left and besides that, we could not even
      finish breakfast.

      As I am told of our departure, a familiar, uneasy feeling comes over
      me. When you push down on the accelerator in your car, one can feel
      the tug of inertia sinking you into your seat. When you travel the
      tubes there is no feeling of motion but you know when the door opens
      you will be in another place hundreds, even thousands of miles away.
      For some comfort I check to see if the watch hidden in my pocket was
      still there. I quickly look to see if it is even running. It seems to
      be working normally, so why no jewelry? Because of the electrical
      charge buildup perhaps?

      The soft clang of the door opening made me tense again. I did not even
      feel us stop! Peeking at the watch I noted only 30 minutes had passed.
      We must be in California, Nevada or Arizona, I thought. As I stepped
      from the windowless capsule I hear a military policeman murmur
      "Turners' Rangers." Our reputation had preceded us. As I re-adorned my
      jewelry the first surprise of this assignment was about to come.

      A high ranking Navy OSS Officer informs us that we will not be allowed
      above ground while in North Dakota. NORTH DAKOTA!! Several of us were
      led to a larger hanger-type room that had been quickly set up to
      function as a laboratory. Resting on heavy jack stands in the middle
      of the room was a large, disc-shaped craft. The chief scientist
      present was introduced as Professor Bear. As his briefing and some
      discussion proceeded, I rapidly developed a rapport with this
      talented, open minded and gentle man.

      The craft had crashed near Phoenix, Arizona and was moved to this
      North Dakota base. Two dead alien bodies with fatal radiation exposure
      were found outside the craft. I reflected on my OSS training for crash
      retrieval and remembered thinking, "Why bother? We will never get a
      chance to be involved in anything that exciting." Well, not only was I
      involved, I was the security team leader. This meant that when the
      craft was opened I would be the first one inside! After all, one does
      not send a high-ranking officer or a chief scientist to possibly
      encounter an alien booby trap or extraterrestrial virus. Come to think
      of it the prospects did not excite me either. As Professor Bear
      prepared his ultrasonic sound generators for opening the craft, my
      apprehension turned to intensity; after all, this is what my training
      was for.

      As the "Bear" turned his equipment on the smooth solid metal surface
      of the craft began to ripple like when you throw a stone in the water.
      When the ripples seemed to gain harmonic stability the now liquid
      metal parted in a circular iris-like fashion. As I stepped inside I
      noticed a fresh pine scent and a strange smoothness to everything. The
      interior was rounded off and continuous with no seams or rivets. It
      was as if the walls, floor and ceiling were formed out of one piece of
      metal. Even a table in the center of the craft looked as though it had
      been pushed out of the floor. What appeared to be control panels had
      no knobs, switches or dials. There were strange symbols highlighting
      these futuristic yet simple consoles.

      The outside of the craft had no apparent damage yet the interior
      showed some distortion, possibly from the crash. Next to one of the
      panels I could see something that would challenge my training and
      challenge my perceptions of reality forever. The craft was just
      another piece of hardware, but seated next to the panel was a human!
      Its gender was obviously male. Aside from his unusual dress he could
      have walked past you at the grocery store and not commanded much
      attention. Upon noticing some injuries about his head I instinctively
      and quickly moved toward him to help. His skin was a bronze color,
      reminiscent of Mediterranean or South American cultures. His hair was
      similarly brown and very short in a Roman or crew style cut. The only
      real difference in appearance from earth humans was that his ears were
      slightly pointed. He reminded me of pictures of Quetzacoatl, the deity
      of the ancient Toltecs.

      He was conscious and in great pain. One leg was partially pinned by
      the shifting interior. I was examining cuts on his cheek and lip when
      I first touched him. An overwhelming feeling of compassion came over
      me as I heard his voice in my head. I could understand him clearly
      even though his mouth did not move. The communication was strictly
      telepathic. I perceived his fear of being harmed and told him that I
      would not let anyone harm him. Suddenly, a voice from the doorway
      refocused my attention on the duties at hand.

      I called back that we had a live one. The craft filled with gloved and
      masked medical personnel to help free the occupant. He was quickly
      carried outside and placed on a gurney. I remarked that he felt heavy
      for his size and a few others that had assisted agreed. As the alien
      was whisked off for medical attention Professor Bear examined the
      inside of the craft. He found what he thought was a star map depicting
      the Constellation Eridanus and wondered if that might be where the
      alien was from. After a brief discussion concerning the nature of the
      communications, Bear asked me to accompany him to the medical lab. As
      we talked along the way I referred to the alien being as "Hank." The
      professor asked if that was the name the alien had given me. I
      explained that it was not and that I had chosen that nickname based on
      its Native American reference to a "troubled spirit." The professor
      smiled and said, "Hank it is," and the name seemed to immediately stick.

      In the antiseptic, impersonal medical room, Hank's discomfort was
      compounded by his complete undressing. While still in great pain he
      was examined from head to toe. No stone was left unturned, so to
      speak. They treated him as if he were the baby of some rare animal
      species being first born in captivity. It became evident that Hank
      could not communicate with everyone involved so I was asked to be
      translator. I had no trouble understanding that the normal anesthetic
      we were administering had little or no effect. Suddenly, with Hank's
      discomfort still a concern, everyone's attention became divided
      between the being and a new person arriving on the scene.

      This new person was obviously important yet seemed to make everyone
      uneasy. Even Hank recoiled in fear when he came close. He barked a few
      stern orders and several people, myself included, marched into a
      nearby conference room. The man introduced himself as Frank Drake and
      told us he was head of the operation. The reports would hence forth be
      titled "Project OZMA" (with an "S"). As the sound of his continued
      briefing faded into a day dream I thought that my regimented life had
      just jumped track and was now speeding off in a totally new direction.

      This extraordinary story, according to the witness, is not fiction.
      Oscar is a simple country person from rural Missouri where he lives
      with his wife, three children and a menagerie of stray animals. His
      life is seemingly uncomplicated and unhurried. However, his eyes
      reflect a clarity indicative of inner knowledge and understanding. We
      first came to meet this man as the result of a lead from nuclear
      physicist and renowned UFOlogist, Stanton T. Friedman. At the "Show Me
      UFO Conference 1989" in St. Louis, Friedman asked Bruce Widaman, State
      Director of Missouri MUFON, if he would attempt to locate a witness
      that called responding to the "Unsolved Mysteries" show on the Roswell
      crash. The person in question had possibly been involved in a crash
      retrieval while in the military. The tip had come from a former
      neighbor of Oscar's.

      Widaman, of course, agreed to follow up since Friedman felt the
      investigation should be handled locally. It was known that the witness
      did not have a phone. So with little less than a name, town and rumor
      to go on, the search began. Widaman and Alex Horvat, Public
      Information Officer for Missouri MUFON, arrived in the small town near
      St. Louis after dark. After questioning a girl at a local convenience
      mart no further leads were found. Horvat suggested checking the local
      bar. This produced a description of a front yard that might be the
      elusive witness'. After driving up and down the lane several times,
      one yard seemed more appropriate than the others so they hesitantly
      stopped. Stepping from the car into the country night proved harrowing
      enough as several large dogs snarled and barked from the surrounding
      darkness. Widaman was further unnerved when a large black dog began
      licking his hand as he knocked on the door. Not knowing whether he was
      being greeted or tasted by the animal, Widaman was relieved to see
      someone answer. After a brief explanation of who and what our
      investigators were, an invitation to sit and talk came as a positive
      sign. The stranger did not know where "Bill," the name given Friedman
      was, but that he was his brother. After Widaman and Horvat explained
      their purpose and some of their feelings and ideas he finally conceded
      that he was in fact the man they were looking for. He explained that
      his real name was Oscar and that the name "Bill" had been given so he
      would know where any inquiries were coming from.

      As Oscar told the story that began this article it became obvious that
      because of his military background, the name was necessary for his
      protection. The account unfolded further to reveal horrible injustices
      to Hank and to Oscar himself. At the direction of Drake, the team
      conducted medical experiments such as spinal taps, marrow sampling,
      taking organ specimens and other exploratory surgery on Hank without
      anesthsia. Oscar had spent many hours over three months communicating
      with and growing close to the alien. One day he stepped between Drake
      and Hank with his .45 caliber pistol drawn and demanded an end to the
      torture. Drake withdrew but the next monring Oscar had new orders to
      depart immediately for Saint Albans Hospital in Connecticut where he
      was incarcerated for debriefing. He remained isolated for several
      months until the efforts of Lt. Charles Turner, Oscar's commanding
      officer, got him moved to a psychiatric ward. His family, who had now
      been out of touch with him for almost three months, was told that
      Oscar had suffered a head injury during a submarine accident. After
      spending time under psychiatric care, which would damage his military
      record, he was oddly enough given an honorable discharge.

      After having returned to civilian life Oscar and his father embarked
      on a hiking trip to North Dakota. They purposely entered the
      restricted area surrounding the base where Oscar had been stationed.
      Perimeter patrol picked them up for removal from the area. While in
      their company Oscar asked how Hank was doing. One of the guards
      confided that the alien had died several months earlier.

      The next trip out to the country included myself and David Rapp, a
      physicist with 13 years experience in the aerospace industry and also
      Director of Investigations for Missouri MUFON. Because of our
      backgrounds in science, the discussion focused on technical questions
      about Oscar's experiences. After questioning the logistics of a tunnel
      system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington, DC,
      it became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning
      it was discovered, according to Oscar, that the tunnels only went a
      short distance and did not actually connect to the North Dakota base.
      The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window
      simultaneously opened. The "exit door" of the time/space window
      simultaneously opened at the r prescribed destination where the
      capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate. The technology was
      supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the
      Philadelphia experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also
      talked about the geological location of time/space/dimension doors.
      These places allow the easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our
      atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just
      northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in
      Lake Superior.

      The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by Rapp to
      match stars of the Constellation Eridanus as seen from earth. It was
      later confirmed by Hank that the stars of origin of his people were
      Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. In later sessions Oscar discussed some
      reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said they do not like the
      situation with some of the small grey aliens. He corrected us when we
      used the term "grey" and said they were actually white. The Tau
      Cetians feel the abductions being carried out by some of the greys are
      a great injustice to humanity. "They are a parasitic race that has and
      is praying on human civilizations throughout the universe," Oscar
      relayed. He added that our government's involvement with the greys is
      very dangerously out of control. He described them as "bug people" and
      said they are actually closer to plant life than mammalian. Oscar is
      adamant that the bug people are using human fluids for sustenance.
      They feed by immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on
      their bodies. He claims that they are also kidnapping children. The
      Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and they are
      working with other races and communities that were also victims. One
      such race that Oscar claims was run off their home planet by the bug
      people was what we now call the Nordics or Plieadians (Plejarans). He
      claims, because of his ongoing contacts, he was made aware of the
      Billy Meier case in Switzerland and swears that is a real contact.
      Oscar's comments about the bug people do not necessarily apply to all
      races of grey aliens, only those he claims are working with
      governments of the world to gain power with no concern for humanity.

      I find all of these comments interesting especially when you consider
      one investigative detail of this case. I have seen Oscar's house, his
      Mother's house, his work shop and truck, and at no time were any
      books, magazines, transcripts of movies about any subject, let alone
      recent UFO material found. When asked about the strange absence of
      reading material, he claims that if he wants to know something he
      merely concentrates on it and the answer comes to him via his alien
      friends. Could he be an avid reader of the latest and most
      controversial UFO documents and just be hiding them when we came over?
      This is highly unlikely since without a phone, our visits were always

      While undergoing debriefing, a friend of Oscar's began sending his
      personal belongings from his locker to his family. Oscar had hidden a
      Polaroid picture of Hank from one of the files in his locker. He had
      the picture in his possession for two years before military
      intelligence people came and asked for it back. He returned the
      picture but had many Xerox copies hidden. One of these copies was
      enhanced by an artist so that anyone having profound abduction
      experiences with grey aliens will recognize the Tau Cetians. He wants
      people to know that if they are contacted by the Tau Cetians to not be
      afraid because they are here to help.

      This attitude is reflected in correlations with a totally independent
      case involving a woman from Springfield, Illinois. Jill Waldport
      appears to have an ongoing and very serious involvement with grey
      aliens. After Budd Hopkins spoke to her at length the case was
      recommended to John Carpenter, State Section Director for Missouri
      MUFON and myself. The intensity and detail of the case is reminiscent
      of Debbie Tomies' (Cathy Davis) experiences. In my first interview
      with Jill, she asked if anyone had ever been adbucted/contacted by
      more than one race or group of aliens. I told her that it was reported
      with some frequency and asked her which other ones she had seen with
      the greys. She said that it was a totally separate contact and that
      they did not like the greys.

      When asked about their appearance she reported that they were human,
      approximately five and a half feet in height, 180-200 pounds but not
      fat, tanned looking skin with short hair cuts that laid flat against
      their heads. I asked her to describe their eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
      She said all features were essentially normal except that the nose was
      broad and flat and their eyes were brown. Oscar reported the weight of
      Hank to be 190 pounds and five feet seven inches tall. He also noted
      the broad, flat nose.

      Jill informed me that the aliens told her they didn't like what the
      other aliens were doing without her consent. They had come to help her
      learn how to protect herself. They explained that she needed to
      psychically build a shield around, like a brick wall, when they came
      for her. This would keep her from being deceived by their mind tricks.
      She tried it the next time the greys came for her and it seemed to
      work. At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working
      overtime so I decided to go for gold and asked if they told her where
      they came from. Believe it or not she replied, "Tau Seat-eye, does
      that make any sense?" Later I mentioned to Oscar that I was
      investigating a case that involved intense interaction with the greys
      and Tau Cetians showing up to help. He asked where the case was from
      and I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very
      accurate description of Jill and said he was aware she had been contacted.

      Horvat showed several pictures of people from the archives of UFOlogy,
      one of which was Drake, to Oscar. He immediately picked Drake's photo
      from the stack and one could see the anger come over his face at the
      sight of this man. Follow up research by Horvat produced an
      interesting set of circumstances. The crash in question happened in
      1961. Some of you will remember that Drake headed project OZMA
      Program, the predecessor to S.E.T.I. In 1961 Drake announced that
      OZMA, in its search for intelligent extraterrestrial radio signals,
      would first look to the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani.

      An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural
      time/space windows can be found by studying patterns on special energy
      maps. On such map is a Bougguer gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough, a
      fairly local low gravity area can be found at both locations mentioned
      by Oscar. I encourage everyone to analyze these patterns further,
      comparing them to possible underground alien bases, etc. My research
      is finding some interesting patterns emerging by comparing the
      location of gravity anomalies, geomagnetic anomalies, Indian
      reservations, military bases and cavern entrances. These specialty
      maps can be purchased at great prices from Geoscience Resources.

      A final correlation involves yet another abductee/contactee case who
      claims profound dowsing ability among other unique traits. Oscar told
      us that he moved to his present residence because of instructions by
      the aliens. The property supposedly has lines of energy (Ley Lines)
      that intersect to form a triangle and create some energy vortexes that
      make it easier to communicate and visit with him. He described a
      clearing in the woods behind his house where they best talk to him.
      Being a good scientist I like to test these things out so it was time
      for a double blind study. Lynn Cavins, the contactee with dowsing
      ability, was only told we were going to a special place to conduct an
      experiment. She identified a line of energy there and a whirlpool of
      energy but the real surprise came when we let her go wherever the rods
      took her. Without being told a single thing about the location or the
      owner, she wandered around approximately 5 acres of land and came upon
      a clearing in the woods. With a look of wonder on her face she said,
      "Oh my god, this is where he comes to talk to the aliens isn't it?"

      As one can imagine there are many other facets and correlation's to
      this case that space does not allow for. The telepathic communication
      continues as well as occasional physical visitation. Several of
      Oscar's friends and family have witnessed crafts in the air and other
      paranormal phenomena associated with his contacts. An interaction
      between Oscar and Davins has begun and promises to be very
      interesting. Strange things happen when two contactees get together.
      Many things about this case may seem hard to believe and even harder
      to prove, but I feel a good scientist will go where the data takes him
      and not pre-judge. Always keep an open mind.
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