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New Book. Part 8.

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  • John Winston
    Subject: New Book. Part 8. Oct. 1, 2005. This mentions a problem we had with a comet.
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      Subject: New Book. Part 8. Oct. 1, 2005.

      This mentions a problem we had with a comet.


      Page 23.

      (JW Now we have a picture of a vortex and then five drawing of
      Under these are the following words.)

      Riding the Vortex

      Kevin calls these "whirlpools: and he projects himself into them to
      travel into different dimensions. Sometimes his trip includes choosing
      between several doors in a halway to determine his destination.


      The crew definitely noticed me and must have gotten
      a real kick out of seeing me sneak on board thier ship.
      An interesting aspect of these dimensional doors is
      that it appears that several doorways can be side-by-
      side from our view of the dimensional door, but they
      can each access different locations and dimensions.
      Since each portal leads to a different place we could
      be millions of miles away or maybe just a few feet
      away. When my son travels, he usually sees
      numerous portals swirling like whirlpools, or several
      doorways down a hallway to choose from, which all
      lead to different destinations.
      Many times I've seen some of my extraterrestrial
      friends looking at me through a portal while I'm busy
      watching television. It's sort of like having a friend or
      neighbor looking through your window. In fact,
      that's exactly what it looks like, because the portal's
      shaped like a square window frame. The children
      and I have also seen a holographic image of Jesus
      Sananda appear, and float down over the television
      while we were watching a program. His hair and
      beard were a brillliant white an he was dresssed in a
      beautiful blue robe, Kevin seems to always see him in
      visions wearing a blue robe, although he often has
      brown hair.
      During one trip that I thought was leading me
      across county I got a visual of my merkabah vehicle


      in outer space with a dimensional door in the center.
      Stars, far away galaxies, flashing lights and amazing
      colors were everywhere. It was one of the most
      spectacular view I've ever seen.
      During the July 4th holiday I was tring to telepprt
      from Los Angeles to a small town in Arkansas to see
      my family, when a sharp flash of light startled me. It
      wasn't like lightning, but was more like an explosion.
      I didn't know what it was so I just made a mental
      note of it and forgot about. And then a 4:00 a.m.
      the next morning, I was getting out of bed when I
      noticed a blurry ball of light over my bed. I knew I
      was getting a vision of something and I tried to get it
      into focus by concentrating really hard on it.
      At first, it appeared to be the moon. But then the
      vision started oddly getting larger until it filled
      almost half of my ceiling. It also seemed to be getting
      closer to me. I've had visions of space ships fill up
      my room before, but I've never has an object get
      larger and closer before. I was concerned this vision
      might be foretelling a crisis.
      When I saw the headlines and photos in the
      morning paper, I realized it wasn't the moon I was
      seeing al all. The vision was an exact replica of a
      picture NASA took of the comet involved with their
      Deep Impact program. I realized that I must have
      been onboard an Arctrian ship that night as they
      investigated the explosion NASA instigated with that


      comet. The flash I saw during my teleporting trip
      was the explosion itself I found that intriguing but
      then I became concerned about potential danger to
      Earth. Ihe next morning spent some time in a
      channeling session and asked about the significance
      Of NASA's experiment with the comet.

      (JW Then it show a picture of something I can't quite make out.
      Ut may be a picture of a comet.)

      In response I was taken on board the ship, where I
      viewed several crewmen using an observation device
      of some type. The equipment was cylinder shaped
      and stretched from the floor to chest level. It was
      about three feet in circumference and there was a
      light shining from the monitor screen. The message I
      received was that they'll continue to monitor the
      situation in case of potential danger to the Earth.

      Part 8.

      John Winston. johnfw@...

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