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West Niles Virus.

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  • John Winston
    Subject: West Niles Virus. Sept. 30, 2005. At the present there is big scare about a thing called West Niles Virus. Some people
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      Subject: West Niles Virus. Sept. 30, 2005.

      At the present there is big scare about a thing called West Niles
      Virus. Some people are dying from it and they have been spraying
      certain areas by airplanes to try to control the things that they
      think are carrying it which are mosquitoes.

      To bring you up to date in the past I put about 16 mosquito fish in
      a small lake which is on the way from Sonora, Calif. to Columbia, Calif.
      Ater checking it again there are now over 10,000 mosquito fish in that
      lake which is about one acre big. Some of my friends assured me that
      the lake would dry up each year. It has not dried up and the rains
      for the new season have started. So much for advice from you friends.
      There are now no mosquito larva in the lake of any kind. A few days
      ago I checked the lake again and notice a lot of things moving with
      each step I took. I though it may be young grasshoppers but it turned
      out to be over 10,000 water frogs on the bank. My mother told me a
      million time not to exagerate.

      The next thing that came up was that I decided to take my fishing
      boat out and see how it ran due to the fact my son and I had done
      a lot of work on it. A friend warned me that I had better not go
      because the news said it might rain. One thing about me is that if I
      decide to do something, I'm going to it no matter what, don't try to
      convince me with facts. We went out and saw a big cloud coming but I
      was bound and determined to run the boat and check it out. Sure enough
      the the waves got very high and water was going over the front end of
      the boat in our faces. We finally got to shore and it really started
      It then started to lighening with 600 stikes throughout the county
      and most of them within a few feet of us. The strikes were so close
      that it was affecting the pacemaker that regulate my heart.
      I thought we had had the course but my sone got the boat on the
      trailer, a rain coat on me and started down the road. It then
      continued to rain very hard and started hailing. It was making so
      much noise that we thought it was going to break the windshield. We
      had to slow down to about 20 miles an hour with the windshield wiper on
      high speed so we could even see the road.
      We made it back again and my friend who gave me the advice to not
      go because it might rain really enjoyed telling us, "I told you so."
      It turned out that we didn't get the motor fixed. It still misses on
      one of it's two cylinders. So much for taking advice when it is given.
      Last to all I found a small lake that was part of the new overpass
      going around Sonora. This was about an acre in size. It had staid
      with water in it thoughout the year. I decided to put some mosquito
      fish in it. I threw about 6 in but was not for sure they all made
      it to the water. Today I took a different route to get to the
      water and put about 4 more in it. When I was looking at the fish
      in the water I noted that there was a cloud of something in the water.
      Many different pieces of something. I next noted that there were
      adult sized larva of mosguitoes about with one hundreth of them about
      to take flight. It's hard to believe but there must have about 400
      thousand of them in the water. That's enough mosquitoes to give
      most of the people in California the West Niles Virus. Some one of
      my friends suggested that I should tell the authorties about this
      but I figure it would take them many months to get around to spraying
      these mosquitoes.
      I figure I'll go out and catch 100 or more mosquito fish at a small
      lake where they are so thick that you can just put a little bread in
      the water and they will come in to eat it in such great numbers that
      you can just dip them out quickly with a small minnow net.
      Let's hope it all turns out for the good.

      John Winston.

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