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Katrina...Hints Of Another 911?

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    Dear Friends, Here s the latest from Richard Hoagland. Click the link if you don t receive the images.
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      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Richard Hoagland. Click the link if you don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      Katrina ... Hints of Another 911?
      In the years following "911" there's been much discussion regarding "Who knew what ... and when?"

      Almost immediately after the attacks, clues began to surface that, indeed, "someone" had not only anticipated this unprecented assault against America, but eerily ... had known the exact form and targets of the attack! These indications took the form of a variety of evidence--

      From the now well-known "anomalous futures trading" in airline and other stocks -- in some case, at a rate over 25 times "normal" just days before September 11, 2001 -- to the eerie parallel to the actual World Trade Center aircraft impacts themselves ... the storyline of Chris Carter's X-Files spinoff TV pilot, "The Lone Gunman"--

      Which had a "black ops" jetliner slamming into the World Trade Center ... written over a year and a half before 911!

      This parade of provocative "911 pre-evidence" also extended to a remarkable Islamic calendar -- depicting images eerily close to actual events ... yet published in May, 2001.

      According to a report on the Dutch newspaper investigation of the event, appearing on Newsmax.com:
      "... A calendar which was printed in Egypt and for the month of September shows a crashing passenger plane with Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop -- and which was printed in May, a full three months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America -- has caused an uproar in the Dutch town of Almere, Netherlands, the newspaper De Telegraaf reported yesterday. "The calendar was distributed at an Islamic school long before the World Trade Center attacks. Mayor Hans Ouwerkerk, who was alerted to the calendar's existence in the local Islamic school in the town of Almere, immediately notified the Dutch internal security service (BVD) about the strange coincidence. The BVD is reportedly investigating the matter ...."

      This series of eerie "forshadowing's" of the-catastrophe-to-come even extended to several astonishing CD album covers -- which graphically illustrated the actual attack ... also debuting well before 911 occurred!

      According to Snopes.com:

      "The image below [left], pictures the planned cover art (prepared in June 2001) for the forthcoming "Party Music" album by the hip-hop group The Coup. The cover depicts The Coup with an exploding World Trade Center in the background; group member DJ Pam the Funktress waves two sticks held between thumbs and forefingers (as if 'conducting' the proceedings with two batons) while 'Boots' Riley displays what looks like a detonator (but is actually just a guitar tuner) .... "

      Other strikingly "prescient" album covers included Live Scenes From New York (below) -- by the progressive metal band Dream Theater -- actually released on September 11, 2001!

      After the release, it was then noticed that the cover artwork depicted New York (the "Big Apple") tied with rope .... and the twin towers of the World Trade Center ... in flames!

      The album was immediately recalled and re-released (with a new cover) a short time later. (Some copies with the original artwork still exist, and are now rare collectors items.)

      This rash of diverse and remarkably prescient expressions of what was about to happen -- each clearly planned prior to September, 2001 -- only reinforces the burning question: who (besides the perpetrators) knew that the attack was coming ... and how could they have known!?

      One non-conspiratorial interpretation, in direct line with our research at Enterprise, is that, somehow, the "HD resonance" of the imminent, overwhelming tragedy was transmitted to a number of independent minds . . . resulting in the independent expression of that "message" in this wide variety of forms.

      This interpretation is reinforced by the anomalous behavior of the so-called "Princeton Eggs" -- an on-going electronic consciousness experiment, run by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, which detected an astonishing "precursor" to the actual attacks of September 11th ... but hours before the attacks actually began!

      The other, more obvious interpretation of these astonishing "precursors" to 911 was that they were, in fact, deliberate -- carefully planted "messages," designed to inform widely scattered members of the plot of what was "about to happen" ... before it happened.

      There is a well-documented history of forms of mass communications ... newspapers, magazines, television ... being used to transmit "secret" information and messages of propaganda in times of war. One better-known example involves spies placing key "code phrases" in public newspaper ads ... to transmit critical information back to those who "knew the code."

      * * *

      Flash forward to 2005 ....

      Here at Enterprise, we've been tracking a variety of evidence supporting the extraordinary idea (well, to some ...) that the two back-to-back Catagory 5 Gulf Coast hurricanes within the last four weeks could have been "artifically enhanced" ... and then deliberately steered to their devastating Coastal destinations.

      In the political realm, we've presented statements from "official government policy makers"-- such as former Secretary of Defense, William Cohen (below) -- attesting to the reality of this technology "as a black program," being conducted by covert groups "other" than the United States Government.

      Abd, in the last month, we've publicized the almost unknown impending "weather modification bill" on Capitol Hill, about to become law on October 1, 2005.

      And, in just the last few days, we've uncovered compelling new technical evidence -- satellite microwave radiometer images of rainfall in Hurricane Rita (known as MIMIC images) -- which provide remarkable additional evidence that "someone" is using a currently "unknown technology" to alter both hurricane strength ... and to steer the storms themselves (below).

      Subsequent to this, we have been examining other hurricanes for similar tell-tale "interference" signatures ... and we've found them!

      Hurricane Ophelia (which came between Katrina and Rita in the sequence of storms to dramatically impact the continental United States this summer), exhibited it's own bizarre behavior (below) ... wandering like a drunken sailor off the East Coast for over ten days, from September 6th to September 10th ... not even technically making landfall, while still causing significant damage in North Carolina ... before taking off for Newfoundland and the North Atlantic.

      In replies to comments in an earlier "Captain's Blog," I stated my opinion several weeks ago that Ophelia's highly anomalous behavior "almost appeared as if 'someone' was 'holding the hurricane off shore as a threat to Washington DC ... to 'catch the conscience of the King'" ....

      Examination of the archived MIMIC images of Ophelia for September 16-17th reveal another striking, geometric "rainfall pattern" ... neatly timed with Ophilia's erratic movements after it withdrew from the East Coast.

      According to the Enterprise associate who carried out a preliminary analysis:

      "When this animation begins, Hurricane Ophelia is out at sea and moving in the general direction of Washington D.C. ....

      "Now, when I click this animation forward one frame at a time, a faint line of rainfall appears to the east of the hurricane eye (below). It is at this point that Hurricane Ophelia starts to change direction ... away from land and move further out to sea.

      "The faint line of rainfall intensifies into two intense and oscillating lines of rainfall (marked by deep red colours). Moreover, these oscillating lines mirror the appearance of the other; the lines move in lockstep with the eye of the hurricane.

      The effect is not 'natural looking' at all.

      Now, one indication that these red lines are real rain storms is that natural looking 'channels' of dark blue begin to bisect the hurricane -- starting from the western ends of the oscillating lines of red. The dark blue indicates where the hurricane clouds have become 'rained out.'

      Once the hurricane is bisected by rained out areas (below), it quickly loses intensity and begins to break-up ....

      It all looks very much like how one would imagine 'weather control' to appear on the MIMIC system. It looks like the 'defenders' in the 'weather war scenario' are using a method that can't hide its own tracks ....

      In our opinion, the technology to do this -- not only based on our decades of extensive research into the suppressed physics of the last 100 years, but from our analysis of two seasons of truly "anomalous hurricanes" -- does, in fact, exist!

      * * *

      But, even with all this accumulating evidence, it was a shock a couple days ago to be handed another political "smoking gun" -- an ad (strikingly like those eerily forshadowing 911 ...) strongly indicating that "someone" (besides us) knows that the weather is "not natural" anymore ....

      Here is the ad (provided to George Noory and myself by a collegue at KNBC -- the major NBC affiliate in Los Angeles).

      Appearing in the September issue of "Jane" -- a national women's magazine, it's an otherwise innocuous advertisement for "Cuervo Tequila" ... produced by the José Cuervo distillery in the town of Tequila, near Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco ... described as the "wine of the earth." Presumably, this same ad is appearing in other national magazines this month. If so, we'd like to hear which ones ...

      Because -- look a little closer ....

      Just what is it that Vincente Fox, President of Mexico, is trying to tell our own President Bush ..!?

      Or ... is President Fox -- head of a government which has just recently revealed other "sensitive defense information," regarding other "anomlaous phenomenon" certainly not officially admited by its much bigger neighbor to the North -- actually intending this not-so-hidden-message this time--

      For all the rest of us?

      Stay tuned.

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