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  • Regan Power
    Phew, that s rather a lot of words, Dex. Such complexity! But the question at issue is simple, surely. Can the intrinsic laws of the universe be violated? I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2005
      Phew, that's rather a lot of words, Dex. Such complexity! But the
      question at issue is simple, surely.

      Can the intrinsic laws of the universe be violated?

      I say not, because the very act of violation must itself be an
      expression of universal law. Whatever happens in the universe is an
      expression of universal law, whether we are considering what is happening in
      heavenly worlds and species, or demonic ones, or plain old, prosaic earthly
      ones, or no worlds or species at all but something else instead.


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      D. writes:
      I agree with you Regan. It's basically what I'm saying too. However, the
      codes built into our being as laws are designed patterns for the image and
      similitude (likeness) of a specie identity creation. I'm discussing the
      violations of these image designs.

      Those are particular laws of individual worlds and beings, Dex, not
      the laws of the universe.


      These codes of codes are intrinsically valued as individualized
      consciousness thinking cells of creation. Each universal cell are coded for
      multiple specific specie designs. These image designs are not separated from
      the universal laws built into their physiology nor separated from the
      affects of consciousness ideology, mind over matter abilities example. The
      belief systems. Try to understand me when I say this material side of
      physical creation is a mental creation that can be mutated, altered or even
      damaged by tampering with the intrinsic coding designs for each universal
      thought created cell of habitation. Each Life cell represents innate
      universal law functions.
      The design flow has in the past been interrupted by violating species,
      poachers, who have in their experimenting wanted to radically redesign the
      Deity's desired star evolution. They have created aberrations, grotesque
      intelligence on worlds not of their making, thus, violating universals laws
      opposed to such interference and tampering. The intrinsic coded connection
      of mind and body with the violating species consciously or un-consciously
      does set in motion self deteriorating, destructive thought patterns of
      'wrong-doing'. This is the Deity's smart design allowing the 'Soul' to judge
      itself. The 'entity intelligent coupling' mode forces of being creation that
      we 'share' 'existence' with ( presently unknown at this evolutionary level
      by most) will withdraw the greater sustaining power (the intelligent glue)
      that perfects and supports the physiology and consciousness combination
      design of that inherited specific specie experience. Thus, rendering a
      complete being, incomplete, if that be the case.
      What an understatement when I say 'we're not alone'. I never said the
      immutable laws of creation can be changed only violated. I do say that codes
      of universal laws in conjunction with specie identity/physiology can be
      mutated, damaged, etc.,. However, there is a decision making of intelligent
      design for 'protection' and 'judgement' that takes place when such reproach
      occurs and it determines what corrective action is required to reset the
      original design flow. The redeeming of dying extraterrestrial races or if
      the violations continue in spite of the knowledge dispensed, by cools of
      natural selection, evil for example, ultimately, will spiral out and destroy
      itself. Canceling itself out of existence. The immutable laws are
      unchangeable, but, fallen intelligence have tried to biologically by-pass
      intrinsic universal laws, and probably, have succeeded, by suspending
      particular degenerative processes of their anatomy. However, though, this
      may confine the civilization to levels of lower design and containment
      nullifying energy coupling processes for their immortal expansion
      What would be important for some of us to realize is that our evolution is
      known by higher leveled intelligence as a 'retrogressive evolution' and that
      many of us here are spiraling out. If the universal laws built into it's
      creation weren't subject to my claims this probably would not be occurring
      and all of the world inhabitants, everywhere, would be positively evolving
      creatively and connecting to greater levels of spiritual (non-physical) and
      other star evolutionary experiences... Nothing to worry about, all would be
      involved with the creative flow. Observations and the greater showing by
      higher teachers of Light indicate the case to be otherwise, unfortunately.
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