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  • Jahnets
    I have received permission to post the first chapter in Jorj R. Elprehzleinn s book High Speed Results Life Transformation Formula. Though only the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      I have received permission to post the first chapter in Jorj R.
      Elprehzleinn's book High Speed Results Life Transformation Formula. Though
      only the first chapter, I believe you will be able to see the benefit of the
      simple exercises that he has come up with that allow you to take control of
      your thoughts. Enjoy...

      The High Speed Results
      Life Transformation Formula
      Presented by Jorj R. Elprehzleinn

      "...if there is intense study of how MIND is indeed the builder, it will
      see that what is held in the act of mental vision becomes reality in the
      material experience."

      Edgar Cayce

      People who read this book often assume that I wrote it and that it is about
      me. I did write
      this introduction, and chapter 6, and chapter 7. I did pay all the
      individuals, who helped
      put this together, so that I could publish it. I paid them in dollars, and I
      paid them in
      services. I invested years and many dollars to make this formula publicly
      available for you
      now. I did edit the whole book many times. I believed in this material, when
      nobody else
      did, and against tremendous opposition. I work with the Life Transformation
      everyday, since about 1995. Several people were involved over the years
      channeling and
      discussing with me to make this possible.
      What you have here is so potent, in my opinion and experience, that for some
      reason I
      had to face challenging opposition to develop and publish the amazing e-book
      presents what many people who have already used it say is the most concise
      and effective
      book of its kind. From the first version of the formula, to the most highly
      version that you have in front of you now, I have tried out all the
      exercises myself. I have
      achieved excellent results in my life, using this formula. I still use it
      today, because I enjoy
      the results.
      People have reported to me that this is the easiest, most comfortable,
      effective, affordable
      presentation of this type of tools that works with your mind to change your
      When you have a powerful tool for transforming your life it is more than a
      workshop or
      exercise. It is your own life that is the subject. You put your life on the
      line. Right?
      Because if you are going to change your life, especially in a significant
      manner, then it is
      going to change you. Yes? You put your life on the line! When you ask for
      change, be
      ready for change. Fortunately while doing the exercises in this book you
      will enjoy a
      technology that empowers you to feel good in the present moment, as well as
      the power
      to help you transform your life as it moves on. Doing the exercises in this
      book makes you
      feel good now, AND helps you develop a better now, in the future. Enough of
      that. Let's
      move on.

      This book is presented in the form of exercises, stories and examples. The
      man who is
      described as the subject of the first five chapters of the book is not me as
      some people
      assume due to my role in presenting this material. The man who is mentioned
      in the first
      five chapters of this book, has this to say about his important role in
      bringing this book to
      the public:
      This course is based upon the use of my life by a higher power in order to
      discover a number of hidden truths
      that had been there all along, but had never been put forth in a manner that
      could be applied by anyone, no matter
      who they would be. This higher power, or God, or whatever you want to call
      it, literally used my life as a guide for
      the purpose of writing this course.
      I feel so very strongly that my life has been guided, just so this course
      could be written. I don't even think it is
      mine. I most certainly do not feel that any of the techniques were actually
      created by me. I am just the guy that
      was used by a higher power to put all of this forth.
      I once took credit for it, but now realize that the whole thing was a
      miracle from God, or whatever you want to call
      that higher power. I am not a religious man, nor have I ever been. However,
      the sheer power of what I have seen
      with this course has led me to believe that it has been in the hands of a
      power much higher than me. The sheer
      intelligence of what you are about to read still amazes me. I was just an
      instrument for the creation of this
      course, and you who read it and apply it will discover that. I wish you a
      swift journey to the greatest you that you
      can possibly be.
      In order to gain the full benefit from this course, all you have to do is do
      the exercises.
      Everything else that is written is a form of explanation that will cease to
      be important once
      you have your own experience of what you can do with the exercises and the
      experiences that they open up for you.
      It is not important what my beliefs are, or if you believe in a divine being
      or not. However
      in working with many people over the years, the issue of "creating your own
      reality" arises
      many times. I do want to take a moment to share my experience on that
      subject. I have
      helped many people materialize the things they desire and imagine. I have
      had many of the
      things that I once only desired and imagined materialize for me. In all my
      experience with
      this, it seems to me that there is an ultimate creator. That creator is the
      one being that
      people call God, or the ALL that IS, or many other names. I believe that I
      do not personally
      create my own reality. I believe that I participate by being in the reality
      that this benevolent
      being creates for me, based on my desire and imagination, and other factors
      involved with
      the purpose for being in the world.

      "It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to know how
      to use it."
      Rene Descartes

      Using the Life Transformation tools has many benefits that are both
      spiritual and material.
      One of the benefits that I experience is the freedom to have a relationship
      with this divine
      being that is in all things, in such a way as to allow its intelligence and
      wisdom to actually
      bring about all my materialization. My participation is to enjoy them, to
      live with them, and
      to continually grow and change and improve what I desire and imagine. To
      live in a state
      of being here now.
      If you feel that you create your own reality, or I feel that a divine
      intelligence creates all
      things, we can both enjoy good results from using the Life Transformation
      tools. I indicate
      my current beliefs concerning, "creating my own reality" because I feel it
      is my job to
      share with you the very best ideas that I have to help you to materialize
      what you desire
      and imagine. And I feel that before you start reading the book and doing the
      exercises, you
      would like to know a little bit about where this material came from, and how
      it came to be.
      When I was four years old, I remember that when asked what I wanted to be
      when I grew
      up, I said happy. In my own imagination, this formula, and the great things
      and people and
      places that it helps you to have and do and be, are true happiness. True
      happiness, and all
      the feelings that develop from there, for both you and me, and everyone who
      wants that,
      fully materialized in all ways and forms and feelings as each of us imagines
      them to be.
      In the universe, the process of getting this formula together and the entire
      Transformation System Z goes back much more than 16 years. Many people and
      forces have related together in a marvelous and extraordinary harmony to get
      this book to
      be as it now is for you. The technology in the formula itself, was used to
      pay for the cost
      of bringing this into its present form, and the formula itself was used to
      overcome all the
      obstacles to getting it to be the way it is today and available for you.
      I dedicate this book to the glory of a true love that is tangible and real
      in every detail of
      living here now. I dedicate this book to the spirit of true freedom, and to
      all the people,
      forces and energies who participated in bringing this to be. I dedicate this
      book to every
      person who uses it. In my own universe, magnificent results are enjoyed by
      each person
      who is involved with this book.
      Though there are many ways to approach this super-intelligent material, I
      have found that
      doing all the exercises at least once from the beginning to the end, is
      usually the most
      excellent way to enjoy the fullest benefits that it has to offer. Just start
      at the beginning,
      and as you come upon an exercise, DO IT, and then keep going like that until
      you reach
      the end of the formula. You would have some amazing experiences I expect, if
      you would
      do that. The final chapter on results is the finishing touch for your
      process. By the time you get there, it is certain you will have produced at
      least enough
      results to make you very happy you did all the exercises and bought the
      The book starts through the exercises in chapter 1 by giving you the
      experience of truly
      winning. The book climaxes in chapter 6 by guiding you to have the
      experience of how to
      do a technique called ClearTalk, which is the actual formula. If you like,
      you can go
      straight to chapter 6 and try the ClearTalk formula first. Learn how to do
      it and practice it,
      and then come back and go through all the exercises in chapters 1 thru 5,
      and do the
      ClearTalk again, then finish up with chapter 7 and start to record your
      results. Or start
      from the beginning and work through to the end. It's up to you.
      Some people like to read the whole book through one time, and the come back
      and do all
      the exercises. That is also a great method, however if you want fast
      results, do the
      exercises the first time through, as just reading it can build up a
      resistance against doing
      the exercises. It is different for each person.

      "...with our thoughts we create the world..."

      After having completed all the exercises once, please call me or e-mail me
      and let me
      know that you made it through! Your feedback is very helpful to the process
      of continuing
      to share this formula. I am certain that you will have results by then. Call
      or write at
      anytime while doing the formula if you want to share your experiences and/or
      get help
      doing it. You can find my contact information at the end this introduction,
      and on my web
      site, www.elprehzleinn.com. Once you are done you just use it every day
      after that, doing
      at least the win list from chapter 1, and doing or not doing whatever else
      was helpful to
      you. The only reason that I continue to use this technology every day, is
      because it makes
      my life better than when I don't. It is self -motivating once you experience
      how easy it is
      compared to what you can achieve.
      With this formula now in front of you, especially in combination with the
      complete Life
      Transformation System Z (the ninety day coaching system), you have a tool to
      materializing all around you and throughout you what you desire and imagine
      that you
      have and do and be. Take it one step at a time. Do all the exercises. Call
      or write me, or
      meet with me, for assistance, for questions, for fun, and to report on your
      progress. Count
      your results, make note of how your life changes from the first day you
      start doing the
      exercises. By tracking your progress you will notice your desire and
      imagination appear in
      materialization. By noting results you are cultivating an "attitude of
      gratitude" which I
      have found is an essential component to doing this. It completes your
      process of
      materializing what you desire and imagine that you have and do and be and
      opens the
      door for much more. Gratitude is a well-known and ancient technology that
      adds the final
      touch of grace, to your work with the Life Transformation formula.
      Please email or call me as you experience how doing the exercises is
      affecting your own
      life, and tell me what is happening! And if you have any questions about
      doing the
      exercises, just let me know and I will see how I can help.
      For those who have ordered the free chapter on WINNING but not yet acquired
      the full ebook
      package please keep in mind that the Winning exercises are just the
      beginning of
      learning the Life Transformation Formula which you gain completely by going
      all the way
      through to Chapter 7. In addition to ordering the full e-book when you are
      complete with
      the WINNING exercises and are experiencing how this works, think about
      ordering a
      private ClearTalk session with me. With the complete e-book and the private
      session you gain knowledge and experience that is more than what you can get
      by going
      to expensive workshops and reading many books and courses on the subject of

      I am very pleased to offer this entire formula to you, starting with the
      first chapter on
      Winning, however you have come upon it, and I am delighted to imagine that
      you receive
      enough results from doing the exercises to be happy that you invested your
      time, and
      energy in doing so.
      Jorj Elprehzleinn


      The High Speed Results
      Life Transformation Formula
      that you are about to read is the core component of:
      Life Transformation - System Z
      a complete 90 day system
      for materializing what you desire and imagine
      with extraordinary high speed results.

      The High Speed Results
      Life Transformation Formula, Chapter 1
      Congratulations! You now have in front of you what could prove to
      be the most important and far-reaching tool for understanding you
      have come in contact with so far in your life. I want to tell you that you
      are pretty terrific. You have abilities far beyond what you've ever
      thought, but you need knowledge to put your power to use. It is
      knowledge that must come from within yourself. I cannot tell you
      exactly which knowledge you need, and I'll tell you why.
      Let's assume the needed knowledge is behind a vast wooden door with a
      keyhole. Many wise men in the past have come up to this door, but they never
      have gotten through it. They have, however, managed to look through the
      keyhole and gotten an idea of what knowledge was. Perhaps, they then went
      and told their friends and great movements, both religious and otherwise,
      started from this keyhole version of knowledge. As each new wise man found
      door and looked through the keyhole, a new group was formed.
      One day a man came to the door that was not nearly so wise as all the rest,
      but for some reason, he didn't look through the keyhole. Perhaps, he felt he
      not wise enough to interpret the knowledge he would see through the keyhole.
      Instead he looked at the door itself and was startled to see in the dust at
      the far
      corner of the door, the key that would open it. He then took the key and
      the lock, which opened this great door to knowledge.
      Upon going inside he became so knowledgeable and so wise that he realized
      that he would never be able to tell others what he saw or felt, for they
      never understand real truth because they were already blinded by too many
      images and distortions of the truth. The only sensible thing to do was to
      duplicates of the key and pass them out to all who would have the courage to
      walk through the door to truth. Upon entering the door, they would know
      own truth - and what was true for them was true, and what was not true for
      would not be true.

      Well, my friend, this book is the key. The first thing to do is unlock
      the shackles which bind you to lies and false images such as worry,
      fear, doubt, superstition, vanity, greed, and hatred. These are just a
      few of the barriers that seemingly stand between you and whatever
      you desire and imagine for your life. Now begin to clear away the
      false images, and experience how your mind really works and
      interacts with you and your life. I'm going to begin by telling you what
      the key is. At first you will not grasp it, but this is the beginning of
      passing it on to you. The key is, and this is all going to be put in
      capital letters to accent it, the following:
      This may be startling at first, and without examples and exercises,
      totally impossible to apply. The insane asylums, the prisons, and
      every unhappy home or business are filled with individuals that have
      tried to go against this key. It causes marriages to fail, businesses to
      crumble, and incredible unhappiness to wreak havoc across the
      world. Let us look at an example of how your mind thinks differently
      than you do.
      The first example of how your mind thinks differently than you do
      is in regard to winning and losing. You may have noticed that in life
      there seems to be a great deal more losing than there is winning for
      many people. I've made that statement in hundreds of lectures and I
      can usually tell what my audiences' lives have been like by the way
      they react to it. Some people sigh audibly and agree completely
      about losing; others are uncertain, and some people disagree. Let me
      pose the question: What is a win? Is it getting your own way? Is it
      coming out ahead of other people in some activity, whether it is

      business or sports? Is it doing something well? Is it making a lot of
      money? What is a "win?"
      Chapter 1, Exercise 1.
      Think about the question, "What is a Win, " for a few moments and then write
      your answer down on a separate sheet of paper before you go on reading.
      I repeat. Do not go on reading until you have written down your
      definition. The reason is because your definition will show you why
      and how you have lived your life to this point. Naturally it won't
      provide the whole answer, but it should provide some interesting
      insights. Once you've got that definition written let's proceed.
      People can be affected in later years by their childhood.
      Take an imaginary individual we'll call Michael. Michael was born into a
      where both the parents are wealthy, successful, happy, and very much in
      They are experts in raising children; knowing exactly what to do to bring
      the best
      out of a child in all ways. They encourage him in all things and correct his
      in such a way that Michael never feels criticized or invalidated. When
      Michael is
      ready for school, his teachers are experts in handling children and giving
      child the amount of personal attention needed in order to excel in studies.
      Michael continues in school always getting help when needed. Naturally he is
      straight A student. He excels in sports and his school was never defeated in
      athletic or scholastic encounter with any other school. Michael goes on to
      graduate with honors and upon graduation, he lands a fantastic job in
      exactly the
      field he loves working in.
      Michael feels he is a winner, yes? Obviously, because all his
      experience is winning.
      As we look at this example, we can say, "Well that's all fine and
      good for Michael, but what about the rest of us? Most people do not
      have a life anywhere close to this. Most of our parents were not
      wealthy, and many of them were not especially loving or supportive
      because they had their own problems. Teachers that most of us had

      certainly did not understand children's needs, and the athletic teams
      at our schools did not win all of their games. How then are we to think
      of ourselves as winners when we have little experience of winning?
      How do we now get on the winning track?
      Looking at my own life, I was born on a mid-western farm. My
      father was a farmer and not a great financial success. For my
      eleventh birthday I received a tractor with a very strong implication
      that I use it to do a thing called work. Did you ever notice that as you
      were growing up that adults were constantly indoctrinating you into
      something called work and teaching you how terrible it was to be an
      adult? I remember some of their comments; "You're going to have to
      work someday. You can't be a kid all your life." Another one was, "Be
      glad that you're a kid because when you get to be an adult, it's really
      going to be tough." But, we only partially believed them.
      Sure, we hear and know that it could probably happen to
      somebody else, but not to us. We're going to grow up to be a great
      actor, actress, singer, dancer, athletic hero or any one of a number of
      dreams that children have. We're going to be successful. Your
      dreams keep you alive, but one by one they begin to die. The great
      actress doesn't qualify for the school plays. The future great singer is
      told he sings off-key.
      I remember my own dreams. The first was to be a professional
      basketball player. So, I did all the things that I thought you were
      supposed to do to become a professional. I shot baskets by the hour.
      I even shoveled snow off of my outside court on the farm so I could
      shoot baskets. I played in the rain and mud. When it was too cold for
      my fingers, I played with gloves on. Well, interestingly, from my
      sophomore through my senior year in high school, our basketball
      team set a record in our state, which I believe, still stands today. For
      the most games consecutively lost over a three-year period. If that
      wasn't bad enough, I wasn't even on the first team. Eventually,
      people even hated to show up for the games. The attitude at the
      school definitely became one of losing.
      After so much losing, how could one get a winning attitude?
      In case some of this sounds familiar, do not despair. First of all,
      there is a very good likelihood that our original example of Michael
      and his perfect life were not so perfect. There has been so much
      emphasis placed on attitude over the years that no one has bothered
      to look at the prodigious number of individuals that crashed and
      burned attempting to maintain what was called "a positive mental
      attitude". This one single idea is like a form of sabotage unless you
      know how your mind really thinks.
      Let us put down a definition of what winning is to your mind. This
      is not your definition. However, if you do not adhere to it, you will be
      so overwhelmed by your mind that you could forget your own name.
      This is the first way your mind thinks differently than you do.
      Whoever came up with this originally never came up with a way to
      apply it, particularly on a daily basis. It was far too simple, and
      everyone before me bypassed it to go on to something that they
      thought would be more appealing. Your mind is not fancy. It does
      not have big dreams, and it most certainly has no personal interest of
      its own. The only thing it really does is record whatever your life is,
      and then use that information either for you, or against you. The
      definition that you have been waiting to hear you may have heard
      before, for it is most certainly out there. However, it has never been
      pointed out that this is your mind's definition and not yours. The
      definition that your mind has for winning is:
      Obviously, LOSING is just the opposite. Once again, this is your
      mind's definition, and not yours. You would be looking to something
      big. This is why the majority of people live their lives vicariously
      through the big accomplishments of others. This is so prevalent in
      today's society that it is as though everyone is a watcher, and not a
      doer. The question would be how do you apply this knowledge? This
      is our first exercise, and this is for your mind and not you. It has
      been overlooked for so many years that it may take a few minutes to
      be reborn. It is very important that you do this exercise exactly as
      given. The exercise is as follows:
      Chapter 1, Exercise 2.
      1. Look at the wall to your right.
      2. Look at the wall to your left.
      3. Take your right hand and put it on your left hand.
      4. Now, look at the floor.
      5. Now, take your right hand and put it behind your left ear.
      Now that you've done this little exercise, I'm going to tell you a
      great truth. This is probably the most valuable thing that I could tell
      you regarding all of this. This is so important that this truth will be put
      in all capitals:
      This is remarkable when you think about it. Your mind is constantly
      watching you, and it values your opinion. You can just consider the
      ramifications of all of this. Your mind can be your greatest friend, or

      your greatest obstacle. Let us look at an example of just how this
      would apply.
      Chapter 1, Exercise 3.
      I am going to give you the same instructions as before, but with one
      additional factor. This time YOU make the decision, BEFORE you do
      each of these things. Let s begin.
      1. Decide to look at the wall on your right, and when you are sure that you
      made the decision, then go ahead and look at the wall.
      2. Now decide to look at the wall on your left and when you are sure that
      have decided, go ahead and look at the wall.
      3. Now decide to look at the ceiling and when you are sure you have decided,
      ahead and look.
      4. Now, decide to put your right hand on your left and when you are sure you
      have decided, go ahead and do it.
      5. Now, decide to look at the floor and when you are sure that you have
      go ahead and look. Make sure you have decided first.
      6. Next, decide to put your right hand behind your left ear and when you are
      you have decided, go ahead and do it.
      Let's find out what you noticed from doing this. Did you notice that it
      felt much better when you made the decision first and then did the
      exercise, as opposed to when you just did what you were told to do?
      The reason for that is that the exercise now included you. Your mind
      still counted the wins, but this time, you also felt better. The reason
      for this is because you became more alive. Most people are so afraid
      of making a decision that they live their lives in a form of torment as
      to what will happen next. Let me give you a very poignant illustration.
      There was a story a number of years ago, about a certain plane flight, which
      exemplifies this. All of the passengers were securely in their seats and the
      was racing down the runway when a voice came over the loudspeaker that said,
      "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to flight 402. This is a recording speaking
      you. This entire flight is being done by automation. There are no human
      pilots in
      this plane. We are now taking off and in just a few seconds, we'll be in the
      air. So
      just sit back and relax and remember that nothing can go wrong, wrong,
      wrong, wrong, wrong."
      This illustrates our next great truth, and that is, once again in all
      This may be a shocking statement. However, just make a
      decision to really look at people and their actions and see if it isn't
      true. Better yet, check yourself. I'm sure that you'll find that the times
      you feel most alert and alive are those times when you consciously
      decide to do something and then do it, no matter how small or
      insignificant the activity seems at the time. This is because you were
      in harmony with your mind, and probably didn't even know it. It is
      infinitely more satisfying to consciously decide to do small things and
      then do them, than it is to do large things on Automatic Pilot. This is
      because your mind supports you in those things.

      see next email

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