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  • Jahnets
    People that seek aberrance to have fun with wont be bothering me again .. or so I am determined to make come to pass. Better to focus on what you want rather
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      "People that seek aberrance to have fun with wont be bothering me
      again .. or so I am determined to make come to pass."

      Better to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want as with the
      above statement you come close to becoming what you don't want bothering
      you, antisocial...I do understand what you're saying as this is indeed what
      I beleive the Gods have done, is separated us from those we harm with our
      thoughts until we can get a handle on them. The question remains has the
      separation helped or have we forgotten why we were separated in the first
      place. That is why I think it is time past time for contact, to help some

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      Cross posting:
      I just received this a few minutes ago.
      A reply from Andrew.

      > Could you please elaborate on what is meant by? -
      > "...how to regulate society to identify aberrant social
      > To regulate infers control, and in this case aberrant social
      > What does this mean?
      > Respectfully,
      > Marc
      > _____

      my systems model works using transference - where every thing thats
      happening in the cosmos at any scale works on a transfer of energy
      from high to low across a common context or medium.
      the power law that does this is known in electricity as Ohms Law, in
      psychology and electromagnetic field theory in psychology it was
      spotted by Kurt Lewin 1952 and Wolfgang Kohler also about 1952
      in biology this transference process is known as osmosis - its one
      basic law for the whole cosmos - a grand unity - only we have called
      it different things depending on what area of science we have
      the principle of distortion is that in society bad transactions
      become field sharpened [Lewin] and that the transfer can become
      violently overloaded. That can show up in artefacts - where certain
      cultural principles are decontextualised and e.g. a nihilsitic
      interpretation isn't facilitating social progress in that peer group
      but reversing it.
      I write that all social abnormalities must be facilitated by special
      provision but that if they persist in being toxic to the society
      then the souls that have introduced these are at least asocial souls.
      These asocial/socially aberrant souls are breaking the agreements
      that the society and soulgroup originally made to be together.
      Society is formed by agreements - my work is called Numbers and
      Agreements. If abnormal behaviour cannot allow itself to be
      facilitated by society then in my opinion it is antisocial.
      I argue from the basis that we are eternal souls and have eternal
      arrangements above and beyond the human condition which is about 80
      years of handicapped amnesia for the most part.
      Souls that incorporate and incarnate do know what they are doing -
      so I don't go with the moral tabla rasa idea.

      my ideas are at www.whale.to\b\hennessey_b1.html I have not nor do
      not intend to put the military ideas upon the web.

      If you understand what I mean about distortion you will recognise
      that some distortions are a desirable asset e.g. in art and
      electronic music in political challenge.
      Some distortions are toxic and recur endlessly in interstellar
      society. Some eternal beings only play at being social at being
      civilised and represent an ongoing menace to civilisation - any
      civilisation - they embrace chaos. They do however produce
      recognisable 'disturbances in the force' - and thats what part of my
      theory called Numbers and Agreements attempts to model.
      I am attempting to provide a way of vetting social artefacts and
      fabrications for manifestations of this nihilistic disruption.
      Because we are all eternal beings with a huge history behind us -
      our problems are long standing problems too - and this is what I
      believe that planet earths surface was set up to solve in the form
      of a regulated spiritual hospital.

      Your implicit question on who am I to judge what a distortion is
      rings true. One beings distortion is another beings happiness etc
      etc but as I said a society is formed by a determined soul group who
      make agreements amongst themselves. Human society is Not a typical
      model, for this planet is all at once a funfair, a hospital and a
      detention centre for the spiritually disabled, the tourist and the
      voyeur. I let myself get born here for my own reasons which I am not
      prepared to discuss, but I agreed to be part of a society that is
      being formed in the near future and my primary concern with this
      potential utopia is to exclude from it things we agree that we do
      not want in it.

      People that seek aberrance to have fun with wont be bothering me
      again .. or so I am determined to make come to pass.

      andrew hennessey

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