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Ex-Special Constable Is Latest To Report UFO Sighting

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005
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      Ex--special constable is latest to report UFO sighting
      Aug 30 2005

      Vicky Huntley

      More than a month after the Bracknell News series' first article about a flying saucer hovering above the Coppid Beech Hotel in Binfield, 67-year-old Janet Burrell contacted the hotline to say she had seen a UFO.

      Mrs Burrell, who lives in Priestwood, said she saw a UFO in the sky above Binfield around 30 years ago.

      The ex-special constable, who suffers from insomnia, said she saw the object one night when she was having trouble sleeping.

      She said: "There was a bright, bright light far away and I just looked at it out of the window and was mesmerised watching it.

      "I stayed there looking at it and looking at it and then it started to come closer and closer. Then it just hovered outside my bedroom window. It was really close; not so close that I could touch it but it was really close.

      "Then it sort of dropped down and turned away. There wasn't any sound. It was really amazing. I just wish my husband had woken up, then he would have seen it too."

      She added: "I was so amazed at what I had seen that I told everyone but nobody believed me."

      Mrs Burrell said that she gave up telling people about her sighting because no one believed her.

      She said: "When I told people they said that I'd had too much to drink."

      It was not until she saw other stories in the papers that she began to think about her experience again.

      She said: "It has brought it all back really, I hadn't thought about it for years.

      "I can only imagine it must have been some kind of UFO. My mouth just gaped open."

      Have you spotted an alien craft? Have you managed to take a picture of it? Call our UFO hotline on 01344 456611.

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