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RE: [ufodiscussion] "Hyperdimensional" Katrina...?

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  • Jahnets
    And the catastrophic economic reprocussions for the entire Nation if that most dire scenario should actually happen .... If they don t want it to happen then
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      And the catastrophic economic reprocussions for the entire Nation if that
      most dire scenario should actually happen ....

      If they don't want it to happen then why have they written this like a
      suspense thriller and gotten who knows how many people to focus on it?

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      Dear Friends,

      Here's Richard's thoughts on Katrina. Click the link if you don't receive
      the images.


      Love and Light.


      "Hyperdimensional" Katrina ...?
      OK, it's happening again.

      Last year, a series of four extraordinary storms ravaged the State of
      Florida in rapid succession, causing both devestating human and economic
      impacts. Several aspects of these storms caught our attention -- ranging
      from the "impossible" tracks each storm followed into Florida (examples

      To the equally astonishing geometry visible in the centers of some storms
      ... the incredibly "structured eyes" themselves.

      Readers interested in our full, multi-part analysis of what really may have
      occurred last year, can find it under "Hyperdimensional Hurricanes" on the
      Enterprise Mission Main page.

      * * *

      Now, we're facing another monster "superstorm" -- Hurricane Katrina -- which
      makes those that swept Florida last year pale by comparison. The primary
      reason, of course, is that the city directly in the path of the projected
      28-foot storm surge (!) -- and hurricane force winds of at least 155 miles
      per hour -- this time ... is a City least able to protect itself: New

      Lying in a natural basin below sea level -- in some places as much as 10
      feet -- and protected only by its artificial levee system, New Orleans is
      arguably the worst place for a hurricane to hit on the entire planet ...
      certainly on the Continent of North America. For, added to the expected
      Catagory 4 storm surge of almost 30 feet, one must add the number of feet
      New Orleans lies below sea level. The total could produce a flood as much as
      50 feet deep -- literally drowning most of the City of New Orleans ....

      But, beyond the potentially tragic loss of life and property in New orleans
      itself, this storm carries an even larger threat: as this storm crossed
      Florida a few days ago, brushing just south of Miami at a Catagory 1 before
      heading out into the Gulf of Mexico, some observers wondered aloud about the
      potential economic impact of the storm on the entire United States ...

      With gasoline already approaching $3.00 per gallon in some parts of the
      Country, and most of the National refinary capacity strung out along the
      Gulf Coast, it doesn't take an expert to realize that a direct hit by a
      major hurricane on those fragile refinaries ... if not the destruction of
      even a few of the hundreds of oil rigs in the Gulf itself ... could shoot
      gas prices to unprecedented levels at the pump.

      But, as serious as these prospects are, there could be even more severe
      consequences for a direct hit by a major hurricane on the facilities lying
      at the mouth of the Mississippi River: the literal closing of the
      waterway -- for an indeterminate period of time -- to the entire Mid-West!

      And the catastrophic economic reprocussions for the entire Nation if that
      most dire scenario should actually happen ....

      * * *

      These "geopolitics of Katrina" were discussed at some length in a recent
      analysis posted on the well-known on-line economic and political website:
      Stratfor Inc.

      "A Category 5 hurricane [at this writing], the most severe type measured,
      Katrina has been reported heading directly toward the city of New Orleans.
      This would be a human catastrophe, since New Orleans sits in a bowl below
      sea level. However, Katrina is not only moving on New Orleans. It also is
      moving on the Port of Southern Louisiana. Were it to strike directly and
      furiously, Katrina would not only take a massive human toll, but also an
      enormous geopolitical one.
      "The Port of Southern Louisiana is the fifth-largest port in the world in
      terms of tonnage, and the largest port in the United States. The only global
      ports larger are Singapore, Rotterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It is bigger
      than Houston, Chiba and Nagoya, Antwerp and New York/New Jersey. It is a key
      link in U.S. imports and exports and critical to the global economy.
      "The Port of Southern Louisiana stretches up and down the Mississippi River
      for about 50 miles, running north and south of New Orleans from St. James to
      St. Charles Parish. It is the key port for the export of grains to the rest
      of the world --
      corn, soybeans, wheat and animal feed. Midwestern farmers and global
      consumers depend on those exports. The United States imports crude oil,
      petrochemicals, steel, fertilizers and ores through the port. Fifteen
      percent of all U.S. exports by value go through the port. Nearly half of the
      exports go to Europe.
      "The Port of Southern Louisiana is a river port. It depends on the
      navigability of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is notorious for
      changing its course, and in southern Louisiana -- indeed along much of its
      length -- levees both protect the land from its water and maintain its
      course and navigability. Dredging and other maintenance are constant and
      necessary to maintain its navigability. It is fragile.
      "If New Orleans is hit, the Port of Southern Louisiana, by definition, also
      will be hit. No one can predict the precise course of the storm or its
      consequences. However, if we speculate on worse-case scenarios the following
      consequences jump out:
      "The port might become in whole or part unusable if levees burst. If the
      damage to the river and port facilities could not be repaired within 30 days
      when the U.S. harvests are at their peak, the effect on global agricultural
      prices could be substantial.

      "There is a large refinery at Belle Chasse. It is the only refinery that is
      seriously threatened by the storm, but if it were to be inundated, 250,000
      barrels per day would go off line. Moreover, the threat of environmental
      danger would be substantial.

      "About 2 percent of world crude production and roughly 25 percent of
      U.S.-produced crude comes from the Gulf of Mexico and already is affected by
      Katrina. Platforms in the path of Katrina have been evacuated but others
      continue pumping. If this follows normal patterns, most production will be
      back on line within hours or days. However, if a Category 5 hurricane (of
      which there have only been three others in history) has a different effect,
      the damage could be longer lasting. Depending on the effect on the Port of
      Southern Louisiana, the ability to ship could be affected.

      "A narrow, two-lane highway that handles approximately 10,000 vehicles a
      day, is used for transport of cargo and petroleum products and provides port
      access for thousands of employees is threatened with closure. A closure of
      as long as two weeks could rapidly push gasoline prices higher."At a time
      when oil prices are in the mid-60-dollar range and starting to hurt, the
      hurricane has an obvious effect. However, it must be borne in mind that the
      Mississippi remains a key American shipping route, particularly for the
      export and import of a variety of primary commodities from grain to oil, as
      well as steel and rubber. Andrew Jackson fought hard to keep the British
      from taking New Orleans because he knew it was the main artery for U.S.
      trade with the world. He was right and its role has not changed since then
      [emphasis added]...."

      Now, here comes the "woo woo" part:

      Visitors to Enterprise who have read and understood our analysis of last
      year's "anomalous" run of hurricanes on Florida, have sent us in the last
      few days a series of images of the eye-structure of this hurricane: and,
      indeed, they match the extraordinary "pentagonal HD geometry" we observed in
      our analysis.

      It was our considered opinion last year that this specific "eye geometry"
      was indeed the potential signature of a unique "Hyperdimensional Physics" at
      work within such hurricanes: a physics that we have extensively discussed
      here at Enterprise for many years ....

      Here (below) is one of those most recent Katrina images.

      And here (below -- courtesy of one of our "crew members") is a negative
      version of the same image -- which allows one to see even better the
      striking five-sided, raised geometry ... somehow being created in Katrina's

      * * *

      The crucial question now now before us is just this:

      Is Katrina "just another major hurricane" -- which "bad luck" has aimed
      straight at the most vulnerable city in the United States, New Orleans and,
      with it, the central economic artery of the entire mid-section of the

      Or ... has Katrina -- carrying its tell-tale pentagonal "Hyperdimensional
      signature" (above), like the "test hurricanes" (in this model) of last
      year -- actually been hyperdimensionally enhanced (!) ... and aimed ... to
      do the most economic damage possible to the entire southern tier of the
      United States!

      In other words: is this a blatant example of Tom Bearden's worst fears of a
      few days ago materialized (below) -- actual "Hyperdimensional Terrorism" ...
      hitting our Nation and economy at this most crucial time ... when oil (as of
      this morning) has now reached $70 per barrel ... and still climbing ..?!

      "...This hurricane already made a right angle turn West to move across the
      tip of Florida, and into the Gulf, where the warm Gulf waters will increase
      its intensity and the damage it does. Some 40% or so of U.S. oil comes from
      that Gulf, hence the strategic importance of the targeting. The most
      lucrative damage path would be through the oil rigs and platforms, and then
      hit shore centered on New Orleans. We'll just have to see if that is the
      path generated ...

      "So SecDef Cohen's warning was right on, and now we are into it. The hostile
      plan also calls for gradually increasing the intensity of the damage done to
      the United States by each incident, since Americans do not react to slowly
      increasing threats (that is one of our grave strategic vulnerabilities, as
      shown by a standard Strategic Analysis routinely done by military folks). So
      our geologists and scientists just blithely state that 'we have entered a
      geologically active period', and everybody thinks these incidents are just
      flukes of nature. That way, our national reaction characteristics are used
      to our own grave disadvantage ...

      "As you can see, the major intent of our foes is to bring about a
      catastrophic economic collapse of the entire U.S. economy, something like
      two years from now, so there will result great chaos and disorder in all our
      cities, paralyzing out entire society. And all by adroitly engineered 'acts
      of nature', with never a nuclear weapon fired ...."

      As I bluntly asked one of our own long-time "intel insiders," late last

      "Are we, in fact -- as Bearden strongly now suggests -- immersed in an
      undeclared hyperdimensional weather war ...!?

      "And, if so--

      "Is our elected political and appointed military leadership even aware of
      this physics and technology!?

      "And, if they are -- what, if anything -- are they doing to counter this
      most insidious of threats to our long-term national stability and economic

      "Or, is this a direct result of the last half-century of increasingly
      obsessive and expanding secrecy ... under the constant guise of 'national
      security' -- which has produced 'black ops,' and even entire nations,
      equipped with weapons and technology which would seem like literal 'magic'
      to any duly elected current Congressman ... or President.

      "And, if so ... most important--

      "Who's the enemy ..!?"


      "Are they outside ... or inside ... the United States?!"

      His answer was not reassuring ....

      Stay tuned.

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