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Re: [ufodiscussion] "Odds Are There's Intelligent Life Outside Of Earth"/This comment sent to Ted of Mars Anomalies

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  • Jerry Lehane III
    Ted,this will all make sense to you in a few years,but the Mars CRATER CITY images are overlapped with images of real living animal faces that bleed thru and
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      Ted,this will all make sense to you in a few years,but the Mars CRATER CITY
      images are overlapped with images of real living animal faces that bleed
      thru and cause some of the angles that you point out so clearly.Yes there
      are living animals there now and even people who look like us and wear
      clothes.I have unmasked many Mars images for over a year and a half now.I
      designed the original drawings and concepts for Mars Orbiters and Rovers
      1987,and passed my work thru Gene Roddenberry for him to forward to Nasa,in
      return for some ghostwriting(free) for Star Trek. There are many species of
      animals that resemble our desert animals,but some more highly evolved.The
      most common animals have snake-like bodies,and variations of segmented
      centipede bodies.I have yet to see a LARGE footprint,and I suspect that the
      Nasa masking process wipes them out immediately. I try to look for the EYES
      first.Some people will of course never be able to see these things and
      beings,with untrained eyes.When more people report similar independent
      findings that support mine,then I'll be taken as telling the truth even by
      skeptics,since what are the odds if I describe perfectly beforehand by many
      years what someone else finds later and is believed ? It's the pioneering
      spirit,to see it first and report back to people who cannot see for
      themselves. Jerry Lehane III j.lehane@... * Thanks for your many

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      Dear Friends,

      NO! Really? Click the link if you don't receive the images. Also posted at
      UFO updates.


      Love and Light.


      An artist's rendering of the reported UFO sighting in Exeter.
      Image courtesy of Angela Gram Photographer's Name NO EMAIL HERE-->

      'Odds are there's intelligent life outside of Earth'

      By Adam Dolge
      rnum=Math.round(Math.random() * 100000);document.write('');
      EXETER - There's been a flurry of responses to the Exeter man who witnessed
      what he described as a silver-cigar shaped object in the day's sky on July
      For those who don't believe the 20-plus year Navy veteran, who wished to be
      identified as "David," his response during an interview on Thursday was,
      "I'm a pragmatic individual. If you were there with me in the yard, you
      would have seen it."
      It was a hot and humid afternoon when David saw the object in the sky. He
      was preparing his lawnmower, and after tilting his head back to take a sip
      from a glass of water, he saw the object in the sky that he could only
      describe as a UFO - an unidentified flying object.
      But David is alone with his account, and so far, no one else has come
      forward saying they saw the same object in the sky. He lives on the west
      side of Exeter in Louisburg Circle, a wooded development with about 20
      houses surrounding a cul de sac. The incident occurred at about 3:15 p.m.,
      and David said after the object disappeared, he looked to see if any other
      neighbors were outside and witnessed what he saw, but no one was around.
      The Exeter Police Department has not received any calls regarding the
      incident. Also, the Federal Aviation Administration did not see anything out
      of the ordinary on radar that day.
      But David still has no doubt what he saw. An artist's rendition depicts what
      he saw that day in the sky.
      An artist's rendering depicts what "David" saw in the sky on Wednesday,
      July 20, from his Exeter home. The picture shows a large object shaped like
      a "silver cigar," as David says it appeared just before the object
      vanished - twice the size at which he first viewed it, with flames billowing
      Image courtesy of Angela Gram Photographer's Name NO EMAIL HERE-->

      David said the object was as large as two aircraft carriers. It was long and
      silver, with windows equally spaced around its center. After what felt like
      several minutes, he said the object started changing colors to an orange-ish
      red and similar-colored flames billowed from underneath. But there was no
      smoke or noise. The object eventually stretched to double its size and
      After the incident, he realized a neighbor's dog had been barking and the
      glass of water he was drinking was on the ground. At one point, he thought
      to run in the house to grab a camera, but hesitated because he was stunned
      to see something like that in the sky.
      He reported what he saw to Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO
      Reporting Center in Seattle. Davenport took his account very seriously
      because of David's military history and the details of his account.
      Davenport said he was a little disappointed no others have come forward with
      similar accounts since the object was so large. He was also concerned
      because David could not be contacted for days afterward. He, and other UFO
      experts, began to wonder if this was a hoax.
      Rye resident Peter Geremia, state director for the Mutual UFO Network, said
      when he first heard of David's account, he was worried it was someone trying
      to get media attention.
      "It could have been phony, and I haven't heard anything yet that has changed
      my mind," he said.
      Besides the report David filed with the National UFO Reporting Center,
      Geremia said he would have liked to interview his as well and file a formal
      report with his organization's headquarters in Morrison, Colo.
      Geremia said he takes several accounts of sightings each year. Once he gets
      in touch with the witness, he interviews him or her and reviews a
      topographical map of where the witness saw the reported UFO. He then takes a
      Polaroid picture of where the witness saw the object and has the witness
      draw what the object looked like on the photo. Then the witness fills out a
      two-page UFO sighting form. Geremia then files the report to Colorado.
      Some of Davenport's and Geremia's initial skepticism regarded David's
      military background. David said he has about 10,000 hours of flight
      experience. He joined the Navy at the age of 18 in 1975. As a former flight
      engineer, the retired Navy chief petty officer said he's seen just about
      everything that can fly.
      At the interview Thursday at his home, he showed his numerous medals and
      awards, his old flight suit, his user manual for one of the spy planes he
      flew in, and a photo of that plane signed by his colleagues when he retired
      in March 1997. His computer is full of photographs of different jets, and he
      can easily be described as a flight enthusiast.
      David said he doesn't care if people don't believe him. He knows what he saw
      that afternoon.
      "I'm pragmatic, so odds are in favor that there is intelligent life outside
      of Earth."

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