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HBI's - Higher Being Intrusions

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    Dear Friends, Here s the latest from Jim. As always an interesting read. http://users.gloryroad.net/~bigjim/HBI.htm Love and Light. David The idea of info
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Jim. As always an interesting read.


      Love and Light.


      The idea of info drops grows tobread-crumb trails, which leads tothe ultimate source: H. B. I.'s
      Higher Being Intrusions.

      The term "alien abductions" needs to be retired as a central point of focus; it's like trying to view a beautiful landscape in 2 dimensions. The UFO subject regarding contact with higher beings has a depth to it that we have yet to realize. When we finally do realize it, we are going to need to re-ask about our "abductions" - because all the pieces regarding "contact" are interlaced.

      I want to create a new awareness about something that springs off a catch phrase I used earlier on this site, "find Waldo." Finding Waldo refers to locating the person with the key. Who has the information we need to understand? As it turns out "WE" it seems, are Waldo. We ALL (more or less) have a piece of the information pie - which means we ALL need to get together with our pieces to see what we have as a total picture.

      The new term that connects to this will be HBI's, or, Higher Being Intrusions. These contact events are, in every way, intrusions because the intruder (and we are not only talking about extraterrestrials in the classic sense) never knocks on the door of our life. Instead, they just enter, drop their piece of information, and, without as much as a see ya later, they are gone. This is why we can't "find Waldo." No one realizes what they have had stuck in their heads.

      Mostly these pieces of info come in dreams, both the day and night variety. When the light finally begins to go on in the individual's mind, statements, this one taken from here, begin to sound like this:

      Suddenly, all these things fell into place, that the crop formations were created specifically to tell us that we would soon see, what the makers of these glyphs had already known about. When you read the other information I found later on in the day, earlier civilizations knew about this long before we did. The knowledge had been lost or ignored by other civilizations which came later. Strange how Hubble is only now finding what previous civilizations knew before writing came into being when picture writing is all they knew.

      The above realization is linked to a dream the person had in which: ... a large graphic appeared suddenly, superimposed over the window. It had large open eye within a Triangle above it, it said, "THURSDAY" which reminded me of the CBS logo and the dollar bill. (We will look at "Thursday" in a minute.)

      There are other methods used on us as well, and each seems to be individually tailored to the person involved. There is a method that I call Highlighting, like when we highlight a piece of written text with a yellow marking pen. When we go back to reference that section of text - it stands out from everything else on that page. In our lives sometimes a word, a part of a sentence, or even an entire spoken sentence, can jump out at you as if it is being highlighted for you to see.

      Now it could be said that this is just your mind identifying data it needs to complete a thought that it is subconsciously working on, and this does happen. An example of this happened recently when I was feeling rather down regarding all of the work I am trying to figure out, and the reactions of - let's just say - some people. As I watched the movie Blade Trinity (I often escape into TV or a movie just to get the heck out of here for a while) there was a scene where the character, Abigail, was crying and holding her murdered friend. "Things" had caught up with her and she could't take anymore. She was on the verge of losing it. Blade, standing above her and about 12 feet back, saw the deteriorating condition of Abigail and just kept repeating two words: Use it - use it - USE IT! It was exactly what I needed to hear, however, it was my mind recognizing principles that it was familiar with, not any kind of - "contact."

      But, when these highlighted word-visions deal with information that you do not know about, it can be said that something is going on beyond the realm of what can be defined as - "normal."

      In my life, the highlighted phrase "double entendre" that jumped off the TV at me that I discussed on another page, meant, by itself, nothing. All I knew was that SOMETHING had a double meaning. A later non-related search on the web lead me to a piece of information, a web-link, that wasn't even what I was looking for. That link suddenly stood out / was highlighted. When I looked into it I found that "thing" that had a double meaning.

      These ideas, to me, are stressing a second underlying point as well. That point is the simple fact that "they" would like us to exert a little effort because this is not a "free-ride." Anything you work for in your life creates an entirely different connection to that thing. It is called, appreciation. We have NO appreciation for things that are just - handed to us.

      Now, unlike some abduction reports, intense fear is not a factor in H.B.I.'s. As was said by the person whose dream we will look at below: "Personally, I feel no genuine fear, but, there are certainly those, and I'm sure we'll agree, who should be afraid of what's coming." What is being referred to here is her dream connection to the Sphinx and to its "rising - getting up," and an overwhelming feeling of Egypt's Goddess, Sekhmet - the Lion-headed personification of the burning heat of the sun. Sekhmet, in another version of the destruction of mankind, carried the "Eye" of Ra against mankind for their insolence against Ra. This woman said too: In the Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Chapter of Opening the Mouth:
      I am the goddess Sekhmet, and I take my seat upon the place by the side of Amt-ur the great wind of heaven. She also said: She is an Egyptian equivalent of Kali who comes at the end of the 26,000 yr cycle....as the destroyer.

      Seeing as there undoubtedly will be many left behind to experience this event, what our dreamer says above, there are certainly those who should be afraid of what's coming - is a pointed warning.

      She also has seemingly be approached by someone that identifies himself as Azazel. There is generally a negative picture attached to this "angel," however, the researched opinion is Azazel is either good or bad. Tradition, it seems, has mixed things up (as usual) and it all depends on who is telling the story. At any rate, the point is, there was no fear involved with their communication. She said: "... his intentions, which were neither good nor bad, but simply to get me further into my own shadows, to deal with 'things' and release those things that held me back." This, to me, connects to a reason WHY the name Azazel was used as I do not believe his name was Azazel. The meaning in one approach (scholars are not 100% sure WHAT this word originally signified, nor can they agree on the original language that created it), according to Klein, is that of "complete removal." Considering her help was connected to the "removal" of those things which, as she says, "held me back," this seems
      to be another "look it up" scenario.

      It seems this information is not always presented to us in a - positive light. Our dreamer continues her story, one that seems to follow what we have just looked at regarding the idea of an applied effort on our part, in other words - LOOK IT UP.

      She had: "... a vision of the Galactic Center...I became part of it...my heart beating in time to it's greater heart." She seems to be in tune, in her way, with what is going on behind the scenes. She believes these dreams are: "... about this time of change, as I've always, always known I was here to witness it." But yet, regarding this end, the word devoured was used - as if this was not going to be - a good thing for her?

      She had a dream with a few connections to the number 8, the number of death and rebirth, the symbolic base of what this site is about. She is also a Leo, August, the eight month. In her dream there was a woman who told her: "You were born from the womb of the Lion ..." (I see a vision of the Sphinx as this is being told to me) "...and you will be devoured by Her in the end." She also said this Sphinx was "rising / getting up," as if coming to life. "... it's as though the Sphinx is awake after a very loooooong slumber." The "rising" of this Sphinx is then connected to the Goddess Sekhmet, a representation of the END she was told about.

      The Sphinx was a Goddess culture creation that was bastardized during Dynastic Egyptian times, having its head recarved. I have always believed John West hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that this recarving effort created a new head that was totally out of proportion with the rest of the body. Egyptian art was ALWAYS proportional. I have also found a connection to the idea of "numerous protectors" attached to the Sphinx via the connection of this monument to Heru-Ur, which monument looks directly at the rising equinox sun, the reference we are looking at.

      Now, will this woman be devoured by the "Sphinx" coming to life / the numerous protectors arriving at the time of the end and leaving her behind? Is it a warning? Or, is this another - LOOK IT UP scenario?

      Languaging, as it has traveled through time to reach us today, has changed considerably over the millennia. Original root ideas have transformed into broader meanings by way of a process I call commonization. Devour has today, and has had for some time, a definite meaning. But, when this idea was first formed, someone needed to figure out how it was going to be constructed. If everything about this woman's connection to information seems positive, why would devour be used, an obviously negative choice of wording? I believe if we - LOOK IT UP - we could find the answer.

      The word we use today to say swallow greedily, ie., devour, comes from two root ideas whose original meanings show:
      - used with verbs of taking away, immediately following a moment in time;
      - also connected to the night time;
      - separation / departure;
      - designates the whole from which a part is taken.
      Also: to acquire with eagerness, to pursue passionately.

      Now, if we take these ideas we get a more figurative meaning. When the end comes, she will be pursued, gone after with a passion. There will be a separation of the part (her) from the whole (earth). There is a continuing reference that pops up to the night time. These ideas make more sense, and the very fact that they needed to be LOOKED UP to verify the meaning, shows that the receiver of the information is indeed in the middle of a life intrusion by a higher being. She knew nothing of the main subject given here, and all she saw was a woman's silhouette, lit from behind, standing in the familiar "open doorway between the paws of the Sphinx." The data fits the scenario. All of her experiences are very personal, and highly pointed.

      This next dream just came in as well, and I would like you to LOOK UP what OTHER possible connections the given date of the 29th could have with the coming event. I will post your answers here (names will be withheld). For those who have arrived here and have not looked around this site, the following calendar can be found on one of my other pages. This particular dream reference is oddly connected to the date of the New Moon, the 29th of March of our default year, 2006. There will also be a total solar eclipse on this day too.

      Oddly, the THURSDAY we saw above begins the "3 days of darkness" which I have absolutely no clue about and probably am wrong about. If the "a day is a thousand years" interpretation is used, it does fit. Three days of darkness, ie., three thousand years of darkness. I don't know, I just think it is an odd coincidence, but I left it in.

      New moon - the 29th"Thursday" is the last dayof the new moon cycle.

      I had this dream just yesterday in the night. The interesting part came when this morning I was told by my psychology professor that in dreams the numbers are inverted. The person in the dream gave me a time 9:23, which inverted is 3:29 or 3/29. This is shocking.

      I was in a home depot with my wife and her mother, they were in the bathroom and I was looking for some tools. I asked the retail person - “what time is it?” and she responded to me it is 9:23. I said “damn, it's late” and I went walking fast to the rest rooms. I started asking my wife why she did not remind me, I was late for the “presentation.” We walked outside to the parking lot looking for the car, when my wife says “look!” I looked to the sky and there looked like waves on the sky, it was dark like at dawn for some reason, but this time the waves had a white laser color. I said “this was in my dream before.”

      And then from the sky, metallic eagles started coming down, grabbing people with their legs that they could extend largely, they looked like robots, driven by someone else. When one comes close to us, she tells me “go, this is what you’ve always wanted.” I said NO, fearing that she wouldn’t go with us, and I hide below a bus stop for them not to see me. After I think I run out, I let myself be grabbed by one, immediately letting it go and falling, and the eagle would fly in a circle and come back for me, I did it three times, until I saw my wife get taken, then I let them take me.

      Then we got lifted to a room, with an inclined bed (higher where our heads were located), that was very comfortable. In between, I see a green circular light, like some sort of switch, between me and my wife in the bed. And I see a humanoid, which I could tell that is a female, knocking on our door and saying “are you guys ok?”

      Outside of the dream's date of March 29th, I find the "eagles" interesting as the human gatherers in this scene. Would the everyday person say Hawk - or be more inclined to say Eagle? Seems to me to be a representation of the Horus Hawk / arriving Star People, which would fit the picture exactly.

      As for the dream's date of March 29th, which, according to the default time-line of 2006 we are using, it is the exact middle of the three days of the new moon cycle, as well as the day of a total solar eclipse. This would parallel the ancient story of Horus losing both eyes to Set in battle by - fire.

      It seems that, according to what I am looking at, the ancient New Year was celebrated in connection with the vernal equinox. There seems to be present, from ancient Sumer onward, a floating rule that said the New Year should begin on the first new moon AFTER the vernal equinox. Now, not everyone in their individual cultures adhered to this. Some chose the equinox itself. In a piece I was reading concerning the Hebrew new year, it seems they moved their new year to what would be the seventh month, and no longer celebrated it on their first month at the time of the new moon.

      This article: The Moon and the New Year, states: God told us to determine the New Year from Abib (or Nisan) which shall be the beginning of months. Judaism holds the New Year in Tishri. Both Judaism and the Bible cannot be correct. What is the New Year? Is it a solemn feast of the Lord? The Bible position on this important day has been deliberately obscured by later rabbinical Judaism to justify their traditions over the Bible and the instructions of God. God has chosen to reveal Himself in this symbolism of the New Moon commencing the New Year and shows us from that symbolism His relationship with the Church under Messiah.

      Now, if we are looking at a deliberately constructed rule of thumb that is veiled in religion, what could this rule be saying? "IF" the arrival of the destruction was connected to the equinox, and "some people" knew this, could we say the new moon new year connection represented the following: The event will come around the time of the equinox. If it has NOT arrived by the first new moon cycle, it will not come THIS year. Get on with your lives. In the dream above, the event came by the MIDDLE of the new moon / 3 day period. Technically, there was one day left.

      In this dream the dreamer believes the "date" of March 29th is given. Trying to consider all points, can we say it is a universal rule that numbers given in a dream are always reversed? I wouldn't make that assumption. But, I also know that "Higher Beings" do know tomorrow. I have seen this demonstrated over and over in my life. So, if the Higher Being knew that this person was going to ask his professor the time related question, and knew what the response was going to be, why not "set up" the numbers as the time of 9:23, knowing it would be interpreted as 329 and finally, the date of 3/29? If you think this is too intricate, let me say that I have come to believe that these beings have WAY too much time on their hands.

      On this date there are symbols of darkness. The middle of the dark NEW MOON cycle, as well as the solar eclipse. In the dream, the arrival of the said eagles comes at that time. I connected the "eagles" to the Hawk symbol of Horus. This article explains more:

      "Eagle" is an English word derived from the French word aigle, which, in turn, is derived from the Latin word aquila, meaning "eagle." Aquila is derived from the word-root aquil, meaning "dark." Etymologists suggest that the name "aquila" was initially used to describe the largest raptors, because the expansive silhouettes of these birds appeared to "darken" the sky. Whether such birds were actually eagles or large vultures is another question in itself. Nesher, the Hebrew word for eagle, for example, has been used by different Biblical authors to describe both griffins (several species of large vultures in the genus Gyps) and eagles. Today the word "eagle" is used to describe especially large diurnal birds of prey, many of which weigh more than five pounds, and several of which weigh more than 15 pounds.

      "Hawk" is a Middle English word derived from the Old English hafoc, a cognate of "have," in the sense of grasping or seizing. Unlike the origin of the word "eagle," there is nothing in the history of the word "hawk" that suggests a reference to size. Many hawks are, in fact, quite small. Male Sharp-shinned Hawks (Accipiter striatus), for example, often weigh less than four ounces, and about half of all species of hawks weigh less than a pound.

      Thus, eagles are eagles and hawks are hawks mainly because of differences in size. Eagles are scaled-up versions of hawks and are fierce, diurnal birds of prey with especially large wingspans, beaks, and talons. Hawk Mountain's two eagles, the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) for example, each has a wingspan in excess of six feet, while those of its seven species of hawks range from two to four feet.

      So, calling the mechanical "birds" in the dream Eagles or Hawks is a moot point. The symbolism is there.


      Were it not for the single fact that this subject has been in my life for the last 50 years, I could not BEGIN to believe it. As it is, I cannot fathom this happening. I can see it - I can juggle the data and create a picture in my mind, but I CANNOT fathom this in a context of anything CLOSE to reality. So, if you are having a problem with all this, believe me, you are not alone.

      There is one more point that needs to be covered, and that point concerns the info drop that started all this: 16 months. I have wondered for awhile WHY 16 months was used. As I tried to figure it out, I honestly thought I had found an error in my thinking that would negate the March 2006 date from the mix. Let me explain. A few weeks back I went to a friends to watch the Nascar Cup Race. As it turned out, there was a rather LONG rain delay. I asked if we could watch a couple of movies and my friend said, sure ... pick some out. I looked at the stack of DVDs and two of the movies stood out to me. One was The Day After Tomorrow, and the other was I, Robot. I, Robot turned out to be the base for the page I did on Bread-crumb Trails. The Day After Tomorrow turned out to be a movie where I thought I had found a problem with my data.

      As I said, 16 months was odd to hear. It woke me completely up. I could not figure out why the term was used. It made no sense. There was another March coming four months from that night, why not use that March? Unless this was THE date.

      Anyway, as we watched The Day After Tomorrow there was a scene that stopped me in my tracks. I tried to get my friend to go back to it, but he couldn't get it to work. After the movie, I went chapter by chapter until I found what I was looking for. In this particular scene, the main character / scientist is catching some sleep on the sofa in the office. They know the event is coming and the others are collecting data. In the scene, they come into the office and wake the scientist up. He gets up and they hand him the data collected. As he reads it he says: We have 16 months? He is then told that it isn't months, but weeks.

      Did I pull "16 months" out of this movie when I first saw the DVD? It was released the month before I heard it, but when did I rent it? To be thorough, I called Block Buster and asked if they could tell me when I rented the movie. They were no help - data is kept 90 days and that was the end of that.

      If the pieces are looked at, I do not believe I subconsciously pulled 16 months out of a dream that connects to this movie, and here is the reason why. The calculations exactly go to the time of March 20, 21, 2006. I heard it during the night between November 20, 21, 2004. This much was apparent to me. It was the significance of the time I was unaware of. I do not do astronomical or astrological work. It has never been a part of anything I had ever looked at. I was aware of the terms equinox and solstice, but, in all honesty, I had no idea what they were about. It wasn't until I began trying to piece March information together, that I found out that the 16 month calculation dropped me right in the middle of the 2 equinox dates, the Roman (the 20th) and Jewish (the 21st). What are the mathematical odds of something like that happening? I was in the middle of something brand new to me. This means only one thing ... "whoever" dropped that piece of information on me that night, used the
      movie reference as a way of saying the exact same thing it said in the film - We have 16 months.

      Now, to sum this up, and to be perfectly fair about this, even IF I subconsciously pulled 16 months from my own mind, based on something that I heard that was said in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, there is no way I could have subconsciously pulled the time period of the equinox out of my head as well because - I DIDN'T KNOW WHEN THE EQUINOX WAS. The only logical conclusion is, as stated above, the movie line was being used to show that in 16 months, the equinox period of March 2006, what you saw in that film - the vast climactic changes - ARE COMING. Remember Landi Mellas' warning from the tall Nordic: "Be prepared! There will be severe climate changes that will seem to happen instantaneously. You have been told that this will come to pass!"

      Both dreams above, as well as dream data on other pages here, shows an intervention - an arrival of the Star People who we have been looking at for the last 55 years. There is going to be a human exodus (It is time for the human diaspora. Dr K Turner's work). How this is going to work out will more than likely be as we saw above - fast - out of here.

      You do not need to memorize all the data on these pages like it was a religion, so that the Star People think you are cool to take. You need to know enough to NOT PANIC when the event and arrival happens. BE READY - BE AWARE - that's all.

      As it was said to me in an email that JUST came in: I'd like to believe in aliens coming, but, at least if they do I'll be ready for it now and know why. My reply to this is what I feel. All of you can kick me square in the butt if I am wrong about all this. I'll deserve it for scaring everybody. However, if I am right ....

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