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Phil Krapf Isn't Alone With His Experiences

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  • Dexxxaa
    This is an interesting account. Cross posting: I ve been on Philip Krapf s craft parked behind the moon about a mile off the moons surface. It s the largest ET
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2005
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      This is an interesting account.
      Cross posting:

      I've been on Philip Krapf's craft parked behind the moon about a mile off the moons surface. It's the largest ET vessel I've ever been on. It is about 1000 ft in diameter, and the top surface is used for docking ports that protrude from the craft in angled 'L' shapes or more like' 7's. There is an intelligence community on board of humans. They are interacting with the green colored grey type ET's and the greys themselves. I found out on this trip, that there are female and male ET's, or at least they implied that they were this way. Then after a meeting with some humans in suits, looked like maybe MJ-12 characters, a jarhead took me in an elevator and continued to express to me that "They did not want me for Disclosure Project". I kept saying "Why",...this pissed him off. lol
      Anyway, some freaky events took place on the craft in a cafeteria type setting where both ET's and humans co-mingled in some type of ET/Human sexuality research. That's all I'll say.
      Philip Krapf is 100% genuine and true to his word about boarding this craft. I know, because I've been on it myself.
      In fact, there are only 2 people in Ufology I can affirm as genuine abductees because I've also succumb to their events, and that's Phil Krapf and Whitley Strieber.
      Also there was an English nationalist abducted on the S. Florida Turnpike who's events were authored by Nick Cook. I can attest to all three with adamant affirmation.
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