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Re: [ufodiscussion] War of the Worlds....de-emphasis on Mars in the Movie

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  • Jerry Lehane III
    Maybe I missed the references to Mars in the Spielberg War of the Worlds .I know the book and earlier movie and 1938 radio broadcast emphasized that Mars was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
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      Maybe I missed the references to Mars in the Spielberg "War of the Worlds".I
      know the book and earlier movie and 1938 radio broadcast emphasized that
      Mars was invading Earth.In real life this is the opposite of what is most
      likely to happen.If you can imagine the worst case scenario,the US military
      keeps NEWS of actual LIFE on MARS top secret,so that they can get there
      first to set up military bases.Let's say that people like us and unlike us
      already have been living on Mars for MILLIONS of years.Mars total population
      suffered MANY large die-outs due to collisions blowing away the planet's
      atmosphere and reducing the surface to barely life-sustaining status.Imagine
      that food is scarce on the surface,but underground,away from gene-damaging
      solar radiation,life in abundance holds on,and just keeps holding on.
      The Life on Mars right now may be waking up to the fact that these rovers
      come from Earth and Earth builds machines which look strange and move
      slowly.They can't see US,but we can see them.Well,some of us can see
      them.They can't understand right now that in the next few decades will come
      more rovers,more probes,more sats in their sky,then finally first contact.
      This may be a footnote in Universal history of another example of upcoming
      inevitable first contact.If there are OVERSEERS,then they will hopefully
      step in if foul play is exhibited by OUR military.I don't really anticipate
      our germs wiping Martians out or their germs wiping out our
      astronauts,though it's possible.I do anticipate some sort of Mars sickness
      due to atmospheric differences. I also anticipate that some
      astronauts may react with violence when some species of Mars animals
      approach them,similar to our wild desert animals.If you see what many of the
      animals look like,they would scare you at first until becoming accustomed to
      the odd way they move and perch up like cobras,though their demeanor more
      closely resembles groups of MEREKATS. I cannot report much more
      on the PEOPLE of Mars ,other than they wear clothes and the kids are usually
      accompanied by adults.Jerry Lehane III j.lehane@...
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      >> I was not heavily impressed by Steven Spielberg's most recent
      >> effort. After all, he was constrained by the story line, which H.G.
      >> Wells originated in 1898, 107 years ago, when the idea of life in
      >> outer space was novel indeed, unknown and hence scary. Most everyone
      >> knows the story: The invading Martians die from germs. So there is not
      >> much mystery. One gets the expected dosage of good special effects,
      >> but one is not really moved. Dakota Fanning is excellent as Tom
      >> Cruise's daughter, but Cruise's son, who feels compelled to walk into
      >> the fireball of an alien battlefield, appears conveniently unscathed
      >> and without explanation in Boston at the film's end. Very tidy.
      >> The film nevertheless put some useful ideas into people's heads:
      >> 1. The idea that outer space is occupied by advanced forms of life
      >> more intelligent than we are
      >> 2. The idea that such life forms have been observing us
      >> 3. The idea that such life forms have a very long time perspective
      >> compared to ours
      >> 4. The idea that such life forms may have been on Earth a long
      >> time ago and may return
      >> 5. The idea that such life forms might transport themselves
      >> without using physical devices
      >> 6. The idea that the Earth is protected by invisible forces
      >> The primary shortcoming of the film is the premise of the story
      >> line, i.e., that the advanced off-planet observers are hostile and
      >> want to take over the Earth. Such ideas appeal only to the ignorant
      >> these days. If these advanced civilizations were hostile and envious
      >> of our real estate, then why have they not just wiped us out thousands
      >> of years ago? This is not to say that there are not nasties in the
      >> Cosmic soup, but it is clear from the best evidence we have compiled
      >> over the years at the 5th World that the dominant civilization in this
      >> area of the Cosmos is benevolent and protective of the Earth. They
      >> monitor our activities, study us closely, and occasionally turn off
      >> our nuclear weapons when we're about to use them. The nasties seem to
      >> be the equivalent of juvenile delinquents, or street gangs, acting
      >> outside the norms of Galactic Law. They create their own karma, which
      >> they must face at a time and place that is in accord with their own
      >> personal evolutionary plans. W have more to fear from human nasties
      >> than from outer space.
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