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Re: Corr./ Message to Mankind

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  • Dexxxaa
    I disagree. The bloodlines rule the world today - THEY are Planet Destroyers. THEY are a technologically advanced war like species without emotion,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2005
      I disagree.

      The "bloodlines" rule the world today - THEY are Planet Destroyers.

      THEY are a technologically advanced war like species without emotion, compassion or empathy.

      Many of their hybrids live among us and of course, rule over us in our govts, religious and educational institutions and militaries.

      THEY also control our news medias while entertaining us and poisoning us and the Earth daily.


      It hits me deeply too Pupp. Upstairs security are working with some of us for necessary corrective action. Some of what they communicate is a little shocking. The psychic detective is the 'first wave' project. Merciful to the corrupt. Their lives rest in the balance. Right now we're imbalance' d and overwhelmed with too much negativity.
      The authoritarian powers within are responsible for this level of evolution. What they deem necessary for the restoration of our world will obviously come to pass. It is they who are directly interactive with all of us while we sleep for the shaping of our consciousness so as to help us evolve in becoming cosmic citizens of our universe once 'again'. The way most of us perceive our designed life pattern of progression fails to bake the cake. In my understanding this is not a physical evolution but a consciousness evolution advancement programs. I belive most of us really need to make contact, in some way, with the Higher Christed Intelligence for the truth of our reality. The Light anointing or activation of one's physical embodiment, here, is absolutely imperative
      for fulfilling the intended purpose of why we are experiencing this Life program.
      If I were any of you, and I believe that I am, I wouldn't have any doubts about this if you and I are collectively 'one'. What my participation with these numerous intelligence residing outside the wavelength of our spectrum of reality is, is also your participation. In other words, what one may experience all may experience.
      So rather than leave this world in transition as a ghostly transparentcy be filled with the Light of your Immortal self... Seek and you'll find. I can't impress upon anymore of how important this is.

      Dex & Shirley
      Secret of the Saucers II
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