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War of the Worlds

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
      For Info,


      > I was not heavily impressed by Steven Spielberg's most recent
      > effort. After all, he was constrained by the story line, which H.G.
      > Wells originated in 1898, 107 years ago, when the idea of life in
      > outer space was novel indeed, unknown and hence scary. Most everyone
      > knows the story: The invading Martians die from germs. So there is not
      > much mystery. One gets the expected dosage of good special effects,
      > but one is not really moved. Dakota Fanning is excellent as Tom
      > Cruise's daughter, but Cruise's son, who feels compelled to walk into
      > the fireball of an alien battlefield, appears conveniently unscathed
      > and without explanation in Boston at the film's end. Very tidy.
      > The film nevertheless put some useful ideas into people's heads:
      > 1. The idea that outer space is occupied by advanced forms of life
      > more intelligent than we are
      > 2. The idea that such life forms have been observing us
      > 3. The idea that such life forms have a very long time perspective
      > compared to ours
      > 4. The idea that such life forms may have been on Earth a long
      > time ago and may return
      > 5. The idea that such life forms might transport themselves
      > without using physical devices
      > 6. The idea that the Earth is protected by invisible forces
      > The primary shortcoming of the film is the premise of the story
      > line, i.e., that the advanced off-planet observers are hostile and
      > want to take over the Earth. Such ideas appeal only to the ignorant
      > these days. If these advanced civilizations were hostile and envious
      > of our real estate, then why have they not just wiped us out thousands
      > of years ago? This is not to say that there are not nasties in the
      > Cosmic soup, but it is clear from the best evidence we have compiled
      > over the years at the 5th World that the dominant civilization in this
      > area of the Cosmos is benevolent and protective of the Earth. They
      > monitor our activities, study us closely, and occasionally turn off
      > our nuclear weapons when we're about to use them. The nasties seem to
      > be the equivalent of juvenile delinquents, or street gangs, acting
      > outside the norms of Galactic Law. They create their own karma, which
      > they must face at a time and place that is in accord with their own
      > personal evolutionary plans. W have more to fear from human nasties
      > than from outer space.

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