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Ritual On The Money

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    Dear Friends, Here s the latest from Goro. Click the link if you don t receive the images. http://www.goroadachi.com/etemenanki/blog-05june.htm#060205 Love and
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      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Goro. Click the link if you don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      June 02, '05 Ritual On the Money The title of my previous entry, 'For Whom the Indy Tolls' was obviously a play on 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' - a way of sort of asking who/what might be the target of the 'damage plan' hinted at the Indy 500 and surrounding situations. It was posted on May 31 and, amusingly enough, the very next day came the news about an anomalous event involving a 'bell'... that perhaps gave us an answer. As reported:
      NEW YORK (Reuters) - A communications problem halted trading on the the floor of the New York Stock Exchange about four minutes before the end of trade at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

      After reviewing the problem, NYSE officials said trading would not resume on Wednesday, and all trades that were not executed at that point will be considered cancelled.

      The bell rang inexplicably at 3:56 pm, prompting confusion on the trading floor. [...]

      (To be even more amused, before this on May 31 was the big story of Watergate's 'Deep Throat' coming forward at last after 31 years of secrecy. The 'water gate' was finally opened, so to speak. This was 5 days after my 5/26 post titled 'Opening the Gate'...)

      It's just one of those curious 'coincidences', but aptly reflective of the emergent pattern. While I'm not known to focus on financial matters and my knowledge is limited in this area, but since May the 'signal' has been increasingly getting more insistent - in its own discrete way - that there is something going with the economic stuff. The symbolism surrounding the Indy 500 (May 29) has been sort of a turning point in terms of me becoming aware of this aspect of the Super Torch Ritual (STR).

      The 'hidden communication', or a series of 'rituals', I've been calling the 'Super Torch Ritual' is 'anchored' by the celestial event of the year of 2004, the Transit of Venus. Well, Danica Patrick is a 'morning star' (= 'Danica') which is another name for Venus; and her race car bears a big torch on its sides as part of Argent Mortgage's sponsor logo. So after being led to Indy by following the 'time code' and such, I had quickly inferred and said so by mid-May that Danica was a key 'torch bearer' figure. And even though she didn't win, a 'star' was indeed born - the actual winner of Indy all but ignored. The media called it 'historic'.

      But it was the 'Argent' part of the signature 'torch' logo that seemingly added a little twist to the Indy symbolism. 'Argent' means 'silver' as well as, I'm told, 'money'. Couple that with Danica having to slow down and give up her #1 position near the end of the race and the winner Wheldon also running out of fuel on his cool-down lap following the finish... there seems to be some hazy but emerging 'message' there as I wrote previously.

      My analysis of the symbology game had also tied the 2005 Super Bowl to Indy, the former being another key STR event. Central to that one was Paul McCartney's halftime show performance, just as last year's, Janet Jackson's 'Nipplegate', was effectively treated as a major 'omen' here. The following is part of what I wrote mid-May while discussing the significance of Danica (emphasis added):

      So we have here [in the song McCartney performed] - a girl, a star, and driving a car. The 'star' reference is reinforced by the shirt McCartney wore on stage which bore only one symbol on it - a five-pointed star, or the pentagram. The symbol of Venus associated with the Golden Ratio. But it's also the Pole Star (Polaris) not only because it's a 'Paul Star' but also because the name 'McCartney' means 'son of the bear' which gives us Ursa Minor or the 'Little Bear' constellation to which the Pole Star belongs. As viewed from Earth, all the stars appear to circle around this star just as Indy Cars do running on the circular course.

      As 'Jim' pointed out to me, 'bear'... as in 'bear market'?

      A Bear Market is a phase in the life of a stock market or other financial market in which the value of most listed shares of stock fall consistently, or values in a financial market trend downward, as reflected by a downward movement of one or more key stock indexes or other financial market indices. Investors, anticipating further losses, are thus motivated to sell, and the pessimistic sentiment may feed on itself in a vicious circle.

      Another thing to add here is the French EU referendum that took place on the same day as the Indy 500 (May 29). French voters rejected the proposed EU constitution, followed just yesterday (June 1) by the Dutch even more resoundingly rejecting the treaty, together sending shockwaves throughout Europe. This discord was then reflected in the euro sinking to an eight-month low against the US dollar and a nine-month low against the yen.

      Now, I'd like you to compare the flag of Indiana (where the Indy 500 is annually held) - yes that's a torch you see in there - and the flag of the European Union:

      Well, not much to explain there... The resemblance is uncanny, especially given the underlying context.

      But let me add that Holland (that's where the Dutch live, of course) is very closely associated with the color orange ('House of Orange') - a major theme in the Super Torch Ritual and suggestive of, among other things, the Sun-Mercury conjunction. The two celestial bodies will unite next around June 3... so pretty much right now.

      This will coincide with Venus crossing the Galactic Equator, or the centerline of the Milky Way. Venus, as discussed, corresponds to Danica the 'morning star' who drives an 'Argent'/silver car. And it just happens that the Milky Way has traditionally been called the 'Silver River', 'Silver Street', 'Silver Circle', etc. So we have here another combination of Venus and the Milky Way! Not only that, Venus' position is expressive of Orion's 'torch', as shown in the illustration below.

      Finally, we think of the Milky Way as a circular band of stars - and that's exactly what we see in the EU flag above, isn't it?

      Ah... so, more 'obscure' but coherent symbolism for you to meditate on. :)

      More later...

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