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No Catastrophic Earth Changes

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    Dear Friends, Click the link if you don t receive the images. http://www.preparingforthegreatshift.org/Earthchanges.htm Love and Light. David No Catastrophic
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      Dear Friends,

      Click the link if you don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      No Catastrophic Earth Changes
      One aspect of the approach I have developed to understanding the Great Shift has been to develop hypotheses concerning measurable geophysical (Earth) and astrophysical (Solar) changes as a way to test higher dimensional information that suggests a dimensional shift is underway. These higher dimensional sources of information suggest the following:

      Earth is experiencing severe geophysical stresses as a result of the dimensional shift that must be relieved in the form in increased earthquake and volcanic activity, and severe weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes. At the same time solar activity is increasing to provide energy in support of the dimensional shift.

      Collectively, human consciousness has reached a level that allows us to shift the location and/or reduce the magnitude or intensity of geophysical events (earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, geomagnetic storms) so as to reduce harm to humans.

      Human consciousness is influenced by the Earth's magnetic field, with lower field intensities facilitating changes in consciousness.

      The second item explains, in part at least, why the catastrophic Earth changes prophesied by indigenous peoples and various religious traditions have not come to pass, and are unlikely to occur in the coming years. I should clarify here what I mean by "no catastrophic earth changes." In the early 1990s my work as an environmental scientist led me to conclude that humanity had passed the point of no return in the damage we had done to planet Earth and that a great dying of humans, on the order of billions of people, was inevitable. Thus, my operational definition of catastrophic earth changes includes events that cause hundreds of millions to billions of people to die. There are still possible timelines that would result in deaths of this order of magnitude, but I prefer to focus my energy and encourage others to focus their energies on creating a timeline where this does not occur. The evidence presented here suggests that we've done a good job so far.

      Neverthless, with more than six billion people alive today, and the intensity of geophysical and environmental stresses being experienced by Mother Earth, additional events, such as the tsunami in Indonesia in December of 2004, are possible which could cause death tolls on the order of hundreds of thousands to millions. When faced with tragedies of this magnitude, it helps to remember that death is a wonderful transition akin to birth, and that the souls of those who have passed on are safe and being well cared for. Such tragedies provide us with the opportunity to offer love, care and assistance to the survivors.

      The Table below, taken from Chapter 5 of the Great Shift manuscript, summarizes the results for the seventeen hypotheses that I developed. Only one of these hypotheses (increase in the Schumann resonance) was not supported by the data I analyzed. In the chapter text (and footnotes to the table) I am careful to identify hypotheses where other explanatory factors are available and where the data are consistent with mainstream science's understanding of the phenomena. However, as far as I can tell, five of the geophysical trends have no explanation within the current scientific understanding of earth processes:

      · Increased frequency of destructive earthquakes (intensity of VIII and greater on the Mercalli scale and magnitude of greater than 6.1 on the Richter scale).

      · Downward trend in average magnitude of destructive earthquakes.

      · Increased number of active volcanoes.

      · Stable frequency of major geomagnetic storms, despite increased solar storm activity.

      · Stable intensity of major geomagnetic storms, despite increased solar storm activity.

      The graphs below, compiled from three different datasets, suggest that there was a jump in the frequency of major earthquakes in 1967 and 1992, while at the same time there has been a steady overall decrease in the average magnitude of these earthquakes, as measured on the Richter scale. The decrease in average magnitude is actually more significant than it appears because the Richter scale is logarithmic.

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      Table 5-1 Summary of Geophysical and Astrophysical Hypothesis Testing
      Earthquakes (a): 50-year global increase in destructive earthquakesYes
      Earthquakes (b): 50-year decline in average magnitude of destructive earthquakes Yes
      Earthquakes (c): 100-year decrease in earthquake deaths globallyYes
      Volcanoes: 50-year global increase in volcanic eruption activityYes
      Tornadoes (a): 50-year increase in frequency of tornadoes in U.S.Yes
      Tornadoes (b): 50-year decrease in relative number of tornado deaths in U.S.Yes
      Hurricanes (a): 50-year increase in number of hurricanes affecting U.S. Possibly
      Hurricanes (b): 50-year decline in relative number of hurricane deaths in U.S.Yes
      Schumann Resonance: Global shift in 7.8 Hz harmonic upwards since 1987No
      Solar/Geomagnetic (1a): 50-year increase in the frequency of major SPEsYes
      Solar/Geomagnetic (1b): 50-year increase in the intensity of major SPEsYes
      Solar/Geomagnetic (2a): 50-year frequency of major geomagnetic storms stable Yes
      Solar/Geomagnetic (2b): 50-year intensity of major geomagnetic storms stableYes
      Magnetics (1): 10,0000-year intensity-civilization correlationYes
      Magnetics (2): Decline in intensity during the last 500 yearsYes
      Magnetics (3): Greater intensity decline in last 50 yearsYes
      Magnetics (4): Rapid recent changes in location of magnetic poleYes

      SPE = solar proton event (major event defined as proton flux > 10 MeV)

      1. Trends are not predicted by mainstream science.
      2. Other explanatory factors are involved (i.e. better warning and emergency response infrastructure to reduce deaths, sturdier building construction, etc.).
      3. Hypothesis not confirmed for period 1950 to 1996, but recent mainstream science modeling suggests that it will be true in the future.
      4. Data trends are also consistent with mainstream science's understanding of Earth magnetic field changes and SPE cycles. Back to Toppostamble();

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