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Could Weird Lights Be Alien Visitors?

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    Dear Friends, http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=156393&command=displayContent&sourceNode=156123&contentPK=12545359 Love and Light.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      10:30 - 31 May 2005 Seven unidentified flying objects have been reported in Lincolnshire's skies over the past five years, according to newly released documents.

      Plumes of smoke, a blue and white light, glowing masses and silently moving objects are among the unexplained phenomena recorded by the Ministry of Defence.

      Under the Freedom of Information Act the Echo has received details of all official UFO sightings reported to the military over the past five years.

      The records show six sightings involving seven objects reported to personnel in the county.

      All of the sightings were made by residents and motorists who claimed to have seen unexplained objects. But no reports explaining the sightings or showing the results of further investigations into their authenticity has been released.

      The sightings include reports of objects described as objects shaped like triangles, torpedos or even cylinders. Others were recorded as "glowing" and "lights".

      The objects were reported to hover in the air, move silently, race across the sky and even spin.

      One "speeding light" was said to have "turned 180 degrees back on itself instantaneously". Another was reported to hovered in the air before it "shot off creating a blue and white light some 30ft long".

      In November 2001 a resident of Gonerby, Grantham, reported that his house had started to shake and had experienced a power cut when a "glowing object" appeared over it.

      MoD records report the caller seeing what "looked like a missile" moving very fast.

      "Caller believes it could not have been an aircraft as it did not have wings," reads the report.

      At the time the RAF reported no flights in the area.

      Personal details on who reported the sightings has not been released.

      Reported UFO sightings over Lincolnshire are not new, but many have assumed that military activity in the county has been to blame.

      An MoD spokesman said: "From a military point of view all the MoD will do is to check that these reported objects are not a threat to the country and that our airspace has not been violated.

      "Beyond that, it is not in the public interest to spend resources investigating what these objects are.

      "In truth, a lot of them can be explained via military planes, lights etc. As far as I know, we don't pass the information on to any other Government body to investigate."

      But Grimsby-based parapsychologist Robin Furman, who claims to have seen a UFO and has researched the phenomenon, said blaming the military does not always add up.

      "There is no doubt that there are unexplained objects in the sky, but whether or not they're actually aliens from another planet, no-one knows," he said.

      "Even when you take away all those that can be explained, there are a number of inexplicable and unexplained cases. They have been reported since Biblical times so they cannot be dismissed."

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