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Prophet Yahweh And UFO's

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    Dear Friends, Here s Dr. Michael Salla s take on Prophet Yahweh. Love and Light. David Aloha all, many have been enthralled by the emergence of the Prophet
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2005
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      Dear Friends,

      Here's Dr. Michael Salla's take on Prophet Yahweh.

      Love and Light.


      Aloha all, many have been enthralled by the emergence of the Prophet Yahweh and his apparent ability to summon UFOs at will. An ABC film crew went out to test his claims and surprisingly captured a UFO on camera after the Prophet Yahweh summoned it:

      Prophet Yahweh claims that from June 1 to July 15 he will summon large spaceships for all to see. This will first happen in the Las Vegas area very close to the Nellis Air Force base.

      A News story discussing his case can be found at:

      To find out more about Prophet Yahweh you can visit his website where he aims to distribute to the world video evidence of his remarkable
      ability. http://www.prophetyahweh.com/

      Prophet Yahweh claims to hear a voice in his head which he believes are communications with ETs. There are three possibilities here concerning Prophet Yahweh.

      First, he has the extraordinary ability to fool television cameras filming the sky for evidence of UFO's being summoned. This possibility is unlikely so it looks as though there is a real phenomenon here that
      can't be explained away.

      Second, Prophet Yahweh is indeed who he claims to be and is a Prophet for the New Age. The evidence so far points to him having an extaordinary ability that fascinates many and will surely attract great public attention. While he seems sincere in his stated mission of breaking secrecy concerning UFOs, his method strongly hints of
      someone who is being influenced by external forces. Are these Angels as he claims or something else?

      Third, Prophet Yahweh is a mind controlled victim of a covert government program that is using him for a psychological operation (psyop). The aim of this psyop may be to test how much public opinion can be influenced by paranormal abilities displayed by those such as
      Prophet Yahweh. The fact that Prophet Yahweh chose Las Vegas as his base with Nellis Air Force base in close proximity hints that this possibility is very plausible. It would not be too difficult for the Prophet Yahweh to be under the influence of remote mind control where
      a government UFO is launched on cue. For discussion of remote mind control technologies, see
      You may also like to have a look at some of the literature on Project Blue Beam to get an idea of how a global psy op involving holographic technology may be staged.

      My conclusion is that there is a real phenomenon happening here with Prophet Yahweh. However, that doesn't make it something that we should
      uncritically welcome. Rather, we need to be very aware of the multiple agendas and forces that are very likely to be working through Prophet Yahweh. In the weeks ahead, we will see whether his bold predictions
      occur, and whether he is genuinely a 'chosen' instrument to make the public aware of extraterrestrial civilizations or part of a pysop to deceive the public.

      In peace,

      Michael Salla, PhD

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