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Phoning Home

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  • Bre
    Hi All, Some interesting perspectives on Contact. Love & Blessings, Brenda.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2004
      Hi All,
      Some interesting perspectives on Contact.
      Love & Blessings, Brenda.
      Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 19:28:18 -0000
      NOW THE ODDEST THING IS... I recall a strange car pulling up in
      front of my house.  Big. Black.  The front and back door opened up
      clam-shell-like.  There were people in the car-men and at least one
      woman.  She reached out for me and asked me if I'd like to come with
      them.  I RECOGNIZED THEM.  But I couldn't/still can't place how I
      knew them.
      My mother was standing at the doorway and called me not to go.
      Was this just such an invitation that you frequent contactees have
      been yearning for?  Maybe.
      It's also possible that they were child molesters, etc.  Even in the
      early 60s such folk did exist.
      Hello Everyone,
         As I read this portion of your post, ........,  I got the hit that just 
      maybe.........There was a "time-warp" of some sort involved so you didn't 
      realize the event was over.
         The Star Visitors can give you a different "scene" than what is actually 
      happening. Plus they can put you back into the moment before you had the 
      experience with them!
          Perhaps, you remembered the return from your experience and those in the 
      "car" had not closed the door yet.  Also, the Visitors may have wanted you 
      to remember "something", but not the exact event at your young age.
          This happened to me when I saw my first craft in 2000, more happened 
      than my waking conscious was aware of then. In working with ............ 
      reviewing this experience, we found there WAS more going than consciously 
      viewing the craft. In recall, I was shown a technique for conduit-healing by 
      a Light Being. It was a "hands on" experience so I would know how to use the 
      technique with others. I was told, "This is how you do it!"
          Recalls are very interesting to me! When I have a recall of an event, I 
      can feel any physical touch, and be within the event again mentally and 
      emotionally as well as being the Observer to the event.
         Over the ensuing years, I'm feeling I may have experienced my Star 
      Visitor, ........ Now that is a thrilling thought!
      Just thought I would share......something for you to ponder.....
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