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UFO's - A Mindset Behind The Curtain

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    Dear Friends, http://www.rense.com/general63/mindset.htm Love and Light. David UFOs - A Mindset Behind The Curtain By Ted Twietmeyer tedtw@frontiernet.net
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      UFOs - A Mindset
      Behind The Curtain
      By Ted Twietmeyer

      Seemingly endless reports on UFOs are filed every year. Endless "lights in the sky." Yet somehow the most important issues for humanity appear to be controlled and intentionally kept just out of reach. This is like trying to reach out and catch a pigeon or duck standing near you in a park. In every sci-fi film or television show, there is the standard eyewitness. The character will attempt to file a report or notify authorities about it. Witnesses are treated with skepticism every time, which often includes chuckling, ridicule and sometimes laughter. Such was the case of witness treatment in the film "Fire In The Sky" Those that witnessed the event but were not abducted as Travis Walton was, were nearly charged with murder by a skeptical police investigator. We will look at this real-life mindset in some detail and how it came about. It is a mindset that allows the government to still retain tight control about an issue more far reaching than any war between two countries on earth.
      The sovereignty of the entire planet is truly at stake, and apparently few seem to take notice.

      Standard UFO eyewitness ridicule in television and movies also happens to people in real-life. It seems that mandatory skepticism of a UFO witness is a well-established part of society. This has deep origins in US government policy, the purpose of which is to ridicule and discredit witnesses. This philosophy filters down into the rank of file of your local police. Any road for a UFO witness is pre-destined to be a rocky one, complete with washed-out bridges. It still applies, even if more than one witness is involved. We can thank the Brookings think tank report which issued shortly after Roswell, for creating this problematic paradigm. A pathetic eyewitness chuckle-and-ridicule mindset has filtered into every aspect of society, and has even taken place inside families. Thankfully this mindset is now changing, as countless people have had close encounters. Sometimes these are of the third kind, which are most often extremely unpleasant. Abductions can be brought on when someone
      unwittingly volunteers to be a lab rat, by sending out mental images of wanting a close encounter. There are those "out there" that can pick this up, and act upon it. See [1] for more thoughts on lethal medical hazards on this subject.

      A story about a real visual encounter that occurred with a family member and three other witnesses will serve as a good example. This is a good example of what will happen when you see a UFO and attempt to file a report with authorities as any good citizen would do.

      This is an account of the story as it was told to me on the very night it happened. This event involved a close family member of ours. We shall call him John to protect his identity, who was in his 20's at the time. John was not a lone eyewitness to the sighting - there were three friends with him. Today I confirmed the following details with John. His account today closely matches his account of the same events he stated 10 years ago.


      The event took place in the mid 1990s on a summer evening in western NY state, about 20 miles south of Rochester. John was riding with his friends northbound in a van on a local trip about 9PM. The four were out in a rural farmland area about 5 miles from home, when all of them sighted the object in the distance. This sighting took place on a section of road without homes and a clear view to the northern horizon. John described a very large craft, circular in nature. It appeared to have evenly spaced dark "portholes" or "windows" on the side. But it was the unusual confirmed large size of 1,500ft+ that is most amazing.

      A second independent witness account confirms the size estimate as I'll explain. We shall call this other witness observer B for reasons of clarity. Observer B witnessed it from directly underneath the vehicle, 8 miles north. This contributes an important second dimension into this sighting for triangulation. Observer B noted the vehicle was radiating the same green glowing light John and his group observed. The likelihood that two different vehicles were sighted on the same night, in the same area and both with the same green glow is mathematically very small.

      Note that Observer B was standing directly underneath the vehicle, at the very same time John and his friends saw the vehicle 8 miles away! The following morning observer B called local radio station WCMF in Rochester and stated her observations on the air. This is how we learned about observer B. The DJ was almost speechless. Although 8 miles away, John and his friends could still make out an overall disc shape with a dome-like structure on top. They also saw dark, round structures on the side which he describes as similar to "portholes." To be visible from that distance the size of the object must be very, very large as estimated above. These "porthole" structures would need to be about the height of a 5 story building, to be visible that far away. It is not known if observer B could see these structures from underneath the vehicle.

      The overall size for detailed observation from a confirmed distance of 8 miles away, would require a vehicle diameter larger than 1,500ft. The vehicle was also surrounded by a peculiar greenish glow which observer B also noted standing under it. After a while it ascended higher into the clouds. It then flew off horizontally out of sight towards the southwest at a high rate of speed. [4]

      John and his friends noted the effect the vehicle had on the overhead clouds. He noted it was similar to the high voltage, high altitude atmospheric discharges that are displayed in pictures of the Aurora in the Arctic. John noted his cell phone and those of the others became non-functional during this event. No cell signal was displayed. This is one of the reasons they became alarmed and drove to Rochester. Later their phones became operational again. At that time, there were far fewer cell towers than present today, and cell users depended on a tower located near the area where the vehicle was hovering.

      John came to our home around 11PM that night to tell us what they observed, and of their three attempts made in person to report the sighting to authorities. I immediately asked him about any missing time. In this instance it did not happen. All of the minutes of their trip were readily accounted for. The group first attempted to file a police report. Police told them the US Weather Service handled those matters. The group then turned around and drove to Rochester, about 35 miles NW to where the local US government weather station is located. As expected, "nothing was observed on radar" according to them. They also attempted to report it to the FAA controllers at the airport, but they weren't interested. Or at least openly the FAA appeared not to care about it. (End of John's testimony.)

      This apparent lack of interest by the FAA should be a concern to all people everywhere. There have been other instances around the USA, where non-aircraft type vehicles are flying in FAA airspace and landing/takeoff approach corridors. In John's story, that particular vehicle was sighted hovering near one of the ILS (Instrument Landing System) flight corridors for the Rochester NY airport. When it flew off to the southwest, it crossed at least one approach corridor. At the time of the sighting, there were late evening flights and some early morning air traffic, often called "taking the red-eye." (The latter nick-name refers to the blood-shot eyes of business people that fly on them.) These flights often came through that landing corridor, about the same time this sighting took place. And with daily regularity.

      One would reasonably expect authorities to be concerned about ANYTHING illegally flying in an FAA flight corridor. Even if it will not show up on radar, it still represents a serious navigation hazard. This raises another unanswered question - how many airliner crashes have been blamed on mechanical failure or collision with a small plane, when perhaps a mid-air collision with an unidentified object was the real cause? And who determines the cause of airliner crashes?

      The NTSB of course - yet another part of the federal government. Did you know that since 1962, there have been more than 140,000 air accidents? If we were to use a conservative average of 200 people per flight, that results in 2.8 MILLION injured or dead. And we're still told that driving in a car is more dangerous? Consider that almost no one ever walks away from an jumbo crash or small plane crash. Most jumbos seat up to 400 passengers, making 2.8 million a very conservative, reasonable estimate. And almost all of these 2.8 MILLION people are probably dead. See [2] for government database details. We will probably never know how many "accidents" have been caused by collisions with vehicles in the airspace that simply are not conventional aircraft. These vehicles probably didn't appear on radar, as is the case with many of UFO sightings.


      Let's look at this from another point of view. First, there is little doubt that FAA trainees are taught that vehicles are flying in FAA airspace without transponders, federal authorization or flight plans. Some of these are "ours," and some of these belong to "them." "Them" represents black ops and shadow government vehicles, as well as alien vehicles. Certainly none of these pilots file a flight plan! The FAA trainee must be taught how to respond to such a sighting on radar.

      A management trainee who may need to interface with the public, will be taught how to cover up (lie) to handle any such sightings. They may even be in the employ of the military, even though working for the FAA. Their function is to help cover up illegal flights. A flight controller cannot sit motionless with his eyes fixed and dilated, as a "bogie" zips across his radar screen, appearing and disappearing with unexplainable speed. An entire FAA control center cannot be thrown into pandemonium just because a black ops or ET flight enters controlled airspace without a flight plan or authorization. Safeguards are place to prevent this.


      Then there is the matter of the police mindset (brainwashing) instilled at the academy. Certainly a minority of police officers already know these vehicles exist. Rarely will they discuss any unusual observations or beliefs they have, openly for other officers to hear. Openly discussing this can be a ticket to a free, career advancement threatening mental examination and endless ridicule from other officers. Yet despite the mountain of evidence these vehicles exist and are very real, no one questions the party line on the matter.


      Let's look at one example of a facilitator and how they work. Government trained facilitators attend school board meetings, and often are on school boards. These people are also quietly on the federal government payroll and live in the community. Their function is to help "steer" (expedite) school district policies in pre-planned federal government directions. Dr. Stan Monteith has had these people on his wonderful radio show, Radio Liberty. They have described their job function as solely to promote certain government policies. Most people would call that social engineering.

      Facilitators are one major reason why a child can graduate from high school and yet be functionally illiterate, unable to read and write. No child left behind? Instead, since all children are left behind scholastically, their twisted logic is "no child was left behind." So much for those helpful "facilitators." It's similar to a comedy device, where the commander barks out "all volunteers take one step forward." Instead, most of the members of the platoon take one step backward together, leaving other dupes standing out front who instantly become the "volunteers."

      To maintain control of the UFO ridicule mindset, a facilitator would need to be present in most every police department training facilities throughout the country. Whether a visiting "consultant" or resident, they maintain status-quo brainwashing to keep skepticism and ridicule of unusual UFO events as standard practice. Their apparent methodology is to discredit the witness (or witnesses) so they will not alarm anyone and call attention to the sighting.

      However, a fascinating counter-philosophy from the government also exists. It is the FEMA fire department manual. Chapter 13 deals with handling crashed UFOs, and states among other things that such vehicles must be treated as toxic material. There are scanned-in copies of the Chapter 13 section about UFOs in numerous places on the web. [3]


      As a former defense contractor, I can tell you that only the intelligence people have the latest of everything in facilities, technology and mindset. Those employees have the equivalent of a stadium box seat. Even most NASA offices, built in the 1960's (as most of them were) STILL look like 1960. Right down to the old wood or heavy grey steel desks, pea-green file cabinets, two-tone wall painting scheme, oscillating black metal fans similar to those seen in movies, the use of an typewriter to hammer out contracts, and a big 50 year old AC powered clock on the wall humming away.

      I'm sure it certainly sounds like a B movie script, but this is fact. And this was all still present at NASA back in the 1990s. You cannot comprehend how depressing that is until you see how nothing really changes, even in how they deal with contractors. There exists a mindset all through most of the US government that "you can't change that, because we've always done it that way" philosophy. Or the classic "don't rock the boat." I've heard government employees mutter all those words myself on more than one occasion. And I've seen the dismal results of that thinking.


      Forget the glitzy NASA "panel of experts," seated at long tables attempting to answer science reporter questions. I've been inside most of the different NASA facilities around the country on business. They all LOOK the same, SMELL the same and THINK the same. That's why they still use a first generation 100 MHz 32 bit processor on the Mars rovers - because according to them "it works" as their experts will tell you. Forget advancements in chip technology. Never mind the untested bug-ridden Java code they uploaded and the subsequent freeze-up that almost cost NASA the mission early on. They actually pulled former NASA engineers out of retirement to save the mission. This was stated by them in one of their press conferences. When you're in a NASA facility, you almost expect to see Werner VonBraun (former Nazi scientist) with his long coat draped over his shoulders European style, complete with his Nazi entourage marching down the hall.

      Even down at Kennedy Space Flight Center, there are numerous buildings that haven't seen the business end of a paintbrush since they were built. The dead giveaway? Paint peeling off buildings in large sheets. I point all this out here to show the no-change mindset that permeates all through government. People just want to continue receiving their paychecks, and go farther up the GS rating salary ladder just by remaining employed with the government. That's an employee gravy train that industry will have no part of. The federal employees are terrified of change and want to stay on the gravy train. If covering up the UFO problem is part of that requirement, so be it.

      This mentality of "no change" permeates the US government in many other ways. A "we've always done it that way" mindset is useful to keep everyone in the dark as long as possible, thus preserving the all-important "status-quo." Don't think that for one second, NASA isn't afraid of technology they didn't cook up or invent. They are, and the last thing they want is for someone from "out there" to appear with super-advanced technology. It's a job security issue, plain and simple. But I digress here...


      When an "unconventional" technology (non-airplane or non-helicopter) vehicle crashes, a government task force shows up and immediately takes over. Response usually takes an hour or less. Upon arrival they immediately swear the local police into secrecy. They are effectively told that whatever it was they saw, that they haven't seen anything. And never discuss what they *think* they saw with anyone for reasons of "national security." Yes, that cute catch-all phrase. The police officers are then relegated to serve as nothing more than security guards around the crash site perimeter. Meanwhile government scientists and other military slaves make certain that every tiny scrap of material is collected and carted away. No longer will artifacts be left behind for people to take home as souvenirs to sell, have them analyzed or take photos to post on the web.

      The government learned a great deal from Roswell and other crashes, and has taken serious no-expense-spared steps to prevent repeating those mistakes. The government covets crash material far more than a 10 year old child given a new radio controlled tank toy and a new carton of D cell batteries for it. When particulate matter or radiation is present, a dump truck, bulldozer and backhoe are brought in ASAP and the top few feet of earth are scraped off and hauled away. One such example of this was when there was a close encounter on a rural road some years ago by a mother and her daughter. Several hundred feet of asphalt roadway were ripped up, hauled away and the road repaved. The two witnesses had red burn marks on their faces, reminiscent of radiation burns that took weeks to heal. Long term DNA effects have not been made public.

      Accounts of these "un-fun black ops fed teams" are always the same. At Kecksburg, PA, a crash took place a few years ago. The government came in and took over as fast as they could get there. They hauled the tarp covered bell shaped object down main street on a flat bed trailer off into the night, never to be seen again. Much was learned from Roswell when a damage control program wasn't yet in place, and the world learned of a crashed disk. A magic disk, which somehow transformed itself into a weather balloon overnight. How do I know? Because the government said so. So it must be true, right?

      So do you really think your report to the local police department will do anything?

      If you want to file a report with authorities, you can try if you want. You can also try to climb Mt. Everest without arms and legs, although the climber may have more success than making a police officer take you seriously. See [5] for reporting agencies.

      Please read the reference notes shown at the end of this essay for further information.

      Ted Twietmeyer


      No one has addressed the issue of what happens to abductees who suffer from botched examinations - such as when the large intestine is punctured or torn from a misguided probe, and they begin to bleed to death. There is also the life threatening problem of bacteria entering the abdominal cavity. Are the abductees returned to their beds at home to lay there, bleed out and die ? If they make it to an emergency room, NO ONE will believe how the trauma happened. No one. They will be accused of some twisted self-action and will be helpless to convince any psychiatrist that someone "up there" did that to them. It could also cause them to be institutionalized. If the abductee isn't returned home, will they become someone's meal "up there" or salvaged as material for DNA cloning? These are questions that have never been addressed. What diseases are being spread through the use of these probes? It only requires one microscopic particle to cause AIDS as Don Scott (retired professor of
      microbiology, Toronto) has proven.

      And how easy can CJD be spread? A simple tonometer probe tip optometrists use is as a good example. Used externally, it is gently pressed against the eyeball to measure eye pressure. The optometrist performs this test during a standard eye examination to check for glaucoma. Some doctors use a newer instrument, which employs a short burst of compressed air to eliminate patient contact. But not all use this method yet. The probe tip MUST be cleaned after every patient. Yet published research in the UK in recent years has shown that CJD IS DETECTABLE on such a device after contacting an infected patient. This indicates CJD could be transmitted to another patient on this device into another patient's eye, subsequently infecting them.

      A survey in the UK discovered that the probe tip is not always cleaned by office staff after every exam, as proper healthcare practice dictate. When you use a shared instrument of any kind in a doctor's office, sterilization MUST be one of your paramount concerns. The author has learned first hand from a brain surgeon this past week when discussing neurological research, that the only currently known effective sterilization process to kill CJD is hydrogen peroxide plasma. This will kill CJD prions without destroying the instruments.

      [2] - Federal government air accident database access: http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/query.asp

      [3] - Excerpt from chapter 13 of the FEMA manual about UFOs - http://www.ufos-unbound.com/ufos/firefighters.htm
      This text has been reproduced on many websites.

      [4] - It may be possible that the vehicle sighted is a collection vehicle for abductees. The author has found that time travel is often involved in abductions, with abductees gone for a day or more. They are then mind-wiped and returned to the time very close to when they were taken, to erase most evidence it ever took place.


      If you want to file a report, write down the details of the event as soon as possible and go to the National UFO Reporting Center site at UFOCenter.com. There is a convenient online reporting form to use.

      Here are the primary investigators in North America:

      National UFO Reporting Center
      Peter Davenport
      206 722-3000

      HBCC UFO Research
      Brian Vike

      George A. Filer
      MUFON Eastern Director
      MUFON Skywatch Investigations
      609 654-0020

      MUFON 800 UFO-2166

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