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Target Chicago

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    Dear Friends, Here s the latest from Goro. As always an interesting read. Click the link if you don t receive the images.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Goro. As always an interesting read. Click the link if you don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      March 03, '05 Target Chicago
      Well, that's not something you want to hear you are in Chicago. :) But no need to panic, 'Target Chicago' is a theme or a storyline in the matrix of emerging patterns. That is to say that the phrase doesn't necessarily imply the city being in real danger - a target of some 'damage plan'... though that possibility can be discounted.

      No one seems to talking about it, i.e. the increasing significance of Chicago, so I thought it was time for me to bring it up here. (It's an 'Etemenanki exclusive'. :) )

      The 'matrix skyline & Sun' graphic you've been seeing at the top of the Etemenanki main page since mid-February is actually the Chicago skyline.

      What my findings have shown me - and I've done a massive amount of multicontextual data processing since early February - is that the city of Chicago is a major part of the current 'game' - seemingly a modern version of the 'riddle of the sphinx' of Greek mythology that demands the right answer 'or else'. This archaic analogy was first put forward in Stargate Cipher 2012 in connection with the symbolism of 'Mission To Mars' in the context of the larger Athens Olympics symbolism I was discussing, but I'm beginning to sense that this unnerving riddle scheme may really be underway at this time (particularly in the US) in a more literal way than first assumed.

      The 'game' aspect has become so prominent, in fact, that this was part of the reason I decided it would probably be prudent to put out this piece of information in this post - placing the capstone. Just something I had to get off my chest, so to speak. And again here is basically what I'm saying: the 'game' is emphasizing Chicago and it'll likely play a big role in the upcoming developments either this month or later on.

      Chicago is already playing a big role in the 'hidden design' - seemingly analogous to 'Contact' - which I'll go into in my upcoming article, but there is enough intensity to the pattern that it's making me wonder if its symbolic momentum will end up translating into some kind external outburst soon.

      Now, regarding the big piece I've been working on the past few weeks, it appears that I won't be able to finish it in time before the the opening of the upcoming March time-window (centered around 3/11) signifying the 'Birth of Horus', and so... that's why I'm writing this post, to sort of just do a quick briefing, without going into the usual extensive discussions to back up or clarify my points.

      Basically driving force behind the March window anchored by March 11 is twofold (at least). First is the Madrid/'Terminator time code' element. This was first discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012 - Part 1 (Oct 23, '04) where I pointed out that there is an apparent coded 'Judgment Day' time reference to March 11 - in 2004 and 2005. The first March 11 was 'answered' by the Madrid train bombings in Spain often compared to 9/11. Given the this precedent, there is enough reason to take the second March 11, the one coming up, quite seriously. We may have a 'echo' event of some kind.

      Second, the time around March 5-11 also represents the projected 'birth date' stemming from the 'conception events' back in June of last year - i.e. the rare 'Transit of Venus' (union of Venus and the Sun) on June 8 and, reflecting the celestial development, it was directly overlapped by the funerary period that followed Ronald Reagan's death on June 5, ending on June 11 when the 'torch of kingship' was ritualistically transferred from the 'once king' (Osiris) to the 'future king' (Horus), Arnold Schwarzenegger. ('Ronald' was rearranged to become 'Arnold', an anagram, so to speak.) These were 'seeding' events - in a way reenacting the increasingly mainstream Martian Panspermia (i.e. heavenly rocks seeding Earth) concept - that set the stage for the resultant 'birth event(s)' to be commenced 9 months later. The time around March 5-11 thus represents the projected 'birth' period for the 'Beast'.

      Note that the 'Venusian Pregnancy Time Code' is much more extensive that just the above and is itself embedded in a wider system of patterns and themes we've been calling the 'Super Torch Ritual', more or less stemming from the 'nipplegate' Super-Bowl 38 (not necessary the starting point but at least a significant 'segment' was kick-started there). Major components of the Super Torch Ritual include Schwarzenegger, Madrid, Venus Transit, Athens Olympics, Genesis, presidential election(s), Damageplan/Columbus shooting, and by analyzing and synthesizing the patterns - a significant portion of which involves celestial objects such as Venus, Sun, Milky Way, Mercury, etc. - the 'Great Flood' event in Asia last December, by far the biggest event of 2004, was anticipated beforehand especially timing-wise.

      In terms of the nature of the event that was more overtly projected based on the preceding Super Torch Ritual pattern, the emphasis I put was actually more on the 'exit of the Pope' theme (along with the larger theme of the 'fall of Babylon/Sun king'). But expectedly the 'Flood' event that unfolded in the specified window was to coherently interact with the Pope projection. This was done through the notion deriving from the 'Great Flood', that the dove of Noah released from the Ark was to return in '40 days' with an olive branch, as per the Genesis story. The next Pope being identified with the olive via St Malachy's prophetic list of Popes (mottos), the arrival of the olive branch was interpreted to be expressive of the rise of the next Pope, the implication being that the current one is to make his exit. Or at least that was the type of theme applicable for early February and... the rest I won't have to go into. (If you're new here, you can just read the previous posts and see what

      And here we are - bracing for the next 'wave', and this one can get pretty intense. Normally I would downplay the exoteric impact of any pattern manifestation that's projected to coincide/overlap with an overtly noteworthy date (in this case the anniversary of the Madrid bombings) because of the collective awareness-level factor in the 'game'. But this time I'm not so sure this is enough to diminish the momentum because there are coalescing patterns making up a big nexus point here that's hard to marginalize.

      There is, however, one aspect in this that puts forth some degree of uncertainty. And that's the celestial configuration factor - which has been a major force driving the 'ritual' events. For the upcoming window, there is actually no notable configuration to speak of as far as I can tell. So that's something to consider. But there will be a significant planetary alignment later in the month, March 29-30. This will be a Venus-Sun-Mercury-Earth-Jupiter alignment with Mars positioned at Earth's summer-solstice position (heliocentric perspective). And I do find it to be very meaningful. The only question there is how or whether it will interact with the 'birth of Horus' window. I'm hesitant to push back the window because, for instance, there is a very prominent '311' theme (closely associated with March 11) - much of which I haven't publicly discussed yet. And there is at least a heavily promoted 'storyline' that relates to March 11 and to a 'damage plan' involving some kind of nuclear
      and/or bio-chemical... stuff.

      Note that I put the above in the framework of a 'storyline' - which means, as those not new to Etemenanki would know, it doesn't have to be expressed literally in physical reality. It should be taken as a conceptual 'theme' that can take many forms to be expressed. It can become literal given certain circumstances, but it can very easily stay metaphorical.

      Having said that, let me give some very introductory clues that casually hint at the nature of where the patterns may be leading. There is Venus, for instance, i.e. the planet at the center of the Super Torch Ritual. Venus is traditionally representative of - or simply is - Lucifer, the 'light bringer'. Well, 'radioactive' is practically synonymous with 'light bringer' (as 'radio' is a form of light). And there is Horus - the Egyptian deity symbolically getting ready to be 'born' at this time - who is a Sun-god, and the Sun's brilliance is generated by the process of nuclear fusion. (You might also recall that NASA's Genesis probe returning from the Sun 'ritualistically' struck Earth last fall, becoming a major signature event in the Super Torch Ritual.) Incidentally, the only nation to be nuked in (known) history, Japan, is sometimes called the 'Land of the Rising Sun' which is analogous to 'land of Horus' since the rising Sun is more specifically what Horus is traditionally
      identified with.

      There are also other familiar clues like Damageplan and U2 symbolism, both already extensively discussed here (and about which there is so much more to be said), both carrying an 'atomic bomb' theme. U2/Vertigo in particular is additionally relevant to Madrid ('black wind')... And Iran and Bush are very much part of the pattern also.

      You might also find it amusing (or disturbing) that the Columbus/Columbia/Columba (= dove) pattern, which is a long-running and still prominent thread embedded in the Super Torch Ritual, has a 'nuclear' association via this episode from the Manhattan Project:

      The first major scientific hurdle of the project was solved on December 2, 1942 below the bleachers of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago. Then and there a team led by Enrico Fermi initiated the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. A coded phone call from Compton saying, "The Italian navigator (referring to Fermi) has landed in the new world, the natives are friendly" to Conant in Washington, DC, brought the news that the experiment was a success.

      In this context the arrival of Columbus, who as 'Columba' becomes identified with the dove whose arrival carrying the olive branch in turn is applicable to the present time frame (already being expressed through the hospitalization of the Pope in February right on cue), comes to intimate the notion of... well, man going 'radioactive', man 'giving birth to Horus'. (That the above scientific breakthrough for harnessing nuclear energy was made in Chicago is a rather ominous coincidence.)

      Anyway, these are just some small clues hinting at the existence of a very dark undercurrent that, if unchecked, may manifest in an earthshaking manner. Let me just quickly list some other types of events that would be conceptually consistent with the patterns surrounding the window...

      Horus and Mars being interchangeable, the 'birth of Horus' would be elegantly expressed by the idea of 'life on Mars', and I would say it's no coincidence that since mid-February there have been suddenly many news stories touting the rapidly increasing likelihood of present life on Mars...

      2/14: Is There Life on Mars? Looking for Rock Solid Evidence
      2/16: NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars
      2/18: NASA: Researchers' Work May Influence Search for Mars Life, But No Evidence Yet
      2/25: Martian gases pose life question
      2/25: Quarter of Mars Scientists at European Meeting Believe Life Possible on Red Planet

      In this context we could say that 'Horus' is already in the process of being born and that the projected pattern is being fulfilled. Will there be an escalation of this process in March? That would certainly be fitting.

      There is also a bio-chemical attack/incident storyline along with computer viruses, and the Sun could also become a factor, something like a massive solar flare severely affecting this planet. Perhaps something like a 'dirty bomb' or a nuclear power plant malfunction event might fulfill various storylines simultaneously. I'm just throwing out examples (admittedly dire ones) to paint a rough picture of where the patterns could easily go at this point if unrecognized. (And we can't forget the Pope either - still very much part of the ongoing storyline.)

      Anyway, so this post was about me reviewing underlying patterns leading into the next window and pointing out disturbing scenarios without really going into what's driving the newly emerging storyline under the surface... oh, and abruptly identifying Chicago as a 'target city'. LOL... Kind of silly and I wouldn't have done this had it not been for the slow progress of my 'next level' article (despite tackling it full force), the quickly approaching deadline, and the nagging 'riddle of the sphinx' concept...

      Now I'll go focus on finishing up the 'real thing', but let me say that there is something bigger going on with all this. In a way, 'something wonderful is about to happen'. Wanna take a ride?

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