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Earth/Sun Pole Reversal In 2012 - ET Help In Our Survival

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    Dear Friends, http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/1753.asp Love and Light. David Computer Models predict Magnetic pole reversal in Earth and Sun can bring end
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Computer Models predict Magnetic pole reversal in Earth and Sun can bring end to human civilization in 2012 – evidence of extra-terrestrial help in our survival
      Staff Reporter
      Mar. 1, 2005

      An artistic depiction of the Sun's magnetic field and plasma releases as it directly affects the Earth and the rest of the Solar System.

      According to some computer scientists working together with a group geophysicist and astrophysicists, Earth and Sun both will go through a process of Magnetic Pole Reversal in 2012. This last happened millions of years before when the Dinosaurs disappeared. A private research and analysis company in Hyderabad is predicting a major upheaval in 2012.
      Magnetic Pole reversal is a process when North Pole and South Pole reverse position. While this happens, at some point of time Earth's magnetic field reaches zero Gauss which simply put means, Earth at that point of time has zero magnetism. When this coincides with a eleven year cycle of Sun's Polar reversal, a major problem arises.
      In the modern human history, such happenings are not recorded. Only Computer Models can predict the outcome. NASA recently has brought the public fear down by saying the Polar reversal will make Earth's Magnetism weak and erratic but not zero.
      According to the Hyderabad Computer Model, the polar reversal of Earth and Sun can cause the following serious problems other than electronic malfunction, migrating birds losing sense of direction and so on:
      - the immune system of all animals including the humans will weaken substantially
      - the earth's crust will experience increasing volcanoes, tectonic movements, earthquakes and landslides
      - Earth's Magnetosphere will weaken and Cosmic Radiation from Sun will increase many folds making radiation hazards like cancer and son inevitable
      - Large Asteroids will drawn towards the Earth
      - the Earth's gravitational field will experience a change though no one will how it will change
      If you add up all these possible devastating scenarios, you can easily see that in simple words, Earth may become inhabitable by 2012 for human beings and those who live on or near earth's crust.
      The organisms living deep in the Earth well below the crust will survive. Without any intervention in this natural process, millions of years later we will see some other form of intelligent or large beings dominating the earth on its crust.
      A large number of Extra-terrestrial UFO sightings in recent days, according to many UFO researchers in the world is to save the human civilization form extinction. It is possible in absence of our knowledge they are trying to provide a counter measure that can save the human civilization.
      Like during the time Tsunami, it is possible we will be perplexed and stare at the unthinkable happening and wiping us out.
      If this model is true, the only way for us to survive will be to take our civilization well below the Earth's crust or move to another inhabitable planet. It may have happened to mars millions of years back.
      Recent extra-terrestrial UFO activities (in the last 100 years) point out that someone out there knows that something severe will happen. They may be creating a scenario where they can silently help us or even remove us to an unknown destination.

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