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[DrRichBoylanReports] grave international-security threat

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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      >> I m sharing with you an Open Letter to certain connected persons in
      >> government and international affairs about a major threat to
      >> international
      >> security.
      >> I think the letter speaks for itself.
      >> Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
      >> <><><><><><><>
      >> Dear friend,
      >> You are being contacted because I feel that you may be in a position to
      >> react appropriately to the enclosed information, and exert your
      >> influence
      >> in the proper channels of government and international
      >> decision-makers to
      >> address the international security threat presented by a powerful rogue
      >> group.
      >> The threat is the occurrence of further Great Quakes, such as the
      >> anomalous
      >> pair which occurred Dec. 24 (8.1, at Macquarie Ridge south of New
      >> Zealand)
      >> and Dec. 26 (9.0, the Sumatra Great Quake, which launched a tsunami that
      >> killed a quarter-million people.)
      >> These quakes were not accidental. They were caused by the testing of
      >> time-distortion technology by a super-powerful international group of
      >> geoplutocrats bent on world domination. This group is popularly
      >> referred to
      >> as The Cabal.
      >> The Cabal hijacked time-distortion physics and technology from an
      >> _innocent_
      >> conventional scientist, Dr. Ronald Mallett of the University of
      >> Connecticut. His work in controlling time has been published in the May,
      >> 2000 paper in Physics Letters, Vol. 269, p. 214, entitled "Weak
      >> gravitational field of the electromagnetic radiation in a ring laser." .
      >> Dr. Mallett, with his UConn colleague Dr. Chandra Raychoudri, has
      >> come upon
      >> a physics principle, and concomitant technology, which can create a
      >> "time
      >> machine", but with enormous distortion of space (matter) in the local
      >> area
      >> of the [space-] time-distortion effect.
      >> The "enormous distortion of space-time" had deadly results when the
      >> power-greedy Cabal operatives conducted time-travel experiments on
      >> Dec. 24
      >> and Dec. 26 with mega-deaths results.
      >> Dr. Mallett's approach is innocent. But the _hijacked_ version dovetails
      >> with reports of highly-classified and "dangerous" research leaked to
      >> me by a
      >> CIA official, who stated that extremely powerful holographic fields were
      >> being created in top governmental classified labs, Los Alamos National
      >> Laboratory [and Lawrence-Livermore/Sandia National Laboratories], which
      >> would serve as a "time portal", i.e., an engineering time-distortion
      >> field,
      >> through manipulation of photon particles to increase their energy as
      >> their
      >> inertia is increased by recently-developed light-slowing technology.
      >> Dr. Mallett has found that when light comes to a stand-still, its energy
      >> reaches exponential levels. In such a generated super-powerful field,
      >> not
      >> only is time slowed down, but space is distorted as well. These
      >> distortions
      >> had profound and ultimately deadly effect along the Macquarie Ridge
      >> tectonic
      >> plates junction 12/24/04, and then again in the Sumatra-region plate
      >> on12/26/04.
      >> The Cabal hijacked Dr. Mallett's physics ideas, and engineered them
      >> into an
      >> unshielded device without proper protection, and their "successful"
      >> exercises in generating a time-distortion field (a time-travel
      >> portal) had
      >> the side-effect of causing huge tectonic plates to shift suddenly,
      >> generating enormous earthquakes.
      >> Unfortunately, the Cabal scientists who had success in achieving
      >> time-distortion, are drunk with success at achieving the beginnings of
      >> time-travel technology, the ultimate international security threat.
      >> These
      >> Cabal engineers are bent on conducting _further_ tests, regardless of
      >> the
      >> fact that they have not stopped to figure out, and include, protective
      >> technology against major distortion of space, (i.e., violent
      >> wrenching of
      >> Earth.) Because these power-greedy types intend to pursue unshielded
      >> experiments, more Great Quakes _will_ ensue, and most likely cause
      >> further
      >> significant loss of life and environmental damage.
      >> But _you_ can do something about it. If you do nothing about it, the
      >> blood
      >> of future victims is surely on your hands.
      >> I have notified you carefully-selected governmental insiders and
      >> "good-guy"
      >> scientists I know that the Cabal has wrongly appropriated Dr.
      >> Mallett's work
      >> and mal-engineered it into an extremely dangerous device. And I have
      >> cited
      >> that the two great Quakes are illustrations of the danger of Cabal
      >> misuse
      >> of this technology, which could only be used with proper protection in
      >> place, which these power-drunk operatives have not slowed down to
      >> develop.
      >> It is my intention in so notifying such well-intentioned people I
      >> know, that
      >> this will cause them to intervene with the right people, and for those
      >> officials to move into action to intervene and bring a halt to unsafe
      >> experimentation of this kind.
      >> The great poet, Dante wrote that "the lowest rung of Hell was
      >> reserved for
      >> those who, in times of great moral crisis, stoutly affirm their
      >> neutrality." I am confident that you will not want to be counted
      >> among such
      >> cowards.
      >> Do everything you can to mobilize those you have contacts with to apply
      >> pressure on the Cabal to back off theses wanton and reckless time-travel
      >> experiments with poorly-understood and dangerous technology.
      >> This threat is so serious to human well-being that certain Zeta
      >> Reticulan
      >> spokespersons have contacted me to inform me, and urge action.
      >> I hope that you will take this situation with commensurate seriousness.
      >> Thank you.
      >> In the light,
      >> Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
      >> Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
      >> P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA 1-(916) 422-7400 (PST)
      >> E-mail: drboylan@...
      >> Website: www.drboylan.com
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