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  • Jahnets
    Great dream??? I bet he s all smiles... Time to stop and smell the roses so to speak...not just flow through life...;-) ... From: dexxxaa
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 2, 2005
      Great dream??? I bet he's all smiles... Time to stop and smell the roses so
      to speak...not just flow through life...;-)

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      Cross posting.
      (Note: I received this report a few minutes ago. The mysterious beam
      of light sighting was in particular for me a special read because
      last night I had a dream I was riding in a car at night with a couple
      of people and I happened to look up at far away tree tops and wow!
      two metallic ships were hovering just above them. I shouted for the
      driver to stop and again I kept repeating for him to stop so I could
      get out and see what they were doing when all of a sudden they shot a
      white beam of light from the nose tip of their craft. I finally had
      to jump out of the car when it slowed down some, I wasn't about to
      miss this for any reason. Then the ships started moving and turned
      into a single ball of light and vanished. End of dream. It was a very
      clear dream. It was a really neat thing to see.

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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 5
      February 1, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "People are again reporting having UFO sightings in
      the Nicobar Islands, the Andaman Islands, India, the
      Maldive Islands and in the central area of Sri Lanka."
      "The animals in these areas are again showing strange
      behavior. Tribesmen around the Andamans are again taking
      the signs seriously and are refusing to move back into the
      area" that was devastated by an earthquake measuring 9.0
      on the Richter scale and a subsequent catastrophic
      "The tribal people of the Nicobar and Andaman Islands
      have again moved to high ground. The sea birds are also
      showing strange signs."
      On Monday, January 25, 2005, "powerful earthquakes
      sparked panic in two countries Monday, nearly a month
      after a quake triggered a deadly wall of water that killed
      more than 160,000 people."
      "The two quakes, both magnitude 6.3" on the Richter
      scale "jangled nerves across the Indian Ocean region hit
      by the December 26 (2004) tsunami."
      "Panic briefly spread through the Indian coastal city
      of Madras after residents felt an earthquake centered in
      the Bay of Bengal, about 1,548 kilometers (930 miles)
      away, near the Nicobar and Andaman Islands."
      "Samuel Cherian, the senior police officer in
      Campbell Bay on the southernmost island in the Andaman
      archipelago, said he was sitting in his office
      when he felt 'a sudden jolt.'"
      "The aftershock was felt in Banda Aceh province on
      the northern tip of Sumatra," the largest island in
      Indonesia, "but such tremors have been common in the last
      month and residents have largely come to ignore them."
      "Seismologists said the quake near the Andamans was
      clearly an aftershock of the 9.0 magnitude quake that
      struck off the coast of Sumatra a month ago. The two lie
      on the same fault line, said John Bellini, a geophysicist
      at the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado."
      "But a predawn temblor earlier Monday on the
      Indonesian island of Sulawesi--nearly 3,200 kilometers
      (2,000 miles) to the east--was not triggered by the Dec.
      26 quake because they lie on different faults, Bellini
      "Still, the Sulawesi quake, centered about 40
      kilometers (25 miles) southwest of the city of Palu, sent
      thousands of panicked residents running to higher ground."
      "'They were shouting, 'Water! Water!' because they
      feared waves,' said Dr. Riri Lamadjido, at the city's
      Undata Hospital, which received no injured patients as a
      result of the temblor."
      "About 30 wooden houses and some shops were damaged,
      Palu police said."
      Tremors continued Wednesday, January 26, 2005 in the
      Nicobar Islands with three more, one of which was about
      6.0 on the Richter scale. On Thursday, January 27, 2005,
      thirteen tremors, measuring about 4.5 to 5.5 on the
      Richter scale, again rattled the Nicobar Islands. Two
      more were reported in the same island chain on Friday,
      January 28, 2005.
      According to the newspaper India Daily, "The UFO
      sightings happen at night with strange lights. Ships
      travelling between India and the Nicobar and Andaman
      Islands, as well as commercial fishermen on the Indian
      Ocean, have reported receiving strange signals on their
      radios as they pass over the area," suggesting that the
      UFOs "are affecting the maritime radio frequencies."
      "According to some experts, these are signs of
      possible experimentation with tectonic plates by some
      "People in the Nicobar Islands claim that something
      is going on under the ocean--deep underground--a few
      kilometers beneath the watery surface."
      "The timing of the aftershocks is also strange.
      After one large aftershock, there is a considerable length
      of time before the next one. It means someone is
      controlling the aftershocks and are making sure the
      (tectonic) plates are not overstressed."
      "Since the big earthquake on Dec. 26, the Andaman and
      Nicobar Islands have experienced 121 aftershocks, all
      ranging between 5.0 and 6.0 on the Richter scale."
      "A sailor with the Shipping Authority of India, Ltd.,
      who has sailed on trans-Atlantic routes, says this part of
      the Indian Ocean now resembles the Bermuda Triangle
      region." (See India Daily for January 24, 2005, "UFO
      sightings and strange signals again reported in the Indian
      Ocean." Also the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for January
      25, 2005, "Earthquakes rattle nerves in tsunami region."
      Many thanks to Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda for the Indian
      newspaper article.)


      Last week Ecuador was rattled by an incredible 12
      earthquakes in a period of just five days.
      The small country on the west coast of South America
      had its first quake on Thursday, January 20, 2005. It was
      the first of 12 "earthquakes of considerable magnitude
      along the Ecuadorian coast, keeping local residents in a
      state of fear."
      "Faced with a series of earthquakes, the locals have
      shown clear signs of concern."
      "Ecuadorian authorities have called for calm, stating
      that these are normal events, and fears that they may
      cause a tsunami have been dismissed."
      "The Geologic Institute pointed out that 'the cause
      of these events is understood in nature and therefore is
      unable to generate a tsunami.'"
      "Most of the quakes had their epicenter in the
      (Pacific Ocean) facing the shores of Manta, 260 kilometers
      (156 miles) southwest of Quito," the national capital.
      "The other four occurred early Sunday morning,"
      January 23, 2005, "the first at an intensity of 4.5 and
      the final one at 5.0" on the Richter scale.
      "While most of the quakes occurred offshore from
      Manta, others were recorded in the vicinity of Esmeraldas,
      180 kilometers (112 miles) northwest of Quito.
      On Monday, January 24, 2005, at 6:23 p.m., a quake
      measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale shook the ocean floor
      45 kilometers (28 miles) southwest of Portoviejo, a
      fishing town located 275 kilometers (170 miles) west-
      southwest of Quito. (See the newspapers Las Ultimas
      Noticias of Chile for January 24, 2005, "Ecuador: 11
      earthquakes in four days," and El Comercio of Peru for
      January 26, 2005, "Another temblor in Ecuador." Muchas
      gracias a Scott Corrales, Liliana Nunez Orellana y Monica
      Gaetano de Silva por estes articulos de diario.)


      "Astronomical experts have joined forces with puzzled
      Shropshire residents in a bid to identify the mysterious
      beam of light spotted in the county's skies."
      "People across the county stopped in their tracks as
      a massive beam of light lit up the early morning skies on
      Tuesday," January 18, 2005. "But no one could explain
      what caused the eerie light, which disappeared three
      seconds later."
      "Now county residents and top boffins (UK slang for
      scientists--J.T.) have drawn up a list of possible
      explanations, including an iridium flare, a burning
      meteor, a bright searchlight, aircraft landing lights or
      even a UFO."
      "Sue Oliver, 37, of Briarwood, Brookside, Telford,"
      Shropshire, UK "saw the beam of light at 6:40 a.m. while
      walking her dog at nearby Nedge Hill."
      "She said that although she doesn't usually believe
      in 'weird happenings,' after seeing the light, she thought
      it could have been a UFO."
      "Montgomeryshire MP (Member of Parliament) Lembit
      Opik, who has campaigned to raise awareness of the idea of
      a meteorite or comet hitting the earth, claimed the light
      was most likely an iridium flare, which can illuminate
      hundreds of square miles and would look like a bright
      "But Kev Wildgoose, from the Shropshire Astronomical
      Soceity, disagreed and said 40 years of experience has led
      him not to believe it was an astronomical sighting."
      "'I'd be more inclined to identify it as an aircraft,
      perhaps a bright search light,' he said."
      "People in Lancashire also reported something strange
      in the sky on Tuesday," January 18, 2005. (See the
      Shropshire Star for January 21, 2005, "Experts join debate
      on mystery light." Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this
      newspaper article.)


      On Wednesday, January 26, 2005, at 4 a.m., Mark and
      Fran Hirst were sound asleep at their home in Wainuiomata,
      near Lower Hutt on New Zealand's North Island when
      something unusual happened.
      "I was woken just before 4 a.m. by a loud wooshing
      sound like a small tornado," Fran reported, "It became
      louder and louder, and it certainly didn't sound anything
      like a plane or a chopper (helicopter--J.T.). A UFO is
      all I could think of right then."
      "Then I saw a row of bright white strobe lights all
      moving in a circling motion through the (window) curtain.
      It lit the whole room even though the curtain were thick
      and were pulled. It passed overhead at a fairly slow
      "Then the noise and the lights disappeared, and I
      summoned the courage to look out the window. But it was
      nowhere to be seen. Nothing--just a still, quiet night.
      I did not see the actual craft. It was quite low but
      above roof height. A quick approach and an even quicker
      departure, an instantaneous departure."
      Lower Hutt is on New Zealand's North Island, located
      about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Wellington.
      (Email Form Report)


      On Tuesday, January 25, 2005, at 6:15 p.m., Dan F.
      was driving through East Penn Township near Lehighton,
      Pennsylvania (population 5,537) when he saw a cyclindrical
      UFO coming from the west.
      "I was driving home on Route 895, looking west and
      saw a flat, bar-shaped structure of white lights heading
      towards me," Dan reported, "I at first thought it was a
      plane but then realized it was very large and very low.
      It veered south toward the valley along the Blue Mountains
      and was probably 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters) above
      the ground."
      "It made a steep turn and headed back towards the
      highway, as I slowed down to almost a stop to get a better
      look at it. There is nothing (in the township--J.T.) but
      old abandoned (stone) quarries, some farmland and
      woodlands along the stretch, and this would be nowhere
      near large enough to hold whatever it was."
      "As soon as I slowed down enough and was within a
      quarter-mile (0.4 kilometers) of the object, it made a
      showy right turn towards the mountains and promptly
      vanished. I turned off my radio and opened my window and
      heard no sounds at all. The skies were relatively clear.
      (The UFOs) speed variable, sometimes very fast, at other
      times almost floating."
      Lehighton, Pa. is on Highways 476 and 209,
      approximately 18 miles (30 kilometers) north of Allentown.
      (Email Form Report)


      On Friday, January 14, 2005, Kenneth Seay was
      outdoors in Charles City County, Virginia, southeast of
      Roxbury (population 500) when he spotted an unusual
      glimmer in the southwestern sky.
      "They were just above the horizon," Ken reported,
      "Pulsating with red, green, yellow and blue lights. The
      three of them stayed still for several moments. Then they
      moved directly west. They were closer and I could barely
      see lights in them. They stayed for about 15 minutes,
      then the closest one faded, vanished. There were still
      colored lights around. Their height was just above the
      horizon, and their speed was very slow."
      Roxbury, Va. is on Route 106 about 20 miles (32
      kilometers) east of Richmond, the state capital. (Many
      thanks to Tracy and Amy Helvey for this report.)


      "A 4.5-kilogram (10-pound) suspected meteorite landed
      in a rice field in northwestern Cambodia, narrowly missing
      a nearby village, police said."
      "'The rock fell on a harvested rice field from the
      sky on Monday morning (January 24, 2005),' said Sok
      Sareth, police chief of Banteay Meanchey province, which
      borders Thailand."
      "'According to villagers who live nearby, it came
      very quickly from the sky and made a noise like a bomb
      exploding. It dug about 40 centimeters (16 inches) into
      the ground,' he said."
      "'The rock was a little bit black and was hot and
      looks strange compared to other rocks. It was lucky that
      it did not land in the village, or people could have been
      killed,' he said, adding that experts should examine the
      "Pictures of the rock were splashed across the front
      pages of local newspapers" in Cambodia on Wednesday,
      January 26, 2005.
      "Sok Sareth said villagers reportedly wanted to turn
      it into a shrine."
      "'Nobody has asked for it yet, but I have been told
      that some villagers said they want to put it on a shrine
      and pray to it. But we won't allow them to do that. It's
      undignified,' he said." (See the Agence France Presse
      report for January 26, 2005, "Suspected meteor lands in
      Cambodia." Many thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director
      of Skywatch International, for this news story.)


      "Two families of the commune of Victoria" in southern
      Chile "were shocked after finding almost all of their farm
      birds dead inside their henhouses."
      "The first occurred on a property located a few
      blocks from the city's main plaza during the early morning
      hours of Sunday," January 23, 2005. "It was still
      possible to see the feathers of the dead birds scattered
      throughout the sector."
      "People who were in the sector at the time of the
      attack stated that they had gone to bed around 4 a.m.
      without hearing any strange sounds. The first dead
      specimens were locked in a double-gated cage that was kept
      shut at night to keep the poultry safe from mice and cats.
      But the creature opened the gates to the cage, killing ten
      "Afterwards, the strange animal toured the two
      henhouses in the area, killing everything in its way,
      leaving feathers in its path."
      "The next case occurred in a house located three
      blocks from the municipal buildings in the downtown area
      of Victoria. This time, the birds showed clear wounds--
      puncture marks in their extremities and under their wings,
      leaving the birds completely purple, without a trace of
      blood on their plumage."
      "Luis Gonzalez, owner of the property, revealed that
      there was no need for guard dogs since his rooster played
      that role. The rooster kept strangers from approaching
      the enclosure, and its aggressiveness was such that the
      owner" allowed it to patrol the farmyard. "But the
      rooster's natural violence did not keep it from being
      killed by the 'animal' together with six hens."
      "There are other strange cases that had alarmed the
      residents of La Araucania, this time in the vicinity of
      Angol. One such case occurred while the city's jail was
      being built in 2000. A night watchman was doing his
      rounds when he saw a strange animal land on the hook
      holding the streetlight, bending it. The watchman managed
      to see 'something' with wings, measuring one meter (3
      feet, 3 inches), red eyes and completely covered in fur."
      (Editor's Note: Angol is a notorious UFO hotspot. A
      couple had an alien encounter there in 2000. See UFO
      Roundup, volume 6, number 10 for March 8, 2001, "Chilean
      couple's first date turns into an encounter with aliens,"
      page 2.)
      "According to Erasmo Mela, president of IFOV (Spanish
      acronym for Victoria UFO Phenemena Research--J.T.), 'We
      have had at least five cases attributable to the
      Chupacabras, and the same incisions were found on the
      wings. Other characteristics of these attacks are the
      absence of spilled blood. If you see an animal killing
      another, the killer shakes it, spilling blood everywhere.
      There were no traces of blood on the floor,' he stressed."
      "What is strange about the events in Victoria and
      neighboring communities is that the animal, which
      allegedly attacks rural areas, is now active in densely-
      populated areas, including backyards 400 meters from the
      central area of any city, such as its Plaza Mayor." (See
      the Chilean newspaper El Austral for January 24, 2005,
      "Chupacabras behind avian deaths?" Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales y Liliana Nunez Orellana por esto articulo de


      "A disease that has devastated the Tasmanian devil
      population is probably being spread by the animal's
      boisterous sex life, Australian scientists believe."
      The small animal, indigenous to Australia's island-
      state of Tasmania, "has been wiped out in many parts of
      the island over the past three years. The numbers of
      'Nature's janitor,' as the (Tasmanian) devil is nicknamed,
      has fallen from about 150,000 to less than half of that,
      with four out of five dying in some areas."
      "Researchers believe that the animals' habit of
      fighting over decaying carrion and engaging in robust
      sexual foreplay take credit for the speed at which the
      disease has spread. The illness, first noticed about five
      years ago, causes the development of facial tumors that
      leave the animal unable to see or eat." (See The
      Independent of UK for January 27, 2005, "Violent sex is
      'killing the Tasmanian devil.'" Many thanks to Mary Lou
      Jones-Drown for this newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Comment: Spread by a "boisterous sex life," eh?
      Better hope some agent of Al-Qaeda doesn't show up in
      Hollywood for Oscar Night with one of these ailing
      critters on a leash.)


      "Black-and-white photos from the Huygens probe show a
      rugged terrain of ridges, peaks, dark vein-like channels
      and apparently dry lakebeds" on Saturn's largest moon,
      "On Earth, methane is a flammable gas. On Titan, it
      is a liquid because of the intense pressure and cold--274
      degrees below zero" on the Fahrenheit scale.
      "'There is liquid that is flowing on the surface of
      Titan. It is not water--it is much too cold--it's liquid
      methane, and this methane really plays the same big role
      on Titan as water does on Earth,' said mission manager
      Jean-Pierre Lebreton. 'There are truly remarkable
      processes at work on Titan's surface and in the atmosphere
      of Titan which are very, very similar to those occurring
      on Earth.'"
      "A sensor about the size of a police officer's
      nightstick on the front of Huygens probed beneath the
      moon's crust and found a material with the consistency of
      loose sand."
      "Channels on the (Titanian) surface are evidence of
      methane rain. There are also what appear to be river
      systems and deltas, frozen protrusions riddled by
      channels, apparent dried-out pools where liquid has
      perhaps drained away, and stones--probably (methane) ice
      pebbles--that seem to have been rounded by erosion."
      "'Does it rain only once a year? Is there a wet
      season once a year? Does it rain more frequently? We
      don't know,' said another member of the team, Martin
      Tomasko of the University of Arizona. 'The feeling is
      that in the place we landed, it must rain fairly
      frequently, but we can't be more precise than that.'"
      "The area is 'more like Arizona, or someplace like
      that, where the river beds are dry most of the time,' he
      added. 'Right after the rain, you might have open flowing
      liquids, then there are pools, the pools gradually dry
      out, and the liquid sinks down into the surface. Perhaps
      it's very seasonal.'"
      "The river beds are darkened by what appears to be
      particles of smog that fall out of Titan's atmosphere,
      coating the terrain. The dirt apparently gets washed off
      the ridges by the methane rain to collect in the river
      "It did not appear to be raining when Huygens
      descended throught Titan's (orange) haze on parachutes,
      'but it has been raining not long ago,' Lebreton said."
      "Scientists believe the dark smog particles are
      formed by Titan's methane, breaking up in the atmosphere.
      That raised another question: where does the methane come
      "'There must be some source of methane inside Titan
      which is releasing the gas into the atmosphere. It has to
      be continually renewed, otherwise it would have all
      disappeared,' Owen said."
      "Lebreton, the mission manager, said a next possible
      step in Titan exploration would be to send mobile probes,
      perhaps balloons to float around before landing."
      "The Mars Rover team has already contacted him to say
      that 'they really now are dreaming of sending their rovers
      on the surface of Titan,' he added. 'This is highly
      possible--that we can now dream seriously of sending
      rovers on the surface of Titan. We just need the money.'"
      "The probe was named after Titan's discoverer, the
      Seventeenth Century Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens."
      "Huygens was spun off from the Cassini mother ship on
      (Friday) December 24 (2004). The $3.3 billion Cassini-
      Huygens mission to explore Saturn and its moons was
      launched in 1997 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, a joint
      effort between NASA, the European Space Agency and the
      Italian Space Agency. Titan is the first moon other than
      Earth's to be explored." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-
      Tribune for January 23, 2005, "Titan: Scientists unsure
      how often methane rains down on the moon's surface," page


      Just a few days after "the Blizzard of 2005," more
      snow fell on the USA's six New England states, with very
      heavy accumulation on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which
      still hasn't dug out from the previous storm.
      "Hard on the heels of last weekend's Northeast
      blizzard, another snowstorm on Wednesday," January 26,
      2005, "gave Boston its snowiest month ever and sent a
      chill down South that could coat the region in ice."
      "Boston, which had 42.2 inches (105.5 centimeters)
      blew past the mark for its snowiest January (39.8 inches
      or 99.5 centimeters in January 1966--J.T.) and beat its
      record for a single month, set in February 2003 with 41.6
      inches (104 centimeters)."
      "Providence (Rhode Island), with 34.5 inches (86.2
      centimeters) through Tuesday," January 25, 2005, "flirted
      with its snowiest January, also in 1966, of 37.4 inches
      (93.5 centimeters)."
      "Cape Cod and Nantucket (island) were the hardest hit
      last week, getting two to three feet of snow. The
      National Weather Service said the two spots could get the
      most" on Wednesday, as well, "with up to 9 inches (22.5
      centimeters) forecast."
      "Massachusetts Gov. Milt Romney asked President Bush
      to declare a federal emergency for 10 counties still
      hurting from the blizzard."
      In the Taunton-Attleboro region of Massachusetts,
      "the followup punch to the weekend Blizzard of 2005 turned
      out to be a feather tap Wednesday, delivering far less
      snow than expected. Up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) of
      snow had been forecast, but the Attleboro Water Department
      had recorded 6.5 inches (16 centimeters) of snow from the
      storm, pushing the record-breaking monthly total to 51.25
      inches (127 centimeters), the most that the city has ever
      received in any month."
      Near-record accumulations of snow have also been
      reported in Duluth, Minnesota (population 86,918) and the
      communities along the north shore of Lake Superior.
      According to the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune, "Along
      the hills that define Minnesota's North Shore of Lake
      Superior, the snow already is so deep this winter that..."
      (1) "Snowmobiles are getting stuck if they venture
      off groomed trails."
      (2) "Homeowners are having to shovel in front of
      their ground-level windows just to let some light into the
      (3) "There's too much snow for snowshoeing at least
      off packed trails."
      (4) "People are spending hours moving snow piles...to
      make room for more snow piles."
      Larry Schanno, owner of Our Place tavern and
      restaurant in Finland, Minn., 75 miles (120 kilometers)
      northeast of Duluth, said, "I've never seen a winter where
      we had 100 inches (250 centimeters) of snow, and January
      isn't even over yet."
      "Actually, it's more like 111 inches (277
      centimeters), recorded right across the street at the
      Minnesota Department of Natural Resources office in
      Finland. There's about 40 inches (100 centimeters) still
      on the ground, thanks to a stunning four-day snowfall
      total--between January 19 and January 22--of 45.5 inches
      (113.75 centimeters)."
      "The Finland area has become the region's snow
      capital this winter, surpassing even Wisconsin's South
      Shore snowbelt. Earlier this week, there were 57 inches
      (132.5 centimeters)...It was the most snow ever on the
      ground at Wolf Ridge, Minnesota's snowiest place, and the
      most in Minnesota anyone can recall in 45 years."
      "'You have to be careful where you step or you go up
      to your armpits,' said Adam Barnett, a Wolf Ridge
      naturalist who takes his turn at 7 a.m. each morning to
      record the daily snowfall and snow depth totals."
      The snow depth at Wolf Ridge, on the outskirts of
      Finland, Minn. was "just a couple of feet shy of the all-
      time state snow-on-the-ground record of 75 inches (187.5
      centimeters) set in 1950" at Pigeon River, Minn. "on the
      Ontario border."
      "And there's still two months of winter."
      "'That's what's so unusual. That we have so much
      snow on the ground, and we aren't even into February,'
      said Sam Stanfield, climate expert with the National
      Weather Service in Duluth."
      "'Duluth has more snow on the ground than Marquette,
      Michigan, and that's unheard of. We're approaching usual
      seasonal totals already and we have a lot of snow to
      (Editor's Comment: That's for sure! Marquette is in the
      heart of what they call "the Big Snow Country" at the
      western end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.)
      According to the North Shore Journal, tiny towns such
      as Silver Bay, Beaver Bay, Tofte, Schroeder, Lutsen, Lax
      Lake and French River, Minn. have received incredible
      amounts of snow. "No matter how you say, it's still SNOW.
      With 79.5 inches (198 centimeters) fallen this season, and
      51.75 inches (129.4 centimeters) of those just this month,
      we've had more than our share! Our coldest real
      temperature was minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit...Some areas
      of town (Silver Bay, Minn.) were covered in snow a little
      more than others, but we all got plenty--for sure...Though
      a lot of us are tired of shoveling and snowblowing every
      other day, the resorts, restaurants, hotels and local
      establishments are sure to be singing choruses of 'Let It
      Snow, Let It Snow' well into April (2005)."
      Other cities with heavy snowfall in the region
      include Babbitt, Minnesota with 71.3 inches (178.25
      centimeters); Hurley, Wisconsin with 98 inches (272
      centimeters) and Ironwood, Michigan with 101 inches (279
      Down South, "more than 300,000 homes in Georgia were
      without power Sunday," January 30, 2005, "after a rare ice
      storm virtually paralyzed metropolitan Atlanta."
      "Hundreds of churches canceled services, and icy
      roads contributed to at least two drivers' deaths in
      Georgia and one in South Carolina."
      "'The goal is to get the majority back on by Monday
      evening,' Georgia Power spokeswoman Konswello Munroe
      "At Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, thousands
      of stranded passengers lined up to re-book one day after
      hundreds of flights were canceled. About 300 passengers
      spent Saturday night," January 29, 2005, "at the airport.
      Most flights were operating on schedule by mid-(Sunday)
      morning." (See USA Today for January 27, 2005, "Boston
      sets snow record," page 3A; the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-
      Chronicle for January 27, 2005, "Area dodges the worst;"
      the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for January 27, 2005,
      "North Shore's in deep," pages 1A and 4A; the North Shore
      Journal of January 29, 2005; and USA Today for January 31,
      2005, "300,000 in the dark following Ga. storm," page 3A.
      Many thanks to Mary-Lou Jones Drown, Carolyn Rzepecki and
      Dan Dunphy for these newspaper articles.)


      With "the Big Freeze" blanketing the USA's New
      England states for the second week in a row, weird weather
      popped up in other parts of the world, as well.
      In Iraq, heavy snowfalls smothered the northern
      provinces of Dahuk, Irbil and Sulaymaniyah. On Tuesday,
      January 25, 2005, "15 centimeters (6 inches) of snow fell
      in Dahuk and Al-Aqra," north of Mosul, reported Ayesha al-
      Khatabi, UFO Roundup's Middle East correspondent. "It was
      very wet snow. Car wheels were spinning, and the roads
      were all blocked by stuck vehicles. Even more snow fell
      in the mountains around Raniyah and Rawanduz. Snow
      flurries were reported in Taqtaq, at the desert's edge."
      On Wednesday, January 26, 2005, beachgoers on the
      Mediterranean Sea island of Mallorca were stunned to see
      powdery snow falling from the sky.
      "This was the first snow on Mallorca in several
      decades," UFO Roundup correspondent Diego Carrasco
      reported. "It covered the fronds of the palm trees and
      the lemon, tangerine and olive trees. Cars were skidding
      off the highway between Parma and Manacor. Icicles were
      hanging from roof tiles in San Pablo. Since there were no
      (snow) plows on the island, the (Spanish) government had
      to ship them from Valencia."
      Mallorca is the largest of Spain's Balearic Islands,
      located in the Mediterranean Sea midway between Barcelona
      and Bejaia, Algeria.
      In the southern hemisphere, which is experiencing its
      summer, a storm front dropped a devastating load of hail
      on the Adelaide region in South Australia.
      According to the Australian Broadcasting Corp., on
      Wednesday, January 19, 2005, "Adelaide Hills residents say
      hailstones as large as apples fell" during the "big storm
      over the city."
      "The weather bureau said 27 millimeters (2.7
      centimeters or 1.3 inches) of rainfall was recorded" in
      the Gulf St. Vincent area.
      "Woodside resident Sarah Brayshaw says her (rain)
      gauge shows 60 millimeters (6 centimeters or 2.2 inches)
      fell in just a few hours."
      "She says her roof was pounded by hailstones the size
      of golf balls."
      "'We have a tin roof on our farmhouse and it was big
      and the sound was just deafening,' Mrs. Brayshaw said."
      "'We couldn't go outside because it would've hurt if
      it had fallen on us. It lasted for about three or four
      Readers Len and Becky Darroch told UFO Roundup, "It
      wasn't just Adelaide that was hammered by hailstones.
      Hail fell from Gawler to Willunga, and the noise of it
      hitting the roof drowned out all conversation." (See the
      Iraqi newspaper Al-Siyada for January 26, 2005; Agence
      France Presse for January 27, 2005; and the Australian
      Broadcasting Corp. report for January 20, 2005. Many
      thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi and Zuhur al-Azmat, Diego
      Carrasco and Len and Becky Darroch for these weather

      From the UFO Files...


      "On the gray morning of January 8, 1945, a flock of
      reporters, pencils and notepads at the ready, hovered
      around Admiral Jonas Ingram, commander of the Eastern Sea
      Frontier, in his wardroom aboard a warship in New York
      harbor. The scribes had come for what Ingram's public-
      relations staff had promised would be 'a historic press
      "Ingram, a heavyset, flat-nosed old salt who had
      gained national recognition as football coach at the
      (U.S.) Naval Academy (in Annapolis, Maryland), was one of
      the Navy's colorful characters--and most outspoken.
      Seated behind a long table, Ingram said, 'Gentlemen, I
      have reason to assume that the Nazis are getting ready to
      launch a strategic attack on New York and Washington by
      robot bombs.'"
      "There was a gasp of astonishment from the
      "'I am here to tell you that these attacks are not
      only possible, but probable as well, and that the (USA's)
      East Coast is likely to be buzzbombed within the next
      thirty or sixty days.'"
      "Ingram eyed his listeners, then added grimly, 'But
      we're ready for them. The thing to do is not to get
      excited about it. (The buzzbombs) might knock out a high
      building or two, might create a fire hazard, and most
      certainly would cause casualties. But (the buzzbombs)
      cannot seriously affect the progress of the war.'"
      "The hard-nosed Ingram added that 'it may be only ten
      or twelve buzzbombs, but they may come before we can stop
      "'At any rate,' the admiral concluded, 'I'm springing
      the cat from the bag to let the Huns know that we are
      ready for them!'"
      Coach Ingram's announcement triggered a media
      sensation. The following day, January 9, 1945, the New
      York Times ran the story with the headline ROBOT BOMB
      ATTACKS HERE HELD POSSIBLE. But the war in Europe ended
      on May 8, 1945, and no Nazi rocket came plummeting out of
      orbit to crash in Manhattan.
      Was Coach Ingram given to flights of fancy? Not at
      all. Allied intelligence knew that the Germans were
      working on a "New York Rocket." At least twenty of these
      large rockets were built at the SS underground base at
      Nordhausen. What happened to them is one of the enduring
      mysteries of World War II.
      In his 1952 book, V2--Der Schuss ins Weltall, Major
      General Walter Dornberger, commander of the Peenemunde
      Rocket Research Institute, described the "New York Rocket"
      in detail. He wrote, "Thus the A-9 came into being...the
      missile was planned to reach at a height of about 20
      kilometers (12 miles), a maximum speed of 4,400 kilometers
      per hour (2,800 miles per hour) and then go into a shallow
      curving glide with a peak of nearly 30 kilometers (18
      miles). On arrival over the target at a height of 5
      kilometers (3 miles), it was planned to dive vertically,
      like the" V-1, a primitive rocket-powered cruise missile,
      best known in World War II as "the buzz bomb."
      "A better plan, however, and one which greatly
      improved range, was to construct the A-10, weighing 87
      tons and with a total propellant capacity of 62 tons, as
      the first step of the combined A-9/A-10. The A-9 was
      placed on top of the A-10. The latter had a thrust of 200
      tons for 50 to 60 seconds and gave the rocket a speed of
      4,400 kilometers per hour. After the exhaustion of the
      first step (stage or A-10--J.T.), the A-9 would be ignited
      and lift out of the A-10."
      "Once we reached this stage (in the blueprints), the
      horses fairly bolted with us," Dornberger wrote, "With our
      big rocket motors and step (multi-stage) rockets, we could
      build space ships which would circle the earth like moons
      at a height of 500 kilometers (300 miles) and at speeds of
      30,000 kilometers per hour (18,000 miles per hour). Space
      stations and glass spheres containing the embalmed bodies
      of the pioneers of rocket development and space travel
      could be put into permanent orbits around the earth. An
      expedition to the moon was a popular topic, too. Then we
      dreamed of atomic energy, which would at last give us the
      necessary drive for flight into the infinity of space, to
      the very stars."
      Amazingly, the gang at Peenemunde drew up these
      blueprints during 1942 and 1943. In his book, Gen.
      Dornberger, a child of the Nineteenth Century, admits to
      being a little "disconcerted" by these off-duty bull
      sessions, in which Werner von Braun, Willy Ley, Klaus
      Reidel and even Hitler's favorite aviatrix, Hannah Reisch,
      "chatted with such easy familiarity about outer space, the
      moon, the planets and what forms extraterrestrial life
      might take."
      The question remains: did the A-9/A-10 combo ever
      make it into space?
      There are a handful of clues that it did. In 1968,
      Ballantine published a photo on the back cover of their
      paperback book on German secret weapons of World War II.
      It shows a swept-winged A-9 on top of a cluster of rocket
      boosters. Flames pour out of five nozzles on the array.
      It has the hazy appearance of being shot with a long
      telephoto lens.
      When your editor first saw this photo, I was struck
      by the similarity to the Soviet rockets then being
      launched from Baikonur. Unfortunately, with nothing in
      the photo's background to offer a size comparison, there
      is no telling whether the "customized" Nazi rocket is
      full-sized or merely a much smaller test model.
      On the other hand, on November 19, 1954, Hermann
      Klein, a former scientist at Peenemunde then living in
      exile in Zurich, said he had worked on a Flugeschiebe
      (German for flying disc--J.T.) project at Peenemunde in
      1942. The Nazi saucers were built by a team of three
      scientists--Schriever, Miethe and Belonzo--and the vehicle
      was given the code name V-7.
      On October 10, 1952, the Swedish newspaper
      Aftonbladet reported that a space rocket had been launched
      from an SS facility near Prague (now the capital of the
      Czech Republic--J.T.) in February 1945. The vehicle
      sounds suspiciously like an A-9/A-10. And the launch came
      about a month after Admiral Ingram's press conference in
      New York City.
      During the summer of 1943, the Peenemunde research
      center was siezed by Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler.
      German rocketry became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the
      SS. During a trip to Berlin on September 6, 1943, Gen.
      Dornberger met his new boss, 42-year-old SS-Brigadefuehrer
      Hans Kammler.
      "He had the slim figure of a cavalryman, neither tall
      nor short," Dornberger wrote, "In his early forties,
      broad-shouldered and narrow in the hips, with bronzed,
      clear-cut features, and a high forehead under dark hair
      slightly streaked with gray and brushed straight back, Dr.
      Kammler had piercing and restless brown eyes, a lean
      curved beak of a nose, and a strong mouth, the underlip
      thrust forward as though in defiance. That mouth
      indicated brutality, derision, disdain and overweening
      pride. The chin was well-molded and prominent."
      "One's first impression was of a virile, handsome and
      captivating personality. He looked like some hero of the
      Renaissance, a condotierre of the period of the civil wars
      in northern Italy."
      Kammler was Himmler's most trusted aide. He had a
      reputation of being the man who could get things done. In
      1942, for example, Kammler, an architect by trade, had
      personally designed and supervised the construction of the
      giant Vernichtungenslager (German for destruction camp--
      J.T.) called Auschwitz II, with its capacity for 200,000
      prisoners, at Birkenau in southern Poland.
      Now Himmler had new work for him. The Reichsfuehrer-
      SS wanted an underground factory "completely impervious to
      Allied bombs" that would build all of the contraptions in
      the Peenemunde gang's "blue sky" blueprints. It is not
      known if Hitler approved of this or not--it's part of what
      Colonel-General Erich von Manstein once called "the
      hermetically-sealed SS-Reich"--but Himmler was determined
      to build a workable spacecraft.
      Himmler "urged Pohl to build factories for the
      production of war materials in natural caves and
      underground tunnels immune to enemy bombing and instructed
      him to hollow out workshop and factory space in all SS
      stone quarries, suggesting that by the summer of 1944 they
      should have the 'new cavemen' installed in the greatest
      number of 'uniquely bomb-proof work
      sites'...Brigadefuehrer Hans Kammler succeeded in creating
      underground workshops and living quarters from a cave
      system in the Hartz mountains in central Germany in what
      (Albert) Speer, writing to congratulate him, called 'an
      almost impossibly short period of two months' a feat, he
      continued, 'unsurpassable even by American standards.'"
      With Kammler at the helm, production of V-1 and V-2
      weapons went into high gear. In his book V-1, V-2:
      Hitler's Vengeance on London, David Johnson noted that
      "During the (V-1) Flying Bomb assault, from mid-June to
      early September 1944, 2,419 of the pilotless aircraft
      crash-dived into London. Rail and transportation networks
      were seriously disrupted. War production fell off."
      "Between 8th September 1944 and 27th March 1945, 517
      V-2 rockets struck London, with another 378 falling short
      of their target and impacting in Essex. Throughout

      southern England, a grand total of 1,054 came down. In
      London alone over 2,700 civilians were dead from the
      On March 27, 1945, "the last V-2 to hit Britain came
      down on Orpington, Kent, about 20 miles (32 kilometers)
      south-east of London."
      "On the night of 17 December (1944) a V-2 crashed
      into the Rex cinema in Antwerp (Belgium) during a crowded
      show. When Hitler was informed that 1,100 people,
      including 700 (Allied) soldiers had been killed, by a
      characteristic irony he was reluctant to credit the
      report. 'That would finally be the first successful
      launch,' he observed sarcastically, 'But it is so
      fairytale that my scepticism keeps me from believing it.
      Who is the informer? Is he paid by the launch crew?'"
      But if Hitler had little faith in the V-2, the same
      cannot be said of Himmler and Kammler. Himmler gave his
      aide everything he needed to keep the rocket program
      "Kammler still believed that he alone, with his Army
      Corps and the weapons over which he had absolute
      authority, could prevent the imminent collapse, postpone a
      decision and even turn the scales. The (V-2) transports
      still moved without respite to the operational area" in
      the Netherlands, Dornberger wrote. "Convoys of motor
      vehicles bridged the gaps in the railrways. Kammler's
      supply columns, equipped with infrared devices that
      enabled them to see in the dark, rumbled along the Dutch
      Himmler's interest in spaceflight grew out of his
      personal commitment to the occult. When he had been
      appointed leader of the Schutzstaffel (German for
      Protection Squad--J.T.) in 1929, the group had been a
      small unit within the larger Sturmabteilung or Brownshirt
      militia, a kind of Secret Service devoted to the
      protection of Hitler and the Nazi leadership. By 1945,
      however, Himmler had transformed the SS into "a state
      within a state." Under his direction, the SS had become
      the Schwarze Sonne (German for Black Sun--J.T.), an order
      of mystics that numbered in the low millions.
      In his book Hitler's Flying Saucers, author Henry
      Stevens pointed out, "The Black Sun to these initiated
      individuals was a physical body like our visible sun
      except that the Black Sun was not visible to the naked
      eye...The Black Sun is sometimes represented symbolically
      as a black sphere out of which eight arms extend. Such is
      its most famous rendition on the mosaic floor at
      Wewelsburg Castle which served as the spiritual home of
      the SS."
      Himmler's "scientists were influenced by some ideas
      originating in Asia. Tibet and India are the suspects in
      question. UFOs have been reported over Mongolia, Tibet
      and India for centuries. The ancient Indians even claimed
      to have constructed aircraft which resembled flying
      saucers. These saucers are called Vimanas."
      Since his days in the mystical group Artamen in the
      early 1920s, Himmler had been fascinated with the
      scriptures of ancient India. As a reader of the Rig-Veda
      and the Mahabharata, he would have been familiar with the
      tales of rishis (Hindu wizards--J.T.) visiting other
      worlds in outer space. So perhaps it's no surprise that
      he sent "the German SS-Ahnenerbe, an organization whose
      purpose was associated with researching German ancestry,
      out (on) expeditions to the East with the express purpose
      of acquiring ancient, hidden knowledge."
      Kammler transferred Gen. Dornberger and Werner von
      Braun into the Wasserfall anti-aircraft rocket program in

      late 1944. Meanwhile, work continued on the Schriever-
      Meithe V-7 flying disc. With help from another mystical
      group, the Thule Gesellschaft, the project developed a
      craft called the Haunebu-1. This saucer "had a 25-meter
      diameter, a speed of 4,800 kilometers per hour (3,000
      miles per hour) and carried a crew of nine men."
      In November 1943, a second saucer, the Haunebu-2, was
      built, "slightly larger and could travel 6,000 kilometers
      per hour (3,600 miles per hour) for fifty-five hours."
      A year later, in early December 1944, Gruppe Kammler
      unveiled its showpiece, the Haunebu-3, which "had a
      diameter of 71 meters (234 feet), and could reach a speed
      of 40,000 kilometers per hour (25,000 miles per hour)" and
      remain in space "for up to eight weeks, carrying a crew of
      32 men."
      Unaware of the progress of the Schriever-Miethe team,
      Gen. Dornberger proposed to suspend work on the A-9/A-10
      "New York Rocket." The order was immediately
      countermanded. "But now, at the end of 1944, Kammler
      demanded its resumption," the general wrote, "I had no
      idea why."
      In retrospect, it appears that either Himmler or
      Kammler--it is not at all clear who--planned to use the A-
      9/A-10 as a booster to get the Haunebu-3, now referred to
      as the Ostara (ancient German goddess of the dawn--J.T.),
      into orbit rather than have the big saucer make the trip
      under its own power.
      "On January 8, 1945, the first version of the A-
      9...took off. The control failed about 30 meters (100
      feet) above the firing table (launch pad)," Dornberger
      wrote, "A few days later, we were unable to launch another
      missile because the alcohol tank had developed a leak. At
      last, on January 24 (1945), we had our first success. The
      rocket, climbing vertically, reached a peak height of
      nearly 80 kilometers (50 miles) at a maximum speed of
      4,300 kilometers per hour (2,700 miles per hour)."
      (Editor's Comment: I think this may have been the rocket
      in the wartime photo that appeared on the back cover of
      Ballantine's book.)
      All that needed to be done now was to strap two or
      three A-9/A-10 boosters together, with the Ostara as
      payload, and launch from Himmler's new SS base near
      The same day the A-9/A-10 had its successful launch,
      January 24, 1945, Soviet troops of Marshal Ivan Konev's
      First Ukrainian Front (army group--J.T.) entered
      Auschwitz. Russian soldiers saw for themselves the
      results of Kammler's earlier "big project."
      "On April 3, 1945, I had orders from Kammler to
      evacuate my staff of four hundred and fifty old Peenemunde
      hands to the Lower Alps near Oberammergau. We moved on
      April 6, as the American tanks advanced through
      Bleicherode toward Bad Sachsa," Dornberger wrote, "I
      parted from Kammler and spent the last month of the war at
      Oberjoch near Hindelang with my staff and Professor von
      Braun, who had been injured in an automobile accident."
      So, on April 7, 1945, Hans Kammler, the architect of
      Auschwitz-Birkenau, pulled a disappearing act worthy of
      Houdini. "There are five different versions of his
      death," Henry Stevens wrote, "And they all read like pulp
      Did Kammler head for outer space aboard the Ostara?
      Or did he leave on an even larger spacecraft, the
      Andromeda? Only one person knows the answer to that
      question, and he committed suicide with a cyanide pill on
      May 23, 1945--Heinrich Himmler.
      But if anybody had a really, really pressing need to
      leave Earth in April 1945 it was SS-Brigadefuehrer Hans
      Kammler. (See the books V2--Der Schuss ins Weltall by
      Walter Dornberger, Bechtle Vertag, Esslingen, Germany,
      1952, pages 128, 129, 130, 131, 176, 177, 219 and 235;
      Hitler's Undercover War by William Breuer, St. Martin's
      Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, pages 317, 318 and 319; V-1,
      V-2, Hitler's Vengeance on London by David Johnson, Stein
      & Day Publishers, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., 1981, pages 193,
      194 and 195; Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T.
      Wilkins, The Citadel Press, New York, N.Y., 1955, pages
      252 and 253; Himmler by Peter Padfield, MJF Books, New
      York, N.Y., 1990, pages 389, 464, 481, 482 and 611;
      Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-1945 by Max
      Hastings, Alfred A. Knopf, 2004, pages 171, 172, 248 and
      492; Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the
      Politics of Identity by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, New York
      University Press, New York, N.Y., 2002, pages 166, 167 and
      168; and Hitler's Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens,
      Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, Illinois, 2003, pages
      86, 87, 89, 90, 95, 158, 160, 161, 225, 264 and 265.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for
      more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth--and occasionally, Titan--brought to you by
      "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2005 by Masinaigan Productions, all
      rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO
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      the date of issue in which the item first appeared.

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      UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 15 April 13, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor E-mail: Masinaigan@al.com Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup MYSTERIOUS BLUE BEAM
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 12, 2005
        Volume 10, Number 15
        April 13, 2005
        Editor: Joseph Trainor

        E-mail: Masinaigan@...
        Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup


        "Witnesses at Colonia de Sacramento" in Uruguay, a
        small country in South America, "said a powerful beam of
        light was seen in the heavens. The hypothesis was put
        forth by a military man on Radio 10" in Montevideo, the
        national capital.
        "Uruguayans are still wondering what it was. The
        hitherto unexplained event occurred in recent days."
        "Residents of Puerto Sauce and Colonia de Sacramento
        claim having seen 'a very intense beam of light that
        appeared suddenly in the heavens.' They also claim that
        there was a deafening sound and the windows rattled in the
        community's homes."
        "In an interview with Radio 10, Colonel Jose Luis
        Vignoli, press officer for the Fuerza Aerea Urugayense
        (FAU or Uruguayan Air Force--J.T.) said that 'a missile
        was involved.'"
        Col. Vignoli "said 'the control tower at Carrasco
        Airport received signals from two airliners.' One of the
        pilots, a Lufthansa captain, reported seeing a luminous
        "The (Lufthansa) airliner had taken off from Ezeiza
        International Airport near Buenos Aires," the capital of
        Argentina, "and was in the vicinity of Carrasco. The
        pilot contacted the tower again, describing the object as
        'very luminous' and as if 'resembling a fireball.'"
        (Editor's Note: Ezeiza Airport in Argentina is 200
        kilometers or 120 miles west of Carrasco Airport in
        "Later on, another aircraft--a courier flight by an
        FAU pilot--also reported a luminous object crossing the
        "This pilot reported seeing 'an intense reflection
        against the waters of the Rio de la Plata,'" the
        freshwater estuary that lies between Montevideo and Buenos
        Aires, "and that it could be a rocket or missile. The
        other pilot described types of flames in an ascending
        "The second pilot also said that the flames could be
        from the afterburner of another (jet) aircraft.
        Afterburners enable pilots to obtain maximum acceleration
        in a matter of seconds."
        "It is based on these descriptions that the FAU
        believes that the unknown object 'could be a missle.'
        This merely deepens the mystery because Uruguay has
        neither missiles nor launch facilities."
        "Col. Vignoli explained on Radio 10: 'We can neither
        confirm nor affirm anything at this time,' rejecting the
        possibility that it could be related to 'matters
        Colonia de Sacramento is located about 160 kilometers
        (100 miles) west of Montevideo. (Muchas gracias a Scott
        Corrales y Christian Quintero del grupo Planeta UFO para
        estas noticias.)
        (Editor's Comment: Welcome to South America, Take it Away
        Week here at UFO Roundup. The current flap began with the
        abduction last week of Vanderlei Rodrigues dos Santos in
        Brazil's southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. Now
        it's spread into neighboring Uruguay and northeastern


        On Wednesday, April 6, 2005, TV Canal (Channel) 13 in
        Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina conducted an
        interview with Capt. Alvaro Castillo of the Fuerza Aerea
        Uruguayense (FAU or Uruguayan Air Force--J.T.) about the
        recent UFO sightings in Uruguay's southern coastal region.
        "He spoke of 'a missile or a downed combat aircraft'" as
        being the cause.
        "Meanwhile, UFOs were seen in Concordia," a medium-
        sized city in Argentina's Entre Rios province, right on
        the border with Uruguay.
        On Tuesday night, April 5, 2005, "volunteer
        firefighters in Villa Zorraquir," a town 20 kilometers (12
        miles) north of Concordia, "picked up a distress call on
        VHF radio from an aircraft identifying itself with three
        numerals. They immediately contacted the control tower at
        Comodoro Pierresteguy Airport, and the Fuerza Aerea
        Argentinera (FAA or Argentinian Air Force--J.T.) requested
        reports from all of the airports in the region. But no
        flight with Concordia as its destination was confirmed."
        "Residents of Salto," Concordia's neighboring city
        across the border in Uruguay, "claimed to have seen 'an
        airplane is distress' flying at a low altitude over their
        "A police detachment in Concordia in Entre Rios
        received reports of an alleged missile or aircraft in the
        vicinity of Termas Vertientes de la Concordia that was
        using a high-powered searchlight. Reports of the
        mysterious aircraft were received from that vicinity at
        11:50 p.m. last night (Tuesday, April 5, 2005)."
        "The FAA requested information from all airports in
        the province as to when an aircraft bound for Concordia
        could have been seen. This information was forwarded to
        the Third Aerial Brigade, headquartered at Parana. No
        plane had departed in the direction of Concordia. The
        three numerals of its call sign suggested that it could be
        an experimental (FAA) plane."
        "A news crew from TV Canal (Channel) 5 set out
        immediately for the thermal baths in that location,
        ascertaining that neither the employees of the baths nor
        the tourists visiting there had witnessed the crash of the
        alleged airplane."
        "Police officers, after combing the thermal baths and
        their vicinity, decided to return to their stations after
        alerting the Carabineros (Argentinian national police--
        J.T.) to be alert to the possible appearance of 'a phantom
        aircraft'" over the Rio Uruguay valley.
        Concordia is located 400 kilometers (250 miles) north
        of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Its neighbor,
        Salto, is located 480 kilometers (300 miles) northwest of
        Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. (See the Argentinian
        newspaper El Sol Matutino for April 6, 2005, "Phantom
        aircraft crashes?" Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
        Christian Quintero para esto articulo de diario.)


        On Monday, April 4, 2005, "a mutilated cat was found
        on an estancia (country estate--J.T.)" in rural La Pampa
        province, Argentina, about 640 kilometers (400 miles)
        southwest of Buenos Aires, the national capital.
        "Just before the carcass was found, the witnesses
        allegedly saw strange lights in the sky and heard guttural
        sounds resembling 'the sound of the wind,' after which she
        (the owner--J.T.) found the mutilated pet."
        According to Argentinian ufologist Raul Oscar Chaves,
        La Pampa has been plagued with animal mutilations for the
        past month.
        "A while ago, we learned that ten mutilated cows had
        been discovered here in the province," Raul reported, "The
        most startling impact is that crop circles were found in
        the pasture, and all of the cows appeared in one circle,
        with their heads pointing towards the center of the
        Raul added that members of CIUFOS-La Pampa visited
        the site of the cattle mutilation and undertook a detailed
        survey of the scene. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
        Raul Oscar Chaves para estas noticias.)


        Daylight disc UFOs flying over the city of Culiacan
        in Mexico's state of Sinaloa were captured on videotape by
        Juan Antonio Lopez, a local resident. Lopez "managed to
        obtain excellent footage of the UFOs over his city,"
        Mexican ufologist Ana Luisa Cid Fernandez reported. "Upon
        viewing the video, strange shining structures can be seen
        moving around at high speed."
        Culiacan is 460 kilometers (276 miles) northwest of
        Mexico City.
        The Culiacan sighting is just the latest in a series
        of recent encounters in Mexico.
        On Sunday, March 20, 2005, Prof. Cid "photographed a
        spherical silver UFO over Tlalnepantla," a suburb 10
        kilometers (6 miles) north of Mexico City. "Days later,
        she discovered a police helicopter in the photo." The
        helicopter "was flying at low altitude to monitor a
        disturbance of some area street peddlers. The UFO became
        apparent when she doubled the size of the photo."
        On Tuesday, March 22, 2005, "according to a report by
        aircraft technician Alfonso Salazar, Radio Rojo News
        reported that a spherical UFO had been reported hovering
        motionless over Tlalnepantla. The news report was made by
        Jorge Flores, a reporter for Radio Rojo, and Guadalupe
        Juarez, a reporter on Radio Rojo's nighttime news hour."
        The following day, Wednesday, March 23, 2005, Salazar
        and another Mexican ufologist, Carlos Guzman, were
        interviewed about the Tlalnepantla sightings by Radio
        On Thursday, March 24, 2005, "Sra. Malena Mendieta
        told Prof. Cid that she had witnessed 'strange low-flying
        lights' near her home in the barrio Patera Vallejo
        (neighborhood) north of Mexico City. The lights emitted a
        buzzing sound that surprised Sra. Mendieta greatly. This
        sighting took place during the early morning hours, and
        she was in the company of her daughter."
        During a skywatch on Friday, March 25, 2005, Mexican
        ufologists Alfonso Salazar and Salvador Guerrero "manged
        to observe and record on video a spherical object on the
        east side of Mexico City. The UFO suddenly shifted speed
        and embarked on a new trajectory at the exact moment the
        (Good Friday reenactment of the) Crucifixion was being
        executed in Ixtapalapa."
        On Saturday, March 26, 2005, "an amateur television
        cameraman captured video of a spherical object emitting
        white lights in Mexico City's northern region, flying at
        high altitude from south to north," according to ufologist
        Alfonso Salazar. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Ana
        Luisa Cid Fernandez para estas noticias.)


        "Authorities say seven people received minor injuries
        in an apparent natural gas explosion that destroyed the
        rear of a Northeastern University dormitory in Boston,"
        the state capital of Massachusetts.
        "Police spokesman John Boyle said the people who were
        hurt were sent to area hospitals."
        "The explosion sent flames shooting through the
        dormitory Wednesday," April 6, 2005, "injuring seven
        people and severely damaging the six-story brick
        "Victims were treated for broken bones, cuts and
        burns, but no one was seriously hurt, said Richard Serino,
        Boston's emergency services director."
        "The Fire Department said the explosion probably was
        caused by a gas leak in the boiler room of Kerr Hall."
        "Kerr Hall houses dormitories and a faculty center"
        belonging to Northeastern University, whose main campus is
        a short distance away on Huntington Avenue.
        "The injured included students, faculty, staff and a
        utility worker sent to investigate the gas leak."
        "Kerr Hall on Boston's Fenway has been evacuated
        while the State Fire Marshal's Office investigated the
        scene. The blast occurred at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday, and its
        cause is not yet known. Fire crews arriving at the scene
        reported smelling a strong odor of gas." (See the Boston
        Herald for April 7, 2005, "Dorm explosion injures seven;"
        the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-Chronicle and the Kent County
        Daily Times of West Warwick, R.I. for April 7, 2005. Many
        thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown and Terry Duckworth for
        these newspaper articles.)
        (Editor's Note: The Fenway, known in the Seventeenth
        Century as "the Fens," was the home of occultist Susan
        Pickman before she moved to Salem "on the North Shore" in


        Pope John Paul II (birth name: Karol Wojytla) passed
        away on Saturday, April 2, 2005, following a long illness,
        and had his funeral at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome on
        Friday, April 8, 2005, thereby fulfilling a prophecy made
        in the Tenth Century A.D. by St. Malachy.
        During a series of visions in his native Ireland, St.
        Malachy was given Latin names to identify the popes of the
        future. He said one of the Popes of the Last Days would
        be known as De Labore Solis (Latin for Labor of the Sun,
        meaning The Pope of the Eclipse--J.T.)
        Pope John Paul II was born on May 8, 1920 in Poland,
        during an eclipse of the sun. Fortean researcher Loren
        Coleman pointed out, "Interestingly, there was an eclipse
        of the sun on April 8, 2005," the day of the pope's
        funeral. "The April 8 sun is an annular/total eclipse,
        with a maximum duration of 42 seconds on a 25-mile (40-
        kilometer) wide path in a remote region of the southern
        Pacific Ocean and ends with a hint of shadow touching
        South America."
        Coleman also pointed out that, astrologically
        speaking, the pope's "sun happens to fall right on his
        descendent, opposite his Mars."
        "The pope was born nearly three months to the day
        after the death of Fatima seer Jacinta Marto in Portugal,"
        UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "Although he did
        not live long enough to canonize the three Fatima seers,
        the pope considered Our Lady of Fatima his patroness and
        also credited her with saving his life during the
        assassination attempt of 1981."
        According to Vatican official Joaqium Navarro Val,
        "God granted Pope John Paul II many gifts, including
        incredible faith-healing and exorcism powers."
        "The Pope's most spectacular exorcism took place in
        1982, when priests told him that 22-year-old Francesca
        Fabrizi was possessed by the devil. Her parish priest,
        Father Giuseppe Baldini, later confided what happened:"
        "'The Pope had barely crossed himself to begin the
        exorcism when she went berserk. Her mouth filled with a
        stinking yellow foam. Her voice became masculine. She
        hurled insults at the Pope as she rolled on the floor.
        Unperturbed, the Pontiff recited the prayers of the
        exorcist ritual.'"
        "'Several times he ordered the devil 'In the name of
        God, whoever you are, I order you to leave the body of
        this woman!'"
        "'At that point, the demon fled the victim's body.
        She became still, then took the pope's hand and kissed
        "A year later, Francesca returned to the Vatican--to
        have her new-born baby blessed by the man who'd freed her
        from her demon."
        "Given just weeks to live, Kay Kelly survived for 12
        more years--thanks to a meeting with the pope."
        "In 1979, doctors told Kay, a 32-year-old English
        mother of three, that she had incurable cancer. Her dying
        wish was to meet the pope."
        "When Kay met the Pontiff, he took her head in his
        hands and prayed. Her tears poured onto his hands.
        Afterward, her constant pain suddenly disappeared--along
        with her tumor."
        "The miracle was confirmed when she died 12 years
        later" in 1991 "from heart problems. An autopsy showed no
        sign of cancer."
        "The Pope was visiting the Philippines in 1981 when
        he met Mother Vangie, a nun working in a Manila slum who'd
        been wheelchair-bound for 13 years. She told him about
        the accident that had left her paralyzed; he reached out
        to place his hands on her head and pray."
        "Moments after the pope left, Mother Vangie stood and
        In Italy, "Father Andrea Palamides, a deputy parish
        priest at a church near Rome, is convinced that the Pope
        had the power to work miracles--because he experienced it
        first-hand, too."
        "Father Palamides lost his sight in 1993 after being
        beaten by muggers. A few months later, he was granted a
        special audience with the Pope."
        "'The Holy Father put one hand on my head and held my
        hand tightly with the other,' he recalled, 'A few days
        later, on Easter eve, I suddenly regained my sight. I
        believe it was the Pope's touch that allowed me to
        miraculously see again.'"
        "In the Roman Catholic Church, a deceased communicant
        needs at least two demonstrable miracles to be canonized
        or declared a saint," Trainor said, "Pope John Paul II
        already has four lined up." (See the National Enquirer
        for April 18, 2005, "How the Pope changed our lives," page
        21. Many thanks to Loren Coleman for the astrological
        reading and St. Malachy prophecy.)


        "They came as if on Easter pilgrimage--from Mitchells
        Plain, Retreat, Bontehuewel and Manenberg--to see the
        image of a crucified Christ on a frosted bathroom window
        in Lavender Hill," near Cape Town in South Africa.
        "But a glass expert has cast doubt on the phenomenon,
        saying the type of glass indeed produces signs which
        explain the 'vision.'"
        "Since it was first seen just more than a week ago,
        the 'vision' has attracted crowds of people who residents
        say have pushed and shoved their way into the bathroom of
        the Petersen family's ground-floor flat in Parkin Court."
        "Remena Petersen, 18, who first saw the image when
        she looked through her bathroom window on (Sunday) March
        20 (2005), told the Cape Argus last week that she had been
        moved to tears when it happened."
        "But on Monday (March 28, 2005), people were still
        flocking to her home. Remena declined to comment,
        insisting that she first be paid for the interview."
        "She did say, however, that the Christ, flanked by
        six angels, was visible after dark."
        "Another Parkin Court resident, 17-year-old Dionna
        Esau, said that while the curious are still coming, the
        numbers have dropped."
        "'People really believe that it's an angel,' she
        said, 'They say that when you go into the bathroom, you
        get a good feeling.'"
        "However, unlike her neighbours, she doesn't believe
        the image is a religious sign."
        "'It did look like an angel, but it's not,' she said,
        'I think it's a reflection of the moon or a light.'"
        "Nazli Petersen, 29, a neighbour who has lived on the
        same block of flats for nearly 12 years, said she had
        first seen the image last Monday (March 21, 2005) when 'an
        image of Jesus' had been 'quite clear.'"
        "When she visited the flat again on Wednesday night
        (March 23, 2005), the image appeared to be fading."
        "'Maybe it's a sign for all of us in Lavender Hill to
        make peace with the Lord,' she said." (See the newspaper
        Cape Argus of South Africa for March 29, 2005. Many
        thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


        "Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms struck several
        states in the (USA's) South on Wednesday," April 6, 2005,
        "injuring at least nine people and destroying more than 30
        homes in Mississippi."
        "High winds also tore the roof off a high school
        there, but the 650 students inside were uninjured."
        "Damaging winds and heavy rain stretched from New
        Orleans (Louisiana) to the Tennessee River Valley, said
        Anthony Diaz, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel.
        Mississippi alone reported 30 tornadoes."
        "Worst hit Wednesday: rural Rankin County, southeast
        of Jackson, Miss. Storm after storm pummeled the area for
        several hours, Diaz said."
        "At least 22 homes were destroyed and eight people
        were injured, one of them critically, said Lea Stokes, a
        spokeswoman for the Mississippi Emergency Management
        "National Weather Service officials said the tornado
        was rated an F3 on the Fujita scale; its winds ranged from
        158 mph to 206 mph (miles per hour--J.T.). The most
        severe tornado, an F5, can have top winds of 318 mph."
        The F3 tornado tore right through the trailer park in
        Brandon, Miss. (population 16,436), a town in northern
        Rankin County, about 7 miles (11 kilometers) east of
        Jackson, the state capital. The Cook family's "mobile
        home was unoccupied when it was destroyed by the tornado.
        It also affected the 587 customers south of Thomasville
        Grocery in Brandon."
        Curiously, Brandon has become "the Tornado Capital of
        Mississippi," having been "hit by three in the past dozen
        years, according to the National Weather Service." An F3
        tornado in 1992 "took a similar path" as Wednesday's
        Fortean researcher Loren Coleman pointed out that the
        lexilinks phenomenon may be at work here. The town, he
        noted, "has the same name as Jim Brandon," the author of
        the 1978 book Weird America. And it was Jim Brandon who
        first noticed that tornadoes always seem to zero in on
        trailer parks.
        "Jim Brandon's name game and lexilinks to tornadoes
        and trailer parks," Loren added, "The cosmic joker strikes
        Another store was destroyed in McComb, Miss.
        (population 13,337), on Interstate Highway I-55 about 65
        miles (108 kilometers) south of Jackson.
        "Splintered pine trees, pink insulation and snapped
        power lines littered streets. Fallen trees smashed
        several vehicles."
        "'We've got trees in our yard that don't belong to
        us,' said Sandra Cook, whose home in the community of
        Monterey was destroyed."
        According to Lea Stokes, "sixteen counties in
        Mississippi reported storm damage. She said 29 houses,
        eight mobile homes and two businesses were destroyed, and
        dozens more were damaged."
        "In Smith County, wind tore the roof off Mize High
        School. School officials moved the 650 students onto the
        first floor of the two-story school before the wind hit.
        No one was injured, said county schools Superintendent
        Warren Woodrow."
        Mississippi "Gov. Haley Barbour declared a state of
        emergency in storm-damaged areas." (See USA Today for
        April 7, 2005, "Storms, tornadoes rock the South," page
        3A; the New Orleans Times-Picayune for April 8, 2005,
        "Folks return to damaged homes in Mississippi;" and the
        Jackson, Miss. Clarion-Ledger for April 8, 2005, "Twister
        cleanup under way," and for April 9, 2005, "Families
        rebuild lives wrecked by tornadoes." Many thanks to Loren
        Coleman for these newspaper articles.)


        "It sounds like a crazy story. But it isn't a croc."
        "No, the monster tale circulating around town
        (Rehoboth, Mass.) has to do with another type of large
        reptile--a 3-foot (0.9-meter) alligator that approached a
        10-year-old boy near a pond in southern Rehoboth and was
        literally clubbed to death."
        "The alligator wriggled its way into local wildlife
        lore (Saturday) March 26 (2005), when the police responded
        to an emergency call at 144 Pleasant Street and found the
        creature dead on the front lawn."
        "The boy who lives at the home told Officer Brian J.
        Thibodeau that he was in his backyard when the alligator
        emerged from a nearby pond and started to attack him."
        "According to Thibodeau's police report, the boy said
        the alligator scared him, so he hit it with a golf club.
        The boy told the police he had spotted another alligator
        in the pond."
        "When Jane Foster, the town animal control officer,
        got the call to head to Pleasant Street, she wasn't told
        what the problem was. It wasn't until she was driving to
        the address that she heard a dispatcher say that the
        situation involved alligators."
        "'I don't usually handle alligators,' she said."
        "Foster said she conducted a thorough search of the
        pond and the area around it, but didn't see any sign of a
        second alligator. She collected the body of the first one
        and later turned it over to the state Environmental
        "'If there was a second alligator, I think it's
        gone,' Foster said, 'I think it's dead. They can't
        survive in this weather. They're warm-weather animals,
        and our water doesn't get warm until much later in the
        "Thus far, the police have yet to figure out exactly
        where the alligator came from. 'We have no idea,' Foster
        "The current theory is that the alligator was being
        kept by someone as a pet, and, when it became too big to
        manage, it was dumped into the pond."
        "'Somebody could have been driving by and just dumped
        him,' Foster said."
        "Robert Arini, a Fish and Wildlife Management
        specialist for the state, said it's illegal to import
        alligators or keep them as pets in Massachusetts."
        "Town officials have been making it their task to
        stress that what happened March 26 is an isolated incident
        and that town residents shouldn't begin worrying about
        alligators crawling out of local ponds."
        That task became a lot harder on Saturday afternoon,
        April 9, 2005 when officers of the Massachusetts
        Department of Environmental Services removed three
        alligators from Bad Luck Pond, located between County
        Street and Hornbine Road in South Rehoboth.
        UFO Roundup correspondent Mary Lou Jones-Drown, who
        lives in Rehoboth, reported, "I received a call late that
        afternoon from a family on Hornbine Road. They sent their
        14-year-old son, Peter, on an errand at 3 p.m. and, as he
        was riding his bike towards the pond, he saw three or four
        police cars there. He stopped and the DES officer told
        him, 'You can't stay here. There's another report of an
        "Peter watched the environmental officers bring out
        three more alligators. They were about 4 to 5 feet (1.3
        to 1.5 meters) long. Nobody could figure out what they
        were doing in Bad Luck Pond. The water's freezing. It's
        only 45 degrees (Fahrenheit), too cold for a reptile."
        "When an hour passed, and no word from Peter, his
        older brother, John D., 23, got in his car and went
        looking for him. John got to the pond just as they were
        taking out the third alligator. The DES people put it in
        the back of a pickup truck. John said he wished he had
        his camera because nobody would ever believe him."
        Mary Lou agrees that the name "Bad Luck Pond" is
        unusual and said it dates back to early colonial times,
        the Seventeenth Century. "I'm not certain how the pond
        got that name," she added.
        Fortean phenomena are no strangers to Rehoboth, which
        forms the southwest corner of Massachusetts' notorious
        "Bridgewater Triangle." In January 1910, a family on a
        sleigh ride saw a silver disc hovering at night over the
        intersection of Routes 44 and 118 in Rehoboth.
        In 1968, "five people saw a strange ball of light
        floating among some trees" on Perryville Road.
        In 1972, Rehoboth police investigated numerous
        sightings of "an African lion" near the Beckwith School.
        Large feline footprints were found, but the beast itself
        was never captured.
        "Rehoboth is also known as 'the Ghost Capital of the
        Commonwealth,'" UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor added,
        "There are more ghosts in Rehoboth than there are witches
        in Salem...or UFOs in Fitchburg." (See the Providence,
        R.I. Journal for April 6, 2005, "Gator incident a new one
        for town officer," pages C1 and C3. Many thanks to Mary
        Lou Jones-Drown for the newspaper article and the
        telephone interviews.)


        "A healing program at Red Lake High School in
        northern Minnesota was postponed and Monday's planned
        start of classes was in doubt after the FBI announced it
        was searching for a gun at the school."
        "'We have uncorroborated intelligence about the
        possibility of a gun on the premises,' FBI spokesman Paul
        McCabe said Thursday," April 7, 2005.
        "Five students, a teacher and a security guard were
        killed in an attack (Monday) March 21 (2005) by student
        Jeff Weise, 16, who then killed himself, the FBI says."
        Weise's fellow student and cousin, "Louis Jourdain,
        16, has been arrested as a possible accomplice." Jourdain
        was arraigned in federal court in Duluth, Minn.
        (population 86,918) on Monday, March 28, and then again on
        Tuesday, March 29, 2005.
        "As law officers on Thursday searched the school for
        a weapon, educators announced that classes will start
        Tuesday," April 12, 2005, "instead of Monday."
        "Authorities with the high school on the Red Lake
        Indian Reservation took the steps Thursday morning after
        the FBI told them of a 'continuing threat.' During the
        day, the FBI, tribal police and officers with the U.S.
        Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) searched the building; it
        could not immediately be determined if anything had been
        "After learning that a gun may have been secreted into
        the school about the time of the shootings, authorities on
        Thursday postponed Monday's scheduled resumption of
        classes and launched an exhaustive search of the
        "No weapon was found, said Pat Mills, public safety
        director for the Red Lake Band of Chippewa (true name:
        Anishinabe--J.T.). Mills said about 30 officers searched
        air ducts, lockers, crawl spaces, nooks and crannies."
        "However, Tom Heffelfinger, the U.S. Attorney for
        Minneapolis, said a search for the gun 'is still going
        on.' He declined to elaborate."
        "Mills compared the report of a gun on the school
        premises to bomb scares that have been known to close
        public buildings. He said officials are required to take
        such tips seriously, particularly in the light of the
        horrors of March 21."
        Jean Whitefeather, "who is principal of Red Lake's
        elementary school, said the part of the high school where
        the shootings occurred will be opened for a private
        healing ceremony and re-entry Monday. Classes will begin,
        on a half-day basis, Tuesday."
        "All of the reservation's public schools and its St.
        Mary's Mission elementary school will have armed officers
        on the premises when students return, Mills said."
        It is still unclear how many Red Lake students were
        members of the group Jeff Weise called "the Darkers," and
        how many of them may have had foreknowledge of the attack.
        "The top federal prosecutor in Minnesota says a Red
        Lake tribal police officer's claim that as many as 20
        students may have known about Jeff Weise's plan to go on a
        killing spree at the reservation's high school was
        'opinion,' and he refused to endorse it."
        "U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger in Minneapolis
        pointed out that the comment, made during a school board
        meeting" Friday, April 1, 2005, "came from a policeman
        whose department is not conducting the investigation into
        the March 21 shootings."
        "'Our investigation into this matter is being
        conducted by the FBI and the BIA and although tribal
        police are consulted, the tribal police are not running
        the investigation or determining the strategy,'
        Heffelfinger said Tuesday," April 5, 2005, "'I respect
        opinions, but this investigation is being handled by
        federal authorities.'"
        "Asked directly how many students may have had
        foreknowledge of Weise's plans, Heffelfinger declined to
        comment, saying the investigation is ongoing."
        "As reports emerged that up to 20 students may have
        known about the plot," Red Lake High student Kevin
        Johnson, 18, told the National Enquirer: 'Jeff planned
        everything down to the last detail--he even made a sketch
        of the school and marked with Xs the rooms he wanted to
        hit most and wrote down a minute-by-minute schedule. He
        had specific targets, and a specific plan.'"
        "'According to his plans, he was going to steal some
        weapons from his grandfather,'" Sgt. Daryl "Dash" Lussier,
        58, of the Red Lake police, who is believed to have been
        the first victim shot, "'and hand them out to his
        accomplices. He was going to get the guns and stash them
        and wait a few days.'"
        "'He wrote that he was going to wait in the woods
        near his grandfather's home and wait for his grandfather
        to leave, then go inside and get the guns.'"
        "'According to Jeff's detailed plans, the first
        target was supposed to be the principal's office, where he
        intended to kill everyone inside. The second target was
        the In-School Suspension room or ISS. Jeff had been
        suspended for making threats and caused plenty of other
        trouble in school and had spent a lot of time in there,
        and hitting it was probably revenge. He was going to kill
        whoever was in there.'"
        "'Then, according to his plan, he was going to move
        down the halls to what he called the A-plus room, where
        students work on basic skills. Once again, he planned to
        shoot everyone inside.'"
        "'He also planned to shoot any students he
        encountered in the halls, especially those he considered
        'popular.' Then, he wrote, he was going to make his way
        to the school gymnasium, shooting all the while, and then
        kill himself in the gym.'"
        No further arrests have been made as of this moment.
        It is unknown if "Mac" and "Rose," two fellow Darkers Jeff
        Weise mentioned in an email, are still on the reservation
        or if they fled following the arrest of Louis Jourdain.
        (See USA Today for April 8, 2005, "FBI looks for gun at
        Red Lake High," page 5A; the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune
        for April 7, 2005, "Federal prosecutor discounts
        widespread knowledge of plot," page 7A; for April 8, 2005,
        "Search for gun delays school's reopening," page 1A; and
        for April 9, 2005, "Search for gun come up empty at Red
        Lake," page 1A; and the National Enquirer for April 18,
        2005, "Killer wanted pals to help shoot more at school,"
        page 24.)
        (Editor's Comment: In the past couple of weeks, I've
        noticed that the incidence of paranormal phenomena in the
        USA has gone down sharply. On the other hand, it has been
        more than offset by the upsurge in school shootings.
        Below is the latest on the copycats.)


        "The father of a high school football player shot and
        wounded the team's coach" at Canton High School "Thursday,
        fled in a truck loaded with weapons, then tried to kill
        himself by slashing his wrists, authorities said."
        "Jeffrey Doyle Robertson, 45, went to Canton High
        School" in Canton, Texas (population 3,292) just after
        classes started and shot coach Gary Joe Kinne in the
        chest, apparently with a .45-caliber pistol, police said."
        "The coach, who is also the school's athletic
        director, was airlifted to a hospital in nearby Tyler
        (population 83,650), and a family spokesman said he was in
        critical condition."
        (Editor's Note: Tyler, Texas is a notorious UFO and
        paranormal hot spot.)
        "Robertson's pickup (a 1994 black Dodge pickup truck-
        -J.T.) was found about two hours later, abandoned on a
        rural road next to a golf course a few miles outside of
        town. Officers found him in the woods with cuts to his
        wrists, said Tom Vinger, a spokesman with the (Texas)
        Department of Public Safety."
        "Television footage showed Robertson being carried to
        an ambulance on a stretcher."
        "Police were investigating a possible motive. On
        Wednesday (April 6, 2005), Robertson's son, Baron, had
        apparently been banned from playing all school athletics,
        said Steve Smith Jr., a senior who was a defensive end and
        a kicker on the team."
        "The father had been banned from the school's campus
        and told not to attend school functions after several
        confrontations with coaches over the past year, Canton
        Police Chief Mike Echols said."
        "Some parents had been upset that Kinne had made his
        son the starting quarterback as a freshman, said parent
        Steve Smith Sr., who described Robertson as 'a very high-
        strung, hot-tempered individual.'"
        "Smith said Robertson threatened his son last year--
        grabbing his shirt and pushing him up against a fence--
        over an on-field teasing. He said Baron Robertson, then a
        freshman, was walking off the field when some older
        students 'razzed' him."
        "'This guy blew up,' Smith said, 'He thought some
        kids were picking on his son. My son wasn't even the one
        who said anything. But he (Robertson allegedly)
        threatened to kill him.'"
        "Smith said he complained to the school and police,
        but Robertson was never charged. Canton school district
        superintendent Larry Davis declined to comment on Smith's
        accusations or complaints from other parents. 'I have no
        personal knowledge of that,' he said."
        "Robertson had worked for six years for Dallas
        Plumbing Co., leaving in 2002 to start his own business
        with another man. Dallas Plumbing President John Downs
        described Robertson as a good employee and a devoted
        father who enjoyed taking his son hunting and fishing."
        "The last time Downs saw Robertson was about six
        months ago, when Robertson had a broken leg, bruises and
        abrasions from a road-rage-related fight on the side of a
        highway, he said."
        "'The last conversation that I had with him was that
        he really needed to learn how to control his temper or he
        was going to get hurt worse than that,' Downs said."
        "A balding man with a goatee, Robertson had a tattoo
        on his arm of cartoon character Yosemite Sam brandishing
        two guns and the words 'Born to Raise Hell.'"
        "The Texas Homeland Security Office had alerted state
        officials about the possibility that Robertson had a hit
        list, but Chief Echols said officers did not find one."
        Canton is on Texas Highway 18 and Interstate Highway
        I-20 about 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Dallas. (See
        USA Today for April 8, 2005, "Coach is shot at Texas High
        School," page 5A and the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for
        April 8, 2005, "Police: Father shoots Texas coach," page


        "A man wearing a bulletproof vest killed two people
        and wounded four others Thursday," April 7, 2005, "during
        a shooting rampage in Maryland and Delaware before police
        arrested him, authorities said."
        As soon as the first three shootings were reported,
        schools on the Eastern Shore of Maryland "were forced to
        go into a lockdown mode."
        "Maryland State Police told WBAL-TV in Baltimore that
        some of the shootings happened in Salisbury (population
        23,743) shortly after 9 a.m. Officials said there were
        three shooting sites--Miami Avenue, Booth Street and
        Chippewa Boulevard."
        "Here we go with the lexilinks again," UFO Roundup
        editor Joseph Trainor commented. "Booth refers, of
        course, to John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President
        Abraham Lincoln in April of 1865. Interestingly, Booth
        operated in that area of Maryland during his career as a
        spy for both the Union and the Confederacy during the
        American Civil War. And we've just seen the word Chippewa
        in the context of the recent school shootings in northern
        Minnesota. The reservation is owned by the Red Lake Band
        of Chippewa."
        "Wicomico County Sheriff Hunter Nelms said 'several'
        victims had been taken to Peninsula Regional Medical
        Center in Salisbury, Md. He said some of the victims are
        in serious condition. A spokesman at Peninsula Regional
        told WBAL Radio that three patients had been brought to
        the Emergency Room with gunshot wounds. He said two were
        'in bad shape' and the third has a superficial wound."
        "There were also reports of gunfire in Delmar,
        Delaware (population 1,407)," a small town on Highway 675
        about six miles (10 kilometers) north of Salisbury. No
        one was wounded, but the car used in the shooting was
        similar to the one scene in Salisbury."
        "Wicomico County school administrators said all 25
        schools in the area--which hold about 14,000 students--had
        been locked down."
        "Delaware State Police assisted police in Laurel,
        Delaware (population 3,668)," a town on Route 13 about 8
        miles (12 kilometers) north of Delmar, "at the scene of
        the multiple shootings at the Discount Land shopping
        center," at the intersection of Route 13 and Discount Land
        Road, "as well as the Carvel Gardens apartment complex on
        Daniel Street."
        "Laurel town manager Glen Steckman, who is also
        serving as spokesman for the Laurel police, confirmed that
        one person died at the Carvel Gardens location. At least
        one person was injured at Discount Land."
        "All three towns--Salisbury, Md., Delmar and Laurel,
        Del.--are on Route 13."
        "Delaware State Police Corporal Jeff Oldham said
        authorities had determined a motive for the attacks but
        were not releasing details. Police said the suspect,
        Allison Norman, 22, did not know any of the victims."
        "Police said the suspect also carjacked a vehicle."
        "Norman was charged with first-degree murder and
        handgun violations, officials said. He failed Wednesday,"
        April 6, 2005, "to appear in court for a motions hearing
        on four earlier firearms charges. Clerk of Courts Mark
        Bowen said the court issued a $10,000 bench warrant for
        Norman." (See the Baltimore Sun for April 8, 2005, "Two
        die in shooting spree." Many thanks to Thomas Bates for
        the newspaper article.)


        "Elena Torres doesn't know who the Minutemen are but
        she watched them as she crouched on the desert floor
        Saturday night," April 2, 2005. "She's a 41-year-old
        mother of three who has crossed the desert six times in
        the past decade to get a job cleaning houses in a wealthy
        suburb of Cleveland."
        "She waited all night for a word from her pollero
        (guide--J.T.) to get up and run across the border."
        "Meanwhile, less than half a mile from where she hid,
        around 50 of the Minutemen--volunteers with a civilian
        border patrol--planted flags in the ground from their
        homes states of California, Texas and New York and kicked
        off the first patrols of their month-long effort to search
        a corner of the Arizona border" with Mexico.
        "All weekend, the Minutemen, many of whom are retired
        servicemen, slathered on sunscreen, stood on top of SUVs
        and peered through binoculars on the lookout for people
        like Torres. Mostly they saw Mexican police watching for
        drug smugglers, young kids cleaning up plastic bottles and
        trash, and the bright orange tunics of Grupo Beta, a
        migrant aid group run by the Mexican government, kicking
        up dust and looking for migrants."
        "Grupo Beta found Torres huddled with 10 others
        yesterday morning (Sunday, April 3, 2005), persuaded them
        to turn back and took them to Grupo Beta headquarters for
        some hot soup. Most of the time, Grupo Beta focuses on
        helping migrants in distress. By the time migrants get to
        the U.S. border, about 15 miles (25 kilometers) east of
        Douglas, Arizona (population 14,312), they've walked for 3
        or 4 miles (5 or 7 kilometers) and can clearly be in
        danger of dehydration."
        "'We don't know the intentions of these Minutemen,'
        said Bertha de la Rosa, the local Grupo Beta coordinator.
        'But we know they are armed. And our job is to protect
        "'I don't think Americans are truly aware of the
        problem,' said 46-year-old John Lehmann, a Minuteman and
        corrections officer from Fleischmann, N.Y. 'I mean, all
        you have to do is see this fence,' he said and pointed to
        a thin string of barbed wire, all that seperates Mexico--
        and potential terrorists, he adds, from the United
        "The Border Patrol has officially disavowed the
        (Minuteman) project and says it merely complicates regular
        operations and endangers agents, migrants and volunteers.
        But there appears to be some support from (Border Patrol)
        agents on the ground. As Lehmann peers through his
        binoculars, a Border Patrol agent in a vehicle slows down.
        'God bless you, man!' he shouts at Lehmann and gives him a
        thumbs-up" sign.
        On their first day of operations, Saturday, April 2,
        2005, the Minutemen "spotted illegal immigrants and
        called the Border Patrol. Eighteen suspects were
        detained, said Andy Adame, a Border Patrol spokesman."
        "Also Saturday, about 150 people, some project
        volunteers, demonstrated in Douglas and Naco (population
        833). They chanted, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, illegal aliens got
        to go,' and sang God Bless America while passing the
        Border Patrol stations."
        During the first few days, "the Minuteman Project
        aided the Border Patrol in the apprehension of 141 illegal
        aliens along the Arizona border and deterred many more
        from attempting to cross from Mexico."
        "Albuquerque (New Mexico) City Councillor David
        Pfeffer said he wants to bring the Minuteman Project to
        his state. Pfeffer said he wants to be personally
        involved in the volunteer effort to patrol the border for
        illegal immigrants and smugglers."
        "'I would be willing to get involved in an effort
        along New Mexico's border,' Pfeffer said."
        "Pfeffer said he attended a gathering Friday," April
        1, 2005, "of Minutemen volunteers in Tombstone (population
        1,504) and that the meeting helped persuade him to support
        the effort. 'What I understood from the message was that
        we have a serious problem at the border,' Pfeffer said."
        "Pfeffer said he would 'absolutely' be willing to get
        involved in a New Mexico citizen border guard project. As
        for carrying a weapon, Pfeffer said he 'wouldn't go there
        unarmed. There is a Mexican drug cartel that has
        threatened people's lives because of this. The smugglers
        that come across the border will shoot at you. So, no, I
        don't think it's unreasonable to think that some people
        around here arm themselves.'"
        "Pfeffer said some residents of Santa Fe, N.M. were
        also present in Tombstone for the purpose of learning from
        their experience."
        "Meanwhile, in Tombstone, Chris Simcox," a local
        newspaper publisher and the project's organizer, "said the
        effort has exceeded expectations so far. 'I'm just
        ecstatic with how successful it's been,' Simcox said, 'We
        want to continue until the government cares. Our
        president and Congress have continued to ignore this
        issue; the most serious threat to national security is the
        "'Our aim is to send a message to Mr. Bush and to
        Congress that they have not listened to the demands of
        citizens,' said Simcox, 'We are showing what homeland
        security should look like. There should be a National
        Guardsman every 2,000 yards (meters) from the Pacific to
        the Gulf of Mexico. You can't find a greater threat to
        the U.S. than right here.'" (See USA Today for April 4,
        2005, "'Minutemen' begin border patrol today," page 10A;
        the Tucson, Ariz. Citizen for April 4, 2005, "Migrants
        keep eye on Minutemen;" and WorldNet Daily for April 6,
        2005, "Minutemen captured 141 illegals so far." (Many
        thanks to Jim Danvers, Corley Gordon and Brad Street for
        these newspaper articles.)
        (Editor's Comment: American newspaper wire services
        stopped coverage of the Minuteman effort in Arizona on
        Tuesday, April 5, 2005. The only places you'll find news
        stories are in the Tucson Citizen and WorldNet Daily.
        Somebody in New York City must have gotten a stern note
        from Ariel Sharon.)

        From the UFO Files...

        1945: FDR...D.O.A.?

        Tuesday, April 12, marks the 60th anniversary of the
        death of what some have called the greatest, and certainly
        most controversial, USA president of the Twentieth
        Century--Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945).
        FDR's death at "the Little White House" in Warm
        Springs, Georgia on Thursday, April 12, 1945 took the
        world by surprise. The original news reports were very
        sparse, claiming that the president had died "suddenly"
        and Vice President Harry S. Truman had taken the Oath of
        Office, and that he had "died in bed" with First Lady
        Eleanor Roosevelt at his side.
        In the six decades that followed, that story
        underwent some serious revisions. First it was revealed
        that old Eleanor had been nowhere near Georgia. Next that
        FDR had been sitting upright, having his portrait painted,
        when he was stricken by a cerebral hemorrhage. Finally,
        in the late 1970s, it was revealed that the president had
        been staying at Warm Springs with his long-time paramour,
        Mrs.Lucy Mercer Rutherford.
        So, exactly what did happen to the USA's thirty-
        second president?
        It's not that easy to tell. For one thing, FDR's
        medical chart vanished from Warm Springs right after the
        funeral train left for Washington, D.C. As with the
        assassination of John F. Kennedy 18 years later, there was
        no autopsy performed at the scene.
        There is no question that, from late 1942 on,
        Roosevelt was in declining health. But for the quick
        intervention of his son James, FDR nearly died of a heart
        attack aboard the presidential train in 1943.
        About a year later, in July 1944, Dr. Howard Bruenn,
        a cardiologist with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New
        York City, joined the president's entourage. Dr. Bruenn
        examined the president three times a week at the Bethesda
        Naval Hospital in Maryland.
        Dr. Bruenn "concluded that he (FDR) was 'in cardiac
        failure,' with a 'grossly enlarged' heart and 'tortuous'
        aorta. 'Appalled at what I found,' Dr. Bruenn said in
        1992 that if he had ever been asked, he would have advised
        that a fourth term for Roosevelt was 'impossible
        "Modern antihypertensive drugs could have relieved
        the burden on Roosevelt's arteries, but those did not
        exist in 1944. As Dr. Bruenn recalled, there was little
        he could do but 'protect him from stress, keep down his
        excitement, insist on him having rest after lunch,'
        cutting back his smoking to six cigarettes a day and
        reducing his weight. After 'obstinately' obeying a rigid
        diet, Roosevelt lost more than 20 pounds, which left him
        looking gaunt and hollow-cheeked."
        Shielded from the public by a friendly media, and
        running as the candidate of two parties, the Democratic
        Party and the Communist Party USA, Roosevelt managed to
        recapture the White House in November 1944, despite GOP
        candidate Thomas E. Dewey's talk about "tired old men" in
        the president's chair.
        Like his arch-enemy Adolf Hitler, FDR was rarely seen
        by the public. He cancelled the traditional Inaugural
        Ball set for January 20, 1945 and gave the shortest radio
        speech of his career. At the Yalta conference, he "didn't
        know if he was on foot or on horseback" and newsreels of
        that event clearly show the president's declining health.
        "On March 24, (1945) the Roosevelts traveled to their
        home at Hyde Park (in New York state--J.T.) for a long
        weekend. There the tranquility of spring's arrival" in
        the state's Hudson River Valley "was soon disrupted by
        troubling news about Poland. (UK prime minister Winston
        D.) Churchill feared (Soviet Union premier Joseph V.)
        Stalin was building the framework for a communist state in
        violation of the agreement struck at Yalta" in February
        "Upon his return to Washington on March 29 (1945), a
        haggard-looking Roosevelt declared his need for more rest,
        and he made plans to immediately go south to Warm
        "He left by train the next day (Friday, March 30,
        1945) with his stamp collection, books and papers packed.
        A crowd awaited him when he arrived at the station in Warm
        Springs--the day before the U.S. invasion of Okinawa
        started--and some were surprised to see that the president
        could not assist the Secret Service men who moved him into
        an automobile."
        (Editor's Note: March 30, 1945 was Good Friday. Nearly
        eighty years earlier, on another Good Friday, April 14,
        1865, John Wilkes Booth had shot President Abraham Lincoln
        at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C.)
        The people of Warm Springs looked on in puzzlement.
        FDR "was dead weight in their arms, and the crowd breathed
        audible apprehension as FDR's head seemed to dangle
        peculiarly. The car conveyed him to the Little White
        House, a small, antebellum style home that FDR used during
        his visits."
        "Newspapers reported that Roosevelt had several
        guests staying with him: his cousins, Laura Delano and
        Margaret Suckley, as well as his secretary, Grace Tully.
        The papers did not, however, report the presence of
        another guest, Lucy Mercer Rutherford, who had been
        Eleanor's assistant and Franklin's lover decades earlier
        (in 1918--J.T.)...Mrs. Rutherford's visit was unknown to
        So the question is: was Roosevelt already dead when
        he was taken off the train?
        There were only a handful of people who would have
        known the truth--the president's Secret Service detail,
        Laura Delano, Margaret Suckley, Grace Tully, Lucy Mercer
        Rutherford and Elizabeth Shoumatoff, a Russian artist and
        friend of Mrs. Rutherford's who had been commissioned to
        paint FDR's portrait. The president's true condition
        could have been kept secret at the isolated rural locale
        of the Little White House.
        Prior to the train's departure from Washington,
        William Hassett wrote in his diary, "He (FDR) is losing
        weight...told me he has lost 25 pounds...no strength...no
        appetite...tires so easily." And he told Dr. Bruenn, "He
        is slipping away from us, and no earthly powers can keep
        him here."
        Okay...so if Roosevelt died on the train March 30,
        1945, who was the president during the intervening two
        weeks before Harry Truman took the oath?
        Somebody in Warm Springs was responding to letters
        from Gen. George C. Marshall, Prime Minister Churchill and
        Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinus on official White
        House stationery.
        Only one Cabinet official visited FDR in Warm Springs
        in April 1945. This was Henry Morgenthau Jr., the
        Secretary of the Treasury, a fellow New Yorker and the
        second Jew to serve in the Cabinet.
        (Editor's Note: The first was Oscar Strauss, the
        Secretary of Commerce appointed by President Theodore
        Roosevelt, who was FDR's older second cousin.)
        Both Morgenthau and Roosevelt were lifelong Democrats
        with roots in New York state politics, ardent Zionists and
        also shared a keen interest in Freemasonry.
        In his new book, The Secret Symbols of the Dollar
        Bill, author David Ovason writes, "Franklin D. Roosevelt
        became a Master Mason in November 1911 (Notice the 911 in
        that date?--J.T.), in Holland Lodge No. 8" of New York
        City, "the same lodge of which George Washington had been
        an honorary member, when inaugurated first (USA) president
        in 1789." Washington had been initiated into Freemasonry
        in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1752 at age 20 and was
        raised to Master Mason at the lodge in Alexandria, Va. in
        "Henry Morgenthau Jr. was made a Mason in April 1922
        in the Obed Lodge No. 984, Poughkeepsie, New York."
        In 1935, during Roosevelt's first term, the president
        and his pal, "Henry the Morgue," completely redesigned the
        USA one-dollar bill, cramming it full of esoteric Masonic
        Take, for example, the phrase E pluribus unum. It's
        a bastardized form of Latin that would have John Charity
        Spring twirling in his grave. The proper phrase is Ex
        pluribus unum, meaning Out of the many, one. What
        happened? Did FDR and Henry spell it wrong? Not at all.
        It's just that Ex pluribus unum has 14 letters, and, for
        some arcane purpose known only to Masonry, there has to be
        13 letters. So they dropped the X.
        In his book, The Conquerors, Michael Beschloss
        offered the latest spin on Roosevelt's death, writing, "In
        Warm Springs that morning (April 12, 1945), Roosevelt had
        awoken with a headache and stiff neck which Dr. Bruenn
        rubbed. By noon, dressed in a double-breasted grey suit
        and crimson tie, he began studying papers. Margaret
        Suckley and Lucy Rutherford sat on a nearby sofa."
        "Dipping into her water colors, Shoumatoff said, 'Mr.
        President, you look so much better today than yesterday.'
        She found that his 'gray (ashen) look' had disappeared and
        that he had 'exceptionally good color.'"
        In a note, Beschloss added, "Doctors later explained
        that Roosevelt's flushness was a warning sign of his
        onrushing cerebral hemorrhage."
        "Roosevelt had told her that the war against Germany
        might end 'at any time.' While she painted, he pulled his
        draft card from his wallet and threw it into his
        "Suddenly, the President's head pitched forward.
        Margaret Suckley asked, 'Have you dropped your cigarette?'
        He said, 'I have a terrific pain in the back of my head.'
        Someone cried, 'Call the doctor--quick!' As Roosevelt was
        carried to bed, he murmured, 'Be careful.'"
        A few things that are troublesome with this story...
        (1) Dr. Bruenn rubbed FDR's neck an hour or two
        earlier. Surely he had seen the flushed face. Why didn't
        he react? Remember, he's been checking FDR's blood
        pressure daily since July 1944. If he saw a cardiac
        patient who had been ashed-faced for weeks suddenly start
        blushing like a schoolboy, wouldn't he at least do a quick
        check of his patient's blood pressure?
        (2) Mrs. Suckley comments on how FDR deftly removed
        the draft card from his wallet and tossed it in the
        wastebasket. Yet "Henry Morgenthau," during his visits,
        "noticed with dismay that FDR's hands trembled and his
        memory of names seemed faulty."
        (3) FDR supposedly said, "I have a terrific pain in
        the back of my head." But the cerebellum is in the lower
        center of the brain. He had supposedly been complaining
        of a headache earlier. Why didn't Dr. Bruenn identify the
        ailment as a vascular headache caused by a sudden
        demonstrable rise in blood pressure?
        (4) How can FDR have died of a cerebral hemorrhage
        when, by his own supposed statement, the pain was in the
        region of the medulla oblongata?
        (5) Finally, where is the president's medical chart?
        Who took it? And why?
        Sixty years later, it's hard to describe the outright
        shock that swept the world at the time of the president's
        death. "Informed of Roosevelt's death, Stalin appeared
        stunned. A devastated Churchill could not at first muster
        a response to the news. Even Japanese radio offered
        praise for the fallen leader."
        FDR's enemies in the USA were deeply suspicious.
        Gerald L.K. Smith, leader of the rightwing Committee of
        One Million, wrote at the time, "Until Eleanor Roosevelt
        explains to the world why the casket, containing the
        remains of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was not opened to be
        viewed by the public, the death of her husband will remain
        an unsolved mystery...Every prominent figure who has
        passed away in modern times has left behind him a
        responsible group of friends and relatives who have
        insisted that his body 'lie in state' to be viewed by the
        public prior to burial. This custom was not only violated
        by the Roosevelt family and the White House palace guard
        as pertains to the public, but even in the case of the
        eldest son, Jimmy, who barely arrived in time to see the
        casket lowered into the ground at Hyde Park...Lifetime
        political henchmen of the ambitious four-term President
        were mystified, dumbfounded, chagrined, even openly
        embarrassed over the way the matter was handled."
        So Eleanor Roosevelt would not even open her
        husband's casket so that son James could have a final
        glimpse of his father. That's strange behavior--even for
        Eleanor. What was she trying to hide?
        Did Franklin D. Roosevelt die of cardiac arrest
        aboard the train that was carrying him to Warm Springs?
        Was the president's body tucked away in the bathtub
        and packed in ice while his good friend, Secretary
        Morgenthau, ran the country for a couple of weeks?
        That's not such a far-out supposition. Until the
        year 2000, and the publication of the book Edith and
        Woodrow, nobody realized that President Woodrow Wilson was
        practically a vegetable following his major debilitating
        stroke in 1919. While the president was bedridden in the
        White House, the USA was run by First Lady Edith Galt
        Wilson and the president's secretary, Joseph Tumulty.
        Of course, that doesn't tell us who put an end to the
        two-week "Morgenthau Administration" and gave the White
        House to Harry S.Truman, who was both a 33rd-degree Mason
        and the thirty-third president of the USA.
        Chalk it all up to yet another unsolved mystery of
        the Twentieth Century. (See the books The Conquerors by
        Michael Beschloss, Simon & Schuster, New York, N.Y., 2002,
        pages 82, 83, 84, 189, 190, 209, 214, 215 and 216; The
        Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill by David Ovason,
        HarperCollins Publishers, New York, N.Y. page 156; Blood
        in the Face by James Ridgeway, Thunder's Mouth Press, New
        York, N.Y., 1995, page 69; and The History Channel
        Magazine for April 2005, "FDR: The Final Days," pages 43
        through 45.)

        Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
        for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
        planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-
        -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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        Cross posting: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 24 June 15, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor E-mail: Masinaigan@aol.com Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/ SMALL
        Message 3 of 5 , Jun 15, 2005
          Cross posting:

          UFO ROUNDUP
          Volume 10, Number 24
          June 15, 2005
          Editor: Joseph Trainor

          E-mail: Masinaigan@...
          Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


          Villagers in a suburb of Katerini, a small city at
          the foot of Mount Olympus in northern Greece, claim to
          have seen a brown Reptoid prowling around their homes.
          The report came on the heels of persistent reports of
          silvery UFOs in the skies over that stretch of the Aegean
          Sea coast, from Katerini to Thessaloniki, 100 kilometers
          (60 miles) to the north.
          Residents of the Katerini area are wondering if the
          Reptoid is a scout for an alien force. Or if he is
          perhaps an escaped prisoner or slave from the large alien
          underground base on Mount Olympus.
          "I would like to report numerous UFO sightings in
          northern Greece near Mount Olympus," correspondent Yannis
          Ioannou reported, "There were four witnesses--my father,
          age 60; my mother, age 55; my sister, 33; and my cousin,
          40. The location is a small village by the sea between
          Katerini and the city of Thessaloniki."
          "The main phenomenon here has been unidentified
          flying objects (UFOs) during the night and sometimes
          during the day. They say they look like 'spheres made of
          mirror.' They're really shiny and make no sound at all.
          They're travelling really fast, making it impossible for
          my family to grab a camera and photograph them."
          Throughout the area, Yannis added, there are
          "persistent rumours that there is an underground base on
          Mount Olympus. Many magazines have done feature stories
          regarding the matter. Credible researchers like (Greek
          ufologist) Mr. Hardavelas have also produced documentaries
          trying to reveal the truth."
          The Reptoid sighting happened in April. Danae
          Metaxas, "my cousin, 40, and her husband," Spiro, "saw the
          entity numerous times inside their house. They also tried
          to capture it, but the entity was moving really fast, and
          it seemed it had the ability to disappear suddenly. This
          sighting happened during the nighttime."
          Danae and her husband "described the entity as really
          short, only 0.9 meters (3 feet) tall, with reptilian
          brownish skin and with white hair. The couple was so
          terrified that they started seeking help from the (Greek
          Orthodox) Church and numerous religious people. They
          thought it was a demon or something."
          "The clothes that the creature was wearing were
          similar to what Arabic people wear," i.e. a burnoose like
          in Algeria or a galabaa like in Iraq.
          "My folks--who are extremely serious people--already
          believe that there is something going on out there.
          Nothing has been reported to the (Greek) authorities, and,
          in my opinion, that's a good decision, as the government
          probably already knows about these activities."
          Yannis is now looking for more witnesses who may have
          seen the Reptoid. "Probably there are more witnesses in
          the village." (Email Form Report)

          EARTH'S CORE

          "Japanese scientists are to explore the center of the
          Earth. Using a drill ship (subterrene or tunneler--J.T.)
          to be launched next month, the researchers want to be the
          first to poke a hole through the rocky crust that covers
          our planet and to reach the mantle."
          "The team wants to return samples from the mantle, 10
          kilometers (6 miles) down, to learn more about what
          triggers undersea earthquakes, such as the one off Sumatra
          that caused the December 26, 2004 (Indian Ocean) tsunami.
          They hope to study the deep rocks for records of past
          climate changes and to see if the deepest regions of the
          Earth could harbor life."
          "Asahiko Taira, director-general of the Center for
          Deep Earth Exploration in Yokohama, said, 'One of the main
          purposes for doing this is to find deep fractures within
          the oceanic crust and upper mantle. We believe there to
          be life forms there. It's the same mission as searching
          for life on Mars.'"
          "Material in the upper mantle produces compounds
          essential for life when they interact with seawater.
          'This is the system which we believe created early life.
          There may be a chance we can watch the origins of life
          still taking place today,' Dr. Taira said."
          "The 57,500-ton drill ship Chikyu (Japanese for
          Earth--A.T.) is being prepared at the southern port of
          Nagasaki. Two-thirds the length of the R.M.S. Titanic,
          the ship is fitted with technology borrowed from the oil
          industry that will allow it to bore through 7,000 meters
          (23,100 feet) of crust below the seabed while floating in
          2,500 meters (8,250 feet) of water. The ship requires a
          drill measuring 25 times the height of (New York City's)
          Empire State Building," i.e. 32,500 feet or 9,750 meters.
          "The deepest hole drilled through the seabed so far
          has reached 2,111 meters (6,966 feet). After final sea
          trials this year, the scientists will set sail for the
          deep Pacific, where the Earth's crust is the thinnest.
          Drilling is expected to begin next year."
          "It could take more than a year to drill through
          kilometers of crust and reach the mantle, so the ship is
          fitted with six rotating thrusters controlled by GPS
          satellites to keep it directly over the hole. The drill
          is surrounded by a sleeve that contains a shock-absorbing
          chemical and a blowout valve that will protect it should
          the drill strike oil or superheated rock (magma--J.T.)
          within the crust." (See the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri
          Shimbun for June 6, 2005. Many thanks to Angela Tarohachi
          for this newspaper article.)
          (Editor's Note: This may be Japan's first
          subterrene, but evidence exists showing that the USA
          already has a number of these strange vehicles. For more,
          see this issue's feature story.)

          NEW YORK STATE

          On Monday, June 6, 2005, at 9 a.m., Christopher
          Murphy saw a strange object approaching from the west in
          his hometown of Holbrook, N.Y. (population 27,512).
          "I was watching the road closely during my drive to
          work," Chris reported, "And in front of me, I saw a
          distinct white shape in the clouds. It was huge but
          seemed to disappear when I looked directly at it. The
          object was heart-shaped, and it was clear sky where the
          object was, with clouds surrounding it."
          Holbrook, N.Y. is on Route 495 on Long Island, about
          40 miles (64 kilometers) east of New York City.
          Thirteen hours later, on Monday, June 6, 2005, at
          10:35 p.m., Mario Obregon was "walking to my car, parked
          at the far east end of the company I work for," in Port
          Washington, N.Y. (population 15,215), when "I noticed two
          bright lights traveling from east to west. Not very high
          and traveling at speeds similar to the small planes that
          fly over the area."
          "There was no noise at all."
          "I kept watching the lights as I was walking to my
          car. As the lights passed above and just to my right, I
          noticed that the distance (gap--M.O.) between them began
          to broaden a bit. A few seconds later, the two lights
          split. One went northwest, and the other kept traveling
          west. Very strange."
          "Speed was the same throughout the flight. They
          weren't blinking, just two white lights. I lost track of
          them as the one traveling northwest disappeared behind the
          building I work in. The other dipped behind some tall
          Port Washington is on the north shore of Long Island,
          about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of New York City.
          (Email Form Report)


          On June 6, 2005, at 6:22 a.m., Markius Latourneau was
          at the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station on Shattuck
          Avenue in Berkeley, California (population 102,743) when
          he spotted a silvery saucer passing overhead.
          "I caught a glimpse of an aerial phenomenon at 6:22
          a.m.," Markius reported, "In my line of sight, it moved
          from north to south without making a sound. It appeared
          to be climbing at one point. The whole incident lasted
          less than 20 seconds. I was standing on Shattuck Avenue
          outside the Bay Area Rapid Transit station, heading to
          work. I was not able to identify the object I saw, and it
          behaved in a way that was not indicative of any earthly
          aircraft. I couldn't say for sure if anyone else saw the
          object I saw, but what I witnessed was remarkable."
          "The object was silver in color and looked oval and
          slightly elongated. The object appeared to be two miles
          (3,200 meters) above ground and was traveling at about 300
          miles per hour (500 kilometers per hour--J.T.) As it
          moved and climbed, it became stationary for maybe 18
          seconds, then faded and dissipated." (Email Form Report)

          THE USA's MIDWEST

          The phenomenon known as "crazy crocs"--out-of-place
          alligators found in places far from their natural habitat-
          -occurred twice last week, in Wisconsin and Indiana.
          "A four-foot (1.3-meter) long alligator that gave a
          woman a scare in her yard will stay in a local fire
          station for a week until it can be transported to a more
          hospitable place for the species--Florida."
          "Carol Fischer, chairwoman of the town of Somers,"
          Wisconsin "spent part of Friday," June 10, 2005,
          "searching for a larger animal crate to house the
          alligator, nicknamed 'Wally' by local officials."
          "'We really don't know what to do with him,' Fischer
          said, 'Since he'll be here a week, we need to give him
          better quarters. It is not like a stray dog. You just
          can't take it to a humane society and hope someone adopts
          "Until the gator can be relocated, Fire Station 1
          will be its home."
          "Mary Anne Cline said she spotted the alligator
          Thursday afternoon," June 9, 2005, "standing between two
          trees in her yard, and she thought it was dead until it
          opened its mouth and gave her a stare."
          "It took two Kenosha County deputies and the Somers
          humane agent, Bob Warren, to get the alligator into
          Cline's dog cage."
          "Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Croeker said authorities are
          investigating where the alligator came from but doubted
          its owner would be found."
          "'We're assuming someone had it when it was small,
          and it got out of hand,' Croeker said."
          Somers, Wis. is on Lake Michigan's western shore,
          approximately 34 miles (56 kilometers) south of Milwaukee.
          On Wednesday, June 8, 2005, in South Bend, Indiana,
          "a two-and-a-half foot (0.7-meter) long alligator found in
          the St. Joseph River was killed several days after it was
          first spotted, a state conservation officer said."
          "Officials feared someone would get hurt trying to
          catch the gator."
          "Zoos would not accept the alligator because of
          possible diseases, said Rod Edgell, a Department of
          Natural Resources biologist."
          South Bend (population 107,789) is on Indiana
          Highways 20 and 31, located approximately 87 miles (139
          kilometers) east of Chicago. (See the Duluth, Minn. News-
          Tribune for June 12, 2005, "Four-foot gator will stay at
          fire station," page 6B; and USA Today for June 9, 2005,
          "Across the USA--Indiana," page 7A.)

          CANADA AND THE

          Canada reported its first crop circle of 2005 last
          On Friday, June 3, 2005, a crop circle was found in a
          field of grass in Sandy Bay, Manitoba. Three days later,
          the site was investigated by members of the Canadian Crop
          Circle Research Network (CCCRN) Manitoba chapter.
          According to CCCRN spokesman Paul Anderson, the
          formation consisted of "an unusual 'miniature dumbbell' in
          short grass, approximately 3.3 meters (10 feet) in
          diameter and similar in shape to early 1990s formations in
          England. Each end circle (dumbbell--J.T.) contained a set
          on concentric circles. Whether the grass at the site is
          flattened or dead is not yet known."
          On Sunday, May 22, 2005, "a crop circle was
          discovered near Doetinchem, in the Gunderland province of
          the Netherlands. The lay of the grass was counter-
          clockwise. The people who are living next to the field
          could tell that the ring was not the result of a breeze
          moving in circles. There was nothing special to see in
          the center--no hole and no footprints. The ring measured
          13 to 15 meters (44 to 50 feet) in diameter."
          Doetinchem is 70 kilometers (42 miles) southeast of
          Amsterdam, the national capital, and 25 kilometers (15
          miles) east of Arnhem, the site of Operation Market
          Garden, a famous battle of World War II. (Many thanks to
          Paul Anderson and Robert Fischer for these reports.)


          "Traffic came to a halt and locals fled indoors as
          thousands of frogs fell from the sky onto a Serbian
          "Residents of Odzaci told the newspaper Blid that
          they thought the world was coming to an end."
          The bizarre shower took place on Monday, June 6,
          "Aleksandar Ciric said, 'I was told that small frogs
          just started raining down. There were thousands of
          "Another villager, Caja Jovanovic, said, 'This huge
          cloud just seemed to come out of nowhere, and its shape
          and colour looked very strange. We were all wondering
          what it was when frogs started to fall from the sky. I
          thought maybe a plane carrying frogs exploded in mid-
          "However, climatology expert Slavisa Ignjatovic said
          there was a simple scientific explanation for the
          incident. He said, 'A whirlwind has sucked up the frogs
          from a lake, the sea or some other body of water somewhere
          else and carried them to Odzaci where they fell to the
          ground. It is a recognized scientific phenomena.'"
          "Science, my ass!" commented Terry Duckworth, who
          styles himself as the Archimagos Maximus of Tsathoggua.
          "We've been hoping for a manifestation, and here it is!
          Praise Tsathoggua! He rules the Balkans--just rules them.
          We're going up to Chopmist Hill tonight and smoke some
          extra-large poopers to give thanks."
          Whatever the cause, frogs falling from the sky is one
          of the longest-running strange phenomena on Earth.
          Charles Fort, the father of ufology, documented nine cases
          of frog falls, from the one in Toulouse, France in August
          1804 to the one in Stirling, Connecticut on July 31, 1921.
          (See the Serbian newspaper Blid for June 7, 2005, "Frogs
          rain down on Odzaci." Many thanks to Terry Duckworth for
          this newspaper article. See also The Complete Books of
          Charles Fort, Dover Publications, New York, N.Y., 1974,
          pages 48, 81, 95, 183, 184, 190, 302, 525 and 544.)


          "The Beast of Bexley has returned, and this time it
          has left behind a large paw print."
          "The large black panther, which has been spotted
          stalking areas of Bexley over the past three years, made
          its latest appearance last Thursday," June 2, 2005.
          "It was seen in Bexleyheath by astonished care worker
          Jim Hornby, 48, at his work just off the Bexleyheath
          "He said: 'It was sometime between 11 p.m. and
          midnight. I was in the utility room at the back of the
          building and standing next to the open door which leads
          into the car park (parking lot in the USA--J.T.) and then
          onto woods.'"
          "'I was chatting with the night supervisor when I saw
          something out of the corner of my eye, moving in the car
          park. I turned and saw the shape of a big black cat,
          creeping along the ground on its belly by the side of my
          car, as if it was stalking something.'"
          "Mr. Hornsby, from St. James Close, Plumstead,
          confessed he was so surprized he swore. He added: 'I said
          to the supervisor, 'What the hell is that!?' She also
          caught a glimpse of it, and she replied, 'I don't know.'"
          "Mr. Hornby then dashed out onto the car park to try
          and get another look at the creature, but, by the time he
          got there, it was gone."
          "He said: 'It was much bigger than an ordinary cat, a
          fox or even a dog. We all spent the rest of the night
          trying to work out what the supervisor and I had seen.'"
          "But there was another big surprize waiting."
          "The care home where Mr. Hornby works has a sensory
          garden which includes an area of sand."
          "The following morning, when the staff went out for
          another look, they found a perfectly-preserved huge paw
          print in the sand. It was nearly 5 inches (12.5
          centimeters) across, and its depth indicated that it was
          made by something heavy."
          "Mr. Hornby said: 'A couple of weeks ago, one of the
          doves went missing from next door. All they found were
          feathers and a lot of blood. I was not frightened, but
          now I am really curious. I have never seen anything like
          it before. I couldn't make out any features but the shape
          of a cat, nearly as big as a man.'"
          "In the past year, the 'Beast of Bexley' as it has
          been dubbed, has been seen at the Hillview Cemetery in
          Welling, around the woodlands at Shooters Hill, Plumstead
          Common, Danson Park, Barnehurst and Northumberland Heath."
          "Danny Bamping, founder of the British Big Cats
          Society, said: 'Looking at the paw print, I was quite
          convinced that it was made by a big cat. There are no
          claws visible in the print, and cats are the only animals
          that do not have their claws out when they walk. This
          sighting was particularly strong. Two people saw it, and
          it was in an area where big cats have been seen before. I
          would say it was highly likely it was a big cat." (See
          BBC News for June 10, 2005, "Return of the beast." Many
          thanks to Robert Fischer, UFO Roundup's phantom panther
          expert, for this news story.)

          ICE VOLCANO

          "The possible discovery of an ice volcano on Saturn's
          moon, Titan, may solve one of the lingering mysteries
          about the strange satellite with the smog-choked
          "Scientists have wondered for decades where the
          methane in Titan's atmosphere came from. Titan, Saturn's
          largest moon, is the only moon in the solar system with a
          substantial atmosphere. Most of that atmosphere is
          nitrogen, with up to 3 percent of it composed of methane."
          "Investigators theorized that it could have come from
          a methane-rich hydrocarbon ocean that covered much of the
          moon. But instruments aboard the Cassini spacecraft,
          which has been investigating the moon since late last
          year, have failed to turn up evidence of such a sea."
          "A recent fly-by of Titan has now produced an image
          of a circular feature about 19 miles (31 kilometers) in
          diameter with two wings extending to the west, scientists
          reported Thursday," June 9, 2005, "in the journal Nature."
          "Scientists believe the wings represent repeated
          flows from a volcano that spews ice and liquid methane,
          instead of molten rock. Researchers have noted similar
          physical features surrounding volcanoes on Earth and
          "This raises the possibility that the atmospheric
          methane comes from a subsurface source of liquid methane
          that is vented to the atmosphere by erupting volcanoes."
          "The eruptions are possibly caused by heat generated
          by tidal movements in the liquid methane inside Titan."
          "'We all thought volcanoes had to exist on Titan, and
          now we've found the most convincing evidence to date,'
          said Bonnie Buratti, a member of the team at the Jet
          Propulsion Laboratory" in Pasadena, California "analyzing
          results of Cassini's infrared mapping spectrometer. 'This
          is exactly what we've been looking for.'" (See the
          Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for June 12, 2005, "Possible
          ice volcano found on Saturn's largest moon, Titan," page


          Ernst Zundel, the "outcast ufologist," this week
          marks 100 days of incarceration at the German prison in
          Mannheim. And, just like the period from March 2003 to
          March 2005 in Canada, Zundel is being held incommunicado.
          He has also yet to be charged with any crime.
          "Ernst is not allowed to make any telephone calls
          whatsoever," his wife Ingrid Rimland Zundel reported,
          "Apparently, not even to his attorney. Secondly, he is
          not allowed to discuss anything related to his upcoming
          trial. That means he is not allowed to vette potential
          (friendly) witnesses or call on his trusted subordinate
          advisors for input."
          Born in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) near Pforzheim
          in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958. He lived in
          the Toronto area until he emigrated to the USA in 2000. A
          self-employed writer and publisher, Zundel wrote two books
          about UFOs and the Antarctic Reich--Secret Nazi Polar
          Expeditions in 1978 and Hitler at the South Pole in 1979.
          But Zundel got into trouble when he published Did Six
          Million Really Die? , a booklet which questioned the
          claims of the Holocaust. He was charged under Canada's
          "hate crimes" law and was the defendant in two sensational
          Canadian trials in 1985 and 1988.
          In February 2003, Zundel, now living in Pigeon Forge,
          Tennessee, got into a dispute with the Immigration and
          Naturalization Service (INS). He was arrested and
          deported to Niagara Falls, Ontario. He was jailed there
          briefly before being sent to Toronto's Metro West
          Detention Center as a "security risk" under Canadian
          legislation passed after the September 11, 2001 terrorist
          attacks. Zundel was held for two years at Metro West and
          was never charged with any crime.
          Ingrid reported that "the (German) arrest warrant, as
          far as I can tell, cites three documents on the Zundelsite
          and one comment in his (Canadian) prison letter to
          "Ernst reports that 60 kilograms (120 pounds--J.T.)
          of allegedly 'incriminating' documents have been released
          to his attorney" following review by the prosecutors. In
          March 2005, German officials said Zundel might be tried
          for "Holocaust denial," even though as a resident alien in
          the USA his opinions were protected by the First Amendment
          of the USA's Bill of Rights.
          "Meanwhile," Ingrid added, "we have experienced a
          smallish victory of sorts in that the FBI declassified
          about 90 pages of what they collected on Ernst. A total
          of 118 pages have been reviewed. Twenty-eight pages are
          still being withheld."
          Many of the declassified Ernst Zundel reports have
          been redacted, i.e. have names and places blacked out to
          protect FBI sources.
          "There is one page that will not be declassified
          until 2026," Ingrid reported, "What could it possible
          "In early 2001, there were seven FBI and local
          (Tennessee) law enforcement investigators unleashed on our
          peaceful existence here in the Tennessee mountains--all in
          a period of three months. All of them cleared Ernst of
          any wrongdoing." (Many thanks to Ingrid Rimland Zundel
          for this news update.)


          "Robert Hamilton, a senior at Duluth (Minnesota)
          Central High School, wrote a twisted little poem about
          taking over his school. As a result, he got sent to the
          psych ward for six days, and wasn't allowed back into
          school for weeks thereafter."
          "In the wake of the March 21 (2005) Red Lake
          (Minnesota) school shootings, the school's reaction to
          Hamilton's poem may be understandable. But, besides
          raising the usual issues of free speech infringement, the
          incident also shows how poorly the schools still deal with
          troubled youth."
          "Before the Age of Columbine, the poem might well
          have been accepted in the spirit of that old (American)
          anthem that students have been chanting for decades: "Mine
          eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school..."
          "Hamilton has no history of causing trouble at
          Central, nor has he ever been in trouble with the police.
          His grades, though not good, were passing except for one
          class. He considers himself a pacifist and says he has no
          access to, nor interest in, guns."
          "But his home life might have raised extra red flags
          to school officials. His one parent, his mother, suffers
          from persistent mental illness, and the family survives on
          public assistance. The lack of adult advocates also made
          him vulnerable."
          "Hamilton read the poem, which he had written prior
          to the Red Lake shooting, at a Circular Muse poetry slam
          (Thursday) April 14 (2005) at Pizza Luce" on Superior
          Street in Duluth, Minn. "He prefaced it by announcing
          ('like an idiot,' he later admitted--D.C.H.) 'this has no
          connection with Red Lake.'"
          "Naturally, the audience did make the connection and,
          according to one onlooker, 'there was this big collective
          "Someone (Homeland Security?--J.T.) apparently
          reported it to Duluth Central. On April 27, 28 and 29,
          Hamilton was called into conference meetings with his
          principal, vice principal (and) the school police liaison
          officer. His church youth pastor was present during the
          first meeting, but afterwards" Hamilton "had no adult
          there to represent or to support him."
          "Hamilton defended his poem by saying that it was
          purely written words. It was a freshman fantasy about
          taking over the school with inside jokes."
          School officials reportedly "asked if he wanted to go
          to the Access Center (the mental health in-patient
          facility at Duluth's Miller Dwan Hospital--J.T.) and
          promised to help get him into it if he wanted."
          "Hamilton respectfully declined."
          However, "on (Friday) April 29 (2005), after the
          third conference, he suddenly found himself in the back of
          a (police) squad car, being taken from school to Miller
          "'I was basically strung along on a leash,' Hamilton
          said, 'I was completely cooperative, and went along with
          whatever they wanted.'"
          "At their insistence, he signed himself into the
          mental hospital, which he was allowed to do because he was
          already 18 years of age."
          But once inside Miller Dwan, it wasn't so easy for
          Bob Hamilton to get out.
          "'Normally, I believe I would've been held for 72
          hours,' said Hamilton, 'But Mother was undergoing her own
          bad spell at the time. While I was in the youth ward, she
          was upstairs in the adult ward. With no parent to be
          released to, my stay was extended.'"
          "'They put me on Prozac,' he added, 'It feels really
          weird, like I'm normal. It sucks.'"
          "A psychiatrist discharged him with a clear
          indication that Hamilton is not at risk to harm another
          person. Yet the bureaucratic addition of yet another
          evaluation stalled his return to school for another three
          "By the time Hamilton returned to school, he had been
          absent four weeks, and there was less than a week of
          school left. He was allowed to take his finals. Despite
          being out of school for so long, Hamilton passed all of
          his classes except the one course which he intends to make
          up through the Adult Learning Center."
          "'It's a very disturbing story,' said Chuck
          Samuelson, director of the Minnesota American Civil
          Liberties Union (ACLU), when contacted about Hamilton's
          "Samuelson expressed concern that Hamilton was
          questioned without counsel and was held long past 72
          "Since the issue was a poem Hamilton read outside the
          school, Central High 'needs to justify how they got
          involved,' Samuelson said."
          "Duluth Central assistant principal Kathy Van Wert,
          who oversaw Hamilton's suspension, did not return the
          Reader's phone calls," reported Dorothy Charging Hawk,
          reporter for the Duluth newspaper Reader Weekly.
          "'I think that they should have told me up front,
          rather than keeping me in the dark,' Hamilton said, 'If
          they thought I needed an evaluation, they should have said
          so up front. After what happened in Red Lake, I can see
          why they did it. Maybe there is no good way to do it.
          I'm not holding a grudge, but I just feel alienated by the
          whole process.'"
          "Here is the controversial poem Bob wrote, in its
          entirety," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "I
          leave it to our readers to decide for themselves if the
          content poses a menace to society."

          Taking Over the School

          by Robert Hamilton

          "Sitting in class, the teacher is a f****** control
          "Jumping through hoops, trying to get the paper of
          success." (Diploma--J.T.)
          "Do I really want to go through this shit, this hell
          just to move on to a job of more hell and hoops?"
          "I don't think so."
          "I just might as well throw my life away and kill
          "But first I will do something great. Have my name
          be legendary so all of the kids of the future will know
          "I will take over this f****** school and pull a
          Hitler on their ass!"
          "First I will put those f****** control freaks in
          their place; they will know once again what it is like!"
          "Everyone that has something coming to them will get
          what they deserve."
          "And then I will declare the potheads and stoners as
          my Aryan race!"
          "And all those smart-ass suck-ups and the f******
          asshole cliques will be great workers to rape as we
          "But the retards will be next."
          "We will build a gas chamber in the science room, and
          we will watch them squirm as they die."
          "It will be a new sport!"
          "But we will keep the handicapped. They can be
          "Plus, we are not monsters."
          "There will be a New School Order."
          "Then the f***** 'Big Brother' will probably stop us
          and maybe brainwash us, if not kill us."
          "But the legion of me will stay and be told, and a
          new rise will come once again."

          [Note: Censorship of the 'f' word by me as I have to
          post on the Internet for Joseph - John @ UFOINFO]

          Dorothy Charging Hawk added, "Robert Hamilton is not
          a Nazi and does not wish to kill the mentally-handicapped.
          The poem was meant for shock, and that is what it got."
          Yet, it is still unclear how school officials heard
          about Hamilton's recital to a private group of poetry
          "It sounds like there was an informer present at
          Circular Muse--someone who passed on the information to
          Homeland Security," editor Joseph Trainor added, "Let this
          be a lesson to the would-be comedians at the Improv. You
          don't know who is in the audience. So maybe it's not such
          a smart idea to make fun of Vice President Dick Cheney.
          Like that wacky skit where the comic said, 'Here's Uncle
          Dick making a speech,' and then bent over and began making
          loud, prolonged farting noises. Not only was this
          unspeakably juvenile, in the current political atmosphere,
          it could be downright dangerous." (See the newspaper
          Reader Weekly of Duluth, Minn. for June 9, 2005, "Poem
          gets Duluth student sent to lockup," page 3.)

          3,600-YEAR-OLD STATUE
          FOUND IN EGYPT

          "Buried for nearly 3,600 years, a rare statue of
          Pharoah Neferhotep I has been brought to light in the
          ruins of Thebes by a team of French archaeologists."
          "Officials said on Saturday," June 4, 2005, "that the
          statue was unusual in that the king is depicted holding
          hands with a double of himself," but "this second part of
          the statue remains under the sand and its form has been
          determined by the use of imaging equipment."
          "Archaeologists unearthed the 1.8-meter (6-foot) tall
          statue as they were carrying out repairs around the temple
          of Karnak in the northern city of Luxor, Egypt's
          antiquities chief Dr. Zahi Hawass told reporters."
          "Francois Larche, one of the team that found the
          limestone statue of the king, said it was lying about 1.6
          meters (5 feet, 3 inches) below ground near an obelisk of
          Queen Hatshepsut, the only woman known to have reigned as
          Pharoah, ruling from 1504 to 1484 B.C."
          "Karnak, now in the heart of Luxor, was built on the
          ruins of Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt. The huge
          temple, dedicated to the sun god Amon, lies in the heart
          of a vast complex of religious buildings in the city 700
          kilometers (435 miles) south of Cairo."
          "The statue shows the king wearing a funeral mask and
          a royal head cloth or nemes. The forehead bears the
          emblem of a cobra which ancient Egyptians used as a symbol
          on the crown of the pharoahs. They believed that the
          cobra will spit fire at approaching enemies."
          "Larche said this was only the second time a statue
          had been found in Egypt. A similar one was dug up during
          the excavation of the hidden treasures of Karnak from 1989
          to 1904 A.D. But it is not clear when or if" the statue
          of Neferhotep I "will be completely unearthed. It is
          blocked by the remnants of an ancient structure, possibly
          a gate."
          "'In order to pull it out, a structure on top of the
          statue has to be dismantled and then restored,' said
          Larche, adding that permission from the Egyptian
          Antiquities authorities was needed before the team could
          go ahead with plans to raise the statue."
          "'It's up to the High Council of Egyptian Antiquities
          to decide the fate of the statue of Neferhotep I and
          whether it should be brought to light or left buried where
          it was found.'"
          "Neferhotep I was the twenty-second pharoah of the
          Thirteenth Dynasty. The son of a temple priest in Abydos,
          he ruled Egypt from 1696 to 1686 B.C. (about two centuries
          before Queen Hatshepsut--J.T.) Experts believe his
          father's position helped him to ascend the throne, as
          there was no royal blood in his family."
          "Neferhotep was one of the few pharoahs whose name
          did not invoke the sun god Ra. It is written on a number
          of stones, including a (historical) documents on his reign
          found at Aswan" in southern Egypt. (See the Agence France
          Presse report for June 5, 2005, "Statue of Egyptian
          pharoah found after nearly 3,600 years." Many thanks to
          Mary Lou Jones Drown for this news story.)

          From the UFO Files...

          1972: SUBTERRENE X-1

          The plans of Japanese scientists to send a drill ship
          to pierce the Earth's crust on the Pacific Ocean floor has
          called attention once again to the subterrene debate.
          Namely, do Earth's military powers, particularly the USA,
          have subterrenes or "tunnelers" capable of traveling
          through unconsolidated rock beneath the Earth's surface?
          There is interesting evidence that the USA worked on
          just such a project during the 1970s and the 1980s.
          On January 8, 1971, the U.S. Patent Office received a
          strange application from "the Armstrong group," a bunch of
          scientists in New Mexico. The group wanted to patent "a
          machine and method for drilling bore holes and tunnels by
          melting in which a housing is provided for a heat source
          and a heated end portion and in which the necessary
          melting heat is delivered to the walls of the end portion
          at a rate sufficient to melt rock and during operation of
          which the molten material may be disposed adjacent to the
          boring zone in cracks in the rock and in a vitreous
          (glass) wall lining of the tunnel so formed."
          (Editor's Note: By a strange twist of fate, the
          patent application was filed on Elvis Presley's thirty-
          sixth birthday.) The proposal, advanced by Dale E.
          Armstrong of Santa Fe, N.M. and Berthus B. McInteer,
          Robert L. Mills, Robert M. Potter, Eugene S. Robinson,
          John C. Rowley and Morton C. Smith, all of Los Alamos,
          N.M., called for the construction of a nuclear-powered
          tunneling machine, "designed to convert the rock that it
          excavates into a molten liquid" that lines the walls of
          its tunnel--a wheeled vehicle that could move under the
          land the same way a submarine travels underwater.
          The patent for the Armstrong group's design was
          approved on September 26, 1972.
          In his classic book Underground Bases and Tunnels,
          Dr. Richard Sauder gives a brief history of the mysterious
          "Subterrene Affair."
          "The nuclear subterrene (rhymes with submarine--R.S.)
          was designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New
          Mexico. A number of patents were filed by scientists at
          Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were
          written--and then the whole thing just sort of faded
          "Or did it?"
          "Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way
          through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they
          go and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind
          them. The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor
          that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to
          the tunnel face, when it melts the rock. In the process
          of melting the rock, the lithium loses some of its heat.
          It is then circulated back along the exterior of the
          tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the
          tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled
          lithium then circulates back to the (nuclear) reactor
          where the whole cycle starts over. In this way, the
          nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear-
          powered, 2,000-degree Fahrenheit earthworm, boring its way
          deep underground."
          "The United States Atomic Energy Commission and the
          United States Energy Research and Development
          Administration took out the patents in the 1970s for the
          nuclear subterrenes. The first patent, in 1972, went to
          the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission."
          (Editor's Note: The second patent for subterrenes
          was issued on May 6, 1975.)
          Dr. Sauder wrote that the second patent "was for 'a
          tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in soft rock
          or wet, clayey, unconsolidated or bouldery earth by
          simultaneously detaching the tunnel core by thermal
          melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and forming a
          supporting excavation wall liner by deflecting the molten
          materials against the excavation walls to provide, when
          solidified, a continuous wall supporting liner, and
          detaching the tunnel face circumscribed by the kerf with
          powered mechanical earth detachment means and in which the
          heat required for melting the kerf and liner material is
          provided by a compact nuclear reactor.'"
          "This 1975 patent further specifies that the machine
          is intended to excavate tunnels up to 12 meters (40 feet)
          in diameter or more."
          "The kerf is the outside boundary of the tunnel wall
          that a boring machine gouges out as it bores through the
          ground or rock. So, in ordinary English, this machine
          will melt a circular boundary into the tunnel face. The
          melted rock will be forced to the outside of the tunnel by
          the tunnel machine, where it will form a hard, glassy
          tunnel lining."
          "And yet a third patent was issued to the United
          States Energy Research and Development Administration just
          21 days later, on 27 May 1975, for a machine remarkably
          similar to the machine patented on 6 May 1975."
          "The abstract describes, 'A tunneling machine for
          producing large tunnels in rock by progressive detachment
          of the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into
          the tunnel face and simultaneously forming an initial
          tunnel wall support by deflecting the molten materials
          against the tunnel walls to provide, when solidifed, a
          continuous liner; and fragmenting the tunnel core
          circumscribed by the kerf by thermal stress fracturing and
          in which the heat required for such operations is supplied
          by a compact nuclear reactor.'"
          "This machine would also be capable of making a
          glass-lined tunnel of 40 feet (12 meters) in diameter or
          "Perhaps some of my readers have heard the same
          rumors that I have heard swirling in the UFO literature or
          on the UFO grapevine: stories of deep, secret, glass-
          walled tunnels excavated by laser-powered tunneling
          machines. I do not know if these stories are true. If
          they are, however, it may be that the glass-walled tunnels
          are made by the nuclear subterrenes described in these
          Apparently, sometime in February or March of 1975,
          during President Gerald R. Ford's administration, a top-
          secret Request for Proposals (RFP) went out from the
          Defense Department, inviting design teams to submit
          proposals for workable subterrenes. Two proposals were
          accepted, and both were granted patents in May of 1975.
          Were the prototype subterrenes ever built? Good
          For years, your editor has heard rumors of strange
          glass-walled tunnels found under private range lands in
          Monero, New Mexico, 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of
          Dulce, a town that made its mark in UFO history. Then
          there were the equally strange cases of subterranean hums
          heard in Floyds Knobs and Kokomo, Indiana. Could the
          people there have heard a subterrene passing beneath their
          It could be that the subterrene plans simply gathered
          dust on the shelf.
          Then again, perhaps at this very moment Subterrene X-
          1 is cruising beneath the sands of Iraq's Anbar province,
          hunting for insurgents. (See the book Underground Bases
          and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? by
          Richard Sauder, Ph.D., Adventures Unlimited Press,
          Kempton, Illinois, 1995, pages 94 through 97.)

          Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
          for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
          planet Earth--and occasionally, Saturn--brought to you by
          "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next
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          UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 26 June 29, 2005 Editor:Joseph Trainor E-mail: Masinaigan@aol.com Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/ ALIEN STARTLES WOMAN
          Message 4 of 5 , Jun 30, 2005
            UFO ROUNDUP
            Volume 10, Number 26
            June 29, 2005
            Editor:Joseph Trainor

            E-mail: Masinaigan@...
            Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


            On Friday, June 10, 2005, at 10 a.m., Catherine R.
            "was driving on a country road on the outskirts of
            Bundaberg," a port city on Hervey Bay in Australia's state
            of Queensland, when she saw a strange figure "standing in
            a meadow beside the road."
            "While driving in a one-and-a-half-hour drive on a
            country road through mostly bush-land, I saw through my
            window a large dark figure about 7 or 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4
            meters) tall," Catherine reported, "It had the appearance
            of a man but was far more muscular, with wide shoulders
            and a torso like a god. It was like nothing I'd ever
            seen. It was dark and scaley-looking. Its colour was
            like ash. Its head was insect-like. I was a scared 22-
            year-old female."
            "It was just staring at me. I was extremely
            uncomfortable. I was shocked and 'floored' it. It stood
            still. I drove at 100 kilometers per hour (60 miles per
            hour) when I saw it. I sped away from it at 120
            kilometers per hour (72 miles per hour). I had never seen
            anything so strange."
            Bundaberg, Qlnd. is located 300 kilometers (180
            miles) north of Brisbane. (Email Form Report)
            (Editor's Comment: And welcome to Odd Doings in Oz
            Week here at UFO Roundup. There's more to come from Down
            Under, so read on...)


            On Saturday, June 25, 2005, at 10:10 p.m., Gavin W.
            was outdoors at his home in Knoxfield, a suburb of
            Melbourne in Australia's state of Victoria, when he saw a
            strange orange light in the sky.
            "There was an orange light in the sky moving around,"
            Gavin reported, "It was going straight, then it stopped
            and moved to the right. Then straight. Then right again.
            Then it stopped and moved back, going left. Then it
            stayed still again for about two minutes. Then it moved
            on at a high speed, up into the sky."
            "The object moved in every direction. I know it was
            moving at high speed because I could see the light trail
            it left. It was completely round in front, when it was
            moving towards me. But then, when it moved sideways, it
            looked disk-shaped. It was well above the clouds. I
            don't know the speed it was going, maybe the speed of a
            commercial aircraft when it is very high. But when it
            left, it went extremely fast." (Email Form Report)


            "Whale watchers off the New South Wales mid-north
            coast were 'blessed' to catch a glimpse of a rare albino
            humpback whale" on Thursday, June 9, 2005.
            "The whale, known as Migaloo, passed by Port
            Macquarie (Thursday) morning as it migrated to warmer
            waters in the Whitsundays, off the north Queensland
            "Carol Hunt, who runs a Port Macquarie charter boat
            company, said it was the first time Migaloo had been
            sighted off that part of the coast."
            "'He was sighted in Sydney at four o'clock on Friday
            (June 10, 2005) and I've been tracking him since,' Ms.
            Hunt said."
            "'We watched him for about an hour and a half. He
            was heading north to Coffs Harbour. He had three other
            whales with him and they were quite active. They were
            rolling over and slapping their fins.'"
            "Ms. Hunt said the whales were about a mile (1.6
            kilometers) offshore, delighting those on board with their
            "'Everyone on the boat was just beside themselves,'
            she said."
            "'We are blessed to see this. It is just a million
            to one chance.'"
            "'It was just magic--we were very, very lucky.'"
            "Ms. Hunt said Migaloo was travelling to the
            Whitsundays to mate."
            "'He had other whales with him, so his mate might be
            among them,' she said. 'He may very well be taking a mate
            with him what might be pregnant.'"
            "'He'll stay up in the Whitsundays and hopefully,
            when he comes back, he might come into Port Macquarie
            again on his southern migration.'"
            (Editor's Note: In the language of the Hervey Bay
            Aborigines, the name Migaloo means white fella.)
            "The whale is believed to be the only one of its kind
            in the world. It is expected to pass the coast off Coffs
            Harbour" on Saturday, June 11, 2005. (See the Australian
            newspaper The Advertiser for June 13, 2005, "White whale
            spotted off coast.")
            (Editor's Comment: And aboard the ghost ship Pequod,
            a mad gleam comes into the eye of Captain Ahab. "Coffs
            Harbour--so that's where he's hiding. Avast, ye lubbers!
            Lay in a course for Australia!)


            "A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday, June
            24, 2005, in Jalapa," a city in Mexico's state of
            Veracruz, and was "witnessed by Jalapa's governor Fidel
            Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, the Jalapa police
            department, newspaper and television reporters and many
            people gathered at the Casa Veracruz during an official
            ceremony in which the new patrol units (police cruisers--
            J.T.) were delivered to the police department."
            "The surprising incident took place at 10:30 a.m.,
            causing commotion, excitement and a certain alarm among
            the people and officials."
            "Just after Gov. Fidel Herrera Beltran made a speech
            inaugurating the new vehicles, and during an inspection of
            his new patrol car, his attention was called by officials
            to the sky where a strange spectacle had occurred."
            "A spectacular UFO fleet of at least 14 unidentified
            flying objects captured the attention of all the people
            gathered at Casa Veracruz, who, pointing at the sky,
            screamed, 'OVNIs! OVNIs!' in a state of excitement."
            (Editor's Note: OVNI is the Spanish acronym for UFO.)
            "The police officers also pointed to the sky,
            wondering what these strange objects could be."
            "Different reactions were heard" from the gathering,
            ranging from amazement to consternation, "and even some
            laughs from among the people, who continuted to shout,
            "The newspaper reporters were taking photos and the
            television crews were recording the unusual spectacle."
            "Gov. Fidel Herrera Beltran took the microphone and
            said jokingly, 'It seems the Martians have arrived.'"
            "The people wondered if the strange objects could be
            balloons of some kind or in fact real UFOs like those so
            many times reported in Mexico. However, the enigmatic
            flying objects remained almost stationary in the sky in
            formation, described as a triangular pattern in perfect
            alignment, for almost 30 minutes. This was time enough
            for the strange event to be videotaped by the media and
            some of the spectators in the audience."
            "On Friday night," June 24, 2005, "Television Azteca"
            in Mexico City, the national TV network, "presented the
            report with video footage, giving a full account of the
            unprecedented incident."
            "On Saturday," June 25, 2005, "the newspaper Diario
            de Jalapa, as well as others, published on page one--with
            major headlines--the unusual event."
            Jalapa is in the western part of the state, about 264
            kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Veracruz and 320
            kilometers (200 miles) east of Mexico City. (See the
            Mexican newspaper Diario de Jalapa for June 25, 2005.
            Muchas gracias a Santiago Yturra Garza y Arturo del Moral
            por este articulo de diario.)


            On Thursday, June 23, 2005, at 11:47 p.m., Carl
            Farrington was driving on a mountain road near Canton,
            North Carolina (population 4,029) when he saw a most
            unusual spectacle in the night sky.
            "I took (Route) 110 out of Canton and turned left
            onto (Highway) 276. I went straight up to the Blue Ridge
            Parkway," Carl reported, "Then I turned left and turned
            into the famous overlook on the left. Facing a bright
            orange moon that day after the full moon."
            "What at first appeared to be a shooting star but
            brighter than I have ever seen plummeted towards the
            ground and impacted in the Smokies approximately six to
            nine miles (10 to 14 kilometers) straight ahead. Struck a
            mountain top. As it got closer to the point of impact, I
            noticed bright matter dripping off of it, streaming behind
            the main mass of the object."
            "It could've been a meteor, fallen satellite or space
            "However, on the way to the house in this rural
            setting, three dark helicopters flew over my car. I would
            not have noticed them except for the fact that my car's
            moon roof was open, because they had no lights on
            whatsoever. They were flying at a high rate of speed
            approximately 300 to 400 feet (90 to 120 meters) off the
            ground, and hugging the terrain is very dangerous in this
            (mountainous) area."
            "The object was bright white and almost teardrop-
            shaped. It definitely impacted the ground. If it was a
            meteor, it was a big chunk. Broke the atmosphere and came
            straight down like a missile. Impacted the ground without
            an explosion. I was too far away to hear anything as I
            was six to nine miles away. I saw it at a higher
            elevation than the impact zone and was looking down at a
            Canton, N.C. is in the Pisgah National Forest about
            15 miles (25 kilometers) west of Asheville and 262 miles
            (419 kilometers) west of Raleigh. (Email Form Report)


            On Sunday, June 19, 2005, at 11:30 p.m., Swedish
            tourist Jonas Larsson spotted a UFO over Dublin, Ohio, a
            suburb of Columbus, the state capital.
            "I live in Sweden, but I am currently visiting a
            friend in Cleveland. I really believe in UFOs and have
            long been interested in such things," Jonas reported, "My
            friend and I were driving on Highway 270 West in Columbus,
            very near Dublin, My friend spotted a lightning ball in
            the middle of the air. I mean, it was like far away and
            looked like one of the street lamps along the highway."
            "My friend asked what it could be, I mean, we had
            not seen it move at all at first. And it could not be an
            airplane because we saw a lot of airplanes, and they have
            these blinking (navigation) lights, right?"
            "Imagine just a roadlamp high in the sky--this is how
            we saw it. We chatted for about 30 seconds and suddenly
            it was above us. And it was not an airplane, not a
            luftbalone (Swedish for hot-air balloon--J.T.). The craft
            had an oblong first part, and the middle as well, and a
            big back part. I could say it was 100 meters (330 feet)
            above me."
            "I was trying to find a word for what it looked like-
            -I would say that, if you think about it, the object
            looked a bit like an arrow. The craft was white; the
            first part was big, and the big back part had three such
            lamps. It seemed like it flew from side to side. Very
            "The whole craft was lighted up, but it was nowhere
            near as strong a light that we should have seen from that
            distance. Yellow-orange color. And the craft never
            seemed to move at all. But it was moving very fast,
            anyway, and by that I mean it was not an airplane."
            "When I saw it, it was over us, and we were still
            driving south. We could not stop on the highway, of
            course. I am like a slack at where I am. My friend saw
            the dart" the UFO fired, and "my friend was doing the
            "When I saw it, it was above me, and we were still
            driving south. We could not stay long on the highway, I
            guess. Of course, people may say it was an airplane, I
            was dressed like a slick at where I am. My friend was the
            driver. Of course, my colleagues say it may be an
            airplane, but what I saw wasn't an airplane."
            "Well, I needed to tell them. I mean, what else can
            I do? I'm leaving for Sweden tonight. I hope I get some
            answers about this when I get back home." (Email Form

            NEW HAMPSHIRE

            On Monday, June 20, 2005, at 9:30 p.m., Hank Ironwood
            was outdoors at his rural home in Westmoreland, New
            Hampshire, 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of the state
            border with Massachusetts, when he spotted a strange gleam
            in the sky.
            "The object flew from west to east," Hank reported,
            "I thought it might have been a plane, but it moved at
            around the speed of an airplane. Now, there were two
            passenger planes in the area, and their (navigation)
            lights were much smaller and dimmer than the lights on
            this object. I couldn't really make out the shape of it,
            but it appeared to be round."
            "I have no idea if this was a UFO, but I think that
            if it was, others here in southern New Hampshire should
            have certainly seen it. I would sure like to hear from
            them." (Email Form Report)

            FAST UFO FLYBY IN
            LEOMINSTER, UK

            On Saturday, June 11, 2005, at 3 a.m., eyewitness
            Jason S. and a few of his mates were walking home from
            their favorite pub in Leominster, Herefordshire, UK when
            they saw a strange object approaching from the north.
            "Me and some of my friends were walking home from the
            pub at around 3 a.m.," Jason reported, "None of us were
            really drunk or anything. We got to the crossroads and
            saw this green light speed across the sky. It didn't look
            too far away, and it sort of looked as if it were flying
            low. There wasn't any sound, either. The object was
            bright green, circular and flying very fast." (Email Form
            (Editor's Note: This is the UK community for which
            Leominster, Mass. was named. Located in the heart of the
            mysterious "Montachusett" region, Leominster has had UFO
            sightings dating back to June 1909. And no wonder--its
            neighbor 5 miles (8 kilometers) to the north is Fitchburg,
            the "UFO capital of Massachusetts.")


            On Sunday, June 19, 2005, Polish cerealogist Leszek
            Owsiany investigated three crop circles in the village of
            Papros, located 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Inowroclaw
            in central Poland. "The three circles were joined
            together in a field of rye," Owsiany reported, "The first
            circle was 20.8 meters by 20.5 meters (69 by 67 feet); the
            second was 7.7 meters (25.4 feet) in diameter; and the
            third was 6 meters by 5.7 meters (20 feet by 18.8 feet).
            In all three circles, the rye was lying on the ground on
            the right side."
            "We noted that the joints of the rye stalks were
            thickened and bent."
            Assisting Owsiany in the investigation were fellow
            cerealogists Jacek Koslowski and Wojtek Budny of
            Independent Research Group Torun.
            While at the scene, the team learned of another pair
            of crop circles nearby. They interviewed farmer Zbiginew
            Wasilewski, who told them that on Thursday, June 16, 2005,
            he "had discovered two circles in his field of wheat,
            located one kilometer (0.6 miles) from Papros. The first
            circle measured 12.3 meters (40.5 feet) in diameter, with
            a lay to the right side. The second circle was
            approximately 0.5 kilometers (0.3 miles) away and 14.8
            meters (48.8 feet) in diameter, again with a rightward
            lay. In this circle, the (surrounding) wheat was standing
            straight up."
            Inowroclaw is located 225 kilometers (140 miles)
            west-northwest of Warsaw, Poland's capital.
            In Canada, a crop circle was found Thursday, June 2,
            2005, at the Sandy Bay Reserve near Lake Manitoba. The
            formation "was approximately 8 metres (26 feet) long--
            grass missing, not flattened--with 1/4-inch (0.63-
            centimeter) deep 'grooves' in the soil. The formation is
            similar to the early 1990s dumbbell-type formations in
            England, with three sets of concentric rings connected by
            straight pathways. The grass and the soil in the area
            became pretty waterlogged due to excessive rain. The
            formation was aligned north-south."
            "Also worth noting," reported Paul Anderson of
            Canadian Crop Circles Research Network, "Three circles
            were found at the site, made of fist-sized rocks, with
            curving lines between the circles. Ground photos can be
            found at CCCRN's Web site." (Many thanks to Robert
            Fischer and Paul Anderson for these reports.)


            "A family has requested district judge Number 6 in
            Granada," a city in southern Spain, "to issue a court
            order authorizing the exhumation of their mother, claiming
            that an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorded on a
            cell phone indicated that the deceased is requesting the
            removal of a cross placed on her chest during burial."
            "The judge ordered them to consult with a priest."
            "According to the deceased woman's daughter, the
            woman has been contacting them from beyond the grave via
            cell phone. She explained that she has no idea where her
            mother's messages are coming from, adding that when any
            member of her family records anything on her cell phone,
            'what is played back is my mother's voice, saying, 'Come,
            come, the cross!'""
            "Furthermore, her grandfather and uncle, buried in
            the same tomb as her mother, are also sending audible
            (EVP) messages through family cell phones."
            "The judge, who met with the family members for three
            minutes and managed to hear the spirit voice recordings,
            explained that they should take their claim to a priest or
            to the Higher Council for Scientific Research."
            The source of the alleged EVP messages, the family's
            mother, "Filomena Gomez died two years ago (in 2003) at
            age 55 from liver cancer." (See the Spanish publication
            Mundo Misterioso for June 17, 2005. Muchas gracias a
            Scott Corrales y Rafael Ballester para estas noticias.)

            UNDER CLAUDE, TEXAS?

            "A massive crack in the earth last week appeared in
            Claude, Texas (population 1,313) and is creating a stir
            among geologists."
            "Geologists said Tuesday," June 21, 2005, "the crack
            was a joint in the earth's crust."
            "They believe the opening is the result of a weak
            point in the joint where one fault slips away from the
            other. Some pits were more than 30 feet (9 meters) deep
            and drained what used to be a pond."
            "Some geologists say earth cracks are common, but the
            size of the one in Claude is not."
            "This is the second time recently that a giant crack
            has opened in the earth and drained a body of water," UFO
            Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented. "It first
            happened on Thursday, May 19, 2005 at the village of
            Bolotnikovo in Russia's Nizhegorodskaya region. Are the
            'dreadful Dholes of eons-forgotten Aklo' up to their old
            tricks again?"
            "The Dholes were mentioned in Kitab al-Azif, the book
            of black magic written in Arabic by the Iraqi sorcerer
            Abdul Majid Al-Hazrad (640-738 A.D.) He devotes a whole
            chapter to the lost city of Aklo and 'they that burroweth
            beneath the sands.'
            Maybe the Dholes were planning an attack on a certain
            ranch in Crawford, Texas. If so, they missed their target
            by 423 miles (676 kilometers)."
            Claude is on Highway 287 in the Texas Panhandle about
            40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Amarillo. (See the
            Walker, Minn. Pilot-Independent for June 24, 2005,
            "Massive crack opens in earth in Texas.")


            "Wildlife workers in Cyprus are trying to verify
            reports that crocodiles may be on the loose at a popular
            tourist nature spot after they became too dangerous for
            their owner to handle."
            "The reptiles are believed to have been smuggled in
            to the eastern Mediterranean island, where crocodiles do
            not breed and the closest nature cousin is the innocuous
            This is the fourth report in three weeks about out-
            of-place crocodiles or alligators turning up in areas far
            from their natural habitat. This phenomenon is known in
            Forteana as "the crazy croc syndrome" or "the crazy
            In recent weeks, the crazy crocs have appeared at
            three locations in the USA: Somers, Wisconsin; South Bend,
            Indiana; and Napa, California.
            "'The information we are trying to verify is that
            someone imported baby crocodiles as pets, and when he
            realized they were growing...they were too much for him to
            handle, so he let them loose,' a Veterinary Department
            official said."
            "However, police appeared to doubt the accuracy of
            the report of the crocodiles' release and suggested that
            the story that made headlines" on Cyprus "Thursday (June
            23, 2005) might have been a prank."
            "'It is impossible for us to verify this information
            based on the investigations so far,' a police source
            "The crocodiles, believed to number between two and
            four, are said to be small in size and are thought to be
            less than a year old. Adults can grow to be about 3
            meters (10 feet) in length."
            "Wildlife wardens are scouring a region on the
            southeastern side of the island," between Larnax and
            Yermasoyia, which has a lake "which is popular with
            tourists and anglers, whose only catch is freshwater
            African bass." (See Agence France Presse for June 26,
            2005, "Cypriots get teeth into case of missing
            crocodiles." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown, UFO
            Roundup's crazy croc expert, for this news report.)


            "Ede Municipal Council has hired the Pantera Big Cat
            Foundation to help catch a puma (known as a cougar or
            mountain lion here in the USA--J.T.) that is roaming free
            in the Veluwe forest.
            "The council opted for the Pantera Foundation after
            its staff claimed they could catch the big cat alive. The
            foundation has been given from Friday," June 10, 2005, "to
            Tuesday," June 14, 2005, "to capture the animal."
            "A mass search by (Netherlands) police over recent
            days has discovered tell-tale signs of the cat, and some
            people have caught fleeting glimpses of it. But attempts
            to catch it have failed so far."
            "The police had indicated that the puma would be shot
            dead if it could not be caught quickly."
            "Pantera is based in the town of Nijeberkoop and
            claims to be the only 'real' big cat reception center in
            Europe. The foundation was chosen by the town council
            following consultations with animal welfare groups."
            "The public has been warned to avoid the Veluwe woods
            near Ede as the search continues."
            "It is unclear how a puma came to be in the Veluwe, a
            60-kilometer (36-mile) wooded area that includes the Hoge
            Veluwe National Park. The police have not received
            reports of anyone losing their big cat pet, nor have any
            pumas escaped from a zoo in the Netherlands."
            "But police have warned cyclists and ramblers to
            avoid the woods near Ede because experts say a puma on the
            loose could be very dangerous."
            "Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman said attempts
            would be made to capture the animal alive, but, if that
            failed, it would be shot and killed."
            "The first signs of the puma were detected near
            Harskamp at the weekend. Over the following days, more
            traces were found, and members of the public reported
            sightings. Game wardens also found half-eaten game."
            Ede is in Gunderland province about 64 kilometers (40
            miles) southeast of Amsterdam, the capital of the
            Netherlands. (See the Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf
            for June 16, 2005, "Wild cat experts hired to catch
            elusive puma." Many thanks to Derek terHorst for this
            newspaper article.)

            UP IN SALEM, MASS.

            "Welcomed by many including the mayor and some city
            councilors but reviled by others, a statue of 1960s TV
            icon Samantha Stephens of Bewitched was unveiled amid a
            puff of smoke in Salem (Massachusetts, population 40,407)
            on Wednesday," June 15, 2005.
            "The statue depicts the late actress Elizabeth
            Montgomery, who played the nose-wiggling Stephens in the
            1960s sitcom (American slang for situation comedy--J.T.),
            sitting sidesaddle on a bromstick, her skirt flying behind
            her in the breeze, in front of a crescent moon."
            "Even though hundreds turned out to welcome the
            statue at Lappin Park, including some people who call
            themselves witches, others continued to protest."
            "'I think it's the best thing to happen to Salem in a
            long time,' self-described witch Linda Monroe told"
            Channel 5 WHDH-TV in Boston. "'It's a long time coming
            for something so fun and cheery. She's awesome. She's
            everybody's idol.'"
            "While some Salem officials said the bronze statue,
            sponsored by the TV Land cable network, is just a bit of
            fun and will hopefully draw more tourists to the city,
            others have criticized it, saying it trivializes the real
            and tragic events that occurred in Salem in 1692, when 20
            people were put to death after being accused of
            "Those people carried signs at Wednesday's event that
            said 'Tragedy (does not equal) Whimsy' and 'Is there no
            limit to the schlock and hype?' They say the statue is
            nothing but an ad for the Bewitched movie, starring Nicole
            Kidman and Will Ferrell, scheduled for release June 24,"
            "The ceremony was attended by show director William
            Asher, who was married to Montgomery, as well as a number
            of actors who appeared in the original series, icluding
            Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay), Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate) and
            Erin Murphy," who portrayed the lead characters' daughter,
            "Tabitha Stephens" on the show. (See the Kent County
            Daily Times of West Warwick, R.I. for June 16, 2005. Many
            thanks to Terry Duckworth for this newspaper article.)


            The movie version of Bewitched premiered last Friday.
            The film, which stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, is
            based on the popular American situation comedy show, which
            ran from 1964 to 1972.
            The "father" of lead character "Samantha Stevens"
            (portrayed by actress Elizabeth Montgomery) was never
            revealed on the show. But in what we sometimes laughingly
            call "real life," he was a near-forgotten American
            humorist and fantasy writer of the early Twentieth Century
            named Thorne Smith.
            In 1925, the same year F. Scott Fitzgerald's The
            Great Gatsby came out, Smith parlayed his interest in
            Spiritualism into a novel entitled Topper: An Improbable
            Adventure. The novel, which was published in 1926,
            concerned "the misadventures of a man and a ghostly couple
            who really knew how to 'live' it up. It spawned a sequel,
            movies and even a television show" in the 1950s, starring
            Leo G. Carroll as the haunted curmudgeon.
            "Another of Smith's novels, Turnabout (1931), also
            filmed, involved a couple who magically switched
            identities, a concept used numerous times with slight
            variations," most recently providing film work for Lindsay
            Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.
            Smith was influenced by an 1882 novel by Victorian
            novelist Thomas Antsey Guthrie entitled Vice Versa, or A
            Lesson to Fathers, about "a father and son (who) switch
            places with comical results and appropriate lessons
            learned on both sides."
            Curiously, Guthrie also wrote The Brass Bottle in
            1900, about "a genie who, upon release, created all sorts
            of complications for its new master" and "served as the
            probable inspiration for the popular television series I
            Dream of Jeannie," a contemporary of Bewitched which ran
            from 1965 to 1970.
            "Another Thorne Smith fantasy, The Night Life of the
            Gods brought classical Greco-Roman statues to life for a
            night on the town in New York and was made into a film in
            Smith died in 1941 while working on his final novel,
            The Passionate Witch. The manuscript was completed by
            Norman H. Matson. The novel "was filmed as I Married a
            Witch in 1942 and, like The Brass Bottle, was possibly
            influential in the conception of another popular
            television series, Bewitched." (See the book Fantasy of
            the 20th Century by Randy Broecker, Barnes & Noble Books,
            New York, N.Y., 2001, page 84.)
            (Editor's Comment: The 1942 film also launched a
            whole slew of Married movies during that period, including
            I Married a Nazi, I Married a Communist and I Married a
            Monster from Outer Space. And people around the world
            actually wonder why the American divorce rate is so high.)

            >From the UFO Files...

            1830: THOUSANDS OF FISH

            "There are several well-authenticated reports of
            falls of fish in India, and this has given rise to the
            belief that the phenomenon is more frequent there than
            elsewhere. This may be true on account of the favouring
            circumstances of extensive river flood plains, numerous
            shallow water tanks, a fish fauna rich in shoal water
            forms, and a hot whirlwind-breeding climate. Certainly
            the description of fish rains in that part of the world
            are numerous, specific and astonishing as to the magnitude
            of the phenomena."
            "A very valuable account of a shower of fishes is
            that by J. Prinsep, editor of the Journal of the Asiatic
            Society of Bengal. He writes:"
            "'The phenomenon of fish falling from the sky in the
            rainy season, however incredible it may appear, has been
            attested by such circumstantial evidence that no
            reasonable doubt can be entertained of the fact. I was as
            incredulous as my neighbours until I once found a small
            fish in the brass funnel of my pluviometer (rain gauge--
            J.T.) at Banares (now Varanasi, India--J.T.). I have now
            before me a note of a similar phenomenon, on a
            considerable scale, which happened at the Nokulhatty
            factory, Zillah Dacca Jedalpur, in 1830."
            "Mr. Cameron, who communicated the fact, took the
            precaution of having a regular deposition of the evidence
            of several natives who had witnessed the fall made in
            Bengalee (now Bangladesh--J.T.) and attested before the
            magistrate; the statement is well worthy of preservation
            in a journal of science..."
            "'The shower of fish took place on the 19th of
            February, 1830, in the neighbourhood of the Surbundy
            factory, Feridpur (modern Faridpur, located on the south
            side of the Ganges River about 70 kilometers (42 miles)
            southwest of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh--J.T.).'"
            "'There are depositions of nine eyewitnesses, of
            which I quote two:'"
            "Sheikh Chaudari Ahmed Bin Mutiullah, inhabitant of
            Nagdi, relates in his deposition: 'I had been doing my
            work at a meadow, when I perceived at the hour of 12
            o'clock (noon) the sky gather clouds, and began to rain
            slightly, then a large fish touching my back by its head
            fell on the ground. Being surprized, I looked about, and
            behold a number of fish likewise fell from heaven. They
            were saul, sale, guzal, mirgal and bodul. I took 10 or 11
            fish in number, and I saw many other persons take many.'"
            "Sheikh Suduruddin, inhabitant of Nagdi, was called
            in and declared in his deposition saying: 'On Friday, at
            12 o'clock p.m., in the month of Phalgun ...when I was
            about to work in a field, I perceived the sky darkened by
            clouds, began to rain a little and a large fish fell from
            the sky. I was confounded at the sight, and soon entered
            my cottage, which I had there, but I came out again as
            soon as the rain had ceased and found every part of my hut
            scattered with fish; they were bodul, mirgal and nouchi,
            and amounted to 25 in number.'" (See the book The
            Unexplained: A Sourcebook of Strange Phenomena by William
            R. Corliss, Bantam Books, New York, N.Y., 1976, pages 181
            and 182. Also Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,
            Volume 3, pages 650 to 652.)

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