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Sun Shall Explode If Eruptions Stop Part I

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    Dear Friends, http://internationalreporter.com/news/read.php?id=456 Love and Light. David Sun shall explode if eruptions stop - Series 1 MIL, Feb 1, 2005.
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Sun shall explode if eruptions stop - Series 1
      MIL, Feb 1, 2005. R.Bhambhani

      Albuquerque - I wanted to seek some comments from Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India on the Black Hole, but he was reluctant to give his comments first, telling me that some scientists/correspondents reproduce the same ideas but without mentioning any courtesy. It is a gross violation of one's copyrights and also against the ethics.

      I sought for from Dr. Raj Baldev at least one instance to disclose how the people do it? He said, "There are dozens of them but just one to tell you. I had given my theory of black hole in my book "Two Big Bangs Created the Universe" (Formed in Eternal Space).

      "p.27 states: An interesting aspect of the Black Holes is that they have the great mystery of "The Creator". On one side their strong gravitational pull sucks their objects within their event horizons and on the other they are also responsible for creating orders like Solar Systems in the Universe. Their strategic point is filled with light gases on the patterns of the Central Reservoir including hydrogen and oxygen," Dr. Raj Baldev said.

      "My book was released in the end of 2003 and after a few months of its release, Hawking admitted his mistake on the issue of Black Hole and said that he was wrong for 30 years. He said at Dublin at the 17th International Conference that his belief that nothing could come out of the black hole was wrong; it could give back some information.

      "I gave many interviews to different people from European countries including America and Canada, and I recently gave interviews on Black Holes, wherein I narrated the procedure how the black holes create stars.

      "Now scientists have started writing that the black holes also create stars. I don't mind if they reproduce my idea to be spread all over; but they ignore the source, which is painful and against the fair and free spirit of education in the field of Cosmology," Dr. Raj Baldev said.

      I approached and begged of Dr. Raj Baldev that he should not deprive the world of his thoughts about the new notions and theories on Cosmos for which he holds a special position in the world. I told him that he is the only Cosmo Theorist in the world, whose more 30 interviews have appeared from America, Canada and European countries in just 2 months and the articles are picked up by different webs and they reproduced them.

      Dr. Raj Baldev said, " Now if the serious students of science or scientists and astronomers are interested to read my articles or wish to know more about the Origin of the Universe, Black Hole, or Dark Energy, they should wait for my upcoming books, which are at the stage of final touch and shall soon be given to some publishers for printing. However, you can ask me any other question or comments on any issue other than Black Hole or Dark Energy."

      I decided to have his views if there is anything important on the life of the Sun and sought for his valuable thoughts:

      Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India, said," the secret of Sun's existence lies in continuous eruptions, which come about normally after an interval of 10 or 11 years and also massive eruptions that occur between 4 and 23 years. Sometimes these eruptions happen after 32 years.

      Dr. Raj Baldev said, "The eruptions happen according to different planetary situations. In other words, the planets also save the Sun, their master.

      "When I asked how it happens, Dr. Raj Baldev explained: "The Sun is in the heart of Solar System with 99.86 per cent of all the mass of the system. The gravitational field, which is associated with the Sun, pulls up and keeps balance with the constituents of the system including its planets and the Earth.

      Dr. Baldev continued: "Sun is about 109 times the diameter of the Earth and 333,000 times as massive. Though the density of material near the center of the Sun is about 8 times the density of the lead, it is counted as a gaseous star. The Sun being the controller of the basis of the Solar System and energy supplier to the Earth and other planets is called as "the Sun".

      "In its core, hydrogen atoms blast into each other continuously. The nuclear energy of the Sun is derived on thermo nuclear processes involving the transformation of hydrogen into helium. Though the Sun loses about 4,000.000 tones of hydrogen per second, the Sun has the continuing nuclear energy to radiate at the present rate for a minimum period of 5 billion years more if it escapes from a giant black hole.

      "In other words, the energy of the Sun, its planets and the requisite gravity are responsible for maintaining the Solar System. If any of them disappears or diminishes in any manner, the Solar System shall be nowhere, all will collide and transform into a wild debris chemical cloud.

      "There are two main important escapes that help the Sun to live and let us live. " The Sun's long life depends if it escapes from giant black hole and the eruptions should not stop, its two important ways of life other than gravity, otherwise it may lose its life and collapse on itself." Dr. Raj Baldev said.

      Dr. Raj Baldev added: "The composition of the Sun has about 71% hydrogen and 27% helium and 2% other gases. It forms a special pressure between 10 and 11 years, if this pressure is restricted within the Sun for 450 years continuously by the graviton particles or for any other reasons, and not allowed eruptions to occur , the Sun may explode in a few years. As a matter of fact, it shall explode on the pattern of the first Big Bang that occurred in the Parent Universe about 15 billion years ago.

      "It is interesting to note that there is a continuous flare up after every 11 years to save the Sun from being burst into "Fireball" and the planets to live their normal life in the Solar System," Dr. Raj Baldev said.

      Cont'd. Read next : Sun shall explode if eruptions stop - Series II

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