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Weather Forecasting Models Failing - Human Or ET Hand In Weather Manipulation?

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    Dear Friends, http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/01-30b-05.asp Love and Light. David In every country of the world, all on a sudden the weather forecasting
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      In every country of the world, all on a sudden the weather forecasting computer models are failing – human or extra-terrestrial hand in weather manipulation
      Staff Reporter
      January 30, 2005

      Graphic by: Steven E. Hall

      Over the past years, China has installed 74 sets of the world's advanced Doppler weather radar with 87 per cent put into operation. But in the last year all on a sudden the weather forecasting computer models have failed so badly that China has decided to install thirty more of the devices rapidly this year with a satellite launched later last year expected to start its operations soon.

      This is the same story echoed in every part of the world from India to America. Weather forecasting models are just failing and the variation patterns are so obvious that forecasters all over the world are scratching their heads.

      World is experiencing some extreme weathers and weather forecasters in all parts of the world are just failing for reasons unknown to all.

      In India, for example, scientists were astonished at the National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting were perplexed by the deviation of the weather from the that predicted by the Doppler reports.

      In Russia, authorities are just perplexed with bizarre patters of snow falls.

      In America, the weather forecasters are similarly perplexed in their inability to tell people what will happen next day.

      The recent hurricanes and typhoons all over the world have taken irregular patterns and unpredictable paths defying all established computer models.

      In India, China, Africa, Europe, all over the world the same story is repeating. In every country the meteorologists are thinking that these anomalies are just present in their region. But it is global and increasing every day.

      The intensity of the storms and the paths all over the world especially in America’s Florida and South East including Gulf of Mexico are just bizarre.

      Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Government is also perplexed with what is going on.

      Another interesting phenomenon that is becoming very obvious is that many of the storms all over the world last year went into merry-go-round patterns and pick up speed and force before the landfall.

      There is a possibility that massive weather manipulation experimentation is taking place which are totally classified. Military research projects involving weather manipulation is nothing new – many countries are racing towards achieving the capabilities.

      What is perplexing is that the same unusual patterns are also present in Artic and Antarctic regions. British Antarctic Survey (BAS), the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO, the International Commission on Polar Meteorology and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) are involved in modeling the polar weather patterns.

      The massive scale of the same problem gives rise to the fact that there may be some bigger hand involved. In South America and Central America native Indians believed that their Gods used to control the weather on a daily basis. We may be looking the same pattern where “Someone” is controlling the worldwide weather.

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