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The Destruction Of Atlantis Now & Then Part I

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    Dear Friends, Here s the latest from Goro Adachi. As always it s an interesting read. It s long so I ve cut it up and pasted it in there installments. Click
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      Here's the latest from Goro Adachi. As always it's an interesting read. It's long so I've cut it up and pasted it in there installments. Click the link if you don't receive the images.


      Love and Light.


      January 31, '05 Destruction of Atlantis Then & Now
      [Note: When I wrote 'big post coming soon', I wasn't exaggerating - this is probably the longest blog post in the history of Etemenanki and I even seriously considered giving it a stand-alone article status but decided against it for various reasons (but it will probably be a basis for a future 'full-length' article). So... get comfortable and get a cup of coffee for this one if you're a coffee-drinker like me ... and good luck. :)]

      In this latest installment of the 'Great Flood' series, we'll shift our focus back to last year's Athens Olympics pinpointed as the epicenter of the months-long 'super torch ritual' complex that ominously preceded the high-impact 'Great Flood' event the world witnessed in December, fulfilling the 'damage plan' that was in effect 'leaked' beforehand by the 'omens'. I will show in this post how the coming catastrophe did not come without 'warning', how it was partially deciphered before the event, and what it may tell us about the coming weeks, months, and years.

      It was back on October 23 last year that I posted Part 1 of the Stargate Cipher 2012 series in which I presented my in-depth examination of the extensive web of symbolism transmitted at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens Olympics. The way I interpreted it, what the world saw, most without any conscious comprehension, were the seeds of the future - a compressed preview of what's to come in the coming years.

      If my assessment there was valid, an earthshaking event - literally in this case - like the 'Great Flood' event on Dec 26 would surely be intimated within the 'preview' show or else my observations would have to be considered questionable or without any practical value. So let me first address that issue directly and it is in fact quite easy to demonstrate that the modern version of the 'Great Flood' was anticipated by the pattern discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012. Indeed, in was in the section right at the very beginning of Part 1 that I stated the following, specifically mentioning the Great Flood (emphasis added):

      The 'Contact' scenario is shaping up to be a test to determine how wise we are, so that the supposed 'Watchers' - whoever or whatever they are - would be able to take appropriate actions as needed. This brings to mind the story of Eden and the Flood in the Book of Genesis - and it's becoming increasingly apparent that we're in a way actually living it right now. Human civilization may well be 'aborted' within decades if not years depending on how well we do on the 'test'.

      In the Sumerian version of the story ('Eridu Genesis'), the gods led by Enlil decide to wipe out mankind, but one god - Enki - finds a way to warn Ziusudra, a Noah figure, instructing him to build a boat in which to survive the coming cataclysm. Enki does this by ostensibly 'talking to a wall' as Ziusudra listens nearby thus technically avoiding direct communication. In other words, the important instructions for building an ark, for going through the 'stargate', come in secret... in code, to be received by the wise only.

      That's how it's done... apparently since the 'time of Genesis'. And as was then, so is now. The warning and instructions are to be hidden between the lines; they are to be in disguise so as not to become an open public announcement. The purpose is not to inform everyone, but to inform only those who deserve it, so to speak. [...]

      In this article will be presented findings - some of them dark indeed - that may well turn out to be the modern version of Enki's secret communication - a warning, a test, transmitted by the 'Enki faction' of a certain 'cabal' in anticipation of the coming 'end of time'...

      In other words, I made the point there that the coded 'message' quietly transmitted at the Athens Olympics was essentially - while not trying to be dramatic - the modern equivalent of the instructions 'God' gave to Noah before the Great Flood so that Noah, or mankind, might build an Ark and ensure the continuation of life on the planet. Combine this with the fact that I did later go on to point ahead to late-December as a particularly important window and there is a pretty good case to be made here that through the Olympics symbolism as well as the broader 'super torch ritual' complex surrounding it, a slice of the future had indeed been previewed to a significant degree.

      To bolster the above stance here is a new observation we can add to the timing aspect of the catastrophe. We have already made much of the fact that there is a highly significant link between the late December period and the time of the Venus Transit in June last year, a rare celestial phenomenon that anchors our 'super torch ritual' that on an earthly plane culminated at the Athens Olympics. More specifically the emphasis was placed on Venus' crossing of the Galactic Meridian ( = Milky Way's longitude 0/180 deg.) which took place just 3 days after the Transit of Venus on June 11 (and again on July 4). The Transit itself roughly speaking also took place at the Galactic Meridian. See illustrations:

      June 8, '04

      June 11, '04

      You should recall that it was on June 11 that former president Ronald Reagan was buried near Los Angeles following a week-long, elaborate national funerary proceedings, who had died on June 5, just 3 days before the Transit of Venus. Given that the 'occult star' of the grand 'super torch ritual' already underway by then was Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing the role of the 'Torch Bearer' as well as 'the Olympian', it was fitting that Arnold was right there at the final day of the Reagan event in California as the state's governor, going through a very intricate ritual scheme hidden from most observers, when Venus, known as the 'light-bearer', was right at the Galactic Center (following the Transit).

      Venus' next crossing of the Galactic Meridian on July 4/Independence Day (celebration of the iconic 'torch bearer', Lady Liberty) took place at -19.5 latitude very close to the 'Bull's Eye' star Aldebaran, also known as 'Torch Bearer'.

      All this was discussed here many times already, before and after the Olympics. And it was due to this that I was able to pinpoint the time around December 29 as a key window for a major 'ritual' event as it was on that day that Venus again found itself crossing the GM. As I wrote back in mid-December:

      ...I will be very closely monitoring the days around Dec 28 which will feature 1) Mercury-Venus conjunction, 2) Mercury crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/26-27, 3) Saturn positioned on the 'dark side' of the Moon on 12/27-28, and most importantly, 4) Venus crossing the Galactic Meridian on 12/29.

      While I did include Dec 26 as part of the window, I obviously put more emphasis on Dec 29 than the tsunami day. Actually I could have easily pinpointed that exact day - if I had only remembered that in addition to 1) Mercury's GM-crossing, 2) the full Moon configuration, and 3) a Sun-Venus-Mars alignment, we had the exoteric main event of Venus in 2004, i.e. the Transit phenomenon, coming 3 days before Venus' GM-crossing in June. This translates to a 'flashy' (or actually 'dark') event taking place 3 days before Dec 29, i.e. Dec 26, the day of the southeast Asian 'Great Flood'. And that's - albeit in hindsight - precision.

      The reason I keep coming back to the issue of how my timing analysis could have been easily refined is to show that the exact date of the biggest event of 2004 was predictable. And predictable denotes pattern... or even further, 'ritualistic'.

      Ritualistic especially combined with what I had come up with the crossing of the Galactic Meridian by the Sun on December 8/9. Because the Transit of Venus (= Venus-Sun union) almost coincided with Venus' GM-crossing, meaning the Sun's GM-crossing too would be relevant to the pattern, I had inferred that the Sun repeating this crossing movement on Dec 8/9 should produce some kind of meaningful event reflecting the underlying pattern. Its significance was amplified by the Venusian pregnancy time code scheme found woven into the 'super torch ritual', presented first here on Dec 3. It basically postulates that there have been 'conception rituals' surrounding Venus, the Olympics, and such - but most prominently expressed by the union of the Sun and Venus, i.e. the Transit - that have resulted in prompting the notion of pregnancy duration following those moments conception. Based on the human gestation period, Venus-Mary could be inferred to give birth to a 'messianic' child of the Sun,
      'Horus', after 9 months. This was a storyline found very much stressed during the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics (see picture right).

      As the chart above shows, the GM-crossing by the Sun on Dec 8/9 was found to be in perfect harmony with the overlaid scheme, specifically the pregnancy period stemming from Spain's Madrid train bombings on March 11, '04. Not only was 'Spain's 9/11' something I found to be 'prophesied' in code in Schwarzenegger's 2003 film that seemed to have had the function of announcing the 'rise of Schwarzenegger the politician', Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the terror event also:

      Took place near the Atocha station close to which is the Retiro park where stands 'El Angel Caido', the world's only statue dedicated solely to Lucifer, the light-bearer/Venus.

      Took place on 3/11 to produce the number '311', which happens to be the numerical designation given to the left eye of the celestial Bull (Taurus), the other eye being Aldebaran the 'Torch Bearer'.

      Took place on 3/11/04 to create the number '3114', corresponding to the year (3114 BC) taken by the Venus-driven Mayan calendar to be its start point - a calendar that is actually theorized to use the specific date August 13, 3114 BC (supposedly dubbed the 'Birth of Venus'), or the opening date picked for the Athens Olympics, as its beginning point, and a calendar that is famously slated to end on Dec 21, 2012.

      Took place in Madrid, the city that derives its name from Mayrit (referring to the River Manzanares), meaning 'source of water' or 'rich in abundance of waters' - very much evocative of the Hyades star cluster where Aldebaran/'Torch Bearer' and 'star 311' reside which too is traditionally a very watery place, having been called 'the rainy ones', 'a watery constellation' and such.

      Both #3 and #4 above interact with the city of Columbus in Ohio (Columbus/Columba/Columbia being a big theme in the 'super torch ritual'), the only place where Schwarzenegger delivered an in-person speech in support of Bush who also was there to campaign in late October last year. The outcome of the election days later would then come down to the electoral vote of Ohio, becoming the Florida of this election, which after an overnight counting went to Bush thus making him (unofficially) the winner on November 3. Outside of the US, this date would be typically written '3/11/04', i.e. another '3114 (BC)' Mayan-calendar/Venus date. And like Madrid of the former '3/11/04', Ohio's name comes from a river, the Ohio River, and means 'great water'.
      So, is it any wonder that it was a relatively big event in Columbus, Ohio late December 8, the day of the Sun's GM-crossing and the 'birth day' stemming from Madrid/3-11, that captured my attention? This was, of course, the 'ritualistic' shooting event at a heavy metal concert that left the former guitarist of Pantera and then of Damageplan named 'Dimebag' Darrel, a guitar hero to many, dead, making international news.
      There was much that was highly 'ritualistic' about the strange event, as discussed before - the most 'eye-popping' being its undeniable connection to The Wizard of Oz, the classic film that I had already detected as a major theme woven into the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics. (See Stargate Cipher 2012: Part 2.) There was also much intimated through the name 'Pantera' within the context of the shooting 'ritual', relating to the (son of the) 'Sun' ('Ben Pandira' & 'Pa-ntr-ra') in accordance with the Venusian/solar birth theme and to 'panthers', the significance of which goes all the way back to the 2004 Super Bowl (involving Janet Jackson's 'nipplegate') held in Houston on the anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia disaster, quickly identified as an 'omen' and kick-started the 'super torch ritual', as one of the teams playing there was the Panthers.
      Now, believe me, if it were up to me I would rather not talk so extensively about things like Janet's nipplegate or Eminem or the Damageplan concert shooting that are normally more or less 'tabloid' stuff (not to make light of the death of 'Dimebag'). Hollywood movies are one thing, as they are today's equivalent of myth (as in coded ancient tales), but showbiz idols? I don't personally have a problem with moving into any areas deemed relevant but the mixture of what I do and showbiz activities probably has the tendency of engendering skepticism especially for those new to this website. And that's where I find it inconvenient - and yet I can't deviate from the process of letting the clues and coherence take me wherever they choose... and so here we are. Besides, a coded message still needs a medium and to be transmitted widely the medium has to be far-reaching, which makes movies, TV programs, celebrities, and things like that in pop culture an ideal medium. We'll see more examples
      of this later on. But I digress...
      An important fact that should not be missed here is that the shooting incident in Columbus did foreshadow the upcoming 'great flood' that was to come 'three days' before the crossing of the Galactic Meridian this time by Venus itself. The timing was deciphered here beforehand as you know, and the location (Sumatra) would also later be found to have been pinpointed through the Columbus event's geodetic code. As for the nature of the event, it was also abundantly foreshadowed, through Columbus and many other 'rituals' that came before that.
      Here are quotes from my Dec 22 post to show how I used the 'Damageplan'/'Pantera' incident on Dec 8 to anticipate a big event later that same month around the time of Venus' GM crossing:
      And the name 'Damageplan' seemingly hints at the event's omen-type nature. That is to say that in the 'Oz ritual' may be found coded information concerning what's being planned for the near future... and it is certainly suggested to be 'explosive'.

      At this point I'm looking at December as one of the potential windows... [...]

      Judging from the Sun's meridian crossing giving us the Columbus event and such, the window around Dec 28/29 is likely to produce at least some symbolically meaningful event consistent with the underlying themes we have going here, if not a bona fide high-impact event like the fall of a Babylon/Sun-king... a key event coming up soon to shake things up...

      One thing that I failed to do between Dec 8 and 26 was to emphasize the 'great water' aspect of the underlying pattern, injected repeatedly by the symbolism of Madrid ('lots/source of water'), the Hyades ('watery constellation'), Columbia (Columba the dove of Noah), Ohio ('great water'), the galaxy/Milky Way (the heavenly river/flood), pregnancy/birth (breaking of the water), and... yes, the Athens Olympics.

      These pictures show that it was water that was literally at the center of it all during the opening ceremony - the climax of the 'super torch ritual'. Well, that and the notion of cosmic seeding as extensively discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012. These two intertwined themes are to become highly significant in the context of the 'great flood' event in a moment.

      By 'cosmic seeding' what's primarily implied is 'Panspermia' - seeding by a heavenly 'extraterrestrial' rock. The beginning sequence of the Olympics' opening ceremony featured a fiery 'rock' coming from above, striking the lake occupying the center of the stadium, and ostensibly as a result of this appeared upon the lake fiery Olympic rings, as pictured below.

      Rings of fire on water set alight by a heavenly rock... This was an uncanny foreshadowing of the Asian 'great flood' because:

      Ring of fire:

      The region of Sumatra/Indonesia, where the huge tsunami-causing earthquake occurred on Dec. 26, make up the western extremity of what is known as the '(Pacific) Ring of Fire', defined as 'a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean'.

      Heavenly rock:

      While there is no actual evidence of a meteorite strike causing the tsunamis, this was the implicit storyline subtly promoted via certain international news stories appearing around that time:

      Dec 19: Jakarta shaken by 'meteor blast': Reports of unexplained explosions caused alarm on Sunday morning in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Indonesia is on a heightened state of alert... However, Sunday's blasts may not have been made by man but by an extra-terrestrial phenomenon - a large meteor breaking up in the atmosphere.

      Dec 24: Scientists study orbit of newly found asteroid: There's a 1-in-300 chance that a recently discovered asteroid... could hit Earth in 2029, a NASA scientist said Thursday...

      Dec 29: Asteroid Earth impact in 2029 ruled out: Additional observations have ruled out the chance that a recently discovered asteroid, believed to be about 1,300 feet long, could hit Earth in 2029, NASA scientists said.

      Benben Stone:

      In an ancient Egyptian context, a heavenly rock that seeds the planet would be expressed by the Benben Stone, typically the capstone of the pyramid/obelisk. It is also a well-known Masonic symbol and can be seen on the back of the US dollar bill - the infamous 'All-Seeing Eye'. Traditionally it's closely associated with Sirius and through which its planetary analogue, Venus, both a 'goddess star' par excellence. The patron goddess of Athens named Athena is another alter ego of Sirius/Isis-Venus and has been equated with a rock that fell from the sky. In terms of biblical tradition, this goddess complex is personified by Mary Magdalene, the enigmatic companion of Jesus whose importance is rising rapidly today thanks largely to the success of the monster bestseller The Da Vinci Code.

      Given the above context, you cannot dismiss as mere coincidence the fact that the state flag of Ohio features none other than the Benben/cap/All-Seeing Eye stone. And Ohio is the 'Buckeye State' which is a 'buck eye state' or a 'dollar eye state', as in the one dollar bill's All-Seeing Eye.

      The outline of an 'M' surrounding the heavenly-seed stone solidifies the connection owing to the fact that the letter M is a well-known esoteric shorthand for Mary Magdalene.

      It is of critical importance that an 'M' accompanies the cosmic rock as this is a slightly encrypted form of the ancient iconography involving the omphalos, or navel, stone which is an alter ego of the Benben Stone and said to mark the center of the world. Flanked by two doves, which is a symbolism alluded to by the name of Ohio's capital city Columbus, it becomes the standard glyph meaning 'to lay out parallels and meridians' and closely associated with the tradition of the Ark/Flood, as discussed before.

      A cosmic stone surrounded by doves is conceptually the same as a cosmic stone surrounded by an 'M' in that the title 'Magdalene' has as one of its possible meanings 'the place of the dove', and the goddess and the dove are generally considered equatable.

      As revealed previously, this omphalos glyph connection - thanks to its geodetic implication (i.e. the grid of the planet) - would then lead to the astounding demonstration of the elegant design we're dealing with there. The intersection of the meridian (longitude) running through Columbus Ohio extended into the other side of the globe, which is also geodetically called a 'Great Circle', and the latitudinal (= parallel) Great Circle that is necessarily always fixed at the equator and nowhere else, pinpoints a region just west of Sumatra, i.e. the epicenter of the 'great flood' earthquake!

      The use of geodetic Great Circles was even hinted at by the symbolism of the Damageplan/Pantera shooting ('Pan-tera' => 'pan terra' => 'whole earth') and, as 'jim' has noted on the comment board recently, Dec 26 was exactly 360 days from the beginning of the year, making it a 'circle day' (i.e. '360' degrees).

      Now, in the Book of Genesis the Great Flood is a direct consequence of the deeds of the so-called 'fallen angels' - identified in Genesis chapter 6 as 'sons of God' and somewhat more indirectly the 'Nephilim' (the 'giants') who were technically the offspring of the sons of God and the 'daughters of men', i.e. a hybrid race between 'heavenly beings' and man. In Genesis it's implied that this led to the corruption of man:

      And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. [Gen 6:5-7]

      The 'Great Flood' then followed...

      Note that those 'fallen angels' are collectively embodied by Lucifer who is popularly thought of as the fallen angel. And Lucifer, of course, is another name for Venus. At the Olympics, Venus as the goddess of love was clearly embodied by one of the main characters who gets pregnant - almost certainly as a stylized expression of the Transit of Venus from a couple of months earlier - at the comet-struck lake and gives birth to a 'messianic' child ('Holy Grail') signified by a giant DNA projection.

      As discussed in Stargate Cipher 2012: Part 2 and elsewhere (as early back as 2001), the Nephilim or the 'men of renown' were actually 'the people of the shem' - 'shem' essentially denoting a 'heavenly shining fire-stone'. Yes - a heavenly rock. Given the 'seeding' aspect of the cosmic stone theme, it is only natural that the biblical tale of the 'fallen angels' primarily has to do with their sexual 'misbehavior' on this planet. These are basically the same story told in different contexts.

      So we see that the opening sequence in Athens featuring a heavenly rock striking the lake was basically a retelling of the story about the 'fallen angels' as famously written in Genesis 6. The pregnant woman, therefore, was the embodiment of the 'daughters of men' who gave birth to the hybrid 'giant' race of the Nephilim.

      Based on this 'omen' it could easily be inferred that what was about to take place in real life was the continuation of the same story. And there was nothing unambiguous about what was next - the Great Flood to wipe out the 'corruption', the 'evil' seed; and that is exactly what we saw on December 26, '04...

      I find it noteworthy that a lot of the regions hit hard by the Asian 'great flood' are known for their active child trafficking and sexual exploitation underground culture (though the problem itself is global) - i.e. rather expressive of the deeds of the 'fallen angels'.

      The relevance of Genesis was made even clearer, in fact, just days after the end of the Olympics when NASA's Genesis probe returning from the Sun crashed into the Utah desert after failing to open its parachute. This ritualistic event had the symbolic function of solidifying the conceptual link between the heavenly stone theme (reenacted by the falling space capsule representing a 'Sun Stone') and the Genesis story transmitted at the Olympics just prior to the event.

      It is also instructive to see the juxtaposition of two versions of the Olympic stadium, one as seen at the beginning and the other at the end of the Games.

      One superimposed over the other, we'd get a spiral/concentric circles in a body of water. That brings to mind the typical depiction of earthquake shockwaves spreading out from the epicenter...

      This will have interesting implications shortly. But let me add a comment here, that even the causeway aligned with the Athens spiral's center, already interpreted as signifying the Galactic Equator/Meridian in SGC2012: Part 2, is applicable to the Asian quake/tsunami whose epicenter marked by Sumatra straddled the earth's equator.

      'Sumatra' spelt backwards, by the way, is 'Artamus' which as one poster noted on the comment board is very close to 'Artemis', the Greek Moon goddess. As it happens not only was the Moon full on Dec 26, at the moment of the super quake it was right at the Galactic Equator (i.e. crossing the centerline of the celestial river/flood) and grazing the antipodal point of the Galactic Center, i.e. the (anti-) center of the Milky Way spiral.

      The full Moon's location here also corresponds to the Sun's summer-solstice position (currently the intersection of the ecliptic, the green line in the illustration, and the Galactic Equator). In ancient Egyptian tradition the Milky Way was the heavenly form of the Nile river which flooded and revitalized the Egyptian 'black land' annually around the time of the summer solstice (signaled by the heliacal rising of Sirius). Generally speaking, to the ancient Egyptians the summer solstice would have meant 'the time of the flood'. The remarkable implication here is self-explanatory.

      To sort of drive home the point, the multifaceted celestial 'signs' even included Comet Machholz, a bona fide 'heavenly stone', which was crescendoing toward peak brightness at the time - making it a 'heavenly torch' - by having its orbital path plotted in the sky pass precisely through the summer-solstice point at the moment of the Sumatra quake...

      Comet Machholz then, moving northward, went on to skim by the famous Pleiades star cluster, highlighting it with its bright tail around January 7, right at the time of its closest approach to Earth (Jan 5/6).

      It cannot be ignored here that January 6/7 marks Orthodox Christmas, thus a calendrically shifted day of the Asian 'great flood' (Dec 25/26). Indeed, this coincidence becomes even more meaningful when added that the Pleiades have traditionally been seen as a flame, seven doves, a form of Athena, and most definitely associated with the traditions of the Flood.

      ...Continued HERE

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