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The Destruction Of Atlantis Now & Then Part II

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    Dear Friends, http://www.goroadachi.com/etemenanki/blog-05jan-c.htm Love and Light. David January 31, 05 Destruction of Atlantis Then & Now [...continued
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      January 31, '05 Destruction of Atlantis Then & Now
      [...continued from page 1]

      Perhaps more important is the Pleiades being the 'Seven Sisters' - or seven daughters - of the Titan Atlas who are also called the 'Atlantides' or, as Greek historian Hellanicus of Lesbos called them, Atlantis. Through Plato's writings (the Timaeus and Critias), 'Atlantis' would of course refer to a legendary antediluvian world of which Atlas was the first ruler:

      Atlantis was a legendary ancient culture and island, whose existence and location have never been confirmed. The first mentions we have are from the classical Greek philosopher Plato, who said that it was destroyed by a natural disaster (possibly an earthquake or tsunami) about 9,000 years before his own time.

      It is indeed not uncommon for the destruction of Atlantis to be equated with the Great Flood such as one described in Genesis, and it is quite often speculated to have been caused by a heavenly rock hitting the planet. What really gets our attention, however, is that one of the many proposed locations of Atlantis - namely by Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph. D. - happens to be Indonesia, of which Sumatra is the largest island landmass!

      [map borrowed from here]

      In this light we find it significant that the name 'Sumatra' denotes the 'isle of gold' just as traditions relating to Atlantis have tended to treat the mythical place as a land of gold.

      What's more, the island of Atlantis is popularly thought of as being divided into seven concentric circles... which relate back to the Athens' spiral and the earthquake-shockwave depiction.

      ... As well as the platform for Bush's speech at the Republican National Convention just days after the end of the Olympics which I have already identified as a symbolic continuation of the same 'super torch ritual' (see SGC2012: Part 2):

      ... As well as the Milky Way galaxy and the unprecedented four major hurricanes that struck Florida around the time of the Olympics (the first of which, Charley, making landfall on the opening day of the Games):

      ... And then there was the enigmatic giant sculpture in the form of a white face prominently featured at the opening ceremony...

      I've already talked extensively about how it correlates with the so-called 'Face on Mars' in SGC2012, but officially it was supposed to represent a sculpture from the ancient Cycladic civilization which derives its name from the Greek term 'cyclos' meaning 'circle'. We learn that the 'name was originally used to indicate those islands that formed a rough circle around the sacred island of Delos'. Yes, shades of Atlantis...

      Even the idea of concentric circles or an epicenter was cleverly incorporated here through the accompanying spear-throwing red centaur which, as first discussed in SGC2012: Part 2, was almost certainly designed as an allusion to Sagittarius and the Galactic Center...

      Here is what I wrote:

      ...the 'Martian' face emerged after the centaur threw a spear into the lake. The centaur, while already compared to the Great Sphinx, inevitably reminds us of the constellation Sagittarius known as 'the Archer' and traditionally perceived as a centaur with a bow and arrow.

      The following passage from Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Richard Allen, p.354) all but confirms the connection:

      An inscription, on a fragment of a planisphere, transcribed by Sayce as Utucagaba, the Light of the White Face, and by Pinches as Udgudua, the Flowing (?) Day, or the Smiting Sun Face, is supposed to be an allusion to this constellation (Sagittarius). [emphasis added]

      So the Athenean Face was the 'White Face' or 'Smiting Sun Face' and the centaur the Sagittarius constellation. The significance being that the Galactic Center is located in Sagittarius. Not only that, in its traditional depiction Sagittarius aims its arrow closely at the Galactic Center!

      Now I want the reader to go through the following visual collage and get a good sense of the basic flow or structure of the 'hidden' story transmitted at the Olympics:

      Row 1: Heavenly stone/seeding theme: Genesis, Benben, omphalos/navel stone
      Row 2: Lake and whirlpool
      Row 3/4: Shooting arrow through heart/navel of whirlpool

      I haven't discussed the following up to this point because it involves the Time River Theory (TRT) of mine and I generally try to avoid mixing Etemenanki discussions and the TRT or the book unless clearly warranted - largely because I treat the TRT as being on a different level, something much more substantial compared to the intentionally speculative nature of the 'Etemenanki' side of my work. And also because seeing reflections of the TRT in the 'rituals' can be considered more of a personal thing or worse a grandiose delusion. But here, I can't help but think it's appropriate to mention it and here is why...

      First of all, when I saw the big lake in the Olympic stadium on Aug 13, my initial thought was that it reminded me of Lake Tana in Ethiopia, the source of the Blue Nile, a tributary most responsible for the Nile's annual inundation, which as those who have read The Time Rivers should know is one of the central and most symbolically heavy components of the Time River scheme. It was already no secret - to Etemenanki anyway - that the predominant underlying theme or primer had to do with Venus and through which the Mayan calendar and such. So the combination of the lake and Venus the goddess of love inevitably brought to my mind Lake Tana which is a heart-shaped lake - the heart being a symbol of love. Indeed, in the TRT Lake Tana is made to interact with Venus and Sirius, the goddess-stars. Not only that, Sirius is inseparable in ancient Egyptian tradition from the Nile inundation thus also from its ultimate source Lake Tana; and because Sirius is known as the 'Arrow Star' and Tana is
      a heart-shaped lake, there emerges a notion of 'shooting an arrow through the heart' which is of course expressive of love (= Venus).

      The point is this. Through Lake Tana, the combined notions of a lake, Venus-Sirius, and 'an arrow through the heart' become entangled with the idea of a flood. Through the symbolism of the arrow-shooting centaur, Cupid, and such displayed over the lake, therefore, we were in effect given a 'warning' of a coming deluge just as the heliacal rising of Sirius did for ancient Egyptians.

      Now we realize that the 'warning' was not too subtle either because all the other key visual elements surrounding the Olympic lake greatly amplify the message. The biggest clue - which I missed initially - was the concept of a watery whirlpool that the opening and closing ceremonies together invoked. It changes the notion of 'an arrow through the heart' into 'an arrow through the center of the whirlpool', as in Sagittarius aiming its arrow at the center of the galactic whirlpool (Milky Way). Even without the TRT, this is a theme that is traditionally associated with the Flood!

      Read the following excerpt from The Time Rivers (pp.92-3) and you'll see that it reads like a 'Guidebook to Symbolism of Athens Olympics' (emphasis added, endnotes omitted):

      ...according to A Dictionary of Symbols, the arrow’s phallic significance is strong especially:

      …when it is shown in emblems balanced against the symbol of the ‘mystic Centre’, feminine in character, such as the heart. The heart pierced with an arrow is a symbol of ‘Conjunction’.

      [...] Related to this are the mythical tales about a maiden shooting her arrow into the ‘navel of the waters, which was a vast whirlpool’, in order to win fire. [...]

      Indeed, the ‘navel of the waters’ is an excellent description of Lake Tana. The navel, or the omphalos, is a universal symbol for the center of the world, and the notion of ‘center’ is inseparable from the heart, thus also from [heart-shaped] Lake Tana. And this navel-Tana equation is strongly supported by the mythological idea that ‘the opening of the navel brings the deluge’. Lake Tana, as we know, is essentially the source of the Nile flood.

      The ‘navel’ is additionally related to the sacred relic called the omphalos stone, or the ‘foundation stone’, found in various parts of the world, supposedly marking the ‘navel of the world’ (i.e. the geodetic center). [T]he famous omphalos stone at Delphi (Greece) was identified with the stone that Saturn is said to have disgorged after he swallowed it thinking it was Zeus [= Jupiter]; indeed, the name ‘omphalos’ is said to derive from Zeus’ umbilical cord. [...]

      The omphalos, furthermore, is identifiable with the Benben Stone of ancient Egypt, the archetypal capstone of the pyramid.[...]

      The Benben Stone is important in that it correlates with many of the ongoing themes such as fire, the Morning Star, and sexuality. For instance, the term benben (or ben, benn, etc.) has decidedly sexual connotations as it can mean ‘to copulate’, ‘phallus’, etc. And the Benben Stone was identified with the phoenix, or the bennu-bird, which was: 1) a ‘fire-bird’ that had the ‘Isle of Fire’ as its home; 2) equated with the ‘morning star’; and 3) like Eve, considered to be the bringer of Hikê, the essence of life.

      At this point, then, we are able to state with a high degree of certainty that the ‘gifts’ given to mankind in the Silver-Taurus Age had three elements: secret knowledge, sexuality/seed, and life (the last two may be combined).

      I'm not saying that the grand Athens ceremonies, or the designers, were consciously 'aware' of The Time Rivers (though my ego, if unleashed, would welcome that idea), but that both at least stem from the same mysterious, shall we say 'Atlantean', 'blueprint' that is now beginning to resurface around and within us in this reality of ours. And this awareness of the 'blueprint' - which might be called the 'Holy Grail' - is the fundamental protocol underlying the intangible language through which 'Enki' quietly communicates his knowledge about the coming Great Flood... A warning given to Ziusudra/Utnapishtim/Noah.

      As should be increasingly obvious to you at this point, such a warning was transmitted before the modern 'Great Flood' last December. Looking back, it could perhaps be said that I was going for the 'Noah' role. Now don't get me wrong, the point is that anyone can strive to become a 'Noah' by trying to understand such 'secret communication' using both reason and intuition.

      Despite all my efforts, however, my decoding prior to Dec 26 didn't go far enough in time to literally predict the precise nature of the looming event - though I would say that I had established most of the necessary contexts in place for it, thus allowing me to declare in Stargate Cipher 2012 that we are living the story of Eden and the Flood 'right now'.

      In any case, let's shift our focus back to the Galactic Center, the region pinpointed by the arrow of Sagittarius, approximately the Sun's winter-solstice position. Notice that this was also where there was the fleeting gathering of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury (as well as Pluto), 180 degrees away from the summer-solstice point/alignment that was being highlighted by the full Moon and Comet Machholz as we have seen.

      It was during the traditional 'Christmas period' of late December through early January that Venus and Mercury together crossed the celestial river or the Milky Way, and I would compare this to one particular scene coming early in the opening ceremony in Athens where the Venus-Mary figure was having fun in the water (she got pregnant there) while hovering over her the whole time was an winged angelic being (ostensibly Cupid) supervising her actions, whom I would identify with Mercury the Messenger ('angel' means 'messenger'). Venus and Mercury together in/over water - just like the celestial configuration during the Christmas season...

      Come to think of it, the giant DNA to which this Venus-Mary figure would gives birth was very much comparable to a 'stairway to heaven' not unlike the Milky Way - a heavenly ladder.

      We would now find it only fitting that another alter ego of the heavenly ladder known as 'Jacob's ladder', found in Genesis, is associated with a (heavenly) stone and a stargate ('gate of heaven') - the latter corresponding to the inter-dimensional objects known as 'black holes' that occupy the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

      Here is the relevant portion from the Book of Genesis:

      Jacob left Beersheba, and went toward Haran. And he came to a certain place, and stayed there that night, because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones of the place, he put it under his head and lay down in that place to sleep. And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! [...] Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, "Surely the LORD is in this place; and I did not know it." And he was afraid, and said, "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven." And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. [...] And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house: and of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee. [Gen 28:10-22]

      So, the Milky Way is Jacob's ladder in Genesis which in turn is a 'gate of heaven' marked by a heavenly stone... a 'Genesis stone'. And a Genesis 'stone' fallen from heaven is exactly what we witnessed several days after the end of the Olympics in early September - the crash of NASA's Genesis capsule returning from the Sun.

      Heavily interacting with this symbolism was the inexplicable string of hurricanes hitting Florida the 'Sunshine State'. Notice the Sun connection; the visual similarity between the Milky Way/galaxy and hurricanes is unmistakable; and the first one to hit the Sunshine State was Hurricane Charley on August 13, the day when the DNA 'ladder to heaven' was being erected in Athens at the opening ceremony. This was also exactly when Venus was crossing the Milky Way (around the Sun's summer-solstice position) - early-to-mid August '04 - which was to be repeated on the opposite side of the Milky Way (the winter-solstice area) around the time of Christmas... the time of the modern Great Flood.

      The Florida hurricanes also encoded something more, as I wrote in SGC2012:

      ...the general path taken by Charley to get to Florida (and by the subsequent hurricanes) was from the direction of Cuba (or the West Indies). This brings to mind one particular scene from Athens, coming near the beginning of the show (see picture right).

      Remember the Elian Gonzales saga from '99-'00? Here is what 'garfield' in the Etemenanki forum astutely pointed out:

      Friday, August 13th was the 78th BIRTHDAY of Fidel Castro, Cuba's enduring leader. It was also the day a super hurricane thrashed Cuba on its way to Florida. Hurricane Charlie [sic] and tropical storm Bonnie were the names of these twin storms that menaced the south.

      Bonnie and Charley have allusions to the legendary Scottish prince, Bonnie Prince Charles Edward and his escape on a boat to the Isle of Skye, immortalized in the Skye Boat Song...

      This is the same Florida-Cuban regional waters where a few years back, the Cuban boy Elian Gonzales fled with his mother on a boat to Florida but ended up shipwrecked. All these occurred before the 2000 election controversy. [link]

      The same Elian which Goro had associated with Moses, the baby 'saved from water' or 'drawn out' by the princess from the reeds. The same Moses associated with the Ark of the Covenant and its parallel Noah's Ark and the story of the Flood. Water-Ark-Argo-Mars. Standard fare for site regulars by now.

      [The name] Elian has connections [via the presumed variants 'Eliane' and 'Elaine'] also with the Greeks' Helen, and the Sun Gods Helios and Apollo...

      There is also the infant Greek Perseus and his mother Danae, cast into the sea in a wooden chest (ark) and saved by fishermen, as was Elian.

      All these express the same theme enacted in the Olympic ceremonies where a boy sailed on a paper boat...

      The name 'Cuba' is said to come from cubanacan meaning 'center place' and the paper boat scene was immediately followed by the centaur's appearance. Is there a center/centaur pun intended here?

      So... we have a stylized Ark/Flood story in juxtaposition with hurricanes, accompanied by an allusion to a center/epicenter, and immediately followed by the Sagittarius-centaur that, through a gigantic Face associated with the ancient Cycladic civilization evoking a circular pattern, seemingly did everything it could to stir up the idea of pinpointing the center of the Milky Way galaxy with its arrow... in connection with the tale of Atlantis.

      Well, everything seems to fit nicely together. Very elegant - especially considering that 1) the general region around Cuba is the original part of the New World 'discovered' by Columbus whose name derives from Columba, Noah's dove, and 2) Cuba is yet another proposed site of Plato's Atlantis! It was only few years ago in 2000 that Andrew Collins pushed this theory hard in his well-researched book Gateway to Atlantis and since then there has been a promising discovery off the west coast of Cuba to give more weight to this theory.

      Location of Cuba

      And as shown below, Cuba's national flag bears an unmistakable resemblance to the flag of Ohio - both featuring the omphalos/Benben stone symbolism, three horizontal color stripes and such:

      Flag of Ohio
      Flag of Cuba

      We find more reason to suspect Cuba's relevance in all this as we take a look at another memorable scene from the opening show coming shortly after the Face/centaur sequence that featured a man and a cubic box - i.e. Cuba conceptually rendered as a 'Cube'.

      That the modern 'Great Flood' came on on Dec 26 - known as 'Boxing Day' - should also figure here, along with the fact that, get this, the Ark of Utnapishtim (= Noah) in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh is said to have been cube-shaped and indeed the Hebrew term for the Ark, tebah, means 'box'. The Boxing-Day flood thus in effect came about on an 'Ark day', which cannot be more appropriate and... 'ritualistic'.

      Boxing Day is also related to the tradition of giving boxes of gifts to servants; it is then a form of 'gift day'. In terms of standard Christmas tradition the idea of gift-giving is primarily expressed through the Three Magi (or 'Wise Men') who come to honor baby Jesus - or to them the 'king of the Jews' - with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The proto-Christmas feast of Epiphany on Jan 6 is in honor of these Magi and we recall it was exactly at that time this year that Comet Machholz made its closest approach to Earth and highlighted the Pleiades (inseparable from the Flood/Atlantis).

      Interestingly enough, it was also on Jan 6 that Electoral College votes were certified and Bush officially won the presidential election. But not without controversy. Unlike 2000, we saw one brave senator objecting to the result, citing voting irregularities in... (well, where else?) Ohio, which was almost historic; and the senator was named... Boxer. (By the way, in the sport of 'boxing', the 'boxers' fight in a ring, i.e. a circle.)

      And I don't see it as mere coincidence that the longitude, or the meridional Great Circle, of Columbus Ohio on this side of the globe runs right through the island of Cuba, and that the (latitudinal) Tropic of Cancer (a 'small circle') that denotes the Sun's summer-solstice position as reflected on the surface of the earth happens to graze Cuba's northern edge.

      You may recall that it was the solar summer-solstice point that the full Moon and the plotted path of Comet Machholz highlighted for us at the time of the Sumatra quake, an event occurring near the winter solstice which is geometrically 180 degrees away, just as Cuba and Sumatra are situated on the opposite sides of the globe.

      This idea of 180-degrees separation reminds me of one legend, saying that the two doves/eagles perched on the omphalos stone represent the birds Zeus sent forth simultaneously from two sides (east and west) so that they would meet at the center of the world, the point subsequently marked by the omphalos stone. Given that our world, our planet, is really spherical and thus has no eastern or western edge whence to release the birds inward, a realistic interpretation would have the birds flying outward in opposite directions and then meeting at the other side of the globe 180 degrees away from the origination point. Their combined flying path would be analogous to a geodetic Great Circle.

      Now I need to add a comment here that there is definitely a link between the 'Ark' and the geodetic 'arcs' drawn upon the planet (prominently expressed by a Great Circle). And by 'Ark' I refer to both the Ark of Noah and Moses' Ark of the Covenant, which usually are not thought connected in anyway despite the generous terminological clue. For one, Moses as an infant was famously 'saved from water' just as was Noah. It is also instructive to remember, or learn, that the Ark of the Covenant's primary purpose was to hold the stone tablets bearing the Ten Commandments, and those stones are theorized by some scholars to have been meteorites... i.e. heavenly stones. As well, much like the omphalos stones, the Ark of the Covenant was said to allow direct communication with God/the gods.

      Indeed, take a look at the following depictions - the Ark of the Covenant and the omphalos stone side by side...

      Almost certainly you're looking at two versions of the same iconography. (This is just the tip of the iceberg.) It's surprising that this is not well known... if at all. If you think the biblical stories - including those concerning Jesus - are not heavily coded texts, you're sadly mistaken. The literal tales readily apparent on the surface are merely 'for kids', so to speak. Literalness is one-dimensional and wisdom is never one-dimensional.

      Here are some more clues supportive of the Ark-omphalos/stone connection:

      Thebes, an Ark-related Egyptian city, may have derived its name from thibbun meaning 'navel' (omphalos)

      Delphi, one of the claimed landing sites of Deukalion's ark, was considered the 'navel of the world' (the omphalos), and this place held the famous omphalos stone that Saturn is said to have disgorged

      The name of Delphi's patron sun-god, Apollo, supposedly means 'the stone'

      In front of the Ark in the Temple's Holy of Holies was the 'foundation stone of the world'

      And in Greek myth is found a direct connection between the Ark/deluge, heavenly stones, and Genesis seeding, as I happened to point out in The Time Rivers (pp.180-1, emphasis added):

      Stones even figure prominently in the Greek version of the Great Flood story, as we are told that:

      [After the deluge] Themis [Zeus’s wife] appeared in person, saying: ‘Shroud your heads, and throw the bones of your mother behind you!’ Since Deucalion and Pyrrha [Deucalion’s wife] had different mothers, both now deceased, they decided that the Titaness meant Mother Earth, whose bones were the rocks lying on the river bank. Therefore, stooping with shrouded heads, they picked up rocks and threw them over their shoulders; these became either men or women, according as Deucalion or Pyrrha had handled them. Thus mankind was renewed, and ever since a ‘people’ (laos) and ‘a stone’ (laas) have been much the same word in many languages. [Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, 38.d.]

      Obviously, then, stones are an integral part of the ‘ark complex’. But why is this? Is there a particular reason why such significance should be accorded to stones? As we will see, the indications are that it has much to do with the sacred stones being symbolic of the heaven-earth unification...

      First, the stones’ connection to heaven arises from their meteoric nature: the Benben Stone, the navel stone, and such are often said to be meteorites. Similarly, according to some scholars the Ark’s stone tablets were pieces of a meteorite (and the Ark itself has been associated with ‘celestial fire’).

      The meteoric nature of the ark-stone is also strongly suggested by the Holy Grail. Like the two Arks (of Moses and Noah), the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant have so much in common that they are often viewed as one and the same. And it happens that the Holy Grail was sometimes described as a stone – e.g., in one of the most influential literary works on the relic, Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1200 AD), the Grail is called lapsit exillis, usually interpreted to mean ‘stone from heaven’ (lapis ex caelis) or ‘it fell from heaven’ (lapsit ex caelis).

      Because we've touched on the Time River Theory, let me add here that according to various traditions researched and presented in The Sign and the Seal by Graham Hancock, the Ark of the Covenant was taken to Ethiopia - the land of Lake Tana - and the relic at one time was kept on an island in Lake Tana itself for about 800 years! (So you can see why the TRT is increasingly becoming relevant... and it's just a little taste of its smoldering force.)

      The Ark's introduction into the 'super torch ritual' matrix also adds a new dimension thanks to the relic's claimed capability to function as a power generator of some kind:

      Speculations that the Ark of the Covenant may have operated as an electrical capacitor have been held by some, including, in the 1900s, electrician Nikola Tesla. Louis Ginzberg's "Legends of the Jews" has ancient oral traditions referring to "sparks" from the cherubim.

      The design of the ark may have allowed it to store electric charge, and thus could facilitate an electric discharge between the cherubs. The theory suggests that it resembles a capacitor in its construction. The biblical accounts of individuals sudden deaths from touching the Ark could correspond to death by a lethal high voltage charge. "Fiery jets" occasionally burned and destroyed close objects. Other biblical accounts could correspond with exposure to some high frequency electromagnetic fields. Jewish legend has occasional records of a "cloud" between the cherubim. The Ark was considered dangerous at these times and Moses would not approach it. [source]

      This brings to mind one of the prominent themes in Stargate Cipher 2012, that there is a strong indication of 'ultra technology' being unleashed for the grand 'rituals' like Tesla's 'death ray' or HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) which are electromagnetic devices theoretically capable of affecting the weather, human behavior, and such.

      My position has been that it's not unreasonable to ponder the possibility of such weather manipulation. If not literally so, then at least it appeared to be the implied 'storyline', like that of a meteor strike surrounding the Sumatra quake/tsunami.

      It is even possible that the destruction of a space-age 'dove' known as the space shuttle Columbia was due to HAARP. This disaster we witnessed on Feb 1, 2003 has been a major component of the 'super torch ritual' and was amplified exactly one year later at the Super Bowl in Houston where we were given the symbolically meaningful 'nipplegate' and such. Of course, it seems overly conspiratorial to implicate HAARP in the demise of the space shuttle - and this too may well turn out to be just an 'implied storyline' - but there are those who have done some serious independent investigation and have come more or less to this conclusion. On the Columbia's Sacrifice website, for example, are presented the following observations:

      The Columbia very likely encountered something that destroyed most of its avionics equipment and guidance and flight programs at 13:47:32 during reentry, (This was the end of the crew cabin video and virtually all voice communications with Mission Control).

      A comprehensive overview of scientific documents on the subject of recreating the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) effect for the purpose of missile defense as well as the actual United States Patent, (No. 5,038,664), for the transmission system used at the HAARP research facility located in Alaska and operated by the Navy and Air Force shows that it is capable of producing a field of high speed relativistic particles in the upper atmosphere exactly where the Columbia would pass through during reentry.

      A log kept by researcher Marshall Smith indicates that the HAARP transmitter was operating in "Missile Defense Mode", for 90 minutes before Columbia passed through its field of influence and for 90 minutes after, (This information is not verifiable and no one else is known to monitor HAARP transmissions).

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