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    Dear Friends, Lots of interesting info here. I ve only pasted a few paragraphs. http://www.soulinvitation.com/ark/ Love and Light. David A Christmas note...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      Lots of interesting info here. I've only pasted a few paragraphs.


      Love and Light.


      A Christmas note... 12/25/04 from Implosion Group - newsletter with pics: soulinvitation.com/ark , index: soulinvitation.com

      COSMIC CRYSTOS - Galactic Wave Physics & Vise-like grip of compression
      "Galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree"... Chryst mass - notes...


      Hello Operator: have I properly dialed my ARK-ANGLE?

      -Embedding in a Galaxy wave.. here is an example of reading approaching waves..:

      from: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index633.htm "Western scientists do not acknowledge the wisdom of the older peoples of the world but it is most interesting that these scientists, and those who follow their new ways of thinking, were not able to save the hundreds of thousands who have perished in this past week's cataclysmic events in Asia. But a tribe of the older peoples from this area named the Morgan Sea Gypsies were able to save themselves from mass death with no device or thinking about Western science.

      In a Western news report about this event titled, "Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais" it is said, "Knowledge of the ocean and its currents passed down from generation to generation of a group of Thai fishermen known as the Morgan sea gypsies saved an entire village from the Asian tsunami, a newspaper said Saturday. By the time killer waves crashed over southern Thailand last Sunday the entire 181 population of their fishing village had fled to a temple in the mountains of South Surin Island, English language Thai daily The Nation reported."

      Many peoples of the world now stand wondering about the wisdom of Western scientists and their teachings to their peoples that all is normal and fine with the world, that only the foolish have cause for fear and only the lazy of mind look to the myths and legends of the world's older peoples for guidance and direction. The older peoples of the world stand across from the Western scientists and warn of cataclysmic events to come and the signs in the heavens and on the earth continually warning those who will listen."

      Are you READY TO RIDE A LONG WAVE - if so you must read it - and feel it?

      and - confirming the sense of a WAVE COMING FROM GALAXY CENTER?.. our friend Randy - cofounder of Thailand's incredible save even the hopeless - wholistic health center - ( kwan-jai.com ) writes after the TSUAMI:

      "Hi ALL Everyone is ok here. We are on the other side of the area. This is the start of what is known as The Ring Of Fire. A series of underwater volcanoes and earthquakes that will
      increase during the next 6 months. This is the time of the great change, forget current "time" predictions as the time line has been modified by a galactic tidal wave that hit us two months ago. The next six months will change much upon the face of the earth. This is the time to go within and prepare for the spiritual opening that is currently happening. Those who are centered and balanced will come out of this ok. Those who are not will suffer many inner turmoils as they as a soul have not made the choice to go thru the door so to speak. Remember that there is no right or no wrong ONLY choice and whatever choice is made s the "right one". This is happening on ALL levels of existence, inner and outer space., Best Wishes for 2005 , Randy, Peter and family"


      "The Mayans tell us that in 2012 a 'serpent rope' is going to emerge from the center of our Milky Way galaxy out of which will step a bearded god of enlightenment. John Major Jenkins has proposed, and I agree, that the archaic term 'serpent rope' is interchangeable with the modern scientific term 'wormhole' or 'stargate', i.e. a tunnel that links two regions of space." from William Henry - more below..

      We have long known that a series of galactic symmetry operations ("Erection of the Holy Cross" = Seyfert Galactic Burst?) were the context and trigger for our local solar maximum - the "Rapture" ( pressing RIGHT down on us now BEFORE 2012). Here thanks for many friends sleuthing we can get a LOT MORE SPECIFIC and scientific about what we face.

      I was really grateful to perhaps our best Solar science "Tutankhamon Prophecies" by MAURICE COTTERELL - for noting the solar science behind the FEATHERED SNAKE..

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