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  • DRxDON
    Hi Bre, I m familiar with the Greys just because that is what I ve read most about and there seems to be a lot more reliable contacts/sightings concerning
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 31, 2004
      Hi Bre,

      I'm familiar with the Greys just because that is what I've read most
      about and there seems to be a lot more "reliable" contacts/sightings
      concerning the Greys than the Reptilians. There just seem to be a lot
      more of them about. Also, I feel that I've "had dealings" with them
      since childhood; *probable* physical abductions around the age of four
      that I really only remember as bizarre horrific nightmares along with
      nights that made no sense.

      Like I would wake up with a familiar feeling of dread and see a light
      hovering outside my window. I would run around the house and hide
      under tables and in corners but the light would follow me as if it
      were "taunting" me. There was a VERY "predatory" feeling that I got;
      more than just a little kid frightened of something weird and unknown.
      Then, somewhere in there, an image of a finger puppet with a "horribly
      emotionless" expression would pop into my head. The next thing I
      would remember would be waking up on my parents bedroom floor in a
      cold "sizzling" sweat screaming with the "nightmare".

      I jumped up on my parents' bed but they wouldn't wake up. It was like
      they were drugged or something. I eventually fell asleep, cuddled up
      in fear to my parents. The next morning was weird, though. It was
      like nothing had happened and we all went about our business as usual.
      To this day my parents have no memory of me ever sleeping with them in
      their bed. From all of this, I'm quite sure that I was abducted. Also,
      it was shortly after that time that I started doing paranormal "feats
      of magick".

      I think that after one of the last "intrusions/abductions", I really
      dissociated from the fear and trauma and they couldn't have physical
      access to me anymore. However, I continued to have several very vivid
      UFO dreams at periodic intervals of several years, so I feel that I
      still had occasional contact on an astral level. These dreams were
      not horrific and traumatic like the first experiences, though. I was
      more of an observer of their activities.

      I actually remember being present in two "forms" during one of the
      first traumatic experiences. I was there as the boy of four and I was
      there as a much "wiser" older man which was "protecting" the boy from
      "maximum overload" of traumatic experience. It was as if the entities
      were trying to get some kind of mental/emotional "hook" into my psyche
      from which they could direct my behavior. They put me(in the "dream")
      through all kinds of tormenting behavior but seemed to be getting very
      frustrated because I kept "slipping" out from their grasp. They finally
      got the fact that I hated my parents and I was still trying to resist
      this "hook" but my higher "older" self said to the boy self, "Ok, so
      you hate your parents; you know that and there's good reason to.( I had
      a VERY emotionally abusive childhood). Let them have that; you've had
      enough". Then the entities were elated and there was this awful
      "demonic" voice that was laughing saying, "You killed your parents!
      You killed THEM ALL!!!!" Then I woke up screaming with the "nightmare"
      on my parents floor...and then the same routine.

      They were not aware of my "older" self's presence and I feel very
      certain that many of my recurring dreams in my adulthood were attempts
      to go back in time to learn what they were actually doing and why. In
      1994 I had THE FINAL dream that closed that time loop, wherein I sincerely
      felt that I had "seen behind the veil". I had always thought of them
      as "*just* "aliens" from another planet but what I grasped in this dream
      was SO unimaginably vast and inconceivable that it was nearly beyond
      comprehension. At the end of the "dream" I was running after the
      departing light in the sky sreaming with great relief, "I KNOW your
      secret! I FINALLY know your secret!" As I awoke, much of the "great
      secret" started to fade as dreams often do. However, I wrote down in
      my journal a simple phrase that captured the essence of my "discovery";
      "Sentinels of Time". What I grasped was that somehow they were responsible
      for creating and directing time itself. Metaphorically, it was nothing
      less than "The Matrix"! I also saw that they were doing something
      unimaginably horrible to/with us, at least from the "common" perspective,
      however what they were doing was and always has been a part of who we are,
      or at least who we think we are. Much of the "bittersweet" quality of
      life that we seem to love so much was due to our interaction with them.
      I felt that they were indeed "negative entities" but that somehow they
      were "necessary".

      BTW, the morning after this "dream", I was awakened by a huge military
      helicopter hovering over my house. I could hear that it was stationary
      so I ran outside to take a look. I stared up above my roof where I heard
      the helicopter sound coming from, about 100 to 200 feet up.. and didn't
      see a thing! The "helicopter", the sound, then took off around the front
      of my house heading toward the local Naval Air Station so I ran around
      and followed the direction of the sound with my ears and eyes but could
      not see a damn thing in an absolutely clear blue sky! This "invisible
      helicopter" visited me again this summer the day after I shot a Blackhawk
      with a super bright green laser at close range. It was coming up to my
      house at very low altitudes, 100 - 200 feet, at 45 minute intervals and
      then abruptly making a u-turn back to the base. It did this three times
      and on the fourth time I was ready for them and just as it was pulling
      away, I shot the beam at the cockpit and held it there for a few seconds.
      It couldn't have blinded the pilot because he was facing the other
      direction but it certainly must have illuminated the inside of the craft
      VERY brightly.

      I was in a very bad mood for other personal reasons and I just kind of
      "snapped" when I did this. I still have no idea what they were doing.
      Maybe they had some forewarning that I was going to be visited again, who
      knows. But I was quite confident that they weren't going to "take me
      away" as a terrorist since then they'd have to do a lot of explaining to
      neighbors and others what they were doing "buzzing" my house at night at
      such a low and illegal altitude. Whatever the reason, it was definitley
      some kind of clandestine activity.

      WHEW! Sorry to have gotten off on this tangent but when I brought up
      what I believe to be my own connection with the Greys, I got a bit
      carried away. :-)

      I guess it is because I had this "intimate" experience with the Greys
      that I hesitate to really speculate much further about other species.
      What I do intuitively feel, though, is that the Greys are the "Gateway
      Beings" to the more "rigid" Reptilian hierarchical militaristic
      "collective". The Greys are the "immediate" keepers of our world
      and anything that they "gather" from us is "transferred" to the
      Reptilian "Overlords". From the Dan Burisch material and the Seth
      stories of the "Lumanians" I've intuited that indeed there are probably
      some Greys that are more "over the event horizon" and strongly linked
      to the Reptilians and some that are trying to "recover" some lost
      human characteristics. I think that the Spielberg series "Taken" is
      pretty close to the mark about this state of affairs. The problem,
      though, is that these ones that Dan Burisch say are tring to preserve
      their race AND our own, are still responsible for dragging us into a
      more "science against nature" paradigm, which lead/will lead to that
      "negative devolution" that they claim they are trying to prevent.
      They are still too enamoured of their FANTASTIC technology and are
      trying to solve a very basically *spiritual* problem with technology.

      As for who is "behind" or "higher" than the Reptilians in the
      collective hierarchy, I have no *personal* sense or intuiion on
      this at all. But many people, espcially Whitley Strieber, seem
      to think that the "Insectoids" or "Mantids" are the primary hidden
      "Overlords". From a structural similars point of view, it does
      make a bit of sense that insects might be the "Ultimate Alien".
      Afterall, we are related to reptiles through the lymbic system
      in our brain, the so-called "reptilian brain", therefore the
      *Reptile* (as above, so below) has a strong influence upon us.
      But we share no physiological characteristics with insects whatsoever.
      They are indeed the most "alien" creatures compared to the human
      being physically; them and arachnids. Behaviorally, however, the
      human race seems to have a strong propensity to act like many
      insects and form a single group mind "hive" menatality. The
      Mantis, though, is one of the most solitary and independent of
      insects. So,...who knows? :-)


      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-)

      Bre wrote:
      > Hi Don,
      > I thought that it was the Reptilians that displayed All the
      > characteristics that you say the Grays,
      > are displaying.
      > Can you see past these two species, and see Who is controlling Them, as
      > I believe this is what
      > is actually happening.
      > Love & Blessings, Bre.
      > DRxDON wrote:
      > >What you say reminds me of something, Janet. You probably won't agree
      > >with it since you have only had positive contact experiences and *appear*
      > >to support the idea that all, well *most*...at least 90% of alien contacts/
      > >abductions are positive; that the perceived "negative" aspects which *many*
      > >people experience are only the result of misunderstandings and "primitive"
      > >fear responses in our "lowly animal" natures.
      > >
      > >I have perceived, for some time now, the "BIG" picture of "what's going on"
      > >concerning our relationship to "aliens", especially the Greys, as a "cosmic
      > >food chain". They "nourish" themselves from our psychic and emotional energy.
      > >However, unlike some people who are into this line of thinking, I don't feel
      > >that it is just negative emotions like fear, anger, hatred, etc., which
      > >nourish them but ALL human emotions; the complex interplay of the Human Drama.
      > >The particular beings with which we are most involved with as a society on the
      > >whole are the Greys. These beings are "heavy handed" in the sense that they
      > >require and *crave* "High Drama"; Lots of INTENSE emotions is what they "feed"
      > >off of. This High Drama requires *extremes* of vilolece as well as extremes
      > >of passion. Intense *binding* love and separation and loss. The Agony and
      > >the Ecstasy. Think of this as some people's "addiction" to soap operas or
      > >just TV drama in general.
      > >
      > >
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