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Setting the Record Straight... "Rumor vs. Fact"

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  • Becky Escamilla
    The following information is being provided to you as part of E to the Third Power s (TM) series, Rumor vs. Fact which is an excerpt from the ongoing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
      The following information is being provided to you as part of E to
      the Third Power's (TM) series, "Rumor vs. Fact" which is an excerpt
      from the ongoing biographical trek of "Mischief, Madness, &
      Deceit...The Darkside of The Midway Sightings (TM)," E to the Third
      Power's (TM) biography that is tentatively scheduled to be released
      in 2005.


      Setting the Record Straight:

      ...on November 23, 2004, Becky Escamilla, Administrator of E to the
      Third Power (TM) received an e-mail from ex-business partner Jose
      aka Jesus aka Dario Escamilla, which in part, stated as follows:

      "This smear job you have kept up the past ten years and constantly
      doing with the lies on your web site, and the recent claim you made
      on the Sci-Fi Channel that "you own" the cave footage which "you
      know" is owned by Mark Lichtle, has to stop."

      Becky Escamilla's response, in part, was as follows:

      "There are "no" lies on our website. It's all "truth."

      First of all, I "never" claimed to own the "cave footage," nor would
      I want to. That footage is

      Secondly, per Carolyn Kelley's request, through the UFO Fraud
      Hotline (TM), I sent to "Proof Positive," a "copy" of the cashier's
      check that _____ received from Carolyn Kelley whom ______ "sold" the
      Cave Rods Footage
      rights to. Of course, rights that weren't _______ to begin with."

      --- end of e-mail response excerpt.

      Rumors run rampant within the UFO Field and the "rift" between the
      members of E to the Third Power (TM) and their ex-partner Jose aka
      Jesus aka Dario Escamilla is no secret, nor is the fact that he's
      got staunch supporters that follow through with whatever
      projects/issues he's got going on at the time - but, nonetheless,

      ...the statement, "...the recent claim you made on the Sci-Fi
      Channel that "you own" the cave footage which "you know" is owned by
      Mark Lichtle, has to stop," is "A RUMOR," and regardless of where or
      how it originated is enough to warrant E to the Third Power (TM)
      in "setting the record straight when it comes to this particular
      rumor, which is "one" of many that are apparently surfacing.

      Therefore, a "copy" of E to the Third Power's (TM) e-mail (FACT),
      via the UFO Fraud Hotline (TM) to Proof Positive can be found below:

      Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 14:12:09 -0700 (PDT)
      From: "Becky Escamilla" <ufofraudhotline@...> View Contact
      Subject: Mexico Cave Rod Footage; Boycott & Consumer Alert
      To: elizabethm@...
      CC: bhammer@...


      Through the UFO Fraud Hotline (TM) we are also doing the background
      legal research in regards to certain investors who paid for
      ownership rights to the "Mexico Cave Rods Footage."

      This date, you are being provided with a "copy" of the cashier's
      check and other pertinent background information to establish the
      fact that through notarized documents and/or contracts,
      ____________________ is not "independently" able to legally pursue
      contracts for t.v. shows, video productions, etc., for the Mexico
      Cave Rods Footage, or any other Rod footage, pursuant to
      the "Agreement for Assignment of Designated Revenue," wherein
      investors claim _______ defaulted. Said "Agreement," is being sent
      to you under separate cover, per the request of Carolyn Kelley along
      with the following, under separate cover is the "Promissory Note"
      which was attached to the "Agreement."

      Pursuant to Carolyn Kelley, in "good faith," they purchased the
      rights to the "Mexico Cave Rods Footage."

      Later, when their Agreement was breached and in default, she would
      learn that another investor by the name of Ray Martinez also thought
      that he had "bought," the rights to the "Mexico Cave Rods Footage."

      Originally, In 1997, the "Mexican Cave Rod Footage," was part of a
      report that was provided to investors and it was
      entitled, "__________________________________," prepared by
      _____________________ and distributed to them by
      _____________________ Productions, which included the entire 6-
      frame/12-field frames of the "Mexican Cave Rods Footage," in the
      form of full color photos, which would later not only prompt them
      to "buy" the rights to the "Mexican Cave Rods Footage," but would
      also lead to their entering into an "Agreement," and a lucrative
      multi-million/billion dollar video distribution, t.v., and
      merchandising deal that included corporate positions, company cars,
      and worldwide exposure, etc., not only catapulting them to fame, but
      also even more of a return on their investment as it would also lead
      to a multi-movie studio deal that would be developed within the
      State of New Mexico. An idea that when presented to the then
      Governor Johnson, was "copied," and is now being pursued by now
      Governor Richardson, despite the falling out among the Vortex
      Communications Partners and their own "stalling" of their own plans
      for the multi-studio deal and investor's complaints to the New
      Mexico State Attorney General's office for fraud.

      While it's not your responsibility to assess and/or render a legal
      opinion in this matter, and you "state" that you've entered into a
      contract with ___________________________ in good faith, it is our
      responsibility to notify you of suspected UFO Fraud in order to
      prevent or circumvent vicarious or contributory behavior that can
      often perpetuate the cycle of consumer fraud/investor fraud,
      copyright, patent and/or trademark infringements within the UFO
      field; therefore, you are hereby being provided with the
      documentation, per the victim's request.

      What you "choose," to do is your own responsibility.

      These are not the days that t.v. shows who further perpetuate UFO
      fraud, be it wittingly or unwittingly, are able to continue to do so
      under the guise that they entered into a contract with their guest
      (s) in "good faith." When it comes to fraud, copyright, patent, and
      trademark infringement, especially within the UFO Field, your
      misguided trust is simply not enough.

      We will be "boycotting," your show and the sci-fi channel, along
      with disseminating a "consumer alert," and news of the "boycott," to
      those within the UFO Field and certain legal & financial circles, in
      support of our efforts to "say no to consumer fraud within the UFO
      field," and to further attempt in deterring possible investor fraud
      by suspect individuals who may be utilizing their appearance
      on "Proof Positive Episode ____" as part of their video resume which
      is shown to various potential investors.

      The attachments to this e-mail are being sent under separate cover
      via my msn account, as it's easier to send attachments utilizing the
      msn feature.

      Should you have any other questions or comments, please do not
      hesitate to contact me.


      Becky Escamilla, Paralegal
      UFO Fraud Hotline (TM) &
      Administrator of E to the Third Power (TM)
      64 Yakima Road
      Dexter, NM 88230
      (505) 347-2200 (E to the Third Power (TM) & UFO City (TM))
      (505) 347----- (home office)

      --- end of copy of letter to Proof Positive.

      In "all fairness," we can say that "Proof Positive" took extra steps
      to ensure that none of our footage rights were being infringed upon
      by sending a courier to our stock footage rep, Fish Films Footage
      World, to pick up a "viewing reel" of The Midway Rods (TM) footage,
      which satisfied the issue of any possible copyright infringements,
      where we were concerned, therefore, we didn't proceed with calling
      any boycott or feel the need for any consumer alerts.

      As far as the Mexico Cave Rods Footage is concerned, that had to be
      dealt with between the victims and those individuals who initially
      sold them the rights to the footage, as Proof Positive was satisfied
      with the evidence of ownership provided to them by the licensor of
      the Mexico Cave Rods Footage, Mark Lichtle; therefore, this issue
      did not qualify or meet the criteria for a boycott or consumer fraud
      alert, outside of the routine steps that the UFO Fraud Hotline (TM)
      had already taken, prior to this issue arising.:


      E to the Third Power (TM) contacted Proof Positive, initially, on
      behalf of The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Stock Footage Library, as
      they wanted to make sure that "none" of their footage would be
      appearing on the show.

      The sending of the information for the Mexico Cave Rods Footage was
      on behalf of Carolyn Kelley per her request through the UFO Fraud
      Hotline (TM).


      The members of E to the Third Power (TM) "have never" in any way
      shape or form taken part in a "smear job," in regards to their ex-
      business partner, Jose aka Jesus aka Dario Escamilla.

      All "Disclaimers" and information posted to their websites is
      biographical and, in fact, the truth.

      Further in some of the text provided herein, names of individuals,
      personal opinions, or certain other identifying factors have been
      left blank where applicable.

      Other reference urls:






      Copyright 2004, E to the Third Power (TM)
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