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Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: Reptoids Appear in Lovecraft

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  • Regan Power
    Dex, Of course we don t mind you dropping in for an opinion or two ! You are a subscriber to this forum too. :-) Like I said to Don, I think the meanings of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004

      Of course we don't mind you "dropping in for an opinion or two"! You are a subscriber to this forum too. :-)

      Like I said to Don, I think the meanings of many ancient concepts, including those of Ka and Ba, are highly contextual and tend to mean different things to different people who work with different schemes and models of the human personality. I cannot say I am familiar with the particular scheme, or model that you are employing, but if you know what you are doing, that's good enough for me.


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      Hi guys. Hope you don't mind my dropping in for an opinion or two?

      I've heard the term "Ka" referred to as the "Divine Double" we're to
      reunite with during this stage of our enlightenment of consciousness
      purification and as we approach a better understanding of our body
      forms as 'vehicles' of expression.
      (Note:) In the book 'Secret of the Saucers' the inter-dimensional
      intelligence contacting Orfeo Angelucci made mention we are to re-
      connect with our immortal consciousness while here in our lower
      world. Perhaps, that too is our intimate divine counterpart said in a
      different way.

      The 'Ba' as I understand it is also understood a little differently
      too, it has been defined as; (Egypt) "Dove."
      A vehicle of spirit and sanctification. In context of biblical
      literature, the sign of the Holy Spirit Shekinah for "peace"
      and "promise" within programs of the Most High God.

      The 'Bak (Egypt) "Hawk" A vehicle of spiritual action in the regensis
      of physical creation, and the
      'Bennu' (Egypt) "Phoenix" Vehicle of time translation - resurrection
      in the lower worlds where physical 'rebirth' is necessary as a guide
      to the soul. The vehicle as a visual form functions on the same level
      as the 'Chalkyrdi' as a flying cylinder with multiple hydra-like
      extensions (energy trunk systems..Dex) employed by the Higher
      Evolution under the command of the Cherubim and Seraphim.
      And next, IMO, is an important definition of Soul and Spirit

      Soul and spirit are not to be conceived of as one and the same. Soul
      (Nephesh) is the natural conscious­ness of life without the higher
      realizations of worlds that have preceded this world and worlds that
      are to come. The soul (Nephesh) must go through many formations,
      transformations and rebirths before it can be intertwined with the
      divine consciousness of the Overself. Secondly, when one understands
      that the soul is not the same as spirit (Ruach), one petitions the
      Godhead for the higher Counsel to achieve true knowledge and true
      wisdom. At that time, (Ruach) as "the spirit" of higher reason is
      given by God for inspiration and the understanding of the multiple
      levels of the Divine Mind. Finally, when the "Ruach" and the natural
      soul (Nephesh) are synthesized, the higher aspirations of the union
      creates the sovereign soul of Light ("Neshamah") which is called into
      the Light to beget the fruits of divinity and anoint those called to
      the work of the Divine Mind as a vehicle of higher Love and Wisdom.
      The formation of the soul - spirit unity necessary to work in the
      many Mansion Worlds requires the balance between the first and second
      triads of Sonship; (Heb. 4:12; 1 Cor. 15:44; 1 Th. 5:23).

      Thus, interpreted by J.J.H. (contactee of the Higher Evolution).

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