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A Rohrschach Test Over Arizona

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    Dear Friends, http://www.phenomenamagazine.com/0/editorial.asp?aff_id=0&this_cat=Area+51&action=page&obj_id=1911 Love and Light. David if ((navigator.appName
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


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      Hale-Bopp Comet The Fitzgerald Files
      A Rohrschach Test Over Arizona
      Dateline: Friday, November 5, 2004
      By: BY RANDALL FITZGERALDBy: Phenomena Senior Editor
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      (Seven years ago a UFO event occurred in the skies over Arizona, witnessed by thousands of people, that has since spawned several books, numerous television documentaries, countless magazine articles, and much fevered speculation. Phenomena senior editor Randall Fitzgerald tracked down more than 50 witnesses to these sightings and prepared this report revealing fresh clues to what happened and why. Here is Part One of his series of columns.)

      Slashed across a crystal clear night sky the Hale-Bopp comet was at the peak of its brilliance, visible throughout the state of Arizona as an arc glowing low in the northwest. People ventured outside by the thousands on March 13, 1997 to marvel at this celestial display, setting the stage for one of the most unusual and widely witnessed UFO events in American history.

      James and Fawn Clemens of Kingman, Arizona were standing outside their taxidermy shop about 8 p.m. when they noticed a fuzzy but bright amber light appear in the northwest, just to the right of Hale-Bopp. It seemed to be over Nevada’s Lake Mead heading southeast. The couple trained their binoculars on it and instead of one light, magnification revealed five intense orange orbs flying in a v-shaped formation.

      As the formation of lights passed near Chino Valley and then over Prescott Valley, sighting reports began streaming into local law enforcement agencies, media outlets, the National UFO Reporting Center phone line in Seattle, Washington, and hotlines throughout Arizona maintained by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

      At 8:13 p.m., Dennis Monroe and his wife stopped their car along a residential street in the city of Paulden after the approaching lights attracted their attention. They got out and watched five peach or light orange-colored orbs fly overhead, traveling south in a kite-shaped formation. Monroe, 47, a former police officer, told me that he estimated the entire formation covered a part of the sky about the size of his fist if he held it at arm’s length. “They were the speed of helicopters and soundless. The lights were large and soft. I thought I saw stars in between the lights. We had them in sight for five minutes. Over the southern horizon, they went out a few at a time, like they weren’t 360 degree lights. As a police officer I have learned to control my emotions, but this got me pretty excited.”

      Along Highway 89, about 90 miles north of Phoenix, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Nickle and their three children were driving north as the formation came into view. “They looked like five stars coming toward us,” Nickle later related. “They changed colors from white to red. There was no sound.”

      Not far away in Chino Valley, John Widener observed five white lights in a triangular pattern slowly pass to the north and east of Prescott airport, in the direction of Phoenix. Over Prescott Valley the lights were scrutinized through binoculars by at least two separate groups of comet-watchers. Ann Baker peered directly up at them passing silently above her and could see stars between the lights. “I did not see any solid mass. There were five bright, white lights in a v-shape formation. Then it actually changed formation. It was now in a half-circle with five red, bright lights.” Michael Rainwater and three friends noticed that once they focussed their binoculars on the v-formation, “what looked like white lights were actually two lights, red and green, forming one.”

      Once the formation of lights intersected Interstate 17 they followed the heavily trafficked roadway south. By 8:28 p.m., when the only known video of the formation was taped, the lights had traveled 184 miles from Kingman to the northern suburbs of Phoenix and Scottsdale, which translates to a speed of about 400 miles per hour. A contract employee with the U.S. Department of Defense caught the formation on videotape for 43 seconds while standing in his backyard in north Scottsdale. Though poor in quality, the tape, which I have a copy of, clearly shows five white lights in a v-formation, with one light gradually trailing behind the others.

      Simultaneous with this video recording, several other clusters of witness reports help to establish that this formation seemed to be composed of five or more independent aircraft. MUFON investigator Alan Morey, a 36-year-old machinist, sat on the patio of his Scottsdale home with Pan Am airline pilot Steve LaChance. As the formation passed overhead they watched through high-powered binoculars.

      “At first the lights appeared pale orange in color, but through the binoculars we could see a little red light on the port side of each of the five larger orange lights,” Morey told me. “They were five independent objects because we could see stars between them. One light was behind the others in a delta wing configuration. But then the formation tightened.”

      A few miles away, Mitch Stanley, a 20-year-old amateur astronomer, aimed his 10-inch telescope at the v-formation and observed that each light was actually two lights on aircraft with squared wings. “They were planes,” he told the Arizona Republic. “There’s no way I could have mistaken that.”

      In Part Two, these UFO reports, as the formation flies over Phoenix, become even more bizarre. Was this a military experiment,or extraterrestrial craft?

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