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    Can t see your pictures unless we are a member and that takes a while until your moderator gets back to us...Sounds interesting though... ... From: Jeffrey
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 2, 2004
      Can't see your pictures unless we are a member and that takes a while until
      your moderator gets back to us...Sounds interesting though...

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      In 1974, four globular objects flew silently overhead and were cowitnessed
      by my friend Mike Flynn. These globes were glowing an even white in color
      and flew right over Ray Fowler who lived just north of me at the time along
      Enon St. in North Beverly MA. I thought at the time this was just an
      incidental sighting and that I had nothing to do with the reason for it.

      On September 26, 1976, three globular objects glowing red surrounded me and
      two other witnesses on Ocean Street Beach in Manchester MA at close range.
      20 years later, I ended up in regression with one of the world's founding
      researchers and regression therapists, Joe Nyman. Joe was John Mack's

      Here is a pictorial reference to my 46 years of peaceful contact events with
      an excerpt from my opening speech at ARC 2003. A second email will record a
      21 year spiritual election sandwiched between.

      Excerpt from Opening Speech at ARC 2003

      Let us be diligent with a discernment of spirits in seeing though the wall,
      not just thorough. Though claims have to be run under a fine tooth comb to
      validate them scientifically, we need not be constrained by lack of proof in
      the theater of open contact.

      Visitors are not going to present ships and crewmembers on a silver platter
      to a world which still engages in war, greed, oppression, environmental
      destruction and demonization of a 2/3rds peaceful creation. When science
      fully realizes this security and protectorate factor, the experiencer
      becomes the best option as a source of information. Experiencers, chosen
      from among a global citizenry, are making real progress on being able to
      relay to the inhabitance of Earth social and technological information
      encountered aloft built on the fundamentals of peace.

      Not every experience is wonderful and positive, but a greater many are yet
      their voice is quite oppressed. Both of these courageous groups should be
      honored as explorers and ambassadors and not just used for their priceless
      information and then tossed aside as the fringe of society.

      My own lifelong experiences are threefold in nature: There are 45 years of
      peaceful open contact with multiple visitor species with a highlight on
      small peaceful Greys; there is one incident of belligerence from a large
      wrinkled orange type Grey, and 21 years of spiritual experiences or
      Biblically verbatim election experiences sandwiched in-between.

      You will see that the events were choreographed and created by minds more
      wonderful than the popcorn mush in our day to day level of consciousness in
      order that reality, as Travis once put it to me, and truth will prevail. It
      is lovingly and thoughtfully done so that all of you will be able to receive
      directly information and a calling card untainted by limited science, big
      business greed and government cover-up.

      Welcome aboard the advent of universal open contact, not between governments
      and aliens, but between all worlds and global mankind.

      It's Our Move

      Out of regression with one of the nation's founding researchers came vivid
      memories of lifelong abductions and the experiences were not out of a sci-fi
      monster movie. They were peaceful with advanced technology all around. I
      have been treated with love and respect and not as a lab rat. The
      governments and media would like to close peoples eyes to higher ways which
      are lasting, cost free, and non-destructive to the natural resource
      environment. This way of life will mean joy and health for the many and not
      riches for the few. All can take this in good confidence that if we endeavor
      to establish global Conservation Exchange and Fuel-less Technologies, we
      will then have created a solid foundation for peaceful open contact. It's
      our move and ours alone.

      The Pictures and Events

      Please open http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abductionbuddies/, Photos, Jeff
      Foss & Show All. Pictures will flow chronologically from left to right.

      Picture 1: The first picture shows me at the age of two in 1959. I looked
      up a saw a Grey leaning over me with an emerald green motion x-ray screen
      showing my vital organs (you could see the image from below and above on the
      screen). Then I left my body to see myself being scanned from the corner of
      the table because I was startled. This is when my sister and her friends
      saw the UFO at the end of Swan street at Briscoe Junior High School in
      Beverly Massachusetts. That same year, I climbed up onto a towering organ
      bench and played Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

      At age five, an even more profound experience took place. It was September
      1963, two months before JFK's unfortunate demise. I was standing in my yard
      at Beverly MA staring at my red and green jungle gym, contemplating whether
      to brave a climb. Looking up above it, a "V" shaped craft (Pictures 2 & 3a)
      of brilliant metal like a mirror with white running lights and slender
      lit domes on the upper and outer sides just sat there in the sky without
      making a sound. Then along a wide flaring ghostly white beam came two grays
      who escorted me up into the craft. Immediately upon entering the control
      room which had long slender curves and archways of mirror-like metal, black
      screens, and tiny blue and white lights, I noticed a strange dark gray metal
      square in the center with a bright metal flexible tubular frame around the
      bottom of it. Though the room was lit with great ambiance, there was no
      trace of light reflecting from the square whatsoever--not even a satin sheen
      (Picture 3b).

      I was placed on a shiny metal table in a main control room only for a few
      moments and then released again--it was for rapid acceleration into space.
      Next I was shown 3D lifelike images which hung in space in front of the
      curved wall of the dome. The first image was of a nuclear
      explosion--horrifying to say the least. The next image was of multiple
      lightening strikes--possibly another man-made no-no weapon. Next I was taken
      down the length of the V on the right side and came to the visual and a
      sonic cloakers. The sonic cloaker resembled a bowling pin with three metal
      rings around it. The visual cloaker or photon frequency modulator resembled
      a pyramidical emerald crystal with a solid dark metal base beneath it. Then
      I was returned to the control room and taken to a slender arching gate which
      was over to the right. And I passed through an ultra thin arch way, felt a
      zap in my finger tips and toes and was over in the other disc. Here, I
      witnessed the approach to a gigantic stealthed city in space (Picture 3c).

      The stars were obscured more and more as a black circle got bigger and
      bigger. Than a small white light appeared in the center. It was actually a
      large docking bay. The ship was guided in on a blue laser type beam.
      Apparently only the left dome of the V shaped craft docked. The rest of the
      ship stayed behind somewhere. I saw a huge docking bay with discs to the
      center, white molded honeycomb shaped shipping crates and passageways to the
      right and open operations levels off to the left (Picture 3d). Notably, the
      levels were clear of equipment as if most of it had been offloaded to earth.
      The laser guided docking system sat to right center between the huge cargo
      crates (each about four times the size of a van) and the passageways which
      were ramps you could float above while being whisked along. There was a
      small security robot standing about 2 ½ ft. tall upon entering a curving
      hall. I wanted to stay and play but was told we had to move along in a kind
      but matter of fact tone. At the end of a long curving corridor were self
      illuminated white rectangular boxes laying horizontally lining the hall
      right up to the door which opened into the last main security area before
      entering the city. I was frightened as my thought was that people might be
      in those boxes. I was told not to worry (Picture 3e)--they might be
      awaiting burial in space. Through the hatchway/doorway, the room seemed
      huge maybe ¼ mi. in diameter and 300 ft. high. Out toward the right, toward
      the center was an antenna array perhaps 280 ft. tall. Directly across from
      the hatchway at a distance of about 150 ft. was a free standing rectangular
      cubical with a door to enter in and a door leading into the main central
      mall of the city. It had 6' section windows running its length. There were
      about 25 humanoid types like in a reception area of an airport waiting to
      greet the various visitors and perhaps disembark on various missions on
      Earth. I think this group was here to see me. I will never forget the
      feeling of entering the main mall of the city. Hundreds, maybe thousands of
      humanoids and Greys were walking along to and fro, some in large groups,
      some in small. The architecture was breathtaking with slender curves and
      archways of bright metal and gem like accents, lights and windows
      everywhere. I couldn't see to the top so I asked telepathically about the
      dimensions of this mall. The answer was, 275 ft across x 60 stories high x
      2 miles long. At that instant I was told I was being taken to someone I
      "will really want to meet." I was already becoming very excited. Fear and
      uncertainty were not a factor. The feeling was like that of going to a
      friend and mentor whom you go way back with--and the relationship had always
      been beyond excellent. It was most similar to the feeling I had when the
      point contact ship sat behind me at Manchester MA in 1976 years later while
      watching the waves with Phil and Bruce. The ramp and office to him was
      conveniently near the rear city port of entrance. He showed me a paper thin
      screen bearing a simplified omega symbol in the upper left corner (looking
      at the screen, you could also look out his window into the mall. I had
      entered below to the left (Picture 3f). With kinetic energy from a finger
      tip, you could scroll images on the screen. There were symbols fast flying
      by. The friend/mentor said, "You know all these." But I became concerned I
      would not be able to remember them all. Immediately, he knew I was being
      mistreated back home. He then led me around a corridor in back of the
      office cubicles and down a succession of ramps to the belly of the city. As
      I descended the lower ramps down toward a large opening, time seemed to slow
      and I was in absolute awe. There seemed to be a gigantic pool on the bottom.
      The same flexible tubular frame seen aboard the first disc surrounded this
      pool only it was many times larger. But instead of the reflectionless metal
      plate in the center, there was moving water--waves! Upon reaching the
      floor, we passed though a beaming gate to small discs positioned near the
      pool (Picture 3g). FYI, short range beaming eliminates germs and viruses
      since they are excluded.

      Suddenly I was just above the ocean and then plunged into it. My immediate
      impression was that the whole city had dropped out of high orbit and plunged
      into the ocean. But then I realized we had passed through space folding in
      one of the small four seater discs. We traveled undersea for about six
      miles. I was in awe of the deep blue and underwater rifts appearing beneath
      the craft. At each passing rift, we were submerging deeper and deeper.
      Then, at 400 fathoms, I could see the entrance to a city beneath the sea
      (Picture 3h). Sea life was artistically highlighted all along a rounded
      entrance tunnel which then opened up into a series of domes within a large
      outer dome. Walking now outside of the craft in the underwater city, I
      noticed the deep emerald green light patterns from the water reflecting on
      the dark shiny floor. We started toward what looked like a giant manta ship
      (Picture 3i) and I blacked out--too much stimulus for the little child I was
      then at age five. I awoke just above my house and could see it in a screen
      from about 200 ft. above it as I was about to be put back in the yard. I
      had left at about 8:30 in the morning and returned at about 4:30 in the
      afternoon. My mother thought I had been out playing in the yard the whole

      In all these years, I had thought that I went out to play but the day ended
      very quickly. And I had simply fallen on a piece of barbed wire which
      pierced my right thumb so I wailed for my mother. When I was put back in
      the yard, I had fallen on the piece of barbed wire alright (which was
      crushed down between the edge of my backyard and an adjoining field), but I
      was already crying loudly because I did not want to return. And when I fell
      to the ground in a gesture of defeat, I landed my own thumb on the
      protruding piece of wire. Joe heard me cry and almost began to cry himself.
      Then I cried out in pain. At this, Joe brought me out of it. During the age
      of five, I began to know my way around astrophysics and celestial mechanics.

      Picture 4: "1968 Cousin Gail, " was a simultaneous family sighting and
      contact event. My cousin, Gail Wilkins, was a nurse at the time and was
      driving home late in the evening through Wenham MA. She saw a gigantic
      cylindrical object while driving along Linebrook Road. In my regression
      with Joe Nyman in 1997, it was uncovered that I was actually taken aboard a
      ship which had been launched from that same cylindrical mother ship a few
      miles from it in Danvers Massachusetts "1968 age 10" (Picture 5). Male and
      female Greys were kind and gentle to me. The male reflected tenderness by
      placing his hand on mine while the female was helping me to remember about
      our mutual love for waterfalls (?). I was shown a simple test tube with
      yellow and red blood cells; genetics/incubation technology; self-sustaining
      deep voyage artificial environment production technology; and microscopic
      liquid chips. Then they escorted me though a curved corridor running
      between the inner drum shaped central control room and the outer edge of the
      disc. Just 15 feet or so around to the left was a room on the right
      extending into the outer edge of the disc.
      There was "homeworld head" there who examined me closely and then reflected
      approval to the male and female Greys about the project which in this case
      was me. It was much darker in this room as if he didn't want light to
      distract him. I noticed, as my eyes adjusted to the dark, bumps all over
      his head. At first I thought it was a disease but then I saw they were laid
      out in a perfect pattern. Then I saw a hair-thin line on his forehead. He
      was wearing a skin tight cap which perfectly matched the gray of his skin
      bearing sensors for wireless fleet communications. That is all on this for

      Picture 6: The 1972 silent white glowing globular objects: I was playing
      street hockey with a friend on a stretch of tar between stores along Enon
      Street in N Beverly MA--Ray Fowler lived a few miles up the street. A net
      was set up against the south building which was a grocery store. I happened
      to look up and there were 4 white globes just above the very low cloud cover
      of about 200 ft. that day. They formed a rectangle with the greater length
      running north to south and the 4 globes moved as one heading South. The
      globes are estimated to be about 35 feet in diameter (about the size of a
      plum held at arms length). There was no engines noise whatsoever. And this
      was an extremely low pass exhibit. My fellow hockey mate, Mike Flynn also
      saw the aerial display as I immediately prompted him to look up. We
      maintained visual for about 12 seconds. In 1976, the same sized globes
      return--in that instance, there are 3.

      Picture 7: In 1974, my voice thundered: "I stand now on the Stone of
      Destiny and behold the wisdom of the ages!" I knew this to involve the
      universe. The sand shook and people covered their heads when I spoke. The
      stars seemed so close.

      Enter Phil Oxford. Phil was standing in Danvers square later that year at 3
      am waiting for a ride to an island party. Being the only two pedestrians
      out and about at that hour, I asked, "Do you want to go to a concert." He
      replied, "Yeah, who's playing?" I answered, "Me." It was the show I
      performed in full view of Mt. Chocorua (the place of my age 8 miracle) from
      the shoreline stage at Camp English on Silver Lake in New Hampshire. So the
      very next day, I brought him along to see the show. This began a very
      amazing friendship and in later years, we had our own band.

      In the evening of 9-26-76, I prayed asking what good I could do in a world
      so full of greed, hate, suffering and death--what was my purpose for being
      here in this time. The moment that left my lips, Phil called and was excited
      saying that he had a ride to get us to one of our favorite spots to watch
      the waves and the stars at Ocean Street Beach.

      On September 26, 1976 at exactly 10:08 pm EST, a globular object emitting
      red-orange light- the point vehicle-the first visually acquired of three-was
      sitting geometrically/equidistantly at perfect center amidst the four stars
      of the pan of the The Big Dipper (Picture 8); and the pan was sitting
      notably flat just above the northern horizon. The pan sitting flat or
      parallel to the horizon occurs within a two minute window thus making it
      easy to note exact time using astronomical software. I sent a message with
      my mind saying, "Approach, I am not afraid." The object immediately began a
      descent along a sloping downward trajectory straight for me (Picture 9). As
      the object approached, Phil and Bruce (an acquaintance of Phil who drove us
      to the site) were coming up behind me from the beach. They saw me holding
      up my arms in welcome and stood on each side of me in awe--Phil to my left
      and Bruce to my right. The object closed within 50 feet just across the
      road, was 30 feet in the air and was as big as a two story house. It then
      stopped and immediately changed from glowing red to brilliant white (Picture

      Suddenly there was an effect as if time had slowed. Then, after some time
      had transpired, a Manchester Police officer emerged onto the beach, turned
      on his blues and bolted out of there in a hurry (Picture 11). At first, I
      thought he didn't see what was happening on either side of him in plain view
      but instead had caught sight of drunks further up the beach. But he drove
      past them and left the beach completely. Then the object receded backward
      along its original approach trajectory heading, stopped at a halfway point,
      elevated vertically to 4,000 ft., made a right angle turn and headed
      straight over our heads, aligned perfectly in between two other globes and
      the three objects moved away in an "I" formation toward the eastern sky and
      out of sight. I didn't know it at the time, but there was some serious time
      missing that night which was later verified using astronomical software and
      in regression 21 years later with Mr. Joe Nyman, a founding American UFO
      researcher (Picture 34): I stood looking out though a curved window or
      screen at a star field. Though I tried to visually acquire land or ocean
      below, there was none. A Grey standing behind me to my right sent the image
      telepathically of myself looking out through the curved window as seen
      though his eyes. I had also been given a sleek and small silver canister of
      nitrox as a worry stone which was without a hose and mask. I remember
      looking down at it as well as remembering seeing it in my hand though the
      eyes of the Grey. This memory was jarred loose thanks to the benefits of
      regression. When two major childhood event were uncorked, memories of other
      events flowed out on their own. But there are contact memories were no
      regression was needed as well.

      At the close of this event, there was an intense meteor shower which lasted
      for an hour and the bay at Kettle Cove was full of long silver fish jumping
      high out of the water by the thousands. I reported this entire event
      (except for the knowledge of having gone aboard) to the county seat police
      station in Salem. The desk sergeant confirmed without reservation that
      dozens of calls had come in on that--despite my long hair at the time. The
      objects were identical to the objects seen previously in 1972.

      What I knew at that moment was visitors from the stars are definitely here,
      they want peaceful and substantive contact with a prepared global citizenry
      and that powerful interests, governments and corporations are ripping off
      and poisoning the earth's peoples with their archaic and expensive
      technologies, taxes, fees and costs. And now it was time to travel, to
      observe, to educate and to grow to a new height. My feet were set upon a
      path nothing could change. So I threw everything in the station wagon and
      headed west. Phil came along on that first trip and we had another mutual
      sighting (same reddish glowing globular craft) in the wee hours of July 4,
      1977 just east of Kingman Arizona (Picture 12). This object would follow on
      the driver side and then cross over to the passenger side so that we could
      both plainly see it. This went on for seven crossovers and then it shot out
      of sight to the west in the direction we were heading. Minutes later, we
      crossed the bridge over the Colorado River into California. Just as we hit
      Mid-bridge and the "Welcome to California" sign, the musical phrase:
      "Welcome to the Hotel California" played at that precise moment--what

      In the desert, we climbed a small mountain at sunrise--just a sheer rise
      overlooking the highway. Then we slept in the car on a street in East LA.
      We were awakened by residents who were musicians and upon their noticing my
      Farfisa organ and Leslie speaker in the back, we were offered to play at an
      all day/all night party on a roof top across from the Chinese Theater in
      Hollywood. Then we left there while there was still daylight and arrived at
      Santa Monica at dusk. There, we found one remaining parking spot right next
      to the Santa Monica cliffs. And people who were sitting at the primary
      vista at the edge were just getting up to leave, so we sat there. There
      were millions of people below us on the beach stretching as far as the eye
      could see. And just then, five major fireworks along the coast commenced
      and we could see them all from that spot. More than the exquisite welcome
      to California this was, this was also a welcome to the advent of open

      After 20 years of being separated by many miles, Phil and myself had a
      recent reunion at the Beverly Depot Restaurant and Pub in Beverly
      Massachusetts (Picture 40). He lives in Ft. Meyers Beach Florida and plays
      at beachside clubs and resorts as a solo guitarist and vocalist. We told
      our story to the room and everyone was highly interested. And the person
      who took our photo, come to find out, was experiencer Dorene Pinciaro,
      purchasing manager for Kaiser Systems
      http://www.kaisersystems.com/index.html. END OF 1976 EVENT

      In the February 1978 ice storm while driving from San Diego to Boston, I was
      swept off the road by the wind sheer from a truck cab while attempting to
      pass on black ice approaching Ft. Worth. I spun 180 deg., landed in the
      median ditch, bounced out onto the oncoming lane on the opposite side of the
      highway with my rear end facing perpendicular across the fast lane lane...
      There was a convoy of trucks bearing down on my position also on black ice.
      Moreover, the car had stalled. I had about 2 seconds to decide whether to
      get out of the car or try to start it. The thermostat had been removed in
      San Diego which was making it hard to start averaging about 11 tries after
      stopping. But some force guided my hand to the key and turned it. The car
      started. Next, even with an impulse to floor it to escape pending doom my
      foot was eased onto the pedal barely touching it and the car spun on the
      black ice just enough to rest parallel facing the oncoming trucks which then
      wind blasted me back into the median ditch. Gently turning the wheel to the
      right with slow increase to acceleration, I ascended the opposite slope of
      the median, popped out between oncoming cars and made a graceful turn in the
      slow lane heading back for Ft. Worth. People honked furiously. Sorry. This
      ice storm scenario... well, I'll leave it to you.

      In April the same year, I had driven out to Salinas CA and was en route
      eastward again across northern Nevada along I-80. It was 2:30am and I had
      forgotten to fill up in Reno. I continued east in hopes of finding a
      roadside filling station--no such luck and my gauge was nearing "E." I was
      maintaining 65mph and suddenly I am waking up as the gauge read 35mph and
      falling. I look up to get my bearings and see a sign moving slowly by
      saying, "Elko 12mi." But two seconds ago, I was near Lovelock traveling
      along the W. Humboldt Range (Picture 13). In the distance, I noticed red and
      white business lights along the right side of the road. As they neared, I
      was still uncertain as to whether it was a convenient store or gas station
      that might still be closed. The engine stopped and I was now at the mercy of
      momentum and I threw it into neutral. The car rolled to a perfect stop next
      to a gas pump and the station was open. I was happy to see the attendant and
      he was happy because I was happy. That seemed to matter more than whatever
      had happened back there. But after regression many years later, memories
      returned which were triggered by other memories being uncovered. On that
      April night in Nevada, a wide beam of white light had picked up the car, a
      1966 Cadillac, with me in it. I did not see the interior of the craft above
      this time, but we can go there later in regression, I'm sure.

      Some days after arrival to my destination in Columbia MO, I was awakened
      from a sound sleep. I was in a trailer in a decent tree filled trailer park
      with a swimming pond in the back. A male Grey visitor appeared standing
      outside under an oak tree. He held a silver rod with a sleek marquee shaped
      slit centered running 3/4 the length of it with a stone or light fixed in
      the center resembling a 1/2 carat sapphire (Picture 14 a&b). I heard a
      barely audible "ping" sound and then an massive information upload into my
      biological computer, the brain, began in a steam of light patterns passing
      between the rod and my head (Picture 15). Then I asked him his name and he
      answered, "Teil" (not teal though the sound is the same). I could also see
      the word as it is said in English reading, "Teil." I noticed the features of
      this gray well. Rather than coveralls, he was in a tight fitting pants and
      jacket type attire with a fine seam like a zipper line running up the middle
      of the jacket. There was a naru or thin turtle neck type collar and the gray
      skin tones matched the gray of his attire. There was also a soft boot made
      of the same material in the same color. He was friendly and obviously
      approachable. For the next five minutes, I somehow trustingly relaxed while
      swimming in these extensive thought patterns. Then they quickly faded and I
      fell fast asleep. The next morning, I was grabbing paper and writing down
      some very high order of thinking formulas spanning law, physics, nature, you
      name it burning up page after page. Friends were wowed but also concerned
      about me. People stopped coming by like they used to. Fortunately, I had a
      rare opportunity to save a drowning child at the pond. He was extending his
      arm for help but no one noticed, so I jumped in clothes and all and pulled
      him out. This at least kept the possibility of my being totally out of my
      mind down to a soft roar of "undecided." I was very much having to deal with
      all this alone at that time. END OF 1979 EVENT

      God's Light in Paradise 1981

      It was early April, 1981 during the preparation of Passover. An attempt had
      been made on President Regan's life a few days before. I was living on
      Stock Island in the Florida Keys at the time. At about eleven at night, I
      was compelled to fall on my face alone in the dark to pray on the floor.
      For three and one half hours, words rolled out of my mouth about every
      unkind thing I had ever done and every sin. I kept nothing secret and
      opened every darkest closet. Then for the next three and one half hours,
      words rolled off of my tongue about every dark and terrible act being
      committed among the nations of the earth. The floor was puddled with my

      With seemingly no strength left, I dragged myself onto the fold away bed in
      the living room and fell face up on it motionless. Just then, a beautiful
      place opened though the ceiling just like an ancient scroll opening with a
      living image of a beautiful green environment in it instead of script and I
      stepped though it into this place. I ascended a steep ridge effortlessly
      and all my senses were acutely functioning better than ever before. There
      were young hardwoods on the way up the ridge but at the top was a
      magnificent, spruce/fir/pine forest which seemed to have been given the
      utmost care. In front of me was a gorge and on the opposite side a great
      and wide waterfall which made yet a gentle wisp of sound because of the
      straightness of the gorge.

      I stood frozen in awe. There were places to explore throughout the opposite
      side and there was nothing dead, dying or diseased. The air was ultra clean
      and fresh. If this were not enough, a man in a long white robe emerged from
      a thick stand of firs farther down on the other side and walked across the
      gorge in the air without ever breaking stride or looking down. There was no
      bridge or fallen tree beneath his feet though I strained to see one. The
      man walked with an extremely noble and confident gate and I immediately knew
      who it was without ever having been indoctrinated by religious orders or

      Still frozen in my tracks, he approached on a path which ran parallel to the
      edge of the gorge on my side cutting its way straight though the moss and
      young firs.

      These words came from the depth of my spirit and I could not prevent them: I
      said, "Good morning, Precious-Wonderful Lord Jesus!" with the excitement of
      a little child who was receiving a thousand wonderful gifts at once. At
      this, The Light of The Eternal Father radiated from his heart and I was
      enveloped and filled in the Light of God. I asked him, "Is this the Light
      of the Father?" and he replied, "It is as you say." Then his eyes moved
      toward the gorge. I followed them with mine and could see, appearing out of
      the mist of the air, a golden palatial structure (Picture 16). I asked, "Is
      this the Father's House?" And he replied, "This is the place we have
      prepared for you." Then I asked, "Can I go over with you so that I might
      meet the others who will be there?" And He said, "No, it is not yet time.
      First, you have much left to do." Then I said, "Let me fly to the summit
      (on my side of the gorge) and return before you that we might embrace
      before I must go." And he nodded saying, "Go." I lifted into the air, the
      tips of the spruces and firs passed beneath me at a rough distance of twelve
      feet, I circled the summit and was then set back before him. After a long
      embrace, I descended the ridge eagerly toward my mission with full knowledge
      I would return and that death was no longer a concern.

      At a halfway point along the descent, there was a futuristic circular
      structure nestled in a level area with every kind of hard and softwood. The
      structure was filled with all kinds of media, music and motion picture
      equipment. Descending the ridge further, I then returned to my body on the
      fold-up bed which was miraculously kept alive with slow and shallow sinus
      rhythm and breathing.

      I sprang up with a jolt glowing and bathing the room in white light. I was
      completely cleansed and as light as air in feeling. A golden sun had risen
      and my first act was to befriend a little child who was on his bike riding
      in circles alone beyond my front door. I put my hand on his shoulder,
      smiled and offered to show him how to play Yahtzee. Then I said: "If you
      believe you can roll five sixes, you will." On his first roll, five sixes
      stretched across the table close together in a straight line with all the
      dots pointing in the same direction. The next small miracle was when I
      wrote a spiritual song, "Glory To You, Lord", where a butterfly landed on
      the tuning keys of the guitar I was composing with. In the years to come,
      there were of course events, miracles and acts of far greater significance
      but this was the beginning as it happened. For a long time, people from
      various places and walks reported that brilliant white light was radiating
      from me. Seven years before this 1981 event, my voice thundered saying that
      I stand on the stone of destiny and behold the wisdom of the ages. I knew
      it to involve the universe as well as the nations. Seven years after 1981
      came the *Conservation Exchange vision while I was managing at Bigelow
      Preserve. And seven years after that came confirmational visions that I had
      been given authority to address nations and worlds. There were also
      confirmations from spiritual leaders and spiritual people though the 1980s
      and 1990s who have been kept untarnished from the politics and meanderings
      of modern religions. I, myself, was kept safe by miraculous angelic
      intervention-and not only from this but from physical harms and discomforts
      along my journeys across North America. And some who were mean came to
      utter ruin overnight.


      1986, Harrison ME, comes the one negative experience with a mean wrinkled
      orange type Grey (a counterfeit visitor perhaps?) At the time, I had been
      writing spiritual music meant for a philharmonic orchestra and great
      vocalists. While asleep, memories were being cross fused in an attempt to
      cripple my talents. All the pain of life put together in a single moment
      was crossed with memories of performing on piano. Rather than experiencing
      joy and elation while sharing this talent, I was suffering while performing.
      The suggestion was, "If you use your talent, you will suffer"(Picture 17).
      But I confronted him saying: "What are you doing here?" and he fled as if
      sucked up through a straw into the sky. The next day, I was able to finally
      draw the 1981 election in paradise picture (Picture 16) after five years of
      failed attempts. The ability suddenly came almost completely autonomically
      that next morning. During this time, I was also applying hands on work on
      forest beautification and restoration--taking landscaping to the next level
      with the inclusion and enhancement of the forest environment. The knowledge,
      talent and sense of forest enhancement mission was coming from somewhere

      In 1988, after volunteering to restore a peninsula damaged by the spruce bud
      worm at Moosehead Lake in northern Maine, I was hired at a supervisory
      capacity to take care the 35,000 acre Bigelow Preserve and Flagstaff Lodge.
      The 4,500 Bigelow summits could be seen to the south and the pristine
      sapphire blue Flagstaff Lake could be seen to the north though the upper
      grand viewing windows of the lodge. All around was an intact young to
      middle aged spruce-fir forest. Here, the *Conservation Exchange vision was
      received. At that same moment, staff and a visiting friend ascended the
      stairs of the lodge and saw me robed in white and glowing in white light.
      And my wife, who was in the kitchen, had a simultaneous vision of crowns.
      This was remarkable since she wasn't prone to having visions, neither was
      the staff and guest. The plan was faithfully and immediately offered to the
      State of Maine and then to the United States. The letter was sealed by my
      tears. Both have refused it. Here is the essence and framework of this

      *Conservation Exchange is in fulfillment of the Prophet Isaiah (Picture 18).
      Global military forces and civilians work together in a Forest
      Recovery/Enhancement and Crops to End World Hunger Pact. Lasting global
      peace is achieved within a single year by common mission and no longer
      merely observed philosophically. That is just the beginning. Trillions in
      monetary units and resources otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons
      platforms can then be ruddered to Advanced Individualized Education,
      Fuel-less Technology, Medical Cures, Affordable Energy and Environment Savvy
      Homes, Long Life Products/Materials, Major Costs and Tax Relief, The Needy
      and all people, environment and technological reformation programs that are
      designed to benefit all people/all life and to succeed. Rich or poor, we
      can no longer tolerate the violation to life, the natural wonders and the
      common liberty, happiness and well being of all.

      How does this impact other worlds? Conservation Exchange will become the
      universally accepted principle of right governance and the means though
      which peaceful open contact will occur. It takes all kinds of individuals
      to make this happen. The reward is that we will have overcome technological
      deprivation, wars, planetary devastation, disease, poverty and death itself
      under the most grueling of circumstances historically and will become a
      light indeed on the very Throne and Footstool of God: Earth. Once we were
      the children of God and now we become the light of God.

      In 1989, we occupied a quaint little hilltop abode in the western US with a
      cedar forest all around (quaint isn't the word: it was a tin garage with a
      tiny apartment as an afterthought attached to the rear). It was given to us
      for free as a gift from a neighboring Christian. I decided to make it into a
      place that the Lord would love to come and walk in; a place that had nicely
      kept trails and scenic vistas without sacrificing the natural splendor,
      trees and habitat; a place aglow with his touch and love. So I worked and
      worked on it as I do whenever I have the chance to be in a forest or park
      environment. Then one day upon completion, I set up a little card table
      with two chairs outside and placed a Bible down on it closed. Suddenly, a
      strong and unusual wind that seemed to be focused over the table opened the
      book and a group of pages stood dancing like a flame in the middle. Then
      they fell as if quickly thrust flat into place and a bream of white light
      highlighted a little used scripture in a perfect rectangle around it about
      how the ancient prophets who were buried in Jerusalem arose from their tombs
      when Christ arose.

      Afterwards, I went for a walk with the Lord. First, I gave thanks and
      praise for his coming to walk with me. And the Lord, without hesitation,
      inquired: "Do you know the truth about the shepherd boy?" I asked, "What
      about the shepherd boy?" And he said: "Do you know he didn't even know his
      own name?" And I completed his statement by saying: "He was abused and made
      to tend the sheep all alone while his brothers ate, drank and made fun of
      him. And when he returned home they treated him like dirt denying that he
      was even alive." Then the Lord said, "It is as you say."

      A year went by so that I could resituate in the middle of the state of New
      Hampshire. Then in 1991--making it two and a half sevens--the most amazing
      events and visions unfurled. First, my spirit was summoned up to the very
      Throne of all thrones. I was kneeling with my head bowed in a soft hooded
      white robe with hood off and a golden cord around the waist. Though I could
      not look upon the Father's face, I saw his hand and a wonderful gold and
      amethyst scepter which he extended to me and I reached with my right hand to
      accept it (Picture 20b). Shortly after, the election of Paul was portrayed
      in a vision as a wooden trophy of a Grecian runner with a circular maze
      behind him standing on edge. Then the Lord spoke again saying, "Remove the
      figure of the knight from the medallion and place upon it the crown
      Cherylynn has purchased for you." I had purchased a gold medallion at a
      flea market in the White Mountains some days before. So I took a butter
      knife and did as instructed and then hung the medallion on the corner of my
      fridge. Five minutes later, Cherie came home and had purchased a circular
      crown patch at a button shop for me to perhaps wear on a suit. I had no idea
      she had done this or had that in mind. I said, "You are not going to
      believe this..." And I took the patch to the medallion, placed it on it and
      it fit exactly within the circular design border with no trimming or
      adjustments needed (Picture 19). It didn't end there. I was standing
      outside and suddenly heaven opened up over my driveway. It reminds me of
      when Stephen saw the Lord while he was being condemned by the Sanhedrin.
      At the time, a wicked selectman was trying to destroy me because I blew the
      whistle on her landfill and its constant chemical and hazardous materials
      fires right next to her own tenants. There was a stream there also which
      was completely contaminated. To drive us out, she set up dogs rescued from
      abusive homes on 20 foot chains on either side of the garden my six year old
      son was working and playing in. He went out to play and was bitten on the
      face and has a permanent keloid scar. Then she railed him saying that he
      was taunting the dogs.

      The Lord was seated on a throne and the original twelve stood on either side
      of him. Peter, who was on his immediate right, said about me: "He has not
      yet died." The Lord sat silently looking in my direction but not intensely
      and these words thundered from my mouth: "Listen to me, you radical saints:
      I have died everyday of this life. If you wish to be my friends, then help
      me!" That was the only other time my voice thundered. The first was in
      1974 when I said: "I stand now on the Stone of Destiny and behold the wisdom
      of the ages!"

      Directly after this, I saw the image of a hideous serpent head about 4 ft.
      across on my living room wall and I stared it down though it was very
      frightening. An angel in a long white robe then reached into a great
      ancient shell, withdrew a pearl two feet in diameter and handed it to me.
      Then I said, "Embrace me before you must depart." And he did. Finally, I was
      ascending a mountain slope toward the camp of the Lord and the armies of
      heaven were stretched out standing fast and ready to descend while the earth
      was already in flames below. My presence there was not questioned as if I
      come and go regularly.

      In 1994 and '95 making the third seven, a final set of visions came to
      confirm and direct. First, I was awarded a golden twelve handled ship
      wheel. Set on a blue inner circle was a crown with a living white flame on
      top (Picture 20a). The seal was presented on the right breast of a white
      robe. Next, there was an extremely ancient medallion or diadem with a
      crescent moon and a thousand pointed star which has never been revealed
      until now (Picture 20c). There was also a hooded white robe with hood on
      but the face was concealed in shadow. The diadem was affixed on the wide
      white shoulder sash on the left breast of the robe. Now these next visions
      will be extremely revealing. There was a diamond Jerusalem artichoke with
      many facets all around it. The very top facet or capstone is Christ and the
      facets are the saints. Radiating from the middle of the diamond is the white
      light of God touching every facet. The molten sea in the ancient temple
      stood on a stand. There was a stand beneath the diamond artichoke of gold
      twisted vines which have dropped their leaves. This is the sea of glass or
      the diamond head. Ephesians 1:9,10 forecasted the gathering of all things
      in the heavens and earth under the one head. This is now unfolding before
      our eyes. The Lord opened his hand and revealed an arrowhead for striking
      down the nations. And again, he revealed a polished axe head--the one that
      had been lost in the Jordan but Elisha made it float. It was given a new
      handle and was set in a large round birch chopping block which was a gift
      from a friend. There are other visions but we can touch on them later.

      The paramount evil in the world is like a chain. But the axe will strike
      just the right link to break it. Fossil fuel based markets is the one to
      break as we mandate Conservation Exchange. This said, our course is clear to
      establish global Conservation Exchange and demand in any and every avenue of
      persuasion the release of fuel-less technologies. A sword proceeds from his
      mouth and strikes the earth just before his return. This is an extremely
      powerful word. No wonder advanced civilizations are allying themselves to

      Some historians have succeeded in acquitting Nero for the burning of Rome to
      cause the defamation and slaughter of early Christians. But I was taken in
      spirit to Nero's balcony. With Rome burning below, the Emperor was shaking
      his fist at the sky and screaming, "I will send that Holy Spirit back to
      where it came!!!" Hung on a pillar facing inward toward the balcony and
      away from public view was a copper wreath with an upward pointing dove in
      the center--the logo of his secret Christian eradication campaign. This is
      where the diamond white truth fell asleep and took shelter within other
      manmade institutions and religions out of desperation (and the infiltration
      of imposters which the Lord revealed to John years after the resurrection).

      In April 1995, my wife noticed a little ad in the local paper mentioning a
      UFO Conference to be held at Plymouth State College in Plymouth NH. I was
      given the floor to speak a little about September 26, 1976. I realized that
      the presenter was a regional director for MUFON. I asked to file officially.
      One thing that is so hard for experiencers with multiple lifelong encounters
      and abductions is that official reports are geared to one sighting. Not only
      that, the questions are narrow in content: "Were there power lines?; were
      you drinking or using hallucinatory drugs?, etc. But where were the
      questions about alien/human interaction; about technological discovery and
      disclosure; social discovery; genetics; history; science; art? It seems the
      reports are designed to place most cases in the "swamp gas" category. For
      instance, I was forced to trip over whether there were power lines nearby-as
      the questioner noted there had to have been some in order for this or other
      cases to be taken seriously (which is sheer bunk). Another pressuring
      question: "Was the light illuminating the ground?" I was not focused on that
      as there was so much more meat to this by way of maneuvers, connection with
      abductee, etc. So I answered no. But there was a drop off into a marsh on
      the other side of the road with brush in the foreground-and no power lines.
      Anyway, the researcher from that point was tongue and cheek with me from
      that point forward-even when he was made witness to my receiving a
      triangular scar during this rather lopsided researcher/ abductee
      relationship and even though he had also seen a white globular object the
      same size as mine in Vermont a few years before this-and his was just
      zipping along setting speed records after doing a close fly-by.

      On September 5, 1995 at 10:30pm, I fell asleep in the living room chair. At
      3:30am on September 6th, I awoke with wet shoes and a terrible itch on my
      upper right arm just below the shoulder. There was a large round cap of
      drying blood. So I went into the bathroom for good lighting and peeled it
      off. Underneath the drying blood was a perfect triangular biopsy with an
      even depth of 1/45 of an inch and perfect laser geometry along its lines and
      to its 3 points. A tare? Nope (Picture 21). Of course, the researcher
      happened to be away in Europe and every second he was gone was agonizing.
      Fortunately, within four days, he returned. I had left an urgent message
      (well actually a few urgent messages). He knocked on the door and I showed
      him the biopsy/scar. Somehow, it was nonchalantly treated as if this might
      have been a put on of some kind. Now I was in a worse boat than ever. I put
      my best foot forward only to be left in a vacuum enough to drive anyone
      insane. I was better off mentioning 1976 to believers here and there. Then I
      contracted a terrible case of pneumonia with lasted 4 months and was left
      with a regular physician to look at me who indicated the case was very
      serious while wagging his head like I might not make it. He didn't know me
      well at all, did he?

      Finally, another researcher took an interest in the case as I started to
      have sudden and spontaneous recollection of events of September 5th and 6th.
      I know that certain places, smells, objects, etc. can trigger memories. But
      these would come regardless of stimuli. But it was agonizingly slow. An
      explosion of three distinct initial memories followed by a 2 month wait. The
      first thing recalled was sitting in a molded type chair with a city passing
      beneath me seen through a large curved screen or window. Seated across from
      me and a little to my right was a young boy who apparently had been abducted
      as well. We seemed to both be passing in and out of consciousness. At this
      particular point in time, our eyes briefly met. Judging from the particular
      curve of the window, it seemed that we were near the bottom of a globular
      craft (Picture 22). In the second memory, I am conscious again but now a
      floor or two higher up in the orb as the curve of the window was now
      straighter. Here, I was in a molded chair right up against the window and I
      didn't see anyone else. But out the window, I saw an African fishing party
      (would love having help to identify the weave and pattern of the long gown
      they were all wearing-and then pay a visit) who were attempting to run away
      from the descending craft--and I could see then trying to escape from my
      window (Picture 23). I remember thinking, "They're not going to get very
      far." There was a winding brown muddy river off to their left and dry yellow
      grass all around with some short, thorny shrubs. Then I faded out again. By
      the way, it was daytime-this flight embarked at night. Third memory: Being
      dragged/floated backward through a control room area in the middle section
      of the globular craft. There were two grays at the controls (Picture 24),
      two carrying me and one watching from the entrance I had just come through.
      The two who were carrying me placed me in some transparent tank resembling a
      bathtub filled with a cool and almost light as air breathable liquid which
      was picking up cool-dim blue-green glow from the room.
      I was immersed but barely panicked as I was reassured I was in no danger and
      could breathe normally.

      At first the feeling was cold, not so much the fluid, but the atmosphere
      between myself and them. They levitated the tank to an upright
      position-remarkably, the fluid stayed inside the tank area. I could see the
      control panel again but the two grays who had been there were now gone. The
      two grays with me watched me from about a foot and a half away. Their eyes,
      looking deep into my soul, saw courage and not fear, nobility and not
      vanity, love and song and not meaningless clanging and greed. Everything
      suddenly changed. Now there was a warmth, I felt included (Picture 27). At
      this and as the ship suddenly slowed down, I was allowed to freely walk to a
      window and witness pre-docking maneuvers with a mother ship in space
      (Picture 28).

      At MUFON conferences, I felt like I had to play the role of researcher while
      a wealth of disclosure was blatantly being ignored. Finally, I rolled up my
      sleeve and showed the NH director the triangular scar which at this point in
      time was beginning to heal over and the geometry was softening and the scar
      area was getting smaller-but it was still very plain. I was left to cry on
      others shoulders for support. MUFON needs to have a serious experiencer
      support facet. And when the evidence doesn't appear to be there, the
      experiencer must still not be disowned. Interestingly, a circle of yellowed
      grass which accompanied the scar had also been ignored. But a memory which
      took over two years to surface confirmed the yellow circle of grass. You
      see, I couldn't remember being carried out at first. Why? I had been carried
      out backward! We are used to moving forward, not backward. But as an artist
      from a young age, there was one minor detail which my very sharp eye didn't
      miss. Between the living room chair and the back yard was a large sliding
      glass door and window array. There was a huge neutral-yellowish curtain
      which was pulled closed at night before bed. The curtain was illuminated
      from out in the backyard. That is, a brilliant white light was out in the
      back yard and I could see the illuminated curtain in the eye of one of the
      two grays whom was not concealed by my own shadow. There is a picture for
      this called: "The Curtain." Somehow it didn't make it onto the site.
      Now..that..this..memory..finally..jogged..loose.. I remembered the back yard
      as if it had just happened. The grass was blindingly lit. Still styled
      backwards, we went up through a semi rounded hatchway and the grass was only
      a few feet below. In that yard, there were tall pines as a barrier from
      I-93. So the ship sat near the ground for general concealment. The curvature
      of the walls at this entry matched the curvature of my very first memory in
      the seating room near the bottom of a globular craft. As my eyes adjusted to
      the darker interior of this room of the craft, I began to see details like a
      small panel of buttons on the wall but then passed out. By the time this all
      gelled, research into this case was long gone. There are further profound
      aspects to this case: The council of composite species and Galaxy M88 which
      was drawn earlier on in say 1996. Then in 2000, I bumped into a distant
      Hubble image fitting the drawing exactly. Not only are the sister galaxies
      identical but also the great gulf in that direction between galactic arms.
      The two pictures are laid together (There is a picture for this too which
      didn't seem to make it in).

      On September 26, 1996, one year after my 1995 abduction (and 20 years to the
      day after the 9-26-76 three globular ship event), I just happened to escort
      my wife, Cherie, out to the car for her early morning commute to work. Off
      to our left and to the north over Plymouth NH, a cylinder mother ship, in
      this case bathed in a green glow was moving fast from east to west. At a
      point directly across the road from us at a distance of about 1/2 mi. and
      about 5,000 in elevation, it launched several discs as we both looked on. A
      few days later, Cherie saw a 40' slender mirror dome-less disc vertically
      positioned straight in front of her while driving along I-93 S through
      Thornton NH. Two days later, I saw a mirror silver disc--exactly like
      hers--in a horizontal position out the front door of our place then in
      Ashland just to the east over the highest point of the nearest hill
      exhibiting a falling leaf pattern of flight; rose again in elevation and
      moved straight along to the west; exhibited a falling leaf flight pattern;
      rose again in height and moved in a straight line to the west... It did this
      7 times. What grabbed my attention was a mid afternoon's nap dream of being
      able to see into a situation involving a child in an institutional foster
      home (aided remote viewing) and how he lives to adapt and get along. He had
      a friend sitting on his bed with him talking and then they ran out of the
      room together in some planned game or adventure. At this, I sprang off the
      couch and went to the front door. Looking to the hilltop, I saw the
      glistening of the sun on the mirror finish of the craft (Picture 29).

      So far, all these memories and occurrences were taking place without the aid
      of regression. But when I did get to regression, childhood abductions just
      leaped out of nowhere. I went there to gain even more about September 5th &
      6th 1995, but instead ended up at some incredible childhood experiences
      first. These began to disclose a peaceful agenda-at least among these
      particular grays. My first memory recovered in regression was the "1968 Age
      10" experience. There were male and female grays being very gentle with me
      and a home world head who reflected approval over this project(?). I was
      shown genetics technology, deep voyage artificial environmental replication
      technology, liquid sub micro chips, water as for beauty and energy, wireless
      micro communications sensors. The very first thing to appear as out of a
      haze were the rectangular yellow lights running around the rim of the room.
      In session two, still in want for more up to date revelation, I ended up
      going to age five and to a city in space and a city beneath the sea. This
      story will probably take up the same space or more than all the accounts
      thus far and it is full of insight into humanoid/gray cooperation,
      technologies, and interaction with man. I will address it in a third stage.
      I had pictures upon pictures of this in a Windows 95 computer and then it
      crashed. I didn't reconstruct them in Win98se but thanks XP for being a
      whole different OS. Now I can work to my heart's content and burn CDs as

      One nice thing during all this was I had friends living nearby at Stinson
      Lake who have been seeing UFOs around there for years. The land there,
      formally of military interest, could now be being used for extraterrestrial
      mining purposes. Buster Hinkson snapped this photo of a strange UFO which
      seems to be either changing shape or has other smaller globes around it (or
      both). Under strict scrutiny using Corel 9 imaging, it is clear that a dark
      area below the craft (the shadow) is being reflected on the underside with
      mirror perfection. This is strikingly apparent at 600% magnification
      (Picture 30).

      On December 9, 2002 an event was seemingly planned in advance. A witness was
      arranged. Tom Doucet, an experiencer from Joe's group I had not met,
      contacted me and I asked him to come up and visit at the Prescott Farm
      Audubon Center in Laconia New Hampshire where I lived as a
      caretaker/property steward. The weather according to reports was to be
      clear. Tom drove up from Massachusetts to visit and an unsuspected snow
      storm caused him to have to stay the night. That night of December 9th and
      the early morning of the 10th, I was abducted (or extracted) and he was
      witness to it. The next morning, we had the same descriptions of three
      short Greys and one tall Grey who was all business and seemed to be a
      science official of some kind. The tall Grey used something on the back of
      Tom's neck to keep him immobilized while he reassured him that they had come
      for me and that everything was all right and I would be brought back safely.
      I remember seeing the approach to a smaller mothership than the usual
      gigantic mirror-like cylinders covered with windows and lights. This was a
      dark gray and black shark-like ship about one third the size. The silver
      globular object docked in a mirror-like ribbed pee shooter corridor instead
      of in a large docking bay hanger. I remember the door between the
      dock/launch corridor and the interior of the mothership. It was white with
      bright metal-mirror like designs which were also security and air locking
      parts. The door itself was like a curved "A" and quite pleasant to look at.
      So was the design of the interior corridor running the length of the ship
      which had a slanted wall of bright metal and black accents and the ceiling
      was notably shorter than our own. There was a failed hybrid on a slab in
      front of me--possibly a genetic offspring. I was taken to a science lab and
      the lab director--the serious tall one, spun me psychokinetically in the air
      like a windmill for three spins. But I landed on my feet looking him
      straight in the eye. At this, the other three short Greys were kind and
      helpful. One handed me a cup of water in a short and wide cup. Tom later
      suggested this was to accommodate their long fingers. Tom also pointed out
      how during the intense moments we are extracted from our homes, everything
      is watched most carefully so that people don't awaken frightened and boiling
      water is not spilled on a baby, etc. And he concurred about the
      personalities of the four Greys.
      Another Grey brought me a molded chair. And the third one pointed out how I
      am on their "Abductee Journal"--the name of a site I was involved with then.
      A new species was introduced as an image on a paper thin screen like a
      clipboard placed in front of me.
      It was gel-like, clear and had green veins connected to globules in its
      center region. It was hub shaped and had about 100 appendages like sensors
      or arms that were tapered stubs about 8" long. I was shown small zoological
      specimens that were void of physical senses but were telepathic and had
      radar capability similar to bats. I guess the San Diego Zoo will have to
      add on a wing.
      Interestingly, an unexpected snow storm kept Tom at my house that night. To
      share some humor, he pointed out the "Visitor Parking" sign buried in the
      snow outside the next morning (Picture 31).

      August 27, 2003, the same day, interestingly, Mars was at its closest
      approach for a long time, a very awesome being named, "FELA" appeared over
      my bed. Her features were so fine. She was a powdery white Grey and highly
      respected among all visitors. Her usual occupation is to give uplifting
      mental stimulation therapy to visitor leaders and dignitaries. In my case,
      she was sent to do the same so that at the same time I could receive a
      tremendous upload of information without suffering major nervous and
      physical damage. And it's a good thing too because on the following day, I
      felt like I had been dropped out an airplane. But during those moments with
      her, I was completely in bliss and without pain. I think she should come
      around to all of us who ask (Picture 32).

      This concludes the story behind the pictures.

      Jeffrey Morgan Foss

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      UFO Sighting Report

      October, 28, 2004
      Avon, North Carolina, United States

      Four red lights seen in the sky on the beach at the outer banks
      in NC.

      Date Posted: 11/1/2004 5:39:27 PM

      Image comments: This is a drawing of the lights seen at Avon, NC Oct.
      28. 2004 at 8:00 PM. I haven't been able to locate anyone who can tell me
      what they are. Let me know if you know what they are.

      Sighting Time: 8:00 PM
      Day/Night: Nighttime
      Duration: 4 sec
      No. of Witnesses: 1
      Urban or Rural: Beach
      No. of Object(s): Multiple
      Size of Object(s): 1/3 moon size
      Distance to Object(s): 1/2 mile
      Shape of Object(s): round light
      Color of Object(s): Red

      Full Description & Details
      I was fishing down on the beach near Avon thursday night
      around 8 pm. I turned to walk back to my truck and saw some strange red
      lights in the sky. With my back to the ocean, the light appeared just a
      little to the left. It was high in the sky. About cloud level at maybe a 45
      degree angle from me. It was round about the size of your little finger nail
      held out at arms length. The light first appeared by itself for about two
      seconds then another light seemed to come out of it like almost instantly to
      the left. It was spaced away from the first about the same distance as the
      diameter of the first light then another came out of the second, and
      another, and another, until there were either four or five lights
      side-by-side in the sky all the same size.. Then I can't, remember for sure,
      they either went out all at one time or they went out one at a time in the
      order they lit up. I was fishing south of the point wednesday night and saw
      two red lights side-by-side lower to the ground toward Frisco. I didn't
      really think anything about them at the time. I assumed they were two jets.
      They were just lit for a couple of seconds also.

      Reported Sighting? Yes
      Reported To: emailed Outer Banks Sentinel News Paper (no response)
      Location: Kernersville, NC, USA
      Age: 42

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        My own web site is on the burner. But please see it though to view the 40 pictures at the site given. Thanks.


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