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Re: [ufodiscussion] Woman Votes All Democrat - Ballot Marked Bush/Cheney

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  • vgambino1@cox.net
    ... ... Ballot Marked Bush/Cheney ... Hi All This article is only one of many that will be reported over the next few days
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2004
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      > From: Light Eye
      > Date: 2004/11/01 Mon PM 01:54:24 EST
      > To: ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] Woman Votes All Democrat -
      Ballot Marked Bush/Cheney
      Hi All
      This article is only one of many that will be reported
      over the next few days from all over the country. It
      amounts to nothing new. I personally do not think either
      candidate is worthy of my vote but that is not the answer
      to repair this or address the inequities that pervade the
      elections for any and all the candidates we vote for.
      I feel the electoral college is outdated and the use of
      voting machines and individual ballets cast at poling
      places are no longer necessary. with the advent of the
      world wide web and computers it is now possible to do
      away with this antiquated method of voting and we can
      become a truly democratic society where every vote is
      counted and the majority rules.
      By the use of home, business, school, and library
      computers each and every registered voter could cast
      his or her vote and the total counted in real time. Many
      of the acts of tampering and voter fraud could be
      eliminated and the true majority would prevail.
      The time has come and the use of this method would
      also eliminate much of the expenses and delays in
      counting the votes. By contracting a reputable
      accounting house and providing a dedicated
      mainframe to tally the votes we could view the results in
      real time and vote from the comfort and privacy of our
      own homes or work places. The only expense would
      be the generating of individual passwords and
      identifications for the voting public , these would be
      provided by the accounting company. they would be
      mailed to every registered voter and with the addition of
      a few other security protocols would insure the vote of
      every american would count toward the end result in a
      direct and true democratic way.
      I feel this is the only way we will ever achieve a truly
      democratic society. I will forward this to my
      congressman and both of the political parties and hope
      they will see the truth of my words. If you think this is a
      good idea add your name to the bottom of my letter and
      return it to me. I will add your voice to mine and we may
      be able to force them to see reason.

      Vern Gambino

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