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Tall Humanoid Creatures seen at U.S. Bases

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    Note: Emerald Dan told me he had heard about these things seen running into the west side of the Nellis Air force range on occasions. A worker at the base who
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      Note: Emerald Dan told me he had heard about these things seen
      running into the west side of the Nellis Air force range on
      occasions. A worker at the base who had seen one these creature's one
      late night drove through two security gates to get to the office he
      worked at and after reporting his sighting, later disappeared. His
      car had vanished too and he and his car were never reportedly found.
      People investigating the case could not understand how he or his car
      had vanished with two secure gates one would have to drive through to
      get out. Paul Bennewitz photographed one these creatures standing
      with a raised arm in between trees at the Archletta Peak Dulce Base.
      It looked like it was waving to him. I've seen the photograph.

      From Nevermore:

      I was stationed at Luke AFB 73-75 and I was in the 58th Security
      Police Squadron and my last position was Desk Sgt., so after hours I
      would have to field all the incoming calls from the civilians around
      the Phoenix area explaining to them that there was no longer a
      Project Blue Book and that the Air Force no longer investigated
      UFO's. But I can tell you this, that area is a true hot bed for these
      objects and I have the pleasure of once again moving back there
      (early next year). Yes a hotbed, but not just for UFO's. I was also
      stationed at Davis Monthan at Tucson (was Strategic Air Command at
      that time), both of these bases had what was described by the
      Security Police who encountered it as a very tall bi-pedal humanoid
      type thing, mainly featureless, almost like a dark shadow. This thing
      would lurk near the perimeters of the bases. I read years later that
      the Security Police at Edwards AFB also had the same problem. At
      Davis Monthan this thing was seen time and time again within the
      Nuclear Storage area which was about a mile away (still on base) from
      the main area of the base. The Sentry dogs were terrified of it. This
      area of course contained the "Nukes" used by the 52's sitting on the
      Flight line, so it was a very sensitive area. This was my first Base
      and the area was very very strange. Especially working the midnight

      I witnessed this thing in 1974, when after fielding call after call
      from civilians reporting UFO's all over the Phoenix area, I decided
      to have someone relieve me on the desk, took a car and went out to
      the perimeter of the base along with a SAT team (Security Alert
      Team). As we sat watching, lights were darting about the White Tanks
      area, one of the Security guys yelled out and pointed toward the
      perimeter fence, sure enough there walked a tall dark "thing". As we
      watched it, it looked as though it began to run. It was about 200
      yards away and in a very desert area. The perimeter fence near the
      flight line was only a small barb wired fence. As we drove out to
      where it should have been, it disappeared on us, no trace. Actually
      there was nowhere for it to go, but it was no longer there.

      As I'm sure you well know, often times when an area is sustaining
      a "flap", flying objects are not the only anomalous things making
      their presence known in the area, although the Phoenix and Tucson
      areas don't exactly experience flaps, its more like a continuous

      Additional Information:
      There has got to be many others (Security Police) and others of
      course, to this day who have witnessed some of the goings-on at the
      base. I don't think these things have stopped. I'll tell you a little
      story about Davis Monthan when I was sent there in 1971. As you know,
      this is the aircraft graveyard. Within the base property there is a
      road that leads out of the main base and down the road to the Nuclear
      Storage facility, or at least there used to be a nuclear storage
      facility. Within the Security Police of the United States Air Force
      you have two divisions, one is Law Enforcement Specialist (which I
      was) and the other is Security Specialist, or what we used to
      call "ramp rats". These are the guys with the M-16's you see walking
      around the ramps where the fighters or bombers sit, you will also see
      them guarding the nuclear facilities or ICBM silos. My job was like
      that of City Police, we were the Law Enforcement branch. When I first
      started at Davis Monthan I worked a lot of midnight shifts, one of
      our "duties" was to bring the guys (security) out at the nuclear site
      coffee. This we would do every night around 2 or 3 a.m. The site was
      perhaps 15 acres in size, surrounded by a large security fence.
      Within the compound were numerous bunkers where they stored the
      nukes, this area was lit up by spaced telephone poles with lighting.
      So, you would have 2 or 3 guys at the entry control point, one guy on
      foot inside the area, and most of the time there would be one guy
      with a sentry dog in the area (usually asleep with his dog somewhere -

      So this one night we picked up their coffee and began our drive to
      the Nuclear Site. It was a two lane road that led out into the desert
      area (actually I hear you can go on tours there now, and I imagine
      the same road is still there), on both sides of the road you had high
      metal fences so that you couldn't just stop and walk into the area of
      the aircraft "graveyard". It was really a quite spooky and kind of
      desolate ride going out there. So here we are driving out to give
      them their coffee. The ride was maybe 10 minutes. We pulled up to the
      gate, one of the guys came out, we handed him his coffee, we made a U
      turn and went back toward the main base. About half way between the
      main base and where we dropped the coffee, we're driving, doing
      perhaps 30 miles an hour when we see this object in the middle of the
      two lane road. At first we thought it was a vehicle broken down, we
      drove up close to the thing, when we got close enough and stopped we
      realized that it was a "prop" or propeller engine, about the size or
      maybe a little bit smaller than a Volkswagen.

      Well, obviously we were pretty stunned because we had just come down
      this road about 10 minutes before. So we get out of the car and take
      a closer look. Indeed that's what it was, the engine off a large
      propeller driven aircraft, minus the propeller. So we call
      the "flight Chief" our boss, like a Police Lieutenant for a civilian
      agency, he comes out, scratches his head and makes another call. So
      were sitting there in our car over the course of perhaps an hour as
      more and more brass begin filtering into the area. Eventually the
      Base Commander shows up, mind you this is now about 0400 hrs. We are
      told to leave and go back to headquarters where we are briefed by our
      Flight Chief a little later who sternly instructs us not to speak to
      anyone about this nor to even mention it to anyone.

      Now Brian, this thing was sitting out there like someone had picked
      it up from the other side of the fence and then set it down in the
      middle of the road. The engine was nowhere near any of the very few
      gate entrances into this area and there were no drag marks around it.
      I would estimate that it had to weight at least a ton, so I don't
      think any pranksters placed it there. I think you have to believe
      whoever or whatever did this has to have a sense of humor.

      Oh, and if you can locate former Security Police from the Arizona
      bases I'm quite certain that will relate similar stories to you, I've
      lost track of all of them unfortunately.

      Dex & Shirley
      Secret of the Saucers II
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