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"Alien Hunter" Says ET's Aren't Friendly

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    Dear Friends, http://www.galvnews.com/story.lasso?wcd=57057 Love and Light. David Alien hunter says ETs aren t friendly By Carolina Amengual The Daily News
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      'Alien hunter' says ETs aren't friendly

      By Carolina Amengual
      The Daily News

      Published October 31, 2004
      LEAGUE CITY — Derrel Sims claims to have been abducted by aliens not once, but at least 10 times over a 13-year period spanning from 1952 to 1965.

      He remembers being only 4 when an “entity” with a pear-shaped head and large black eyes tried to trick him into believing he’d seen a clown.

      In following encounters, Sims, 56, a Houston resident, said he found it was not uncommon for aliens to mimic relatives to confuse people and manipulate their memories.

      With unshaken conviction, the man better known as “the alien hunter” told a 12-member audience Thursday the sulphur-smelling critters will take you against your will, drop you when and where they choose and control how much you’ll remember.

      “Your abduction event may not be what you really remember,” Sims said. “Aliens mess with your thinking.”

      The presentation at the College of the Mainland Learning Center was offered as part of the “Halloween Week of the Unexplained,” a program that included workshops on ghost-hunting and sixth sense.

      Sims’ most spine-chilling and painful contact came in 1960 at the age of 12, he said.

      Aliens, he recalls, inserted a needle in his nasal passage. He still doesn’t know why. But what he knows, he said, is their attempts to spoon-feed him what he could and could not tell failed.

      After more than three decades of investigation and work with alleged victims of abductions across the United States and the world, Sims is still trying to uncover the alien agenda.

      “They’re not here to save the planet and fix the ozone hole,” he said jokingly.

      Discussing sightings of “fast walkers” — the ufologists label for flying saucers — animal mutilations, crop circles and other unsolved phenomena, Sims stressed governments know more than what has been disclosed.

      “I don’t know if they come from deep space, the moon, Mars or if they’re even closer,” he said. “Whoever they are, they’re probably much closer than you imagine.”

      A hypnotic anesthesiologist and hypnotherapist, Sims uses hypnosis and memory recall techniques to retrieve information from those who maintain they’ve experienced alien encounters.

      Hoping to shed light on alien-human interactions, he and his collaborators also examine fingerprints visible only under black lights, and they analyze so-called “alien implants.”

      Sims acknowledges implantation is rare, but he shows pictures of spheres and odd-shaped metal pieces he presents as surgically removed objects from people’s fingers, feet, necks and noses.

      He swears aliens have left him alone since he was 17.

      But, almost transfixed, he says they’ve come back for his son and several family members and taken them on a ride that is anything but pleasant.

      It’s not a coincidence, he explains. There’s something like a “neuroprint” that will draw aliens to certain families.

      “It will not be everybody in your family, but they’re looking for something,” Sims said. “It is within your family lineage.”

      Asked what he’d do in the event of a new abduction, Sims’ took a deep breath. “I’m no longer 17,” he said with a grin.


      About Aliens

      According to Derrel Sims, aliens:

      • Don’t eat.

      • Don’t sleep.

      • Don’t talk.

      • Don’t want to hear your voice.

      • Have no belly buttons.

      • Have no genitalia.

      To read more about Derrel Sims and his UFO research, go to www.alienhunter.org.

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