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Re: [ufodiscussion] What is a Hobbit?

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  • Regan Power
    I found Don s account of Seth s Lemurians to be quite fascinating, no doubt made all the more credible and coherent by his obviously well-studied grasp of
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      I found Don's account of Seth's "Lemurians" to be quite fascinating, no doubt made all the more credible and coherent by his obviously well-studied grasp of the Seth-material. I found the suggestion that these beings were driven basically by fear to be especially intriguing, since, to the best of my knowledge, fear is not a primary drive in the natures of living beings as we find them today, like the drives to eat and to reproduce may be. Certainly, any being may possess fearful instincts, which can function as compulsive drives on occasions, but these invariably need to be activated by a perceived threat before they will come into play and then they de-activate again when the perceived threat has passed. So in order to reside permanently in a fear-driven state, one must be perceiving threats continuously and if those do not exist in one's experiential environment, they must exist in one's imagination. To be living in perpetual fear of imaginary threats is the deeply unhappy mental condition known as "paranoia". Paranoia is not only subjectively unpleasant from the sufferer's point of view, but it is also highly disadvantageous from an evolutionary point of view as well and it possesses only negative survival-value. Beings who spend their entire lives responding to imaginary threats are unlikely to live for very long.

      The manner of their passing from the earth, though, depends on whether their basic disposition is extravert, or introvert by nature. Extravert paranoiacs are the aggressive types, who consume themselves, sooner or later, in endless, unwinnable, pre-emptive wars against an infinitude of phantom enemies who they call out of the depths of the universe and make real. Introvert paranoiacs are the fleeing-types, however, who bolt down the nearest rabbit-hole and stay there for the rest of eternity, too afraid to come out and confront the things they are afraid of and risk suffering pain or unhappiness. These are like so many anti-Hamlets, who decided that "Not to be" is the answer to the question, and they seek out situations in which they will never have to "be", or to assert their existence openly and honestly to others. They are seeking oblivion.

      It would appear, then, that Seth's Lemurians could have been introverted paranoiacs basically, whose nameless fears drove them initially to take up living underground on earth and eventually to take up living in another dimension. If these beings were related as a species to the J-Rods and if the J-Rods also possess their introverted paranoia, then I think this could explain the J-Rods' apparent shyness and unwillingness to expose themselves openly to public human scrutiny. Quite simply, they would be too scared of us to want to do that.

      Finally, let me relate back to the original question posed in this thread, ie. What is a Hobbit? I am no expert on these critters, you understand, but I have read some Tolkien and seen all the films and my impression of the Hobbits is that they were unlike other dwarves, such as one finds in the story of Snow White, say. Snow White's dwarves were all specialists by nature, who showed remarkable aptitude and capability in one field or another, like homunculi. However, I gather that Tolkien's Hobbits were not notably gifted in any particular areas but were portrayed rather as good-hearted, all-round innocents, who were always getting into scrapes and needing to be saved or rescued by wiser, more-experienced beings like the Elves, or the wizard Gandalf. Physically, though, they were distinguished by their large, hairy feet. I have not seen those mentioned by the archaeologists who made the recent finds in the Indonesian cave as yet. ;-)


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      I mentioned this before but I'll do it again. ...another "plug" for the"channeled"
      material of Jane Roberts/Seth. ...where most all "channeled" material started
      in the first place; certainly the New Age "channeling craze" began with this.

      This ALL ties in with the Burisch material about the origin of the J-Rod entity
      as a creature from our "future" AS WELL AS from our "past". "Seth" said that
      the "original technological race" of our "system"(he doesn'tuse the word 'planet')
      was a small frail pale skinned hominid which had an extremely advanced technological
      society centered in the area of Indonesia. From Seth's description, they very
      much resembled the "Grey" type of "alien" we know today.

      They were totally isolated from the rest of the world, though, and did not interact
      with any of the other beings living at the time. They lived, for themost part, in huge
      underground facilities and had a worldwide system ofunderground tunnels. They
      had outposts around the world from which they would study, observe and perform
      genetic experiments upon the creatures of the time.

      They were extremely timid creatures and very afraid of their environment and the
      creatures within it. This is why and how they developed their technology so quickly;
      to protect them from their timidity and FEAR. They used their great technology as
      a "defense" against their FEAR. They were so timid and afraidthat they were even
      afraid of themselves; their own *natural* aggressive impulses which they feared
      would beget violence. They then decided to perform the"Ultimate Experiment" upon
      themselves; to genetically remove the *natural*aggressive impulse instead of becoming
      one with it. This was their "final solution" to what they perceived as the "potential for

      When they did this, though, they had NO idea what it would do to them and their race,
      both on a "physical" and on a "metaphysical/spiritual" level, as well as to the basic
      "timeline" of the world itSELF! When they removed their *natural* aggressive impulse,
      they removed the basic IMPULSE TOWARD LIFE! They in effect "stopped time" itself,
      since they were the "vanguard" of the advancement of the "self-consciousness" of the
      planet at that "time".

      They could no longer reproduce and a few "repressed" what they had done, dissociating
      themselves from "reality" and retrograded into more primitive beings ("hobbits"?).
      These few interbred with other hominids with what little *natural* aggressive
      reproductive power that they could salvage from their "denial" of the "TRUTH" of what
      they had done. Most, however, just "vanished" from the face of the earth and "time"
      itself, disappearing over the "event horizon of existence".

      Remnants of their civilization exist in the vast underground cavern systems which criss-
      cross the planet miles beneath the surface. "Time" itself was "fractured"and the
      advancement of the "leading edge" of sentient consciousness on this worldwas "left open"
      to a myriad of possibilities, interventions and "timelines".

      The beings that dwell "past the event horizon of existence", originally driven by FEAR
      of the world, FEAR of VIOLENCE, FEAR of THEMSELVES, are now driven solely by
      FEAR of NON-EXISTENCE and have no other emotion or empathy whatsoever. They
      cannot enter our world from our "past" since they don't exist and, in a sense "haven't
      existed", in our "past" since their Ultimate Experiment". We come from another
      "timeline" of conscious development NOW. They can only enter our world from the
      "realm of probabilities", that is, our "future".

      Seth/Jane delivered most of this material in the 60's and 70's and some in the early80's.
      Take note that this is WAY before the Grey abduction phenomenon became "popular folk
      lore" and WAYYY before anything about underground bases and tunnels, not to mention
      the information about "diverging and converging timelines" as told by Dan Burisch. I pulled
      this information together from many Seth books and just added a bit of "cohesiveness" to
      it all with only a *few*, VERY few, speculations of my own. One thing about which Seth was
      adamant was that our civilization "today" is intricatelyconnected to that of these "Lumanians",
      which he called them.


      Bre wrote:
      > >> ***************************
      > >>
      > >> Hobbit an alien?
      > >> The Hobbit who shook the world

      > >>
      > >> by Michael Hanlon, Daily Mail Oct. 30, 2004

      > >>> WHAT are we? Well, we are human beings, members of the genus Homo, the
      > >> species sapiens. We are mammals, like the horse, whale, pig and
      > >> mouse. More specifically, we are rather odd, upright, mostly hairless, huge-
      > >> brained, walking, talking apes. We can build and use tools, from simple stone
      > >> axes to robotic machines. We are - or rather our species is - capable of
      > >> producing works of sublime beauty and performing acts of incomprehensible
      > >> evil. No other creature in the history of our planet has produced a Beethoven
      > >> or a Bach, a Michelangelo, a Newton; nor, for that matter, a Hitler or a Stalin.
      > >> Nothing, not even the brainy bonobo chimps nor the clever dolphins, comes
      > >> close. We are, surely, unique - or at least we thought we were until this week.
      > >> The sensational discovery of the remains of a dwarf humanoid - nicknamed,
      > >> predictably enough, the Hobbit - in a cave in the tropical wilderness of
      > >> Indonesia's Flores Island challenges our uniqueness. It raises some profound
      > >> and difficult questions about where we come from and what we are. Because
      > >> the popular account of human origins now turns out to be rather different to
      > >> what we had thought.

      What If --------------------------?DRxDON

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