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Visitors Landing In Tinley Park?

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    Dear Friends, http://www.dailysouthtown.com/southtown/dsnews/183nd2.htm Love and Light. David Visitors landing in Tinley Park? UFO network interviewing people
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      Dear Friends,
      Love and Light.

      Visitors landing in Tinley Park?

      UFO network interviewing people who claim to have seen something strange in the Southland sky

      Monday, October 18, 2004

      By Erika Enigk
      Special to the Daily Southtown

      Investigators from a UFO network are interviewing people who claims to have seen an unusual aircraft flying over the Southland this summer.

      More than a dozen people reported to the National UFO Reporting Center at www.nuforc.org that they saw strange lights above Tinley Park, Orland Park and Matteson on Aug. 21. The sightings have a featured spot on the Web site.

      David Schultz, a self-described skeptic, said he's not sure what he saw, but he knows he's never seen anything like it before.

      About 10 p.m., the Chicago man was outside a restaurant on Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park when he noticed four red lights in the sky.

      "Each light had two separate lights that were really close together," he said. "They moved very slowly, and then they just stopped."

      Schultz said he heard no noise, like one would associate with an airplane flying overhead. Then, one by one, the lights went out.

      "I just figured they were satellites or something," he said.

      Schultz said he didn't think much of the incident until he saw reports on the Internet from people who had seen the same thing.

      "People all over that town had to have seen it," he said.

      Samuel Maranto, an investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, an international UFO reporting group, said he has heard from many people who saw the lights and wondered what they were.

      "It was seen over quite a bit of the southwest region," he said.

      Most accounts on the Web site describe three red lights, but other details differ. Some say the lights moved or changed formation, and some say they stayed still.

      Maranto, who has an office at Orland Square mall, said one person provided a video of the incident.

      "It was a large, triangular craft," he said. "Another object came in and displayed lights that were spinning around and disappeared. I believe that object went into the larger object."

      Maranto said he's not convinced what he saw was extraterrestrial, but he's not ruling out the possibility.

      "When we see this kind of thing, we have to say, is it ours or is it theirs?" he said.

      Maranto has been interviewing witnesses since the incident and making calculations based on their accounts to determine the shape, height and size of the object. When investigating sightings such as this one, Maranto said he takes into account the color and shape of lights, the sounds and the area in which it was spotted. From certain angles, even a passenger jet's lights could look highly unusual, he said.

      With all factors taken into account, Maranto said, he determines whether the witness has seen a conventional aircraft or something else. Every sighting must be approached with skepticism, he said.

      "You have to take everybody's word as a lie and let it prove out," he said. "It's just lights in the sky until we can prove otherwise."

      Tinley Park resident Chris King witnessed the lights in the sky while at a block party in Brookside Glen. He believes the lights came from some sort of experimental airplane, he said. King — who is the Tinley Park village engineer — says he also saw three red lights moving slowly, but said that when they turned, they took on the appearance of an airplane.

      "You could hear the engines," he said. "I'm 99 percent sure these were experimental airplanes."

      Because of the wide area in which the lights were seen, combined with the formation in which they were seen, Maranto said he's certain it wasn't a conventional airplane or blimp, but he believes it could have been an experimental man-made aircraft.

      "We may never know (what it was)," he said. "But we know what was there was a non-conventional source."

      Tinley Park Police Chief Mike O'Connell said he has heard from a few residents who saw the lights but concluded that they had seen an airplane.

      "We checked with the FAA, and they said they hadn't heard anything," he said.

      Maranto is planning a meeting this week with witnesses to the lights over Tinley Park. He may be contacted through www.illinoismufon.com.

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