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Franz Lee, Bill Lyne And Steven Hunt: Concerning UFO's

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    Dear Friends, http://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=23142 Love and Light. David Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt: Concerning UFOs! Franz J. T.
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      Dear Friends,
      Love and Light.

      Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt: Concerning UFOs!

      Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt recently engaged in a high scientific standard and educative debate on Tesla Technology and UFOs:

      Steven Hunt:
      Franz, I have read several of your essays with great interest. By and large I agree with the rudimentary changes being forged by the Venezuelan people with the arrival of Bolivarian politics. However, this conjecture about vacuum energy is far too sketchy, not backed up by empirical data.

      I am not saying that this is not true -- what I am saying is that conjecture about this issue makes one look like a "kook', a "conspiracy theorist."  Here in the US, some on the left and right believe that sectors of the US government participated and abetted the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. What is missing is a 'smoking gun," incontrovertible evidence that a link exists.

      About UFO's: why do you conclude that they are human-made objects? Is it not possible that extraterrestrials do indeed visit our solar system?

      I met a biologist in Belize a few years ago that insisted that he went to a secret, underground, military base where alien ships and aliens where in ample supply. He also recounted some anecdotes pointing up the presence of the CIA in Belize.

      What am I to believe?

      Well, I come down on the side of providing empirical evidence -- while I will not totally discount possibilities.  Oswald, for example, was a paid agent of the CIA (he was trained to speak Russian) before he was indicted as the "lone gunman" of the JFK assassination.

      • Everyone has a level of credulity -- a capacity to confirm or deny possibilities.

      However, I come down on the side of requiring the advocates of rebellious theories or conjectures to provide compelling evidence. For example, the Venezuelan opposition engage in all types of erudite, scholarly statistical analysis showing fraud ... however, none of what they offer is in any way compelling.

      I tend to believe that those opposed to oligarchy, imperialism, or corporate fascism must win by being more credible than those that would oppose progressive change. This is why I am very dubious of engaging this type of speculation -- it can so easily be discredited and impugned by the forces of reaction.

      That said, I do indeed admit that such speculation is part of the species creative drive, and it has a valid place in the on going conversation. Without the will to imagine the world differently we are all doomed.

      • On my point about Oswald, I fear that this point's inclusion may have appeared confusing, a non sequitur.

      What I find interesting is that Oswald having been groomed by the CIA is a "disappeared' fact. The entire matter of the assassination and the possible culpability of US intelligence services is relegated to the realm of cuckoo land and conspiracy theorists.

      Therefore, at this point, I do not see how paying too much attention to the JFK assassination does the progressive forces in the US much good ... unless we can provide very, very compelling evidence. Such evidence would cause more of my countrymen and women to look at corporate and state power in a more critical manner.

      People spend their entire lives on the JFK and other such conspiracies. Though the gist of what they are saying is indeed likely to be partially true, I simply don't see the point after a fashion.

      Perhaps their devotion to this matter might help heighten the contradictions between the official discourse and what has to be submerged for the corporate world order to continue apace?

      (One such repressed discourse here in the US is our part in the oppression of Palestinian people, the denial of their right to exist in peace. However, just the mere mention that Palestinians are worthy of human rights is enough to label one as "for the terrorists" or anti-Semitic. This is despicable, but it is the reality on the ground here in the USA.)

      Thus, I was not trying to discount the points that you make. I tend to agree that there are at our disposal as humans far, far better ways to create energy. However, we are collectively blinded by the dogmas we cling to. This is one of the main points, for me, of your essay. There needs to be a "collective" willingness to question the entrenched dogmas, this happens after societal tumult, as with revolutionary events, or mass crisis.

      (Here in the US, the 9/11 attacks where not really enough to shake the entrenched dogmas. The question of "why' was submerged in our collective consciousness and popular media -- they attack us because they are 'jealous' of our wealth and "freedom," our illustrious leader, Bush, stated emphatically to the hoards of indoctrinated consumers. This was a sufficient answer for people willfully participating in the crass, mass ignorance of US society.)

      Further, the "answer" to our ecological crisis is within our grasp -- we simply become lazy, apathetic and habituated in pathological behaviors that appear beyond our ability to change. Such an idea becomes a fetter on our ability to survive sustainably and in perpetuity. Thus a crisis will occur that will cause those that survive to change their behavior. Adapt or die.

      Though I am a big believer in compelling "evidence", and I believe that contemporary science tends to "split" the ecological system of which we are a part (emotion vs.. logic, good vs.. evil, religion vs.. science, intuition vs.. verifiable fact, etc.) to our common disadvantage as humans, I tend to be very leery about appearing as a "kook". Thus to survive in US society, I have had to learn the art of self-censorship.

      This amounts to a lived situation where the individual is tormented by bad-faith. But I have learned in my forty years to pick my battles wisely. Indeed, my intense support for Chavez and the Venezuelan people's political project is in part a displacement of my accumulated anger at feeling powerless here in the US, the belly of the imperial beast.

      That said, again, I don't disparage speculation on aspects of reality that cannot be empirically proven. Our society is far too hypnotized by its so-called "advanced" science.

      Much of what interests me is the function of art in our collective human project. How does art help prepare societies for transcendence and revolutionary changes? Ernst Bloc, a philosopher that I am certain you are familiar with, wrote extensively (and enigmatically) on this subject. Quite interesting.

      I just wanted to point out that I am not disparaging your line of thinking on this matter. Indeed, I have much enjoyed your essays.


      Franz J. T. Lee:  Our friend, Bill Lyne, the author of the two books that I recommended reading, was so kind to reply personally to your questions and preoccupations. Read below.


      Bill Lyne:  The term "vacuum energy" is deceptive. It implies something from nothing. What actually exists is very powerful radiation which Nikola Tesla called "Primary Solar Rays", which emanates from all the stars in the universe.. He said that the radiation emanating from so-called "naturally radioactive" matter is actually matter resonating with this radiation, and that if so-called "radioactive" matter could be shielded from this radiation, it would not react and would show no radioactivity. Though Tesla was "anti-relativist", even several well-known relativist physicists (Wheeler, Geometrodynamics) have measured the potential of this energy, which is huge. The trick is to "catch" and convert this energy as it passes through.  It is ubiquitous and comes from all directions.

      Occult Ether Physics documents the discovery of electro-dynamic UFO propulsion principles using "ether physics" by Nikola Tesla in 1893-94. He called this discovery his "Electric Flying Machine". By 1914 he appeared to have flying prototypes, complete with illustrations. In 1917, Tesla performed a test flight with a remote control UFO in conjunction with the Sperry Gyroscope Company, flying the ship 100 miles, landing it, then flying it back to its original point of departure.

      UFOs are electric flying machines. Machines are man-made. There is no evidence on earth of any machines other than man-made ones. The incredulous story is that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

      This is a lie propagated by the CIA for 59 years for the purpose of falsely convincing the public that the government knows nothing about them and that they consist of technology beyond human means. The primary reason for this hoax is the fact that the UFO is a "free-energy machine". Evidence exists that every major government of the world has them. They are not hiding them from each other. They are hiding them from us. The oil companies and political structures of the world do not want the public to have the discovery because it would be the end of power as we know it.

      • The most rational assumption is that UFOs are man-made. Occult Ether Physics proves this with documentation from the science journals of the world in the late 19th century.

      Nikola Tesla's initial discovery was soon followed by corroborating research by J.J. Thomson, discoverer of the electron, in England. Thomson called his "discovery," "Electromagnetic Momentum," but was clearly based on Tesla's earlier lecture and demonstration before the Royal Institute of Electrical Engineering in 1892.

      The biologist you met was probably a CIA agent. If he had indeed "went to a secret, underground, military base where alien ships and aliens were in ample supply," and told you about it, he would be dead.

      Documentation exists proving that the "alien UFO" lies have been created and disseminated by the CIA since the inception of "UFOlogy," beginning with the Roswell incident of 1947. In that incident, it was the CIA which first issued a news announcement stating that an "alien space ship" had crashed near Roswell. After the public had "taken the bait," that statement was retracted. Once the "alien UFO" ball was rolling, it was picked up by alien UFO front-groups funded by the CIA.

      For the complete pre-assassination history of Lee Harvey Oswald.

      Corporate fascists constantly engage in lies and it is true that to engage in similar lies is not the correct way to fight them. Fascism is a partnership between the state and industry. The secret to their power is coercive monopoly of primary resources, such as petroleum, transportation, and public power generation. The best way to fight them is through advanced energy and transportation technology which cannot be monopolized.

      • For a century advanced, liberating technology has been concealed by the trickery of the power brokers. This technology is finally beginning to break out of this suppression because of the present state of world affairs, which favors such changes.

      The fact that some of these free energy technologies are beginning to be used on a larger scale serves as proof of the concepts. An example of such use is the discovery of an "over-unity" magnetic motor by inventor Kohey Minato of Japan.   This discovery is already in production and is being used to power cooling fans in factories.


      Franz J. T. Lee: I am glad that you enjoyed some of my articles, and read them with great interest. As you know, very seldom, in the quintessence of life, two minds think the same, especially when their life trajectories are so different, and when there are no absolute truths, to magnetize and hypnotize us. Steve, just like you, we are against all calibers of "'kooks', and 'conspiracy theorists'."

      We are very happy that you registered the important rudimentary changes taking place in Venezuela. What I do not understand is, when we two talk about a lack of "solid" evidence, how a scientist, a microbiologist, could convince you and me that he saw aliens in an "underground base in Belize." This is what you and I surely could call "enhance the credibility" of somebody ... and we have millions of them ... who is a prima facie liar.

      I noticed that you are really disturbed by the prospects of man-made UFOs and free energy, yet it seems to me that you are not disturbed at all by the idea that "UFOs must be from outer space"?

      If I thought UFOs were from outer space, I'd really be disturbed, because we see them all the time, especially going to or from Los Alamos. Read William Lyne's two books, there you will get the full evidence of scientific, UFO sightseeing. In a short commentary, that was already nearly too long, I could not handle things, that presuppose a scientific thesis. I just wanted to make an important sector of the world public aware of things that they may never have heard about.

      We should be very careful not to accept so readily obvious "alien lies" ... generally spread by CIA agents ... and, consequently, so simply reject the most obvious and logical straightforward truths, that do not need a priori "evidence" of global, sophisticated disinformation campaigns.

      • As I warned, how can we write modern history, when the "evidence" that we need, is classified till 2050.

      Meanwhile, I have to use my brains, and detect the "culprits" and their "flying saucers" in time, to deliver them to Nuremberg Trials, to accuse them of capital and cardinal crimes against humanity.

      Who so brutally attacks Iraq without evidence, does not need pretexts to blow up all the "Twin Towers" of the Universe.

      The scientific evidence of this statement is in my brain, in thinking, in theory, in philosophy, in trans-historic consciousness of capitalism, imperialism, real existing socialism and communism, as we live them.

      Currently, we need no jungle "trial and error" methods to survive. We see the mother of all bombs, the low intensity nuclear warfare, the effects of HAARP, all, not only with our eyes, but mainly with our brains, with social class consciousness.

      I have learned something in life ... expect the worst from Washington, and nothing will surprise you any more. What else do you expect from a republican cowboy, that first smokes his gun, and then asks questions about WMDs.

      Already the Ancient Greek Wise Men, also Francis Bacon, had stressed: Knowledge, not beliefs, is Power ... this includes Occult Knowledge and Occult Power.

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