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Close Encounter With Grren UFO In New Mexico

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    Dear Friends, http://www.profindpages.com/news/2004/10/17/MN441.htm Love and Light. David Close encounter with green UFO in New Mexico (17.10.2004) As many of
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      Dear Friends,
      Love and Light.

      Close encounter with green UFO in New Mexico

      As many of our readers already know, we occasionally publish reports on UFO sightings and Paranormal events. One of our readers, Daniel Quintanilla, kindly sent us details of his unusual sighting.

      As Daniel points out in his letter, many people still consider UFO sightings as something of a joke and our site is often criticized for these reports. However, the only way to discover the truth is keep an open mind and judge the situation for yourself, on the evidence presented.

      Whilst it is true that many stories "stretch" the imagination, we think you will find that Daniel's story is not in this category and describes an event that is hard to explain. But perhaps, more importantly, it is a story that serves no purpose to tell if it wasn't true.

      It was in the summer of 2002. My brother was going to get married in Las Vegas. He was flying out from Kansas City, Missouri. Me and my mom decided to drive from Houston to Las Vegas. It was a 36 hour drive, non-stop and I was the only one driving. My mother was in the passenger seat, and my two sisters were in the back seats.

      It was our first time going to Las Vegas, but it wasn't my first time to drive long distance. Anyway, we arrived at New Mexico, and we were driving on Interstate 10, it was like between 2:00am and 3:00am and we were in the middle of New Mexico. It was dark, so dark you could barely see the mountains and the highway was just 2 lanes. To my left you could see Mexico, it was like a border line or something.

      While I was driving everyone was asleep, I was getting sleepy myself, but I managed to drive. My car was the only one on the road, I was surprised not to even see any semi-trucks. Anyway, while I was driving, in the far distance I happened to spot a neon green circle light in the sky, I thought it was a traffic light or something, but I thought to myself "In the highway?" But as I got closer it seemed as though it was still far away. It was just hovering in the air in one spot.

      Suddenly, it came so fast that it was on top of the roof of my van, on the passenger side were my mom was asleep. It didn't touch the van, it was just following next to me, I would have to say that it was about 2 feet above my roof. The "thing" was like 11" or 16" in diameter.

      It followed me for like 3 seconds, then it took off fast. At the time I didn't want to say anything, since everyone was asleep, but when I looked at my mom, she was awake and we looked at each other and I asked her if she saw what I think she saw, she said "yes, what was that?" I was like, I have no idea. I asked her why didn't she video tape it, because we had a video camera with us, because we were taping our road trip. She said she didn't want to say anything, just like I didn't want to say anything too.

      Then I was thinking, this is New Mexico and we were not too far from Roswell. Until this day me and my mother haven't told anyone about what we saw, because it will be all just a joke to them, but we take it very seriously.

      This area is indeed quite a hotspot for unusual events and we have published many articles connected with this region.

      We would like to thank Daniel Quintanilla for sharing his story with us and look forward to hearing from other readers who may have experienced similar events.


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