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    ... Subject: PRG Update - Oct 13, 2004 - X-Conference Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 04:56:08 EDT From: Disclosure2003@aol.com To: lcoryell@mail.wesleyan.edu PRG
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      Subject: PRG Update - Oct 13, 2004 - X-Conference
      Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 04:56:08 EDT
      From: Disclosure2003@...
      To: lcoryell@...


      Paradigm Research Group

      Update - October 13, 2004

      [Please note the new (and only) phone number for PRG: 202-215-8344]

      2nd Annual Exopolitics Expo - the X-Conference

      PRG is pleased to announce the second X-Conference is now set for April 22-24, 2005 at the Hilton Washington, DC North/Gaithersburg.   Over the next two months the website will be updated as the speaker lineup is assembled around selected themes.  Every effort will be made to surpass last year's great success.   To achieve this the conference has been substantially restructured drawing upon many excellent suggestions from attendees, speakers and vendors.

      Changes for 2005 include:   Three full days, Friday-Sunday  +  two tracks instead of three with 16 extended lectures, 3 panel/Q&As, 10 lecture/Q&As  +  each track has its own day pass (no tickets)  +  (16) 1 hr 15 minute extended lectures  +  (10) Q&A/lectures  +  3 powerful panel presentations  +  no primary presentations will overlap  +  more break time  +  two exhibitor rooms  +  full ballroom, triple screen layout  +  full service banquet (more time and no buffet lines)  +  up to 260 hotel rooms blocked  +  all 15,000 sq. ft. of conference space reserved for all three days  +  millions of dollars in new hotel renovations.

      These changes will complement well received features from last year including:

      Easily accessible speaker's tables  +  unlimited free parking  +  free documentary film showings  +  onsite duplication and sales of all lectures  +  and of course, an exceptional lineup of speakers focused on the issues impacting the process of disclosure.

      Conference Status Report


      Website registration is up and working.  Speaker and program information will be posted over the next 60 days and should be complete by January 1.   If you are a supporter of PRG and the X-Conference and certain you will be joining us in April, please consider signing up early.   Early signups are very helpful in keeping conference development on schedule, and early room registrations are particularly helpful in working with the hotel.   Thanks.


      PRG have received nearly 100 speaker queries since the X-Conference was launched in September of 2003 and welcomes new queries over the next two months.   It is, of course, impossible to accommodate all of these requests, but PRG is grateful for the growing interest in the event.    The X-Conference themes center on government, exopolitics, historical record, social adaptation, disclosure, witness emergence, cover-up, etc.   Strict phenomenology is not the focus of the X-Conference.   Fortunately, there are now more than two dozen conferences (see: www.paradigmclock.com/conferences.html) in which the pure phenomenology research is represented.   For example: a presentation on the science of cattle mutilations would not be a fit.  However, a presentation on government interference in cattle mutilation research, presence of black helicopters, possible government directed mutilations, etc., would be a fit.    This dichotomy extends to crop circles, experiencer (abductee) stories, sighting studies, etc.   (Note: the very problematic, but interesting, area of "channeled" material and other directed information is also not a fit at this time.  Such material is vast and perhaps deserves its own conference.)

      This in no way diminishes the importance of phenomenology research.  The emergence of exopolitics (the politics of disclosure) follows five decades of a citizen/science movement and focus.  The X-Conference is targeting the political resolution to this issue and the target "audience" is the Washington political and media establishment.   If you have a presentation which fits this criteria, please email PRG with a brief synopsis.   Thank you.


      There will be more exhibitor space and time this year.  PRG welcomes inquiries from high-end vendors focusing on information based products including authors with new books and artists examining paradigmatic themes.


      Either a new president or a second term president will have been in office 91 days when the X-Conference convenes next year.  If the nightly news is any indication, the need for disclosure and political truth processes only grows with time.  The X-Conference will once again attempt to engage the political leaders and media and invite them to publicly (private doesn't cut it anymore) open their eyes.  More on this later.


      Paradigm Research Group
      E-mail: ParadigmRG@...
      URL: www.paradigmclock.com
      Phone: 202-215-8344
      4938 Hampden Lane, #161
      Bethesda, MD 20814

      2nd Annual Exopolitics Expo - The X-Conference
      Hilton Washington, DC North/Gaithersburg
      Tapes/DVDs available at: www.lostartsmedia.com

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