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Kelvin Rowe

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    Part 2 of Kelvin Rowe (names permitted) Dex John Winston: Were they silver disk objects? Kelvin Rowe: Yea they were silver disks. There were about five of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2004
      Part 2 of Kelvin Rowe
      (names permitted)

      John Winston: Were they silver disk objects?
      Kelvin Rowe: Yea they were silver disks. There were about five
      of them. And there was the one (person) that called my attention
      to it.
      His name was Smokey Bullman. He used to be a rodeo rider. He of
      course was working construction too. He was the one that called my
      attention to it. That's the first thing I ever saw of the crafts
      at all or anything near it you know. It wasn't an encounter or
      anything like that. It was just that we saw them that way. It was
      after that, that I contacted them when I started working with the
      John Winston: How did you make that contact?
      Kelvin Rowe: Well they came to me.
      John Winston: Physically walked up to you?
      Kelvin Rowe: Yea, they walked up to me. I was in my office
      there in the forestry and they were the ones that came into the
      office. Of course they didn't let me know who they were or
      anything at that time, it was just coming in for like a visit
      you know.
      John Winston: Did they have normal clothes on like normal
      Kelvin Rowe: They had the same kind of clothes we wear in a
      sense, our style of clothing and everything. They always came that
      John Winston: Did they make themselves known at that time?
      Kelvin Rowe: No. They didn't at that time.
      John Winston: Just talked to you in general terms.
      Kelvin Rowe: Yea, but I knew there was something strange about
      it at first because the way they were talking and the way they were
      acting, and ah, in the sense that just like they were trying to
      get a lot of information. My first thing, I thought a foreign
      country or like Rus-ians or something coming over here investigating
      what was going on.
      But that was my first impression of it. But I was kind of
      skeptical of what they were really out to do.
      John Winston: Tell us about how they told you to go somewhere to
      meet them or go aboard a craft or whatever they did.
      Kelvin Rowe: Well, the only thing of it about that, you never
      knew when they were going to come. They never would make any
      appointments or anything. They just came to you, and you might be
      going down the street. They might walk by and you couldn't tell
      who they were 'cause I mean they looked too much like us. The only
      thing I noticed, they have ah, their eyes are somewhat different,
      for some way or another. I can't explain it. But ah, their skin
      is awful soft, like a fine textured skin, there's no blemishes or
      anything like that on there. And they don't have any very
      distinctive marks about their physical self that you could pick
      out, I mean as far as I could see.
      John Winston: Are you allowed to tell us from where they came,
      what planet?
      Kelvin Rowe: Well this is a strange thing. They claim that they
      come from all different planets in our system, Jupiter and Pluto
      and Uranus and Mercury and all those. They don't call them as
      planets, like they said, they have different names for their
      orbits. They go by orbits, in certain orbits. They claim one
      planet's in one orbit and the other planet's in the other orbit.
      They're all in orbits. It would be the same, following the pattern
      the same, but they're still in orbits. That's the way they
      expressed it.
      John Winston: Okay, tell us about when they invited you out to
      a certain place to meet them, something like that.
      Kelvin Rowe: And of course I was the only personnel on duty at
      the time.
      There was an awful large field in fact over in there, an airport
      over there called Ryan Field, and that's where they first came. And
      they came in a couple of 'em, there were two men and a woman. We
      talked a while, wanted to know how things were going, and wanted to
      know if I would like to see one of the craft. And I told 'em yes
      I'd like to see one. So we walked out. I guess it was about, oh
      probably three quarters of a block in a sense away from the field.
      It was back out in the field quite a bit.
      'Course it's all different now. It's all been changed. They've
      got a lot of different buildings and things over there now. At the
      time I saw their craft on the ground, now it wasn't exactly
      sitting on the ground, it was just hovering a little bit.
      John Winston: Really? Did you see any tricycle landing gear or
      anything like that?
      Kelvin Rowe: Ah no, I say it was an awful big craft.
      John Winston: How Big?
      Kelvin Rowe: Oh, I'd say it was about somewhere in the
      neighborhood of around 350-400 feet in diameter.
      John Winston: Did it look like a saucer sort of?
      Kelvin Rowe: Yea, it was all round. It was all round.
      John Winston: Was this at night or daytime?
      Kelvin Rowe: Night. And whenever we went to go aboard, the
      craft, it didn't touch the ground, but the craft tilted. And there
      was a certain place on that flange which you walked. And the
      doors slid back and forth this way. (He motions horizontally with
      his hands) That was the first time I was ever on board. (he
      laughs) I was looking and it was very strange.
      'Course I didn't get a chance to go clear through it at that
      time. There were only two different times that I was on that same
      craft or the same one. Now these people, I'm telling you, there's
      more knowledge that we've got to learn yet, than we already know.
      They know so much. And they've got everything on record almost
      practically from the time this planet was born, I guess.
      John Winston: This planet here?
      Kelvin Rowe: Yea, and pretty near most all other planets.
      John Winston: Did you ever write any of this stuff down in your
      Kelvin Rowe: No I never did, no. Oh, only occasionally I'd write
      something down when I would get in conversation with them a little
      when I wouldn't be on board or anything. That seemed to be one of
      the main reasons to go aboard. Studying. Learning about our own
      planet and other things that have happened and one thing and
      another. Because our history of things- of course there's a lot of
      it correct but there's a lot we don't even know anything about.
      And they do. And they even have pictures and things of some of
      the things that went on.
      John Winston: Were they moving pictures?
      Kelvin Rowe: Like a moving picture. Yea, it was similar, the
      same thing.
      John Winston: Did you get to see some of those?
      Kelvin Rowe: Well yes, I saw some of the old jungle parts, and
      then I saw some of the other planets where they had cities, old
      cities that were down on our planet here a long time ago.
      John Winston: Now lets get into something that may be
      controversial now.
      People will believe maybe that you've taken trips and things like
      that, but what did they teach you in regard to re-igion and J--us
      Christ and Ezekiel and the Star and the Wheel and the Star of
      Bethlehem and the New Jerusalem.
      What can you tell me about all that?
      Kelvin Rowe: They don't go in- any of them that I ever talked
      to never even mentioned about a r-ligion. They don't believe-
      John Winston: Really!?
      Kelvin Rowe: No, they don't. They said that re-igion causes
      trouble. And there is no such thing as a G-d other than The
      Creator. Now an individual can have their own feelings and set
      up of a Go-, but when you pronounce and predict a -od, that is
      limiting. There's a limitation to an individual or into a subject
      or something of that nature, that there's always an end to it.
      Wherein Creation there is never an end.
      John Winston: Yea, well that makes sense.
      Kelvin Rowe: I don't understand how they actually could figure
      that one out, but personally I think they're right in many
      respects because whenever something happens, it's natural for a
      person to think of a G-d, because thats the way we were raised.
      But regardless what develops from the feeling, or that thing, it
      never ends regardless, there's always assistance at a later time.
      You always get help one way or another. Or something happens one
      way or another.
      John Winston: Why are they here?
      Kelvin Rowe: Well, the only reason I got was that they were
      keeping track of the count of our planet because it is deteriorating
      to a certain degree.
      It's not of nature, it's of man's doings. Man is creating a
      condition he can't get out of. And they're having trouble. Now the
      only thing- they're not going to interfere only in time of a
      necessity of where the planet is about to be destroyed, or
      destructiveness of certain elements of it. Now other than that
      they're going to keep tabs on us, and they think it's a nice place
      to come to anyway. (John laughs) So it's a visit for them. It's
      sort of a change in a way.

      John Winston: (in studio) Well, that's it friends. What did
      you think of Kelvin? Did you think the old man was just kind of a
      crazy person? Do you think that it's just the work of a warped
      mind, or do you think that it's real?
      I don't know. I believe that what he was saying was correct.
      And I told him that whenever I left, that I would attempt to take
      the video and show it to the people, and then I would get the
      questions that the people had after they looked at this video.
      And I would come back down there again and I would ask him
      personally what those questions were and if he could he would answer
      them. Now many times I would ask him questions and if he were
      trying to just impress me he could've given me certain answers.
      Like for instance I asked him what other planets that he had gone
      to. Now if he were trying to just impress me he would've said, "Oh
      well, I went to this planet, that planet and the other one." But
      he didn't. He said that he just went near other planets, went near
      the moon. He didn't stop on any planet. So I think the person
      was telling the truth. And you've got to realize that this person
      has lived during the time that George Ada-ski was out doing his
      lectures. And Kelvin was familiar with the treatment that Mr.
      Adam-ki got. His name was pulled through the mud and everything.
      So I was talking to this person after it was all over with and
      he said, "John, you know there's something that happened to me
      that you would probably think I'm crazy if I told you." Now this
      was a thing that I'd been told by my teacher, and I knew that
      this'd happened before. I said well what was it?
      He said, "Well on all these trips that I took they finally taught
      me to walk through a closed door. A regular door of the house. I
      was trained by them until I could walk through it. And they even
      took me aboard a craft and they put a metal sheet across an area,
      say a metal door, and they taught me how to walk through it in the
      physical form." And (he laughs) I said well my teacher had told me
      that you had said that before, so it's not too much of a shock to
      me. I've been taught how to do it in the spiritual or astral form
      and through astral projection, but I've never been taught how to
      do it in the physical form. So, maybe if I go back I will ask him a
      little bit more of an explanation of how he did that. Maybe you'll
      have some questions, too. And I'll try to take these questions
      down to him, and if he's feeling good, and if he doesn't die, (he
      laughs) in the meantime maybe he will be able to answer these. But
      I didn't tell this to the person but many times whenever I'm
      inclined to go do a video on people, very soon after that they die.
      And that has happened quite a few times in the past.
      I hope it doesn't happen to him, but he was pretty sick before I
      came down there. And he had gone to the doctor, his wife had
      gone to the doctor, and I just barely made it in to talk with him.
      But he lives in a regular old house with a fence around it
      protected by pit bulls. (he laughs) And ah, it seems like I run
      into problems like that, but it just so happened that the pit
      bulls that were around the house were particularly friendly. So
      we'll see what we shall see about this. Send in your cards and
      letters and questions and I'll see you later.

      Another Part:

      (JW It is now Sept. 28, 2004 and yesterday I made a telephone
      call to Kelvin to see how he was. A person answered the phone who
      didn't know Kelvin. She spoke with a strange accent and I
      couldn't find out what it was. When I talked to Kelvin after
      making the video he stated that his wife had actually written
      the book using his explanations of what he had experienced. His
      wife also told me that the same people who took Kelvin on these
      space craft rides were space people and some of them worked in
      the local stores like one of the grocery stores. She said they
      looked a little different and she could spot them even as they
      drove by their house. I wish them well.
      Before I left Kelvin I made a free copy of the video for them
      and that made his wife and daughter very happy.
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