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Humboldt Area Crop Circle Gives Off Bad Vibes

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    Dear Friends, This is a 2 page article so if you can t proceed to the next page click the provided link.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2004
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      Dear Friends,
      This is a 2 page article so if you can't proceed to the next page click the provided link.
      Love and Light.
      Humboldt area crop circle gives off bad vibe
      researcher: Visitors to site in barley field report headaches, dizziness
      Darren Bernhardt
      The StarPhoenix

      Tuesday, September 28, 2004

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      There's something angry about the crop circle in Francis Burton's barley field.

      "I haven't felt anything bad from a crop circle since my first one in 1999. But this one is mean. I just didn't like it," said Beata Van Berkom, a volunteer researcher with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, which documents all the reported Canadian finds of this mysterious, worldwide phenomenon.

      When she left the one on Burton's land, three kilometres northwest of Humboldt, on Friday, Van Berkom had a headache and was in an all-around cantankerous mood.

      "It was very intense. This one (crop circle) felt like it had been whipped into shape rather than having the gentle flow you usually get," she said.

      But in the very centre, there was a soothing feeling and the barley was even pressed and shaped nicer.

      "It was almost like a God's eye, you know? It was elliptical and beautiful," said Van Berkom, who dismissed suggestions the form may be man-made. "If people are going to make it with a board and rope, it's going to be a perfect circle.

      In this case, the middle was slightly off-centre, at 16.8 metres from one edge of the circle and 17.4 metres from the other.

      "This was 150 feet into the field, too, and there were no tracks ."

      Even Burton's daughter told him, after standing in the middle, that she was so dizzy she could hardly stand up. He hasn't felt any sensations.

      "I haven't had any other reports of people coming out and getting strange feelings. But I'm sure getting a lot of people coming out," said the 50-year-old who has farmed for 40 years, starting out with his dad.

      He's worked this land for the past 10 years. This is the first crop circle he's ever encountered. He's encountered mechanical troubles while working the land but doesn't link it to any strange energy.

      "That happens all the time," Burton said with a laugh.

      A unique feature of this circle is that the crop is pressed down in a counter-clockwise pattern.

      "Some of the map dowsers I've been talking to say it is on a negative energy line because of that, which would explain the ill feelings," Van Berkom said.

      Dowsing is the practice of being able to divine information by tapping into "emanations" from objects. The information that dowsers claim they can glean ranges from the location of water and precious metals in the ground, to locating missing persons on a map.

      "I used my dowsing rods and I can feel the energy if you go with the flow of the circle -- it pulls you along. But if you turn around and go in the opposite direction (the same way the barley is pressed), it pushes you. The rods will open and resist you," Van Berkom said.

      When she was at the site Friday, an elderly lady showed up and told Berkom she'd been bothered with strange feelings coming from the field for the past few days, before the circle was discovered.

      "Then she walked into the circle and said her feet felt hot," said Van Berkom, who practices reiki and believes in energy forces.

      Reiki is a healing approach that uses light touch to channel healing energy to the recipient to relieve physical and emotional pain and balance the body's energy.


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      Dear Friends, Here s more on the Humboldt Crop Circle. http://www.cccrn.ca/humboldt04.html Love and Light. David Description Location (nearest town or
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        Dear Friends,
        Here's more on the Humboldt Crop Circle.
        Love and Light.


        Location (nearest town or landmark): Humboldt, Saskatchewan
        Date Reported or Discovered: September 22, 2004
        Crop: barley
        circle (slightly elliptical)
        Size: 35 metres (114 feet) diameter
        On-site investigation: CCCRN Saskatchewan (Beata Van Berkom, Zeger Burt, Dennis Eklund)
        Other: Offset centre, counterclockwise lay. Many plants recovering due to phototropism. As most single circles tend to be up to about half this size at most on average, this one is unusually large!


        Field Reports

        Dennis Eklund, CCCRN Saskatchewan
        September 27, 2004

        THE REPORT:

        Friday morning just as I was leaving for work about 7:45 a.m. I received a call reporting a single circle in barley that was discovered while harvesting. Time being limited as I was just walking out the door, I got some basic information and made arrangements to call back as soon as I got home that day. Meanwhile, as this person was very busy harvesting, his brother called me that afternoon. I returned his call and I must say he was very helpful and very willing for people in our group to come out and investigate.


        My wife Jan and I drove out Humboldt the next morning and found the formation very quickly thanks to the information supplied. Walking up to the formation I immediately recognized that overall appearance of the formation was like something I haven't quite experienced before. A very rough and harsh appearance, not neatly laid, one layer and none of the intricate weaving we have observed many times. Strangely that excited me and could not wait to get into the formation for further study.


        Compass readings were immediately taken with no variations of any kind. A magnet drag was next, starting in the middle, and various passes throughout until the outer edges and of course a few outside the circle with no visible magnetic particles observed.

        About this time a local resident came out to look at the formation that was very knowledgeable on crop formations and actually visits our website. He had brought his two dogs (very cute dogs) and was curious if they would react to the formation. Of course we encouraged him to do so, but there was no effect or hesitation on the dogs. But they seemed to be having a great time in the circle.

        Throughout the formation there were many stems of crop and small clumps of strands of crops standing. After close study of these standing stems, I could not find a bend or curve indicating that they ever were laid down, but of course I cannot be certain. In my opinion this formation was laid down very harshly, as the stems of the crop where bent and broken throughout the entire formation. Also no node changes were visible, at least at that time, and the soil very moist. I did notice later at home after taking a considerable amount of stem and root samples, and after extensively studying each strand of crop, that in the vast majority of crop stems, the node closest to the ground was black. But also after talking to the landowner, I learned there was frost damage, if anyone knows the physical appearance of frost damage, that would be great to know for future investigations.


        Now, some points of interest. We took many photographs, my wife and I both equipped with a digital camera. I was inside the circle taking my photos, and she was outside the circle taking photos. After arriving home, of course I went straight to the computer to analyze the photos. Now this is strange, I went to download my photos from inside the circle, and there was none to be downloaded. All the photos Jan took outside worked perfectly. Also, even stranger. It seems from a distance something might, I repeat, MIGHT have been watching, as there is something in the sky that Jan caught on film in a few shots. Also faint spheres that only show up on one photo she took from outside the circle. I am trying to get them enhanced a bit and will forward them on for everyone to see. Not your typical formation, but yet some very interesting aspects.


        Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan
        September 24, 2004

        I got a call Friday at 3:00PM about a circle near Humboldt from the brother of the landowner. I went about 1 mile west of town and 3/4 miles north off the highway, to find a very large circle about 100 feet into the field from the road. It had been harvested around and was left in standing barley crop about 3 feet thick around it.

        Landowner says no one had gotten into the field at the time he found the circle. He knows if deer go into his field, so he would know if people had been in there his brother told us.

        The lay of the plants looked weathered and there were many recovering plants and some that I wonder if they never did lay down. The standing plants were also missing heads on occasion. There was a counterclockwise rotation to the lay and with a slightly offset centre.

        The centre seemed to have a 'gods-eye' look to it pointed N-S. There was quite a violent feeling about this formation. It seemed that it had been 'pulled' into shape rather than flowing gently as in other formations. Almost as if a giant comb had back-combed it a little. Or it could have been old, though it was found only 2 days prior to my visit.

        There seemed to be classic ridges of plants curving through the circle, though these were mixed in with the standing tufts, yet they still suggested the flash frozen water appearance. The centre was lovely.

        Dowsing rods reacted by pulling me along with the flow or pushing against me if I went opposite to the flow. No compass fluctuations noted.

        A woman who showed up to see the circle told me she had a feeling something was going on in this field a few days ago and that she felt heat on her feet when she entered the formation. She is a sensitive who has had many premonitions about things in the area in the past.

        I felt elated after being at the formation and then seemed to get a headache a few hours afterward. There was a very strong energy at this formation. This was the largest single circle I have ever visited.

        Map dowser Ken Kerluke of Wadena said he traced 2 energy lines that twist around each other where this formation was found. He also suggested there may be another formation just south of the Highway as these lines continue and cross again there.




        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan



        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        © Beata Van Berkom, CCCRN Saskatchewan


        Sources / Credits

        Greg Burton

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