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John Capenter Interview

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    John Capenter on the UK-UFO-NW IRC #UFO Channel ... This is a cleaned up log, of the United Kingdom UFO Network Saturday 9th May 1998 IRC meeting on #UFO with
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 28, 2004
      John Capenter on the UK-UFO-NW IRC #UFO Channel


      This is a cleaned up log, of the United Kingdom UFO Network Saturday
      9th May 1998 IRC meeting on #UFO with guest John Capenter. John
      kindly gave up an hour of his spare time to answer some questions for
      the regular members of the channel, below you will find a list of
      questions that John was asked along with his replies. The name in
      between the <>'s e.g.<Nesssus> is the nick name of the IRC user
      asking the question and where you see <JSC> is of course the start of
      John's reply.


      We would like to thank Bookfinder for arranging this meeting with
      John Capenter
      We would like to thank John Capenter for attending this meeting and
      answering the questions put to him
      We would like to thank all the people involved in asking questions
      We would like to thank everyone who attended this meeting
      This meeting was moderated by Raine and Crow
      Session Start: May 09 21:58:39 1998*** Now talking in #ufo

      *** JSC (JSC[200-7-85.ipt.aol.com) has joined #ufo

      <JSC> My computer just threatened me! Says I did something illegal! I

      <Crow-> OK then folks we better start we dont want John to hang about
      all night I'm sure hes busy.

      <Crow-> We are now going to go into moderated mode #ufo2 is open for

      *** K9 sets mode: +m

      <Rainey> Hello one and all and welcome to channel #ufo. I would like
      to give John a warm welcome and thank him for joining us tonight.
      Could I please remind everyone to /msg me or crow with your questions
      and not John. Here is a brief introduction:

      <Rainey> John S. Carpenter earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as
      well as a Masters in Social Work in the 1970's. He has been trained
      in Clinical Hypnosis at the Menninger Clinic in Kansas. He has been
      providing therapy for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders and
      marital & family problems for 19 years. He began studying UFOs at age
      8 and officially began investigations. 10 years ago. He has received
      over 120 cases of alleged UFO abductions and performed hypnotherapy
      sessions to gather data. He lectures nationwide and overseas,
      describing incredible patterns of similarity among the data. He has
      appeared on TV and in documentaries as well as on radio and in
      magazines worldwide. He presented six papers at the prestigious
      M.I.T. conference in 1992. He writes an international column for the
      MUFON Journal and has been MUFON's Director of Abduction Research for
      the past 7 years.

      <Rainey> John have you got anything you would like to add to that or
      are you ready for the first question? When you have finished
      answering a question could you type JC, to let me know you are ready
      for the next one, thanks :)

      <JSC> Ok, let's go, folks!

      <Crow-> Hi john, Going back to the Varginha Case do you have any new
      thoughts on that case now some time has passed and things have cooled

      <JSC> I still believe it is a wonderful case. Although new data has
      not really come forth, nothing has really surfaced either to
      demonstrate that it is any kind of a hoax. Antime you have over 40
      independent witnesses identifying the same exact VERY STRANGE being,
      it has to mean something. JSC

      <Nesssus> As an regression therapist/ufologist, what do you make of
      Budd Hopkins case "The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction" with *Linda Cortile*

      <Crow-> #UFO2 is open for unmoderated discussion. please /msg Crow-
      or Raine with your questions for John.

      <JSC> Well, I know Budd very well and have also met Linda several
      times. It is an incredible story with much documentation and will
      stand as an excellent case for years to come. For many it may be too
      much to swallow, but I think Budd has done a very careful and
      intelligent investigation with ample verification in various ways. JSC

      <Dave_UFO> Welcome to the channel John. How accurate do you think
      hypnotism is & how 'safe' is it?

      <JSC> This is a great question. Hypnosis is only as good as the
      person using it because some are very pushy, asking leading
      questions, and making strong suggestions which could sway the data.
      However, I deliberately ask leading questions in an investigative
      manner toward LOGICAL answers and actually away from the more bizarre
      abduction data. Interestingly, all subjects stick to their accounts
      and KNOW what they have felt, seen, and believed. I will stop there
      but will gladly answer more specific questions on hypnosis at any
      time. JSC

      <Benat2> John thanks for coming, my question is: When you 'regress'
      people, do you make then sign a liability form of any sort?

      <JSC> MUFON has looked into this as a research organization and
      various researchers have used different statements. I never made
      anybody sign anything but was always very careful and clear about
      what we were doing, what was expected, etc. JSC

      <Rainey> <Bookfndr> could you tell us a little of the background of
      the face in the window story?

      <JSC> I have a case in RURAL Missouri in which an anomalous image
      floats up into the view of a picture window -- out in the middle of
      NOWHERE on a February COLD night in 1992. Nobody actually saw
      the "face" at the time but a video camera -- which was being handled
      quite unprofessionally just happened to catch it when nobody was
      looking. The face floats eerily into view and then away just 3
      seconds later. A "killer Rotweiler was guarding the yard;
      neighbboring dogs were barking wildly. No footprints. 4 days later,
      an orange sphere was sighted at dawn in the west over their pasture.
      This family wanted NO PUBLICITY and sat on the video clip for 3
      months before a relative insisted they release it to someone in
      authority. The FBI and Air Force laughed. I was the third one they
      called. It stills give me a chill when I watch it. It was shown
      on "Strange Universe" last year. JSC

      <SickBoy> Hi John. Assuming that a patient hasn't physically been
      abducted, but suspects that they have. Also their life might be in a
      mess as well. Do you think that it's beneficial for their mental
      health if they falsely remember an abduction, if this false memory
      gives them something to blame for their turmoil?

      <JSC> Good question... First of all, this has not really happened. Uh
      The abduction scenario beyond what is shown on TV is quite bizarre
      with many unpublished details. We would have a pretty good idea if it
      was confabulated. People may not realize how many details are
      collected. People would not typically lean toward such a
      bizaare "explanation" for their problems but I know that some may try
      to. What they find is that people don't believe the abduction
      scenario either!!!!! JSC

      <TopGun__> what do you think of Richard Boylans work as a regression

      <JSC> Ooooh......tricky to answer! Let's see, how can I say this... I
      feel that he slants the data toward his beliefs, feeling that aliens
      are wonderful and spiritual -- and that humans are more treacherous,
      including many governmental conspiracies. If he is right, fine. JSC

      <Nesssus> John do you think that the Betty and Barney Hill was the
      first abduction case?

      <JSC> No. We know that it is not. All of the major researchers have
      at least one case prior to 1961. I have one from the fifties. Budd
      Hopkins and Dave Jacobs have some from the 1940's and 1930's. We have
      strong suggestion that abductions occurred throughout past centuries
      also... JSC

      <Ros> Can you ask him. what background info does he gather on his
      clients before he does a session. IE has he a check list of questions
      he asks first? Does he show them a list of pictures of aliens?
      (reason being that is what happened to me)

      <JSC> I send out a screening form which is a combination of an
      investigative UFO form and a psychiatric social history Asked are
      questions about sightings, landings, beings, marks, etc (obvious) as
      well as what movies, books, hobbbies, beliefs the person has what
      they want, what they expect, what they need, feel, hope for, etc lots
      of stuff. About 50% never return the form or follow through. Those
      that do are usually more serious, plus I know a great deal about them
      before I ever meet them face to face. JSC

      <Ros> could you send me one of those forms?

      <JSC> YES, we can figure that out. JSC

      <Ian> I would like to ask John what is happening with MUFON - not
      only in the USA but the UK

      <JSC> I cannot tell you anything about MUFON in the UK because I
      don't know. In the USA MUFON is trying to improve their Journal,
      report more cases, and attempt to bring quality people in -- which
      they have! JSC

      <Crow-> John what case do you think is the most credible of all ufo
      cases and why?

      <JSC> That is hard because there are MANY for all different reasons.
      In regards to abductions, Budd's two books, INTRUDERS and WITNESSED
      are excellent cases. Also, the Kelly Cahill case in Australia is
      great because it involved three simultaneously in a "parallel
      abduction!" This case also had matching physical marks on all the
      bodies (people had never met) and ground traces plus a magnetic
      anomaly recorded in the field with a magnetometer!! JSC

      <Nesssus> John do you think that some people have not been abducted
      even though they are convinved they are, and visa versa?

      <JSC> YES. JSC

      <SickBoy> As a psychologist who knows quite a bit about ways in which
      people delude themselves, have you ever thought that you might be
      doing it to yourself? What convinced you that you weren't?

      <JSC> I see myself as a data collector with no firm belief or slant
      to the whole phenomena. continuing..... (thinking)...

      <JSC> People who delude themselves do not do so in such a matching
      and bizarre manner down to the tiniest of details. It is the
      correlating pattern of matching data over thousands of cases that is
      so impressive. Any one that I know who looks at all of this is
      similarly IMPRESSED not deluded. JSC

      <Rainey> <Ros> Do you practice any one technique of hypnosis, or
      different ones?

      <JSC> Regarding hypnotic techniques, I individualize every session
      based on the personality and comfort level of each subject. Some
      require much more trust and relaxation; others are angry and eager to
      find out whatever they can. So I utilize various techniques, always
      tuning into that individual uniquely. JSC

      <Bookfndr> John, we keep hearing of these unpublished details of
      abductions that are compared among researchers. Are we ever going to
      see some of them in print?

      <JSC> A great idea. Get the researchers to get together and do so
      unselfishly Unfortunately... the best book so far to give an all-
      around, well involved participation would be ALIEN DISCUSSIONS, the
      proceedings of the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference in BBoston,
      headed by Dr. John Mack and Dr. David Pritchard. We are all
      represented in there! Also, Eddie Bullard has published two
      comparison studies (totally over 700 cases) through the Fund for UFO
      Research. JSC

      <Nesssus> John I am presently dealing with a witness who has
      described particular details to me which would lead me to think in
      the initial that that person might have been abducted. Now know the
      trauma that being abducted can cause do you think I was right to let
      them carry on thinking that they was'nt because it helps them get on
      with their lives and pretend it was just some dreams? Or do you think
      I should have said I believe etc etc?

      <JSC> Good question....... I always judge on whether to pursue an
      investigation or discourage one based on that person's emotional
      needs. The old phrase, "If it ain't broken , don't fix it" has been
      modified by me to read, "If nothing is knocking at your door, don't
      open it!" Inother words, a possible abductee will eventually beg for
      involvement if they really need it. If others can go on about their
      daily business without any difficulty, then GREAT! We must curb our
      curiosity and remember the NEEDS of that individual. JSC

      <Rainey> <TopGun__> have you ever had cases, in which the "victims"
      said they were abducted, but weren't? And how did you find out, if?

      <JSC> Very few people come to me stating that they were abducted.
      Most do not know what happened and are open to whatever we learn
      together. I do not know of anyone who was glad that they were
      abducted. Some were suspicious and curious; we learned that nothing
      happened via hypnosis and they were relieved. JSC

      <Ros> do you actively go out looking for cases or are they sent to

      <JSC> All cases have been sent to me, screened, then I decide if it
      looks "worthy." JSC

      <Janitor> Do you have any personal theory about the agenda of non
      human intelligences?

      <JSC> Regarding the GRAY types, it is obvious that they are engaged
      in a hybridization program AMONG OTHER THINGS. I do not believe -- as
      in David Jacob's book THE THREAT that an imminent "take-over" is at
      hand. In fact, I believe that visitations have been occurring since
      the beginning of our history ---infact, they may have put us here!
      The connection with angels is not so crazy. However, I am confused
      still as to "who's in charge." JSC

      <Rainey> <mulder> John are you aware of the recent mind control
      experiments in austria, which were formerly conducted by SS officers,
      but now by NSA

      <JSC> Yes -- heard of them......and? JSC

      <SickBoy> Susan Blackmore has said that out of body experiences in
      many people are so similar because people have similar brains. She
      has also hinted that this might explain the similarities in abduction
      experiences. What do you think?

      <JSC> Don't think it explains ANYTHING. JSC

      <Rimmer> Do you think the US Government is able to make "Ufo's" ? And
      if so do you think they can make them look like something people
      would identify as an Ufo ?

      <JSC> YES...today......but not back in the 30's, 40's, 50's, or even
      60's... when thousands of high speed, erractically maneuvering crafts
      were seen. JSC

      <Ros> what is the general feeling in UFO circles at the moment re

      <JSC> UFO researchers have tried to learn the "careful language" of
      hypnosis, perhaps utilizing deliberate wrong suggestions as a means
      of testing the subject's suggestibility or desire to please the
      therapist. Regression is being used carelessly by some and
      artistically well by others. JSC

      <I-Knight> John, what is your opinion on the Willam J Hermann
      abductions investigated/written about by Wendelle Stevens?

      <JSC> Very interesting! I have the video on the case and was
      impressed. Any specific questions about that case? JSC

      <SickBoy> The British Medical Association recently stated that they
      think that regression techniques are dangerous as there is no way of
      telling the difference between memory and fantasy. How come you think
      differently, shouldn't you err on the side of caution and stop using

      <JSC> I should mention a very important aspect of my research that
      helps ME with that very question. Multiple participant cases are ones
      (like Betty & Barney Hill) in which two or more persons are
      simultaneously abducted. In these cases, the validity of hypnosis is
      directly challenged as both are separately being
      interviewed, "tricked", misled on purpose, challenged on tiny
      details, and yet....they produce incredibly alike accounts with
      details matching that NEITHER could have known about because of
      confidential aspects or never having been published. It is especially
      great when they are able to recall seeing each other aboard the craft
      and accurately recall what either was doing at any given moment in
      time. This is well beyond chance or fantasy or false memory. They are
      amazed themselves yet it confirms in a correlational manner that
      something indeed happened. JSC

      <Rainey> <moonhead> hi john,what do you think the aliens are trying
      to achieve by carrying out these abductions?

      <JSC> 1. Hybridization 2) Planetary awareness 3) guidance... 4)
      emotional testing and 5) spiritual growth. JSC

      <Dave_UFO> Every investigator gets asked the same question. Sorry
      John you are going to get it also. Do you see an end to all this
      secrecy in any way. If so what time line would you say?

      <JSC> I think what will force the issue and unravel the secrecy...
      will be the continued improved collection of great cases and terrific
      video, as well as indisputable mass sightings. JSC

      <sickboy> John it is clear that the Hills saw the planet jupiter and
      not a UFO! Betty was having dreams and discussed them with her
      husband so it's not surprising that when they went to a regressionist
      6 months later that Barney's 'memories' were identical. Also do you
      believe that Betty remembered the star chart from a single glimpse?

      <JSC> THey did not see the planet Jupiter because their object was
      seen and tracked on radar -- something you cannot do with the planet
      Jupiter. She suffered two years of unsettling dreams, etc. You need
      to check your facts on this case. Their memories were quite emotional
      and traumatic, if you had heard these tapes, and hardly the causation
      of her telling him her dreams. It also is significant that all of
      their data also matches cases from today who had never heard of Betty
      and Barney Hill. JSC

      I-Knight> re : William Hermann.... do you think these were the same
      aliens that were involved in the Roswell Crash as suggested by

      <JSC> Not necessarily. They seem to be grays. I don't know of any
      connection, really, with Roswell. JSC

      <Ros> have you ever come across anyone who has had ccontact with
      maybe interdimensionals as well as possible et's. not at the same
      time? if not what do you think of that.

      <JSC> As far as I know, all ETs may be interdimensional. I don't know
      else to answer that. JSC

      <Ros> another question. How do you deal with a case that happened
      many years ago have you dealt with many cases of reccuring visitation
      or other experiences, ongoing cases in other words. If so, how are
      you handling them?

      <JSC> Okay. When it comes to recovering emotional material from years
      ago, it is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. I have had cases in
      which ongoing visitations were occuring and we could do nothing to
      interfere, simply record the data. JSC

      <UFO-conta> What do you mean by "Planetary awareness"? Do you mean
      that they want us to get concious of that we are not alone?

      <JSC> No. Environmental awareness vs. how to make a new weapon,
      kindness to animals and helping preserve their species and kindness
      and more understanding for our fellow man. JSC

      <Tinman-BF> John, do you look at the abductions of animals as being
      the same reason as for the abductions of humans

      <JSC> No. For example, cattle are clearly mutilated. Humans are
      treated more like children in a doctor's office, and politely
      returned home. Animals cannot exactly report their experiences,
      either!!! JSC

      <pathFINDR> whats the most startling pattern you have discoverd
      through hypnotic regression and the modern abduction phenomena?

      <JSC> Communication has been telepathic in 99% of cases worldwide.
      This is an incredibly high statistic when one considers all the
      possible variations that fantasy, hoaxing, and confabulation could
      create. That is just one example. JSC

      <Rimmer> Why do you think it is that there is far more ufo activity,
      ufo sightings etc in the USA then here in Europe (Holland)

      <JSC> There isn't more in the USA...just more people willing to
      report them. We find that when we put a researcher anywhere in the
      world and that country is willing to report such bizzare accounts,
      that we get all the same kinds of data. JSC

      <Crow-> Hi John, What do you think of Derrel Simms implants do you
      think hes really onto something there or not?

      <JSC> I just talked with Dr. Roger Leihr, who performed the surgeries
      on most of Mr. Simms' cases, and he reported that approximately 7 of
      the implants were exactly alike, even though they were from
      completely independent cases. More information and study will
      continue to come forth on these new developments. JSC

      <Rainey> John, what did you think of Bill Hermann's regression
      therapist and do you use similar techniques when someone gets

      <JSC> I forget what they did exactly. JSC

      <Rainey> John she told Bill he was just watching a TV screen

      <JSC> Okay. Yes, I use a disassociative method to reduce the
      intensity of direct encountering, removing it to a safer distance.
      For example, when someone has difficulty looking directly at an
      alien, I may have them place black curtains in front and stick a
      Polaroid camera through the crack in the curtains to capture the
      image safely, without direct visual contact. That works extremely
      well. JSC

      <Crow-> #UFO2 is open for unmoderated discussion. please /msg Crow-
      or Raine with your questions for John.

      <Rainey> <UFO-conta> Have you handled cases where abductees are
      returned to "the wrong place" as i e on a road or on a field
      somewhere? Why do you think they are not returned to the right place.
      As in these cases?

      <JSC> Yes. I have had this happen many times. Call it stupidity
      (grin). It also provides a humorous form of evidence, esp. when
      people are outside of locked homes, or on the top of a cliff in their
      car with no tracks leading there. Ha ha. JSC

      <Ros> have you dealt with many cases of reccuring visitation or other
      experiences, ongoing cases inother words. If so, how are you handling

      <JSC> We can't stop them, so we just offer our best support and data
      collection, sometimes attempting to record on video tape or voice
      activated audio tape at night. No "smoking gun" results. JSC

      <Crow-> John, do you compare adbuction notes with any particular
      researchers on a regular basis?

      <JSC> Yes. Bud Hopkins. David Jacobs. John Mack. Joe Lewels. Yvonne
      Smith. Linda Howe. and others. JSC

      <Gandalf1> John... have you ever heard of someone who got "free" from
      abductions? as it seems to me that once you are an abductee you never
      get "out" again

      <JSC> Many women have their abductions end with the onset of
      menopause. The typical ages for either male or female are most
      frequent between 12 and 45. JSC

      <Crow-> John, I know you and Linda Howe are good friends. Has she
      shared any recent animal mutilations of great interest with you?

      <JSC> I have not heard from her specifically. You can catch her on
      Art Bell's radio show nearly all the time. I have heard about recent
      cattle mutilations from Colorado, from investigators there. The same
      weird stuff occurring. JSC

      <Ros> would he be willing to take on a case that whilst has been
      investigated by many diferent ufo groups, hasn't realy been
      investigated correctly as far as the experiencer is concerned.

      <JSC> You may e-mail any such potential case to me at
      StarmanJC@.... JSC

      <Nesssus> Apart from Budd, David and John M. who do you consider to
      be experts in the abduction field?

      <JSC> There are some good researchers in other countries: Tony Dodd
      in England, Hilda Musch in Holland, Glennys Mackay in Australia,
      Keith Basterfield in Austrailia, to name a few. JSC

      <Rainey> <Ros> How does he deal with experiences involving missing

      <JSC> First of all, I have them write a written narrative of all the
      possible conscious details that they can recall. Secondly, I will
      interview them and again ask them to recall all of their conscious
      recollections, then if their story still remains consistent and void
      of obvious explanation, I will use hypnosis to take them to the point
      of amnesia, using every possible sensory input and see if I can help
      them recall the very next detail of any kind, esp. involving all the
      senses because sometimes they remember a sound or a smell when the
      visual elements are too terrifying to recall. This works well, and
      once the amnesia is broken, they can flow fairly easily as they build
      on each remembered detail as it comes. It would be like talking with
      someone and something triggers a recollection of a dream from the
      night before, which one had completely forgotten until somebody
      triggers the subconscious with a key word or visual cue. JSC

      <Crow-> John you have been typing none stop for quite some time,
      would you like quick break?

      <JSC> Hi. This is John's better half typing now... (he he) I'm doing
      okay... how about you guys? BUT John is answering the questions, of

      <Crow-> shall we carry on then we have more questions.

      <JSC> I'm just typing at low pay. ha

      <Crow-> haha ok here we go :)

      <Bookfndr> John, at what point are you in your research career at the
      monemt? Are you turning any corners, or just going as usual?

      <JSC> Going as usual, and communicating more toward national projects
      in conjunction with other researchers, such as Bud Hopkins. JSC

      <Ros> He answered earlier about ufo's being interdimensional. With
      that in mind, has he come across anyone who has had to deal with two
      seperate individual visitations before. Maybe one ongoing and another
      a recent grey type encounter.

      <Crow-> #UFO2 is open for unmoderated discussion. please /msg Crow-
      or Raine with your questions for John.

      <JSC> I have had cases in which two or more types of beings have
      encountered the individual. They had many alien types on their dance
      card. JSC

      <Ros> please apologise for so many questions but for me this is VERY
      personal and thanks for helping

      <JSC> You are most welcome.

      <SickBoy> Why do you think that most psychologists believe that
      abductions are all in the mind?

      <JSC> Simply because they have not studied or experienced the
      investigations of alleged abductions. Most who do are very impressed,
      but unsure of what to do next. I see myself as a data collector
      toward providing information which may help to solve this mystery.
      The process of investigation is therapeutic quite often, but I rarely
      provide any form of ongoing therapy. I will refer them to support
      groups or support persons and that is extremely beneficial.JSC

      <Rainey> <pathFINDR> Do you or your colleagues believe that the
      celtic faerie faith has direct counterpart with the modern phenomena?

      <SickBoy> Science doesn't work like that. I believe in evolution even
      though I haven't studied it. Why is this different?

      <JSC> Yes. I have studied fairy folklore fairly closely and found
      cases of abduction by fairies to be extremely similar, even with the
      accompaniment of balls of light, which were called fairy lights, and
      the hybridization that occurred which produced "changelings." Much
      more on that in my video, "Centuries of Contact." JSC

      <Ros> How far back has he traced cases, is there a link between the
      case and a family history of it? What about future generations from
      then on?

      <JSC> We have traced back at least four generations in a number of
      cases across all the researchers. It seems clear that when someone is
      involved with abductions that family members from every generation
      prior and afterward are involved. This is a highly correlated
      statistic, and impressive in that it shows that they have an interest
      in a particular genetic line, and may be studying us in a proper
      longitudinal study. JSC

      <Nesssus> what advice would you give to someone who thinks that they
      might have been abducted?

      <JSC> Write to me at StarmanJC@.... JSC

      <Crow-> Going back to the Varginha case what do you think happened to
      these creatures that were captured by the military and does anybody
      know how these creatures got to be found out alone with no
      spacecraft, does this mean they were not aliens.

      <JSC> First of all, there was a spacecraft sighted, and reports of a
      retrieval operation after it crash landed. I am sure the military
      studied the live and dead ones as military people would---not like
      scientists would. Hopefully there are decent scientists involved. I
      would hate to think that they just cut them up and looked inside
      their bodies. JSC

      <Rainey> <Ros> has he ever experienced any paranormal TYPE forces at
      work before, during or after a session?

      <JSC> My life has been paranormal (laughing) for a long time. But to
      answer your question, no.

      <Rainey> John, now that you have been more or less researching
      professionally for a number of years, have you changed your mind
      about anything or formualted any "hard and fast" opinions that you
      did not have before?

      <JSC> Good question.... thinking..... I am just more certain--more
      than EVER, that this is a very real and eventually verifiable
      phenomenon that is well beyond fantasy, false memories, sleep
      paralyisis, hoaxing, psychiatric disorder, etc. I am very impressed
      with the mountain of credible evidence and wonderful normal persons
      who have found themselves unwillingly involved in these matters. The
      more I learned, the more I am convinced that these matters are real,
      but not to be feared or worried about. Sometimes I feel like we are
      the ants in the ant farm who looked up and suddently realized,
      despite their creation, that they are "not alone." Thank you all for
      this wonderful evening of intelligent questions and you can write to
      me at any time at StarmanJC@... Thank you again. JSC

      <Crow-> John and Wife can we say a big thank you for joining us to
      night it's been a pleasure.

      <Rainey> Thank you very much for joining us tonight John it was a
      very interesting evening :)

      <JSC> Thanks, Crow and Rainey!!! You guys are great!!! Very well

      <Rainey> We will unmoderate the channel so everyone can thank you

      <JSC> organized and smoothly run. Three cheers for this group!JSC

      <Rainey> thank you!!!

      <Crow-> thanks

      <JSC> You are sincerely welcome.

      <Benat2> Thanks for coming

      <JSC> You are welcome, Benat2

      *** K9 sets mode: -m

      <RackEm98> Hey John Made it but late!!! hehe thanks: RackEm98

      <Crow-> please fell free to drop by at anytime you may be passing a

      <Dave_UFO> Many thanks for taking the time & trouble to visit us John.

      <Gandalf1> thanx a lot john for making some time available for us and
      a BIG hooray for crow and rainey for moderating it :) its been great

      <sojourner> excellent typist!


      <JSC> sojourner...hey, thanks... (grin)

      <sojourner> three cheers for the typist

      <Espe> many thanks, john

      <JSC> I am a lot faster than John

      <JSC> hehehehehe

      <Benat2> well your only flaw is that you have AOL

      * Benat2 jumps to a corner of the room so all the AOL'rs dont crucify

      <JSC> Benat... hmmmmmmm

      <JSC> LOL Benat2.... Everyone should get MCI's Internet!!!!

      <Ros> Thanks JSC. You won't believe how much you have helped me

      <Ros> sorry for all the questions

      <Crow-> thank you too also typist you did a really great job :)

      <sojourner> very good answers jsc!

      <SickBoy> thanks for coming john

      <JSC> Ros, any time.

      <Rainey> John please feel free to join us again anytime, it was

      <JSC> Wow. Typist never received so many nice compliments. (blush)

      <sojourner> typist RAWKS!!

      <JSC> Now that I know how to get here, I will drop in occasionally.

      <Benat2> you sound like my english teacher; she calls her husband the
      lunch packer because he makes her lunch:)

      <sojourner> coolazoid!

      <Bookfndr> yes, do come back regularly John

      <Gandalf1> great !:)

      <pathFINDR> thx jsc ..take care

      <JSC> Thanks, Chuck

      <comet7> me..knock it off too

      <Benat2> ya, drop in whenever you wish

      <JSC> Goodbye to everyone...God Bless!

      <Aleena> Very informative.. thank you. :)

      <Ros> John if you are interested my case is on my web site. a fairly
      good interview is there in the "about section"

      <Bookfndr> nite

      <comet7> bye JSC

      <Benat2> www.pufori.org

      *** JSC has quit IRC (Read error to JSC[200-7-85.ipt.aol.com]:

      Session Close: May 10 01:57 1998
    • Karin Hoppe Holloway
      Perhaps you know that John Carpenter is now incommunicado, ever since he was accused of not keeping his files safe from his soon-to-be-ex-wife. She gave them
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 29, 2004
        Perhaps you know that John Carpenter is now incommunicado, ever since he was
        accused of not keeping his files safe from his soon-to-be-ex-wife. She gave
        them to someone--- a newspaper? The public? I forget now.

        John was very very kind to me, allowing me to use all of his materials for
        my course.

        I wish he'd come back to the field.
      • Ted
        I must agree with you... John , with a few others, and I mean, very few others working in this very controversial subject, have invested hours of their own
        Message 3 of 3 , Sep 29, 2004
          I must agree with you...
          John , with a few others,  and I mean,  very few others working in this very controversial  subject, have invested hours of their own  personal time with their troubled clients. Helping in a professional  ,caring  and helpful manner. Holding their clients confidence to the strongest rigor.
          John will find his way back to the field and he'll become much stronger  in his conviction.
          John is truly a stand up guy...
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          Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 6:42 AM
          Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] John Capenter Interview

          Perhaps you know that John Carpenter is now incommunicado, ever since he was
          accused of not keeping his files safe from his soon-to-be-ex-wife. She gave
          them to someone--- a newspaper? The public? I forget now.

          John was very very kind to me, allowing me to use all of his materials for
          my course.

          I wish he'd come back to the field.

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